Federal Election Law

Original Language Title: Bundeswahlgesetz

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Federal election law who Ausfertigung date: 07.05.1956 full quotation: "federal electoral law as amended by the notice of July 23, 1993 (BGBl. I S. 1288, 1594), most recently by article 2 paragraph 1 of the law of May 3rd, 2013 (Gazette I p. 1084) is changed" stand: Neugefasst by BEK. v. 23.7.1993 I 1288, 1594;
as last amended by article 2 para 1 G v. 3.5.2013 I 1084 BEK. 2814 is about the definition of the area of constituencies v. 24.7.2013 I indirect amendment considered by article 3 G v. 20.11.2014 1 No. I 1738 is considered more to the stand number, see the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity: 28.7.1979 +++) table of contents first section electoral system (§§ 1-7) § 1 composition of the German Bundestag and election rule of law § 2 outline of the election area section 3 constituency Commission and constituency boundaries article 4 voices § 5 election in the constituencies of § 6 choice according to country lists section 7 (dropped out) second section of electoral bodies (articles 8 up 11) § 8 outline the election bodies article 9 formation of election bodies article 10 activities of election committees and selection boards § 11 honorary posts third section voting rights and eligibility (sections 12 to 15) § 12 election law § 13 exclusion from the right to vote article 14 exercise of the voting rights section 15 eligibility fourth section preparation of choice (§§ 16 to 30) § 16 election day § 17 electoral roll and ballot § 18 voting proposal, participation indicator § 19 filing the election proposals section 20 content and form the district election proposal section 21 list of party candidates section 22 confidant § 23 withdrawal of district election proposal article 24 change of district election proposal article 25
Elimination of defects § 26 approval of district election proposal section 27 country lists section 28 approval of country lists section 29 (dropped out) § 30 ballot fifth section choice Act (sections 31 to 36) § 31 public the Election Act section 32 illegal electoral propaganda and signature collection, illegal publication of voter surveys section 33 of electoral secrecy § 34 voting with ballots § 35 voting with voting machines section 36 absentee sixth section noting the outcome of the elections (paragraphs 37 to 42) § 37 determination of the election result in the constituency section 38 determination of section 39 letter election result invalid votes , Rejection of choice letters, rules of interpretation of section 40 section 41, the selection board determination of the election result in the constituency section 42 determination of earnings of the country list seventh section special rules for by-elections and repeat elections (paragraphs 43 to 44) § 43 by-election section 44 repeat choice eighth section acquisition and loss of membership in the German Bundestag (sections 45 to 48) § 45 acquisition of membership of the Bundestag § 46 loss of membership in the German Bundestag § 47 decision on loss of membership section 48 appointment of successors of lists and elections ninth section final provisions (§ 49 up) (55) § 49 challenge § 49a offences paragraph 49 b funding for other district § 50 nomination election costs § 51 (dropped out) § 52 federal electoral code § 53 (dropped out) § 54 deadlines, appointments and form § 55 (entry into force) first section electoral system section 1 composition of the German Bundestag election rule of law (1) the German Bundestag consists of and subject to the derogations resulting from this law 598 members. They are elected in General, direct, free, equal and secret election voting German according to the principles of a proportional representation associated with the choice.
(2) by Mr 299 district election proposal according to in the constituencies and the remaining be chosen after land selection proposal (country list).

§ 2 outline of the selection area (1) electoral territory is the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.
(2) the Division of the electoral area in constituencies emerges from the annex to this law.
(3) each constituency is divided into electoral districts for voting.

§ 3 constituency and constituency boundaries (1) at the constituency boundaries are following principles to keep in mind: the borders are 1 to comply.
2. the number of constituencies in each country must be as far as possible their population share. It is determined using the same calculation procedures, applied according to section 6 para 2 sentence 2 to 7 for the distribution of seats on the country list.
3. the population of a constituency should not deviate from the average population size of constituencies to more than 15 per cent up or down; the deviation is more than 25 per cent, is a new distinction to make.
4. the constituency to form a contiguous area.
5. the boundaries of municipalities, districts and cities should be respected whenever possible.
Foreigners (§ 2 para 1 of the residence Act) are not considered when calculating the population figures.
(2) the Federal President appoints a Permanent Election Commission. It consists of the President of the Federal Statistical Office, a judge of the Supreme Administrative Court, and five other members.
(3) the constituency Commission has the task to report on changes of the population in the constituency and to explain whether and what changes the constituency boundaries keeps it in terms of it for you. She can make amendments in her report for other reasons. In their proposals to the constituency boundaries, it has the principles referred to in paragraph 1 to be observed; result after the calculation in paragraph 1 No. 2 several potential allocations of constituency, drafted proposals for this purpose.
(4) the report of the constituency Commission is to reimburse the Federal Ministry of the Interior within fifteen months after the beginning of the legislature of the Bundestag. The Federal Ministry of the Interior forward promptly it to the German Bundestag and published it in the Federal Gazette. At the request of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the constituency Commission has to submit a supplementary report; in this case apply according to 2 according to rate.
(5) be borders para 7 of the basic law changed according to the statutory provisions on the procedure for other changes of area structure of the countries referred to in article 29, correspondingly the limits of affected constituencies change. Touch two or more electoral districts in the receiving country or is formed an exclave of a country, so the constituency membership of the new discover is determined by the constituency membership of the municipality, the district or of the unincorporated area, where he is beaten to. Changes of borders, which are made after the 32nd month after commencement of the election period, affect only the constituency boundaries in the next parliamentary term.

§ 4 votes each voter has two votes, an Erststimme for the election of constituency Members, a second vote for the election of a list of countries.

5 election in the constituencies in each constituency, a member of Parliament selects §. The candidate who unites the most votes is elected. Vote of the district returning officer-to-grow lots.

§ 6 are added together according to country lists (1) for the distribution of the seats to be filled according to country lists the second votes given for each country list. The second votes of those voters who have made their Erststimme for a candidate successful in the constituency, which is proposed in accordance with article 20, paragraph 3 or by a party which is not taken into account pursuant to paragraph 3 in the distribution of seats, or for which no country list is approved in that country are not taken into account. Of the total number of members (§ 1 paragraph 1) is the number of successful applicants of the constituency deducted, which are mentioned in sentence 2.
(2) in a first distribution, the total number of seats is first (§ 1 paragraph 1) in the calculation method described in sentence 2 to 7 countries according to their proportion of the population (article 3 paragraph 1) and then in every country the number there by paragraph 1 sentence 3 remaining seats on the basis of the second votes to be taken into account mapped to the country list. Each country list receives as many seats as after partition of the sum of their preserved second votes by a divisor of allocation arising. Fractions of numbers are rounded whole number below 0.5 to including, those will be rounded up to the top of this integer over 0.5. Fractions of numbers that are equal to 0.5, be so rounded up or rounded off, that the number of seats to be awarded will be respected. several possible seat allocations, there are the lot to be pulled by the Federal returning officer decides. The divisor of the allocation is to determine that total as many seats allotted to the country list, as seats are allocated. To the total number of second votes of all country list to be taken into account is assigned first each set 3 remaining seats by the number referred to in paragraph 1. More seats accounted for after the country lists, as seats are allocated, the allocation divisor is to raise, that when calculating the number of seats to results; the allocation divisor is not required for some seats on the country list, accordingly to put down.
(3) only parties be taken into account in the case of allocation of seats on the country list, which have received at least 5% of the valid second votes in the constituency or in at least three constituencies won a seat. Sentence 1 shall not apply to the lists submitted by Parties of national minorities.
(4) of the number of seats thus determined for each country, the number of seats won by the party in the electoral districts of the country (article 5) is settled. Seats won in the constituencies remain a party even if they exceed the number determined according to paragraphs 2 and 3.
(5) the number of referred to in paragraph 1 3 remaining seats is set so long increases to each party for the second allocation of seats according to paragraph 6 sentence 1 receives at least the first distribution pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3 for her determined plus the seats in the constituencies, that not after paragraph 4 sentence 1 of the number of seats for the country list can be settled. The total number of seats (§ 1 paragraph 1) is increased by the difference number.
(6) after paragraph 5 set 1 seats to be awarded are in any case in which in paragraph 2 sentence 2 to 7 distributed calculation procedures described on the parties pursuant to paragraph 3 to include nationwide according to the number of second votes to be taken into account. In the parties, seats are distributed according to the number of the relevant second votes in which in paragraph 2 sentence 2 to 7 calculation procedures described on the country list; This, at least, the number of seats in the constituencies of the country by the party is allocated each country list. The number of seats won by the party in the electoral districts of the country (article 5) is calculated by the number of seats determined for each country list. The remaining seats are filled from the country list in the order specified there. Candidates who are elected in a constituency shall be disregarded on the country list. More seats as candidates are named, is on a list of countries, these seats remain unfilled.
(7) a party which more than half is, no more than half of the seats, account for the total number of second votes of all parties to consider WINS in the distribution of seats according to paragraphs 2 to 6 you are allocated more seats up on them a seat more than account for half of the seats. The seats are distributed in the party according to paragraph 6 set 2-6. In such a case increases the total number of seats determined according to paragraph 5 (§ 1 paragraph 1) to the number of difference.

