Regulation On The Master's Vocational Certificate And Examination Requirements Of Parts I And Ii Of The Master's Examination In Turner - (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) And Wooden Toymaker Crafts

Original Language Title: Regulation on the master's certificate vocational and examination requirements of Parts I and II of the master's examination in Drechsler- (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker crafts

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Regulation on the master's vocational certificate and examination requirements of parts I and II of the master's examination in Turner - (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker crafts (Drechsler - (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toys maker master regulation - DrechsHolzspielMstrV) DrechsHolzspielMstrV copy date: 05.11.2001 full rate: "Drechsler - (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toys maker master regulation of 5 November 2001 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2985), by article 7 of Decree of 17 November 2011 (BGBl. I S. 2234) has been changed"status " : amended by article 7. v V 17.11.2011 I 2234 for details on the status of information you can find under the menu instructions footnote (from +++ text credit: 1.1.2002 +++) (. +++ +++ for use cf. § 9) notes to the master's certificate in regulation Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and wooden toy makers crafts Gazette will be published in the Federal. Input formula on the basis of article 45 of the crafts code, as amended by notice of 24 September 1998 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 3074) in conjunction with article 56 para. 1 matching of jurisdiction the law of 18 March 1975 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 705.) and the organizational decree of 27 October 1998 (Federal Law Gazette I p 3288), the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology in agreement with the Federal Ministry of education and research section 1 structure and content of the master's examination the master's examination in Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and wooden toy maker craft includes the following independent examination parts : 1. consideration of the masterful performing the usual work (part I), 2. examining the necessary professional theoretical knowledge (part II), 3. the examination of the economic, commercial and legal knowledge required (part III) and 4. the examination of the necessary professional and pedagogical skills (part IV). § 2 master vocational examination (1) by the master's examination in Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and toy makers craft is determined that the candidate is able to lead a craft business independently exercising leadership roles in the areas of technology, business management, personnel management and development, the conduct training and USSR implement its vocational skills and adapt to new situations of need in these areas. (2) the Turner - (Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker crafts are attributed the following activities, knowledge and skills for the purpose of master's certificate as a holistic qualifications: 1. customer needs determine, advise clients, lead contract negotiations and define mission objectives, 2. prices in repealed with the operating cost structure calculate, prepare cost estimates and create deals, perceive 3 tasks of the technical and commercial management , the operational organization, personnel planning and the deployment of personnel, in particular taking into account for occupational education and training, quality management and occupational safety and environmental protection; Use of information systems, developing products and 4 carry out orders with manufacturing techniques and the staff requirements and training; Plan, organize and monitor order processing and order fulfillment as well as cooperation with other businesses and perform, 5. design and working drawings, working drawings, construction documents and models and elevations in consideration of material specific and create creative aspects, 6 types and special features of the Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and wooden toymaker crafts material used in the procurement, storage, processing and assembly into account , 7 treatment and processing techniques, particularly surface treatment and surface protection during the planning, design and manufacture of products dominate, grasp 8 data for invoicing, create and explain, perform costing, 9 the search for errors and faults as well as measures to eliminate conduct, evaluate results and document, develop and manufacture 10 designed to rotating round and rotationally symmetrical construction products drechselbaren material taking into account creative design aspects , 11th products of covert shaping in wooden hoops design considering creative design put cutting the required shape, 12 jewelry, figurative and decorative objects design and manufacture, particularly in ivory, mammoth or aspects and manufacture and give the tool and comply considering creative design aspects, 13 job-related regulations in particular species conservation provisions, 14th develop select developing jewelry, representation objects and decorative items made of amber or amber conditions or-inkrustationen considering creative design aspects and manufacturing , 15 material taking into account the origin and the quality of workmanship and shopping, 16 wooden toys and decoration wooden figures and supplementary material, taking into account creative design aspects and make produce 17 surfaces of wood products with special emphasis on ornamental and figurative colorset-font painting, 18 products of Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker-craft repair and restore. Article 3 structure, test duration and the existence of part I (1) part I of the master's examination includes the following examination areas: 1 a master test project and a related technical discussion, 2. a situation task. (2) the preparation of the master's examination project should not be longer than 15 working days and the technical discussion take no longer than 30 minutes. The execution of the job situation should not exceed six hours. (3) master examination project, technical discussions and task situation will be assessed separately. The examination results of the master's certificate in project and technical discussions are in the ratio 3: 1 weighting. Hence on overall assessment is made. This evaluation is to check result weighted of the situation task in the ratio 2:. 