Articles Of Association Of The "foundation Of Democratic Youth" (Annex To The Arrangement On The Establishment Of The "foundation Of Democratic Youth"

Original Language Title: Satzung der "Stiftung Demokratische Jugend" (Anlage zur Anordnung über die Errichtung der "Stiftung Demokratische Jugend"

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Statute of the "Foundation of Democratic Youth" (annex to the arrangement on the establishment of the "Foundation of Democratic Youth" DJStiftSa Ausfertigung date: 20.07.1990 full quotation: "Statute of the"Foundation of Democratic Youth"(annex to the arrangement on the establishment of the"Foundation of Democratic Youth"of 20 July 1990 (Coll. GDR 1990 I p. 1473)" footnote In the acceding territory continue governing law of the former German Democratic Republic gem. Annex II Cape. ")") X Sachg. B section I no. 1 according to d. Article 9 EinigVtr v. 31.8.1990 in conjunction with art. 1 G v. 23.9.1990 II 885, 1219 mWv data.
(+++ Text the AnO on the establishment of the "Foundation of Democratic Youth" see: DJStiftAnO +++)
(+++ Text detection from validity: 3.10.1990 +++) § 1 name and place the Foundation carries the name "Democratic Youth Foundation". It is an independent public law Foundation and has its seat in Berlin.

§ 2 purpose of the Foundation (1) the purpose of the Foundation is to promote youth work in the German Democratic Republic or in the countries formed on this territory.
(2) promoted in particular - the civic education and political responsibility - to, the economic initiative young people as well as their participation in trade unions and professional organisations, - the advocacy during training, - the commitment to protecting the environment, health, peace, human rights of including non-profit objectives, - the cultural offspring and offer of non-commercial cultural events, youth exchanges and international meeting.
(3) the funding is provided under the principle of self help, if there are suitable carriers to carry out. In addition, the Board decides how the purpose of the Foundation is to carry out.

§ 3 charitable foundation is working selflessly. It pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes. Resources shall be used only for the purposes referred to in article 2 of the Foundation. No benefits may be, which are alien to the purpose of the Foundation.

§ 4 endowments (1) the Foundation is at the time of its establishment equipped with 20 million DM. More voluntary donations of the founder grow to this wealth, about their nature and amount of the donor decides in its sole discretion.
(2) the ongoing work of the Foundation is financed by proceeds and interest from this asset, as well as from donations and other grants. Investments within the meaning of the Foundation's purpose can be funded from the Foundation's assets if its size this is not diminished.
(3) the financial statements of the Foundation is carried out by an independent auditor. His report is to present the Board of Trustees, as well as the competent supervisory authorities.

§ 5 performance (1) benefits are granted for one-time or recurring activities or permanent facilities which serve the youth work. Such measures or institutions which appear eligible to the Board are supported.
(2) benefits are paid by the Executive Board upon request by decision. Each Board Member has the application right. Requests for support should be directed officers to the Board or to the from him.
(3) in its decision, the Board of Directors according to the purpose of the Foundation is discretion. In the exercise of this discretion, his decisions are neither Government nor judicially contestable.
(4) all services take place voluntarily and with the possibility of withdrawal. There is no legal claim to grant from Foundation funds. Performance claims but not arise only on the basis of written guarantees of the Foundation, by appointment on equal treatment or due to several paid services.
(5) the Foundation may favour any person through administrative expenditure which are the purpose of the Foundation, or by disproportionately high remuneration. Members of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees have an allowance and a reimbursement of their costs, no donations. The Board of Directors decides on the amount of the allowance.

§ 6 Board of Directors (1) organ of the Foundation is the Board of Directors. It consists of a Chairman of the Board of Directors, a Deputy of Chairman and two other members.
(2) the Minister has appointed the first Board of Directors for youth and sport. The Board of directors appointed people who already have been earned within the meaning of the purpose of the Foundation. A Board of Directors member retires or it does not takes office, the Board of Directors of four weeks has unanimously to appoint a successor.
(3) the Board of directors manages the Foundation according to the purpose of the Foundation and of this Statute. Including falls in particular the resolution on granting and withdrawal of funds, the management of the Foundation's assets, the establishment of the economic plan and the preparation of the financial statements.
(4) the Foundation is represented by two Management Board members, including the Chairman or his Deputy must be, and out of court.
(5) the Board of Directors to adopt rules of procedure. It takes decisions by a simple majority.

§ 7 Board of Trustees the Board of Trustees advises the Executive Board and monitoring compliance with the Foundation's purpose. It consists of ten representatives of from various social groups involved in youth work. The members of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of directors personally for three years.
The Board of Trustees elects a speaker with two-thirds majority. This may require access to all documents of the Foundation by the Board of Directors.
The Board meets at least once a year. Extraordinary meetings can be decided by the Board of Trustees with a two-thirds majority, or it can be convened by the Board of Directors.
The Board of Trustees may adopt recommendations to the Executive Board by a simple majority.
The Board of Directors can delegate tasks to the Board of Trustees, if this agrees.

§ 8 Management Board can ordered to the leadership of the Foundation's business Managing Director, are bound by the decisions of the Board. Business year is the calendar year.

§ 9 technical and legal supervision, subject to a future statutory provision does the Ministry of youth and sport, the technical and legal supervision of.

§ 10 amendment to the Constitution, resolution amendments can be unanimously only by the Executive Board in terms of the purpose of the Foundation and shall require the consent of the Foundation supervisory authority.
The Board respecting the donor will in the statute adds amendments that become necessary due to future Foundation law.
Resolution of the Foundation falls assets equal to the countries in which the Foundation pursuant to section 2 is active. It can be used by the Supreme youth authorities of these countries in terms of the purpose referred to in section 2.