§ 7 (fallen away) second section election bodies article 8 outline the electoral bodies are (1) electoral bodies the Federal returning officer and the Federal Election Committee for the election area, a national election and a National Election Committee for each country, a district election and a District Election Committee for each constituency, a choice head and a Board of election for each electoral district and at least a head of election and an Election Committee for each electoral district to determine the mail vote.
How many absentee Board members are to form, determine the result of the postal vote in the pre-election, determined the district returning officer.
(2) for several neighbouring electoral districts can be ordered a joint district election and formed a joint District Election Committee; the arrangement meets the country's election.
(3) finding the letter election results election Chief and election boards can instead used for each constituency for one or several communities or individual circuits within the electoral district; the arrangement meets the State Government or the Office certain of it.

§ 9 formation of the electoral bodies (1) the Federal returning officer and his Deputy be appointed of the Interior, the State election, district election and election Chief, as well as their deputies by the land Government or the site designated by you by the Ministry.
(2) the Federal Election Committee consists of the Federal returning officer as Chairman, as well as eight electors appointed by him as assessors and two judges of the Supreme Administrative Court. The remaining election committees consist of the election as Chairman, and six electors appointed by him as assessors; in the National Election Committee also includes two judges of the Oberverwaltungsgericht for the land are to called. The selection board members consist of the election Chief as Chairman, his Deputy and another three to seven electors appointed by the head of the election as assessors; the State Government or the point some of you may specify that the associate members of the selection board by the municipal authority and the associate members of the selection board alone or in consultation with the head of the election be called for establishing the letter election result by the district returning officer, in the case of an order according to § 8 section 3 of the municipal authority or by the district administrative authority. Appeal the assessor, the parties represented in the respective district are possible to take into account.
(3) No person may be a member in more than one electoral body. Election candidate, trusted third parties for election proposals and deputy ombudspersons may not be ordered members of an electoral body.
(4) the municipal authorities are authorized to collect personal data of eligible voters for the purpose of their calling to members of selection boards and to process. Personal data may be processed for this purpose out of voters, which are suitable for the activity in selection boards, for future elections, in if the person concerned has not objected to the processing. The person concerned is to inform about the right of objection. The following data may be recorded and processed: name, first name, date of birth, address, telephone numbers, number of vocations to a member of the selection board members and the function it exercised.
(5) at the request of the local authorities legal persons of under public law, the subordinate to federal authorities, federal authorities, establishments and foundations governed by public law, the countries, the communities, the municipal associations and the other in the supervision of the country are obliged to ensure the implementation of the election district, its staff, stating the name, first name, date of birth and address for the purpose of the appeal as to nominate members of the selection board members persons from , which is located in the territory of the requesting municipality. The requested Party shall notify the person concerned about the data transmitted and the recipients.

§ 10 the election committees and selection boards negotiate activities of election committees and selection boards (1), advise and decide in closed session. As far as something else is not determined in this law, majority; decides the votes vote the vote of the Chairman shall be decisive.
(2) the members of the electoral bodies, their deputies and the Secretary are obliged them to impartial carry out their duties and to maintain secrecy about the official activities known issues.

§ 11 honorary offices (1) the associate members of the electoral commissions and the members of the selection board members exercise their activity volunteers from. Each voter is obliged to transfer of this volunteer. Volunteering can be rejected only for important reasons.
(2) (lapsed) (3) (lapsed) third section voting rights and eligibility article 12 right to vote (1) vote are all Germans within the meaning of article 116 para 1 of the basic law, which have completed their eighteenth year, hold an apartment 2 for at least three months in the Federal Republic of Germany or are otherwise usually, on the pre-election 1 3 not according to section 13 of the right to vote are excluded.
(2) are eligible to vote if the other requirements are also those Germans within the meaning of article 116 paragraph 1 of the basic law, that live outside the Federal Republic of Germany, provided that have 1 after her fourteenth birthday at least three months continuously in the Federal Republic of Germany an apartment held them or who otherwise usually resided on election day and this stay no longer than 25 years or 2 for other reasons personal and immediate familiarity with the political conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany. have and are affected by them.
Also a former apartment or a former resident in the territory referred to in article 3 of the Unification Treaty is considered flat or habitual residence within the meaning of sentence 1. In return one pursuant to sentence 1 voters in the Federal Republic of Germany applies the three-month period of referred to in paragraph 1 No. 2 does not.
(3) apartment in accordance with the law is every enclosed space used for living or sleeping. Caravans and Wohnschiffe are only regarded as apartments, if they are not or only occasionally moving.
(4) if they have no residence in the Federal Republic of Germany or have held no. 2 or of paragraph 2 sentence 1 1 is apartment within the meaning of paragraph 1 for seafarers, as well as for the members of their House stand the ship purchased from them, if this right to fly the Federal flag the flag law in the currently valid version is, 2nd for operators as well as for the members of their House stand the ship purchased from them , if this in a ship register in the Federal Republic of Germany is registered, 3. for persons in the enforcement of court ordered his detention, as well as for other housed the authority or appropriate body.
(5) in calculating the three-month period referred to in paragraph 1 No. 2 and paragraph 2 sentence 1 is the day of the apartment or whom in the period to include.

§ 13 exclusion from the right to vote is excluded from the right to vote, who vote does not have 1 as a result Richter saying, 2.
the one for the to the care of all his affairs, a supervisor not only by injunction is ordered; This also applies if the task group of the supervisor not covered that in 1896, section 4 and section 1905 of the Civil Code matters referred to, 3. who is on the basis of an order under section 63 in conjunction with article 20 of the Penal Code in a psychiatric hospital.
4. (dropped out) § 14 may exercise the right to vote (1) select only, who is entered on an electoral roll or has a ballot paper.
(2) a person who is registered on the electoral roll, can choose only in the constituency, he performed in the electoral roll.
(3) a person who has a ballot paper, can the election of the constituency in which the ballot paper is issued, a) vote in any electoral district of this constituency or b) participate by absentee ballot.
(4) every voter can exercise his right to vote only once and only in person.

Article 15 eligibility (1) is selectable, who on the pre-election 1 German within the meaning of article 116 is para 1 of the basic law and 2. has completed their eighteenth year.
(2) is not selectable, 1 who is ruled out according to section 13 of the right to vote or who the eligibility or the ability to the clothing of public office does not have 2 as a result Richter saying.
3. (disappeared) fourth section preparation of § 16 choice election day the President determines the main election (election day). Election day must be a Sunday or public holiday.

§ 17 electoral roll and ballot paper (1) the municipal authorities keep a register of voters for each electoral district. Every voter has the right to verify the accuracy or completeness of the data entered to his person on the electoral roll during the normal opening hours on weekdays from November 20th to 16th day before the election. To check the accuracy or completeness of data of other persons registered in the electoral roll voters have a right of access on the electoral roll during the period referred to in sentence 2 only, if they make believable facts from which an incorrectness or incompleteness of the voters list may result. The right to the review pursuant to sentence 3 does not exist with regard to the data of eligible voters for the register a restriction in accordance with is entered in the article 21 par. 5 of the Melderechtsrahmengesetzes respective provisions of the land registration laws.
(2) a voter who is registered in the electoral roll, or not taken up for a reason not to be on the electoral roll, receives a ballot paper on request.