1 (4) the minimum requirement for the existence of part I of the master's examination is overall adequate examination, the examination must not have been yet been rated in the master's certificate in project technical discussion in the situation task with less than 30 points. § 4 master test project (1) candidates shall carry out a master's examination project, which corresponds to a sales order. The candidate selects object master of repealed with paragraph 2 and draw up a proposal for the it examination project. Before carrying out the master's examination, the candidate must submit the project design, working drawing or model and a preliminary cost amounts recognized and a timetable master Audit Committee for approval. (2) as a master test project is to carry out one of the following tasks: 1. make a product from the field of wood turning. The devices used must be documented; 2. a group of products of tires turning customize each in all stages of production; 3. customize the product in the field of ivory and a model in a specified by-the-master examination board material; 4. customize a product or product group in the field of amber lathe machining; 5. customize the product in the field of Holzspielzeugmacherei including polychromy and decorative painting. (3) the master's examination project pursuant to paragraph 2 additionally comprises a draft, a working drawing or a model, associated planning, costing and bidding documents as well as documentation in a separate proof of third-party services. (4) the design, working drawing or model and the associated planning, costing and bidding documents are weighted along with 40 per cent, the prepared product with 50 per cent and the documentation with 10 per cent. § 5 technical discussion on the basis of the examination results of the master's examination project will be carried out a technical discussion. It should demonstrate that it can demonstrate the professional relationships that are the master exam project basis that he justified the execution of the master's examination project and pose with the master exam project related vocational problems and their solution can thereby be in a position to take account of new developments in the DUT, § 6 situation task (1) the situation task completes the qualification for the master's certificate in Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and toy makers craft. (2) as task situation are no more than two of the works listed below perform. The proposals of the specimen should be considered when selecting the research projects insofar as this meets the requirements of paragraph 1. The concrete task is carried out by the master Audit Committee: 1. A twisted product with unbonded portion and a fitting manufacture, design 2 wood tires products and finished, 3 make a floral motif in animal motif or a piece of jewelry, 4th edit a gem or a product made of amber manufacture 5th manufacture a product with a compound by rotating along the fiber , by carving or shaving, 6 a product of Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker-craft repair or restoration, 7 making a wooden toy or a decoration wooden figure or parts thereof, or to edit, including polychrome paint or decoration. (3) the overall assessment of the situation object is formed from the arithmetic mean of the individual evaluation of work by paragraph 2 § 7 outline, test duration and the existence of part II (1) the examination in part II to the examinee to demonstrate by linking creative, technological, operational and procedural, material technical and mathematical knowledge that he analyze problem and evaluate and identify appropriate solutions and can document. (2) examination subjects are: 1. design and technical equipment, 2. order processing 3 business management and organization. (3) in each of examination subjects to be processed at least one case-oriented task. 1. design and technical equipment, the student should demonstrate that he is able to work on design and manufacturing tasks and problem taking into account economic, technical and organizational aspects in a Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and toy makers operating. He shall judge and describe technical matters. In the task more each of the qualifications listed below are to be linked: a) solutions to problems in the field of Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer-) and wooden toymaker-craft work, assessed in the light of design principles and material specifications and correct, b) form and color theory implement under creative aspects, c work) solutions for the implementation of restoration and repair work, assess and correct , explain d) use of material and auxiliary materials at different problem and reasons, e) create design documents, BOMs and parts drawing, f) problem of materials - describe and processing, develop solutions, evaluate and correct, g) material and evaluate production-oriented use of machines and tools, flat h) devices for manufacturing to emphasis on laboratory with protection, represent and evaluate i) method of surface finishing and surface protection. 2. order processing the student should demonstrate that he is capable of, the expiration-related measures for the technical and economic success in a Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and wooden toymaker operation are necessary, customer-oriented initiate and complete in order processing. In the task more each of the qualifications listed below are to be linked: a) order processing plan, b) evaluate methods and procedures of planning and organizing work, taking into account the production technology and the use of material, equipment and personnel, thereby representing aspects of quality management, c) technical work plan, including the use of electronic data processing systems, develop that assess workplace design, evaluate and correct, perform d) preliminary and final costing. 3. business management and organization the student should demonstrate that he is able to carry out functions of operational management and operational organization in at Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer -) and toy makers operating. In the task more each of the qualifications listed below are to be linked: a) operating costs determine, taking into account business contexts, b) operating quality management plan and represent, c rate) recording and create time production time calculation, d) vocational laws, standards, rules and regulations apply, in particular the provisions of environmental and species protection, e) procurement, storage and selection of material planning and presentation , f) the liability for the manufacture, maintenance and services judge g) information and communication systems in terms of their operational assess applications, H are) requirements of occupational safety, health and environmental protection; Assess hazards and establish security measures that describe i) marketing activities for customer care and to attract new customers. (4) the examination in part II shall be carried out in writing. You should not take longer than six hours in total. Achieved (5) in more than two referred to in paragraph 2 examination subjects at least 30 and less than 50 points, to supplement oral examination can be carried out in one of these exam subjects if they allow the existence of the part II of the master's examination. (6) the minimum requirement for the existence of part II of the master examination is overall adequate examination. The examination of part II is not passed if 1 examination subject with less than 30 points has been rated or 2. after carrying out supplementary examination subjects have examination in two been evaluated each with less than 50 points. Footnote (+++ § 7 para 5 and 6:...) For application, see § 9 +++) § 8 General examination and procedural rules, more regulations on the master examination (1) the provisions of the master examination procedure regulation of 17 December 2001 (Federal Law Gazette. remain in its current version I p. 4154) unaffected. (2) the examination in parts III and IV of the master examination (I, p. 2149) shall be governed by the general master's certificate regulation of 26 October 2011 in its current version. Section 9 transitional provision the provisions of article 7, paragraph 5 and 6 shall not apply to the work begun 31 December 2011 test method. These are performed under the earlier provisions to end. Article 10 entry into force, expiry this Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2002 at the same the adoption of the Imperial and Prussian time 2801/37 of 18 March 1937, the Decree of Minister of economy no. V on the job description for the Drechsler-(Elfenbeinschnitzer-) crafts of 23 March 1957 (adoption BMWi II B 1 - 1003 are. / 57) no longer apply.