(1) election proposals can vote proposal, participation indicator § 18 Parties and are submitted in accordance with section 20 of eligible voters.
(2) parties, continuously represented in the German Bundestag or a Parliament since the last election on the basis of its own election proposals not with at least five deputies, can only submit a proposal as such, if they have in writing displayed their participation in the election at the latest on the siebenundneunzigsten days before the election by 18.00 on the Federal returning officer and the Federal Election Committee has determined their party property. The display is to specify under what name the party wants to participate in the election. The display must be personally and hand signed by at least three members of the Federal Executive Board, including the Chairman or his Deputy. A party has no national Executive Committee, the Board of Directors of each top party organization at the place of the Federal Board occurs. The written statutes and the written programme of the party, as well as a proof of the statutory order of the Board shall be accompanied by the display. Evidence about the party property to be added in the display according to § 2 paragraph 1 sentence 1 of the law on political parties.
(3) the Federal returning officer has to check the display referred to in paragraph 2 immediately after receipt. He finds deficiencies, he immediately notified the Board of Directors and urges him to eliminate remediable defects. Only defects of in itself valid ads can be resolved after the expiry of the notification period. A valid display shall not exist if 1 the form or deadline in paragraph 2 is not maintained, 2. the party label is missing, 3. valid signatures required under paragraph 2, and that the display is missing to be included in equipment, unless these systems can be not presented as a result of circumstances which has not to represent the party, 4 Board members are poorly known , so that their person is not fixed.
Any defects is excluded after the decision on the adoption of party property. Against orders of the Federal returning officer in the disposal operations of lack of, the Board may call upon the Federal Election Committee.
(4) the Federal Election Committee puts 2 which are associations which have displayed their participation referred to in paragraph 2, for the choice to recognize parties; at the latest at the seventy days before the election for all electoral bodies binding tight, what parties in the Bundestag or a Parliament since their last choice continuously represented on the basis of its own election proposals with at least five members were 1, a two-thirds majority is required for the refusal of recognition as a party for the election.
It is to announce at the meeting of the Federal Election Committee by the Federal returning officer. It is to make publicly known.
(4a) against a finding pursuant to paragraph 4, which prevents them to election proposals, can be a party or association within four days after the announcement to raise complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court. In this case, the party or Association of the electoral institutions is pending a decision of the Constitutional Court, to treat at the latest until the end of the ninth day before the election as a choice proposal entitled party.
(5) a party may in any electoral district only a district proposal and submit a list of countries in each country.

§ 19 are the district returning officer filing the election proposals district election proposal in writing submit country list on the areturned days before the election until 18: 00 at the latest the national election.

Only the name of a candidate article 20 contain content and form the district election proposal (1), which allowed County election proposal. Each candidate can be named only in one electoral district, and here only in a district proposal. Candidates can be proposed only, who gave his consent in writing; the consent shall be irrevocable.
(2) district election proposal must be from Parties by the Board of Directors of the Association or, if national associations do not exist by the boards of the next lower area associations, the constituency is located in their area, personally and hand signed. District election proposal of the parties referred to in article 18, paragraph 2 must also be signed by at least 200 electors of the constituency of personally and by hand; the votes must be given at the time of the signing and shall be demonstrated when filing the district election proposal. The requirement of 200 signatures does not apply for district election proposal by Parties of national minorities.
(3) other circle nomination must be signed by at least 200 electors of the constituency of personally and by hand. Paragraph 2 sentence 2 second half-sentence, shall apply mutatis mutandis.
(4) district election proposal by parties must use the name of the submitting party and, unless you use a short name, also this, other district election proposal contain a password.

§ 21 list of party candidates (1) as candidate of a party can be named only in a district election proposal, who is not a member of any other party, and in a General Assembly to choose of a constituency candidate or in a special or general meeting of the representatives has been chosen for this purpose. General meeting for the election of a constituency candidate is a gathering of the party members voters at the time of their calling in the constituency to the Bundestag. Special Representative Assembly is an Assembly of representatives elected by an Assembly of such member from among its members. General representative meeting is General for upcoming elections by a such general meeting according to the statutes of the Party (article 6 of the law on political parties) from their midst ordered Assembly.
(2) in counties and county-level cities, which include several constituencies, candidates can be selected for those constituencies, whose Gebiet does not cut through the border of the circle or the district-free city in a common members or representative Assembly.
(3) the applicant and the representative for the meetings of the representatives are elected in a secret ballot. Each voting participant of the meeting is this proposal entitled. Is the candidates be given the opportunity, to present themselves and their program of the Assembly in a timely. The elections shall at the earliest 32 months for the representative assemblies at the earliest held 29 months after the beginning of the electoral term of the German Bundestag; This does not apply when the term ends prematurely.
(4) the Management Board of the Association or, if national associations do not exist, the Board members of the next lower area associations, the constituency is located in their area, or another in the party statute for this purpose can place against the decision of a member or representative Assembly object. On such an appeal is to repeat. Your result is final.
(5) the parties settle details on the election of representatives to the representative Assembly, the convening and quorum of members - or representative Assembly and the procedure for the election of the candidate by their statutes.
(6) a copy of the minutes of the election of the applicant with information about the place and time of the meeting, form which is invitation, number of members and the vote to submit with the district election proposal. Here, the head of the Assembly and two by this certain Subscriber compared have district election in lieu of oath to assure that the requirements pursuant to paragraph 3 sentence 1 to 3 are been respected. The district returning officer is responsible for the loss of such insurance in lieu of oath; He is regarded as authority in the sense of article 156 of the Penal Code.

Section 22 trust person (1) in every district election proposal a confidant and a deputy supervisor should are referred to. This label is missing so the person who has signed the first considered, confidant, and the one who has signed as a second, as Deputy Representative.
(2) unless otherwise determined in this law is, are just each of which, entitled the confidant and the Deputy Representative, to issue binding declarations to the district election proposal and to accept.
(3) the supervisor and the deputy supervisor can be recalled by a written declaration of the majority of the signatories of the district election proposal to the district returning officer and replaced by others.

Withdrawal of district election proposal one circle proposal section 23 by joint written declaration of the person of trust and be taken back the Deputy Representative, is decided as long as does not have his approval. A district election proposal signed by at least 200 electors may be withdrawn by the majority of the signatories by a statement made by them personally and by hand.

Section 24 a district election proposal can change of district election proposal after the deadline only by joint written statement, the supervisor and the deputy supervisor and only be changed, if the applicant dies or loses eligibility. The procedure according to § 21 does not need to be adhered to, the signatures according to § 20 para 2 and 3 there is no need. After the decision on the admission of a district election proposal (§ 26 para 1 sentence 1) is ruled out any change.

Section 25 has elimination of defects (1) the district returning officer to examine the district election proposal immediately after receipt. He finds deficiencies in a district election proposal so he immediately notified the confidant and asks, in a timely manner to eliminate remediable deficiencies.
(2) after the filing deadline, only defects of in itself valid election proposals can be resolved. A valid nomination shall not exist if 1 the form or period of § 19 is not maintained, 2. According to article 20, paragraph 2, sentences 1 and 2 and paragraph 3 are missing required valid signatures with proof of eligibility of the signatories, unless proof can as a result of circumstances for which the proposal authorized is not responsible, be provided in a timely manner , 3. If a party nomination the party label is missing, required according to § 18 para 2 of the party property is rejected or the evidence of article 21 are not provided, 4. the applicant is poorly known, so that his person is not fixed, or 5 is missing the Declaration of consent of the applicant.
(3) after the decision on the admission of a district election proposal (§ 26 para 1 sentence 1) any defect is excluded.
(4) against the orders of the district returning officer in the disposal operations of lack of, the trusted third party may call upon the District Election Committee.

Section 26 approval of district election proposal (1) the District Election Committee decides on the apossession days before the election on the admission of the district election proposal. He has to reject district election proposal, if they 1 are filed late or 2 does not meet the requirements, which are placed by this Act and the federal election rules, unless something else is determined in these rules.
The decision is to announce at the meeting of the District Election Committee.
(2) the county electoral Committee rejects a district election proposal, complaint to the National Election Committee may be lodged within three days of notification of the decision. The confidant of district election proposal, the Federal returning officer and the election Superintendent are entitled to appeal. The Federal returning officer and the head of the district election can raise complaint against a decision by which a district election proposal is allowed. At the appeal hearing, the released parties can be heard. The decision on the appeal must be made no later than at the fifty-second days before the election.
(3) the district returning officer publicly discloses the approved district election proposal at the latest on the forty days before the election.

§ 27 country lists (1) country lists may be submitted only by parties. You must be by the Board of Directors of the Association or, if national associations do not exist, by the directors of the nearest low area associations, which lie in the area of the country, the parties referred to in § 18 para 2 from 1 of the thousands of voters of the country in the last Bundestag election, but no more than 2,000 registered voters, personal and hand signed. The votes of the signatories of a choice proposal from one of the parties referred to in article 18, paragraph 2 must be given at the time of the signing and shall be upon submission of the list of countries. The requirement of additional signatures does not apply to country lists of parties of national minorities.
(2) country list must use the name of the submitting party and, unless you use a short name, they contain.
(3) the names of candidates must be listed in recognizable order.
(4) a candidate may be proposed only in one country and only in a list of countries. In a country list can be named only, who has declared his consent in writing; the consent shall be irrevocable.
(5) shall apply mutatis mutandis with the proviso that the affidavit to extend also has insurance according to section 21, paragraph 6, sentence 2, determining the order of candidates in the list of countries in a secret ballot is article 21, paragraph 1, 3, 5 and 6, and the articles 22 to 25.

§ 28 approval of country lists (1) the National Election Committee decides on the apossession days before the election on the admission of the country lists. He has to reject country lists, if they 1 are filed late or 2 does not meet the requirements, which are placed by this Act and the federal election rules, unless something else is determined in these rules.
The requirements only for individual candidates are not met, their names from the list of countries are deleted. The decision is to announce at the meeting of the National Election Committee.
(2) the National Election Committee rejects a list completely or partially, complaint to the Federal Election Committee may be lodged within three days of notification of the decision. The confidant of the list of countries and the national election are entitled to appeal. The country election can raise complaint against a decision by which a country list is allowed. At the appeal hearing, the released parties can be heard. The decision on the appeal must be made no later than at the fifty-second days before the election.
(3) the national electoral Director publicly discloses the approved country list at the latest on the forty days before the election.

section 29 (dropped out) § 30 ballots (1) which are ballots and the associated envelopes for the absentee (§ 36 para 1) officially established.
(2) the ballot papers 1 for the election in the constituencies contains the names of candidates the authorised circle proposal, at district election proposal by Parties also the names of the parties and, if a short term use, also, at another district election proposal also password, 2. for selection according to country lists the names of the parties and, if they use a short name, these, as well as the names of the first five candidates of the approved country list.
(3) the order of the country lists of parties depends on the number of second votes, they have achieved in the last Bundestag election in the country. The other country lists align themselves in alphabetical order of the names of the parties. The order of the district election proposal depends on the order in which of the corresponding country lists. Other district election proposal align themselves in alphabetical order of the names of the parties or the passwords.
Fifth section Election Act section 31 public choice action the choice action is public. The Election Committee can refer people who disrupt the order and tranquility, from the choice of room.
§ 32 illegal electoral propaganda and signature collection, illegal publication of voter surveys (1) during the election period are each influencing the electorate through Word, sound, writing in and on the building where the choice room is located, as well as immediately before the access to the building or forbidden image, and each signature collection.
(2) the publication of results of voter surveys after the vote about the content of the selection decision is inadmissible before election time.

§ There are 33 secrecy of the election (1) arrangements for it to meet, that the voters can unattended to mark the ballot paper and fold. For the reception of ballots, ballot boxes are to use, which will ensure the secrecy of the election.
(2) a voter who is read illiterate or who is prevented due to a physical impairment, to mark the ballot paper, fold or to throw itself in the ballot box can be assisted by another person.

§ 34 votes with ballots (1) is selected with official ballots.
(2) the voters are 1 off his Erststimme in the way that he clearly marked makes by a cross on the ballot paper, or otherwise, she should apply what candidates, 2. his second vote in the way that that he clearly marked makes by a cross on the ballot paper, or otherwise, she shall be which country list.
The voters then folds the ballot in the manner that his vote is not recognizable, and throws him in the ballot box.

§ 35 voting with voting machines (1) to facilitate the release and counting of the votes can be used instead of ballot boxes and ballot voting machines.
(2) voting machines must ensure the secrecy of the vote within the meaning of paragraph 1. Their design must be officially to be used for elections to the German Bundestag for individual elections or generally approved. The Federal Ministry of the Interior at the request of the manufacturer of the dialler decides on the admission. The use of an approved election unit requires the approval of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Approval can be given for individual elections or General.
(3) the Federal Ministry of the Interior shall be empowered, by legal Ordinance which shall not require the consent of the Federal Council, provisions more to enact about 1 the conditions for the official approval of the type of voting machines, as well as for the withdrawal and revocation of the approval, 2. the procedure for the official approval of the design, 3. the procedure for examining a dialler on the design corresponding to the approved type , 4. the public testing of a choice device before its use, 5. the procedure for the official authorization of use as well as for the withdrawal and the revocation of the permit, 6 the through the use of voting machines conditional features in connection with the election.
The Decree was made in the cases of numbers 1 and 3 in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology.
(4) for the operation of a dialler, section 33, subsection 1, sentence 1 and paragraph 2 shall apply accordingly.

§ 36 absentee voting (1) during the absentee voter has the district returning officer of the electoral district in which the ballot paper is issued in a closed election envelope) its ballot, b) in a special sealed ballot envelope his ballot in time to send that the election letter arrives on the pre-election until 18: 00 at the latest. Article 33, paragraph 2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
(2) on the ballot, voters or that has to insure that the ballot has been marked according to the declared will of the voter in person or Assistant to the district election head in lieu of oath. The district returning officer is responsible for the loss of such insurance in lieu of oath; He is regarded as authority in the sense of article 156 of the Penal Code.
(3) in the case of an order the land Government or the site designated by you according to § 8 section 3 replaces set 1 of district election in paragraph 1 and in paragraph 2 the municipal authority which has issued the ballot, or the managing authority of the district in which this community is.
(4) election letters can be supplied free of charge by the sender when a post company officially made before the election as letters without special dispatch form, if they are in official election envelope. By using a special form of shipment, the sender has to wear exceeding the fee valid for the mail shipment. The Federal Government pays for the free election mail shipment.
Sixth section noting the outcome of the elections section 37 observation of the election result in the constituency after which provides choice Act the Election Committee set how many votes in the electoral district on the individual County election proposal and country list was submitted.

Section 38 finding the letter election results the Election Committee for the absentee ballot determines how much votes given by postal voting accounted for the individual County election proposal and country lists.

§ 39 invalid votes, rejection of choice letters, rules of interpretation (1) are invalid votes, if the ballots 1 is not officially made, 2. contains no labelling, 3rd for a different constituency is valid, 4 not to recognize the will of the voter can be, 5. contains one additional or reservation.
In the cases of the numbers 1 and 2 both votes are invalid; in the case of paragraph 3, only the Erststimme is invalid, if the ballot for a different constituency in the same country is valid. When choosing a letter, also both votes are invalid, if the ballot not in an official ballot envelope or in a ballot envelope has been given off, which obviously differs in a manner endangering the choice secret from the rest or contains a clearly tangible item, but a refusal according to paragraph 4 is not done no. 7 or 8. The ballot contains only a vote, not given voice is invalid.
(2) multiple ballots in a ballot envelope considered a ballot, if they are equal or only one of them is marked; otherwise, they count as a ballot with two invalid votes.
(3) the ballot envelope was made empty, so both voices are considered invalid.
(4) in the case of the absentee election letters must be rejected if the option letter not in time is entered into 1, 2. the election envelope no or is not a valid ballot, 3. no ballot envelope is included with the election envelope, neither the election envelope and the ballot envelope sealed 4 is 5 valid and mandatory insurance affidavit attached ballot papers containing multiple ballot envelopes, but not an equal number election envelope , 6 of voters or the auxiliary person affidavit not signed the mandatory insurance letter choice on the ballot paper, 7 no official ballot envelope has been used, 8 a ballot envelope has been used, which obviously differs in a manner endangering the choice secret from the rest or a clearly perceptible object contains.
The respondents of rejected election letters are not counted as voters; their voices are not given.
(5) the vote of a voter who took part in the absentee ballot will be voided, not, that he dies before or on the pre-election or according to § 13 loses his right to vote.

Section 40, the election Board of Election Committee decides about the validity of the votes and all defects in the Electoral Act, and in determining the election's outcome resulting. The District Election Committee has the right of review.

Section 41 determination of the election result in the constituency of the District Election Committee determines how many votes in the electoral district for each county election proposal and country list was submitted and which candidate as a constituency MEP is selected. The district returning officer notifies the selected candidate and pointed out to him, that he moved to the final determination of the result for the constituency by the Federal Election Committee (§ 42 para 2 sentence 1) obtained the membership of the Bundestag with the opening of the first session after the election and a rejection of the acquisition of membership compared to the country's election must take place.

Section 42 determination of earnings of the country list (1) the National Election Committee determines how many votes in the State for the individual country lists have been given out.
(2) the Federal Election Committee determines how many seats allotted to the individual country lists and which applicants are selected. The national electoral Director notifies selected applicants and it indicates that must they gain membership in the German Bundestag with opening of the first session after the final determination of the result for the constituency by the Federal Election Committee after the election and be a rejection of the acquisition of membership compared to the country's election.
(3) (dropped out) seventh section special rules for by-elections and repeat elections § 43 by-election (1) a by-election takes place, 1 in one electoral district or in a constituency the election not is been done, 2. If a constituency candidate dies after the approval of the district election proposal, but before the election.
(2) the by-election be held no. 1 within three weeks in the case of paragraph 1 according to the main election day. In the case of paragraph 1 No. 2 can take place it on the main election day; It will take place at the latest six weeks after the main election day. The national electoral Director determines the day of the by-election.
(3) the by-election held to same rules and same fundamentals as the main choice.
(4) in the case of a by-election is to determine the preliminary result of the main election immediately following the election action of major choice on the basis of the carried out voting, to determine and to announce.

§ 44 retry option (1) is all in the election review process a choice or partially annulled, it is in accordance with the decision to bring back.
(2) the repeat election held under same rules, same nominations and, if still not six months are elapsed since the main election, due to same voter as the main choice as far as not the decision in the election review process regarding nominations and electoral prescribes deviations.
(3) the repeat election must occur within sixty days after the decision, which was declared the election invalid. Is the choice only partly explains invalid was the electoral rerun stops if it is established that a new German Bundestag is elected within six months. The country returning officer, in the case of a repeat election for the entire constituency of the President determines the repeat election.
(4) due to the repeat election, the election result is newly determined according to the regulations of the sixth section. The election Manager responsible for section 41, sentence 2 and § 42 para 2 sentence 2 notify the selected candidates and urge them to declare whether they accept the choice in writing within one week.
Eighth section acquisition and loss of membership in the German Bundestag § 45 acquisition of membership of the Bundestag (1) an elected candidate acquires the membership in the German Bundestag after the final determination of the result for the constituency by the Federal Election Committee (§ 42 para 2 sentence 1) with the opening of the first session of the German Bundestag after the election. A rejection of the acquisition of the membership must be declared in writing the country election prior to the first meeting towards. A declaration subject to deemed refusal. The Declaration may not be revoked.
(2) in the case of a by-election (§ 48 para 2), paragraph 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis with the proviso that a selected candidate acquires the membership in the German Bundestag after the determination of the final election results for the by-election.
(3) in the case of a succession of lists (§ 48 para 1) or a repeat election (section 44) is acquired membership in the German Bundestag to the time - and facsimile input of the following notification acceptance at the relevant returning officer, but not before the termination of the originally elected. The Declaration of acceptance of the lists successor is rejection of the acquisition of the membership of the Bundestag by a selected candidate already before the first sitting of the German Bundestag after the election, list successor acquires the mandate with the opening of this session. Is the successor to lists or candidates elected through electoral rerun until the deadline no or no proper explanation from the succession or election shall be deemed accepted at this time. Paragraph shall accordingly apply 1 sentence 3 and 4.

Article 46 loss of membership in the German Bundestag (1) a member loses membership of the Bundestag at 1. nullity of the acquisition of the membership, 2. revision of the election result, 3. removal of a precondition of his eligibility at any time, 4 waiver, 5. finding of unconstitutionality of the party or organizational unit of a party he belongs to, by the Federal Constitutional Court referred to in article 21 para 2 sentence 2 of the basic law.
Loss reasons in other legislation remain unaffected.
(2) in the case of invalidity of his election in the constituency, the Member remains member of Parliament when he was elected at the same time on a list of countries, but remained unconsidered according to § 6, paragraph 6, sentence 5.
(3) the waiver is effective only if it is explained to the transcript of the President of the German Bundestag, German notary, which is situated within the territorial scope of this Act, or an officer of a German representative, empowered to carry out certifications. The honourable Member has the notarial or given from a representative disclaimer to convey to the President of the Bundestag. The waiver may not be revoked.
(4) a party or the organizational unit of a party para 2 sentence 2 of the basic law to be unconstitutional explains through the Constitutional Court referred to in article 21, members lose their membership in the German Bundestag and the lists descendants of their entitlement, unless they have heard this party or organizational unit in the period between the submission (section 43 of the Act on the Constitutional Court) and the announcement of the decision (article 46 of the law on the Constitutional Court). As far as members of Parliament, who have lost their membership pursuant to sentence 1, were elected in constituencies, the election of constituency representatives in these constituencies in corresponding application of § 44 para 2-4 is being reviewed; Here, members who have lost their membership pursuant to sentence 1, may not occur as a candidate. As far as members of Parliament, who have lost their membership pursuant to sentence 1, were chosen according to a list of countries for unconstitutional declared party or organizational unit of the party, the seats remain unfilled. In addition, article 48, paragraph 1 applies.

§ 47 decision on loss of membership (1) the loss of membership according to article 46, paragraph 1 will be decided 1 in the case of the number 1 in the voting test procedures, 2. in the case of the numbers 2 and 5 by decision of the Council of elders of the German Bundestag, 3. in the case of paragraph 3, if the ineligibility by final judgment is entered, by decision of the Council of elders of the German Bundestag , in the election review process 4. in case No. 4 by the President of the German Bundestag in the form of issuance of a confirmation of the waiver.
(2) will be decided about the loss of membership in the election review process, so the deputies with the legal force of the decision eliminated Bundestag from German.
(3) Council of elders or the President of the German Bundestag decides on loss of membership, the Member with the decision leaves from Bundestag from German. The decision is immediately officio to meet. Two weeks after notification of the decision, the person concerned may apply for the decision of the German Bundestag about the loss of membership in the election review process. Delivery is carried out according to the regulations of the Administrative Service Act.

Section 48 is calling lists successors and elections (1) If an elected candidate dies or in writing the seat from the country list of the party occupied the rejection of acquisition which declares membership or if a member dies or otherwise subsequently eliminated from the Bundestag, the national election for the selected candidate or outgoing deputies occurred during the election. In succession to those lists of candidates shall be disregarded, which are eliminated since the time of drawing up the list of the country from this party, or become a member of another party. Also lists candidates who have rejected their membership purchase or renounced their membership in the German Bundestag as a member as a selected candidate in the constituency shall be disregarded. The list is exhausted, the seat remains vacant. The finding, who occurs as successor to list, meets the national electoral Director. He notified the lists of followers and asks him to explain whether he accepts the succession in writing within one week.
(2) the secreted as a constituency MEP of a voters group or a party is selected, for the country no country list was approved, by-election in the constituency takes place. The by-election must be held within sixty days after the date of retirement. You is omitted when it is clear that a new German Bundestag is elected within six months. The by-election is conducted according to the General regulations. The national electoral Director determines the election. Article 41 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
Ninth section final provisions § 49 contesting decisions and measures which relate directly to the electoral procedure, can only with the legal remedies provided for in this Act and in the federal electoral code and be challenged in the election review process.

published results of voter surveys after the vote about the contents of the election decision before election time who rejects a volunteering 1 contrary to section 11 without good reason or without sufficient excuse evades the obligations of such or 2. contrary to § 32 para 2, § 49a rude is offences (1).
(2) that no 1 can misdemeanor referred to in paragraph 1 with a fine up to five hundred euros, the offences referred to in paragraph 1 No. 2 are punishable with a fine up to fifty thousand euro.
(3) managing authority within the meaning of § 36 para 1 No. 1 of the code of administrative offences is 1 for administrative offences pursuant to paragraph 1 No. 1 a) the district returning officer, if a voter the Office of a choice of the head, Deputy Head of the election or an assessor in the District Election Committee, b or in the Election Committee) the country election, if a voter the Office of assessor in the National Election Committee, c) the Federal returning officer, if a voter unjustifiably refuses the Office of assessor in the Federal Election Committee or without sufficient excuse evades the duties of such Office , 2. for administrative offences pursuant to paragraph 1 No. 2 of the Federal returning officer.

paragraph 49 b funding for other district election proposal (1) candidate one according to the sections 18 and 20 of electors of filed election proposal, who have achieved at least 10 per cent of the valid votes in a constituency, 2.80 Euro get valid vote. The funds are to bring in the were.
(2) the fixing and the disbursement of State funds are by the applicant within two months after the meeting of the Bundestag with the President of the German Bundestag in writing to apply for. then incoming requests are not considered. The amount is set by the President of the German Bundestag and disbursed.
(3) the provisions of the law on political parties on the absolute and relative limit does not apply.

§ 50 election (1) the Federal Government reimbursed the countries at the same time for their communities (community associations) the necessary expenditure caused by the election.
(2) the cost of sending the election notifications and the absentee ballots, as well as the soft money for the members of the selection board members be replaced the countries in the way of the individual statement. In simultaneous implementation of regional or local elections and polls with elections to the German Bundestag these costs are reimbursed pro rata the country.
(3) the remaining cost will be reimbursed by a fixed amount per voter. He is for communities up to 100,000 voters 0.45 euros and for municipalities with more than 100,000 voters 0.70 euro. Necessary adjustments of the fixed amount pursuant to sentence 2 to the price development be set at the earliest for a choice after January 1, 2005 by the Federal Ministry of the Interior by decree with the consent of the Federal Council.
(4) the Federal Government reimbursed the blind associations, their willingness to produce ballot templates have declared that led through the production and distribution of ballot templates necessary expenditure.
Footnote (+++ Note: § 50 para 3 sentence 2: com. V v. 29.9.2009 I is 3220 mWv 1.1.2009 the fixed amount for communities up to 100 000 electors to 0.48 euros and for municipalities with more than 100,000 voters to 0.74 euro set +++) § 51 (dropped out) § 52 federal election regulations (1) the Federal Ministry of the Interior shall issue the federal election rules necessary for the implementation of this Act. It is true in particular legislation on 1 the appointment of the returning officer and election Chief, the formation of electoral commissions and electoral boards and the activity, quorum and the procedure of the electoral bodies, 2. the appeal in a choice of volunteering, about the replacement of expenses for owners choosing semi-formal and the NCRT, 3. the polling time, 4. the formation of electoral districts and their publication, 5. the individual requirements for inclusion in the electoral roll , whose leadership, correction and completion of the knowledge in the electoral rolls, the opposition and the appeal against the electoral rolls, as well as the notification of voters, 6 the individual conditions for issuing election certificates, whose exhibition of the opposition and the appeal against the rejection of election tickets, 7 proof of the suffrage requirements, 8 the procedure of the electoral bodies according to § 18 paragraph 2 to 4a , 9 submission, content and form of the election proposals, as well as the documentation about their exam, the Elimination of defects, their admission, the appeal against decisions of the District Election Committee and of the National Election Committee as well as the announcement of the election proposals, 10 form and content of the ballot and the ballot envelope, 11 deployment, setting up and notice the choice of rooms as well as election protection device and polling booths, 12 voting, even if special circumstances require special arrangements , 13 the absentee ballot, 14 on the release and absorption of insurance oath instead, 15 the choice in health and nursing homes, monasteries, locked-down dwellings and social therapeutic and prisons, 16 the determination of election results, their further message and announcement as well as the notification of selected, 17 performing by-elections, repeated elections and elections, as well as the appointment of list successors.
(2) the legislation not the approval of the Federal Council.
(3) the Federal Ministry of the Interior is authorized in the case of a resolution of the German Bundestag in the federal election law and in the federal electoral code specific deadlines and appointments by Decree without the consent of the Federal Council to shorten that.

Article 53 (dropped out) deadlines, appointments and shape (1) the federal election rules adopted under this Act and on the basis of this Act dates and dates extend section 54 or change not by the fact that the last day of the deadline or a date on a Saturday, a Sunday, fall a statutory or Government-protected holiday. A restitutio in integrum is excluded.
(2) in this Act or in the federal election rules adopted on the basis of this act otherwise unless otherwise provided, prescribed declarations must be personally and manually signed and are available to the competent body in the original.

Article 55 (entry into force) system (to section 2 paragraph 2) description of proposed federal electoral districts (site: BGBl. I 2012, 519-578) constituency area of the electoral district No. name Schleswig-Holstein 1 Flensburg - Schleswig district-free city of Flensburg district of Schleswig-Flensburg 2 Nordfriesland - Dithmarschen-Nord district of Nordfriesland district Dithmarschen Heath municipality AMT Büsum-Wesselburen the municipalities of Büsum, Büsum dike, Gabe Friedrichskoog, Hedwig Koog, Hellschen herring sand under Schaar, Hillgroven, Norddeich, Oesterdeichstrich, Oesterwurth, pure beadles, Schülp, Strübbel , Southern Earth I, Warwerort, Wesselburen, Wesselburener dike Jose, Wesselburenerkoog, West Earth ICH stroke Kirchspielslandgemeinde Eider municipalities bark Holm, mountains wöhrden, Swansea, delve, Dörpling, Fedderingen, Gaus Horn, Ganesan, Groven, Hemme, Hennstedt, Hövede, Hollingstedt, Karolinenkoog, Kleve, clutter, Lehe, Linden, Lunden, Norderheistedt, Pahlen, Rehm-Flehde-Bargen, St. Annen, Schalkholz, Schlichting, Süderdorf, Süderheistedt, Tellingstedt, Tielenhemme, Wallen, Welmbüttel, Westerborstel, Wiemerstedt, Wrohm parish land community Hamad surrounding the communities of Hemmingstedt, lieth, Lohe-Rickelshof, Neuenkirchen, Norderwöhrden, Nordhastedt, Ostrohe, point Wittenwurth, Weddingstedt, Wesseln , Wöhrden (other parishes s. WKR. 3) 3 stone castle - of Dithmarschen of Southern District of Steinburg district Dithmarschen Brunsbüttel municipality official Castle St. Michaelisdonn municipalities Averlak, Brickeln, Buchholz, Castle (Dithmarschen), things, Eddelak, Eggstedt, Bournemouth, Großenrade, Hochdonn, Kuden, Quickborn, Sankt Michaelisdonn, Süderhastedt AMT Marne-Nordsee municipalities Diekhusen-Fahrstedt Friedrichskoog, helse, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Koog, Kronprinzenkoog, Marne, Marnerdeich, new field, new fields Koog, Ramhusen, Schmedeswurth, Trennewurth, Volsemenhusen AMT Mitteldithmarschen municipalities Albersdorf , Arkebek, tiny, Barlt, Lundby, Busenwurth, Elpersbüttel, epics wöhrden, Gudendorf, Immenstedt, Krumstedt, Meldorf, Nindorf, United, Odderade, Offenbüttel, Osterrade, Sarzbüttel, Schafstedt, Schrum, Tensbüttel Röst, Wennbüttel, wind mountain, Wolmersdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 2) municipality from the District of Segeberg Bad Bramstedt Office Bad Bramstedt-land communities Armstedt, London, Borstel, Föhrden Babiker, Fuhlendorf, Großenaspe, Hagen, Steinwenden, Bunny jar, Heidmoor, Blakehurst, Mönkloh, Weddelbrook, Wiemersdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 6, 8) 4 Rendsburg-Eckernförde by the district Rendsburg-Eckernförde AMT-free municipalities of Büdelsdorf , Eckernförde, Rendsburg, Wasbek AMT Achterwehr the municipalities of Achterwehr, Bredenbek, field, Krummwisch, Melsdorf, Ottendorf, Quarnbek, West Lake AMT Bordesholm municipalities Bissee, Bordesholm, Bruges, Nortorf, large Buchwald, Hoffeld, loop, Mühbrook, Negenharrie, Reesdorf, Schmalstede, Schönbek, Sören, Beverley Dänischenhagen municipalities Dänischenhagen, Noer, Sweden, beaches official of Danish Wahld municipalities Felm, Gettorf, Lindau, Neudorf Bornstein, Neuwittenbek, Osdorf, Schinkel, Tüttendorf Eiderkanal municipalities Bovenau, hate Moor , Ostenfeld (Rendsburg), Osterrönfeld, Rade b. Rendsburg, Schacht-Audorf, Schülldorf AMT Flintbek the communities of Böhnhusen, Flintbek, Schönhorst Techelsdorf AMT Fockbek the municipalities of ALT Duvenstedt Fockbek, Nübbel, Rickert AMT Hohner Harde municipalities Bargstall, Breiholz, Christiansholm, Elsdorf-Westermühlen, Frederick trench, Friedrichsholm, ham village, Hohn, King Hill, Lohe Föhrden, Prince Moor, Sophie Hamm
AMT Hüttener Berge municipalities Ahlefeld-Bistensee, Ascheffel, Borgstedt, Brekendorf, Manningtree, Damendorf Wittensee, Haby, Holtsee, wood Bunge, huts, Klein Wittensee, new Duvenstedt, Østerby, Owschlag, Sehestedt AMT Jevenstedt municipalities Brinjahe, Embühren, Haale, Hamweddel, Hörsten, Jevenstedt, Luhnstedt, Schülp bei Rendsburg, Stafstedt, Westerrönfeld official Holstein of means of the municipalities of Arpsdorf, Aukrug, Beldorf, Bendorf, Beringstedt, Bornholt, Ehndorf, Gokels, Grauel, AMT Hanerau-Hademarschen, Heinkenborstel, Ryo, year village, Lütjenwestedt, Meezen, Mörel, Nienborstel , Nindorf, Oldenbüttel, Osterstedt, Padenstedt, Rade bei Hohenwestedt, Remmels, Seefeld, Steenfeld, Tacke village, tapping village, Thaden, death beadles, Wapelfeld AMT Molfsee the communities of Baldwin, Mielkendorf, Molfsee, Rodenbek, Rumohr, sheer see AMT Nortorfer land communities Bargstedt, Bokel, Borg village Seedorf, Brammer, Dätgen, iron village, eller village, Emkendorf, Gnutz, large Vollstedt, Krogaspe, Langwedel, Nortorf, Oldenhütten, Schülp bei Nortorf, Timmaspe, warder AMT Schlei-Ostsee municipalities Altenhof, Barkelsby Brodersby, damp, Dörphof, Pontefract, Gammelby , Goosefeld, Güby, wood village, Hummel field, Karby, Kosel, loose, Rieseby, Thumby, Waabs, Windeby, Winnemark (other parishes s. WKR. 5) 5 Kiel district-free city Kiel, Rendsburg-Eckernförde district AMT-free municipalities of old wood, London (other parishes s. WKR. 4) 6 Plön - nine county-level city of Neumünster district of Plön district Segeberg AMT Boostedt-Rickling municipalities Boostedt, Daldorf, large Kummerfeld Heidmühlen Latendorf, Rickling (other parishes s. WKR. 3) , 8) 7 Pinneberg district of Pinneberg 8 Segeberg - Stormarn Centre of the District of Segeberg AMT-free municipalities Ellerau, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Kaltenkirchen, Norderstedt, bad Segeberg, Wahlstedt AMT Bornhöved municipalities Bornhöved, Damsdorf Gönnebek Schmalensee, stock, Tarbek, Taha, Trappenkamp AMT Itzstedt the communities of Crestview, Kayhude, close, Oering, Seth, Sülfeld, (without Tangstedt, s. District of Stormarn) AMT Kaltenkirchen-land communities Alveslohe, Hartenholm, Hasenmoor, Lentföhrden, useful, narrow field AMT Kisdorf Hüttblek municipalities , Katten village, Kisdorf, Oersdorf, sievershütten, Glasgow, Guildford, wake village II, Winsen AMT Leezen municipalities bark, Quake Lake, Fredesdorf Niendorf, Höger village, Kükels, Leezen, Mözen, Neversdorf, Schwissel, Cambridge, Wittenborn AMT Trave-land communities Bahrenhof, Blunk, Bühnsdorf, Dreggers, Fahrenkrug, Geschendorf, Glasau Rönnau, Klein Gladebrügge, Klein Rönnau, Krems II, Negernbötel, Nehms, Neuengörs, Pronstorf, Rohlstorf, Schackendorf, Sagar, Lake Village, Stipsdorf, Strukdorf, Travenhorst, Traventhal, wake village I, Weede, Wensin , Westerrade (other parishes s. WKR. 3, 6) Office free of the Stormarn municipalities Ammersbek, Germany, Bargteheide AMT Bad Oldesloe-land communities Grabau, Lasbek Meddewade, Neritz, Pölitz, Rethwisch, Rümpel, Steinburg, Travenbrück AMT Bargteheide-land communities Bargfeld-Stegen, Portishead, Elmenhorst, ham Moor, Jersbek, Nienwohld, death village, Tremsbüttel municipality of Tangstedt (AMT Itzstedt, KRS. Segeberg) (other parishes s. WKR. 9, 10) 9 Ostholstein - Stormarn-Nord district of Ostholstein from the District of Stormarn municipality Reinfeld (Holstein) AMT Nordstormarn Baden village communities , Barnitz field, ham mountains, Heather Kamp, Eindhoven, Klein Wesenberg, Mönkhagen deer, Wesenberg, Westerau, Zarpen (other parishes s. WKR. 8, 10) 10 of Lauenburg - Stormarn-South of the district Lauenburg AMT-free municipalities of Geesthacht, Lauenburg/Elbe, Mölln, Ratzeburg, Schwarzenbek, Wentorf bei Hamburg AMT Breitenfelde the municipalities of ALT Mölln, Bälau, Borstorf, Breitenfelde, Grambek, Hornbek, Lehmrade, Niendorf/Stecknitz, Schretstaken, Talkau, Woltersdorf AMT Büchen municipalities Bakal, Bröthen, Büchen , Faridah, Goddess, Gudow, silver bream, Klein Pampau, Langenlehsten, must, Roseburg, village schools, seven Oaks, Tramm, Acton Office Hohe Elbgeest the municipalities of Aumühle, Börnsen, Dassendorf, Escheburg, Hamwarde, Hohenhorn, Kröppelshagen-driving village, Wiershop, Wohltorf, worth AMT lauenburgische seen Lakes municipalities Albsfelde, Bäk, Bruns mark, Buchholz, one House, Fredeburg, Giesen village, large Disnack, large Grönau, large Sarau, Harmsdorf, Bookham Surrey, Horst, KITTLITZ, Klein Zecher, Kulpin, Mechow, Mustin, Dunfermline, Römnitz, Salem, Schmilau, Seedorf, Sterley , Ziethen AMT Lütau municipalities Basedow, honey, Dalldorf, Dobroszyce, Krüzen, Krukow, Lance, Lütau, Schnakenbek, Wangelau AMT Schwarzenbek-land communities Basthorst, Brunstorf, Dahmker, Elmenhorst, Fuhlenhagen, Grabau, large Pampau, Grove, Gülzow, Hamfelde, Havekost, Kankelau, Kasseburg, Köthel, Kollow, Kuddewörde, Möhnsen, mill r, SAHM by the AMT Sandesneben-Nusse municipalities Duvensee, Koberg, London, Lankau, Marnie, Panten, Poggensee, Ritzerau Walksfelde (other parishes s. WKR. 11) the Stormarn AMT-free municipalities of Ahrensburg , Barsbüttel, Glinde, Oststeinbek, Großhansdorf, Reinbek AMT Siek municipalities Braak, Stapelfeld AMT Trittau, Siek, Hoisdorf, Eindhoven municipalities Grande Grönwohld, Großensee, Hamfelde, Hohenfelde, Köthel, Schierensee, Rausdorf, Trittau, Witzhave (other parishes s. WKR. 8, 9) 11 Lübeck district-free city of Lübeck by the district Lauenburg AMT Berkenthin municipalities Behlendorf, Berkenthin, Bartlett, Düchelsdorf, Göldenitz, Kastorf, Kanaujia, Krummesse, Niendorf Berkenthin, Ronde Hagen, Sierksrade by the AMT Sandesneben-Nusse Grinau municipalities , Large floor, large Schenkenberg, Klink Rade, liff, Linau, Lüchow, Sandesneben, Schiphorst, Schönberg, Schürensöhlen, seven trees, Sirksfelde, Steinhorst, Stubben, Wentorf (AMT Sandesneben) (other parishes s. WKR. 10) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 12 Schwerin - Ludwigslust-Parchim I - Nordwestmecklenburg I district-free city Schwerin by the District of Ludwigslust Parchim AMT-free municipalities Boizenburg/Elbe, Hagenow, Ludwigslust, Lübtheen AMT Boizenburg-land communities Bengerstorf, possession, Brahlstorf, Dersenow, Gresse, Greven, new Gülze Nostorf Schwanheide, Teldau, Tessin bei Boizenburg AMT Dömitz Malliß municipalities Dömitz , Grebs-Niendorf, maternity leave, Malk Göhren, Malliß, new Kaliß, Vielank Parchim municipalities Balow, Brunow, Dambeck, Eldena, Gorlosen, Grabow, Kadar, Kremmin, Milow, Möllenbeck, Muchow, Prislich, Steesow, Zierzow AMT Hagenow-land the municipalities of ALT Zachun, Bandenitz Belsch, Bobzin, Bresegard bei picher, Gammelin Krams, Hoort, Hülseburg, Kirch Jesar, Kuhstorf, Moraas, Pätow-Steegen, picher, Pritzier, Redefin, Setzin, straw churches, Toddin, Warlitz AMT Ludwigslust-land the municipalities of ALT Krenzlin , Bresegard bei Eldena, Göhlen Laasch Leussow Lübesse, Lüblow, Rastow, Sülstorf, Uelitz, Warlow, Wöbbelin AMT Neustadt-Glewe municipalities Blievenstorf, Brenz, Neustadt-Glewe AMT Stralendorf municipalities dumber, Holthusen, Klein Rogahn, Pampow, Schossin, Stralendorf, Warsow, Wittenförden Zülow AMT Wittenburg municipalities Körchow, read, Wittenburg, Wittendörp AMT Zarrentin municipalities Gallin, Kogel, Lüttow Valluhn, Vellahn Zarrentin Lake Schaal (other parishes s. WKR. 13) from the District of Nordwestmecklenburg AMT Gadebusch municipalities Dragun , Gadebusch, Kneese, Krembz, Mills Eichsen, Rögnitz, Roggendorf, Veelböken AMT Lützow Lübstorf the communities of old Meteln, Brüsewitz, Cramonshagen, Dalberg spiral peat, God's gift, Grambow, Klein Trebbow, Lübstorf, Lützow, Perlin, pin gel Hagen, Pokrent, shield Valley, Seehof, Zickhusen AMT Rehna the municipalities of Carlow, Dechow, large MOL tooth, Holdorf, Königsfeld, Nesow, Rehna, Rieps, Schlagsdorf, Thandorf, Utecht, Vitense, Wedendorfersee AMT Schönberger Land the municipalities of Dassow, Greaves Siemz curls wiping, Lüdersdorf, Mahad, Niendorf, Papenhusen , Roduchelstorf, Schönberg, Selmsdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 13) 13 Ludwigslust-Parchim II - Nordwestmecklenburg II - district of Rostock I by the District of Ludwigslust Parchim Parchim municipality AMT Banzkow municipalities Banzkow, plate, Sukow AMT Crivitz the municipalities of Barnin, Bülow, Crivitz, Demen, Friedrichsruhe, Tramm, Zapel AMT Eldenburg Lübz municipalities Gallin-Kuppentin, Gischow Granzin, Karbow-Vietlübbe, create, Kritzow, Lübz, Lutheran, Marnitz, Passow, Siggelkow, Suckow, Tessenow, Wahlstorf, Werder AMT Goldberg-Mildenitz municipalities Dobbertin , Goldberg, Mestlin, new Poserin, Techentin official eastern shore of Schwerin Lake communities of Cambs, Dobin am see, Gneven, long Brütz, Leezen, Pinnow, Raben Steinfeld AMT Parchimer surrounding municipalities dam, Domsühl, Groß of Godems, Karrenzin Lewitzrand, upper Warnow, Rome, Severin, Spornitz, Stolpe, goat village, Zölkow AMT Plau am see municipalities Barkhagen, Buchberg, Ganzlin, Plau am see, Wendisch Priborn AMT Sternberger seascape municipalities Blankenberg , Borkowo, Brüel, Dabel, Hohen Pritz, Kankara, Karl Wendorf, Langen Jarchow, Mustin, Sternberg, Weitendorf, Witzin, Zahrensdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 12) by the district Nordwestmecklenburg AMT-free municipalities grevesmühlen, island of Poel, Wismar official Dorf Mecklenburg-bad little the communities bad Barnekow, Bobitz, Dorf Mecklenburg, small, large Stieten, high College, Lubov, Metelsdorf Ventschow AMT grevesmühlen-land communities
Bern peat Börzow Gägelow, Mall entin, Plüschow, Roggenstorf, Rüting, Testorf Steinfort, Upahl, Warnow AMT Klützer Winkel municipalities Boltenhagen, Damshagen Hohenkirchen, lime, Klütz, Zierow AMT Neuburg municipalities Benz, Blowatz Boiensdorf Hornstorf, Krusenhagen, Neuburg AMT Neukloster-Warin the communities of Baker, Vorpommern, Germany, Lübberstorf, Glasin, Neukloster, Passee, Warin, Züsow, Zurow (other parishes s. WKR. 12) District of Rostock AMT-free municipalities Bad Doberan, Kröpelin, Kühlungsborn, Neubukow, Satow Office Bad Doberan-land communities Admannshagen-Bargeshagen , Bartenshagen-Parkentin, Börgerende-Rethwisch, Hohenfelde, Nienhagen, Reddelich, Retschow, Steffenshagen, Wittenbeck AMT Neubukow Salzhaff the municipalities of ALT Bukow, am Salzhaff, Bastorf, Biendorf, Carinerland, Kirch Mulsow, Rerik (other parishes s. WKR. 14, 17) 14 Rostock - district of Rostock II district-free city of Rostock by the District of Rostock AMT-free municipalities Dummerstorf, Graal-Müritz, Sanitz Office Carbäk the communities of Broderstorf, Klein Kussewitz, Poppendorf, Roggentin, Thulendorf AMT Rostocker Heide municipalities Bentwisch, Baldeh , Yellow sands, Mönchhagen Rövershagen AMT Schwaan municipalities Benitz, Bröbberow, Kassow, Rukieten, Schwaan, Vorbeck, Vienna village official Ticino municipalities Cammin, Gnewitz Grammow, Nustrow, Selpin, Stubbendorf, Ticino, Thelkow, Zarnewanz AMT Warnow-West the municipalities of Elmenhorst/Lichtenhagen, Kritzmow, Lambrechtshagen, Papendorf, Pölchow, Stäbelow Ziesendorf (other parishes s. WKR. 13, 17) 15-Germany - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Greifswald I district of Vorpommern-Rügen from the District of Vorpommern-Greifswald Greifswald municipality AMT Landhagen the parishes Behrenhoff , Dargelin, Dersekow, Diedrichshagen, Hinrichshagen, Levenhagen, Stralsund are the largest, new churches, WA, Weitenhagen (other parishes s. WKR. 16) 16 Mecklenburg Lake District I - Vorpommern-Greifswald of II of the district Mecklenburg AMT-free municipalities Feldberger seascape, Neubrandenburg AMT Friedland the municipalities of Datzetal Eichhorst, Friedland, Galenbeck, Genzkow, Gandolfo AMT Neverin the municipalities of Beseritz, Blankenhof, Brunn, Neddemin, Neuenkirchen, Neverin, Sanchez, Staven, Trollenhagen, Woggersin, Wulkenzin, Zirzow official Stargard land of the villages of Burg Stargard , Cammin, Cölpin Nemerov, Hanson, Linde Valley, village of Prague AMT Woldegk municipalities large Miltzow Helpt Kublank, Mildenitz, Neetzka, Petersdorf, Schönbeck, Schönhausen, Voigtsdorf, Woldegk (other parishes s. WKR. 17) from the District of Vorpommern-Greifswald-AMT-free municipalities of Anklam, Pasewalk, Strasburg (Uckermark), Heringsdorf, Ueckermünde Office at the Peenestrom municipalities Buggenhagen, Krummin Lassan Lütow, Sauzin, Wolgast, Zemitz Office at Stettiner Haff Altwarp, Eggesin, Grambin, the municipalities of Ahlbeck, Hintersee , Leopoldshagen, Liepgarten, Luckow, Lübs, Meiersberg, Mönkebude, Torgelow Holländerei, Vogelsang Warsin AMT Anklam-land communities Bargischow, Blesewitz, Shelley, bug Butzow, Ducherow, iven, Karin, Krusenfelde, Liepen, Medov, Neetzow, new Kosenow, Neuenkirchen, Postlow, Rossin, Sarnow, Spantekow, Stolpe AMT Jarmen-Tutow the municipalities of ALT tellin, Bentzin, PHIA, Jarmen, Karlic, Tutow of Völschow AMT Lubmin municipalities Brünzow, Hans Hagen, Katzow, Kemnitz, Kröslin, Loissin, Lubmin, new Boltenhagen, Rubenow, Wusterhusen AMT Löcknitz Penkun the communities of Bergholz , Blankensee, Boock, Glazov, Grambow, Krackow, Löcknitz, Nadrensee, Penkun, Plöwen, Ramin, Rossow, Rothenklempenow AMT Peenetal/Loitz the municipalities in Görmin, Sam Landry, Sassen-Trantow AMT Torgelow Ferdinandshof municipalities Altwigshagen, Ferdinand farm, hammer on the Uecker, Heinrichsruh, Heinrichswalde, Rothemühl, Torgelow, Wilhelmsburg AMT Uecker-Randow-Tal municipalities Brietzig, Fahrenwalde, large Luckow, Jatznick, Koblentz, Krugsdorf, zamani, Papendorf, Polzow, Rollwitz, Schönwalde, square, Zerrenthin AMT Usedom-Nord municipalities Karl Hagen, Mölschow, Zinnowitz, Peenemünde, Trassenheide AMT Usedom-Süd municipalities Benz , Dargen, Garz, Kamminke, Korswandt, Koserow, Loddin, Mellenthin, Pudagla, Rankwitz, Stolpe on Usedom, Ückeritz, Usedom, Zempin Zirchow AMT Züssow municipalities BANDELIN, Gribow Kiesow, large Polzin, Gützkow, Karlsburg, Klein Bünzow, Kölzin Lühmannsdorf, Murchin, Rubkow, Schmatzin, Wrangelsburg, Ziethen, Züssow (other parishes s. WKR. 15) 17 Mecklenburg Lake District II - district of Rostock III of the District of Mecklenburgische Seenplatte AMT-free municipalities Dargun, Demmin, Neustrelitz, Waren (Müritz) AMT Demmin-land communities Beggerow , Borrentin Hohenbollentin, Hohenmocker, Kentzlin, Kanaan, Lindenberg, Meesiger, Nossendorf, Sarov, Schönfeld, Siedenbrünzow, Sommersdorf, Utzedel, Verchen, Warrenzin AMT Malchin am Kummerower see municipalities Basedow, Duckow Faulenrost, Gielow, Kummerow, Malchin, Neukalen AMT Malchow the municipalities of ALT Schwerin, fünfseen, Göhren-Lebbin, Malchow, Nossentiner Hütte, Penkow, Silz, Walow, Zislow Office Small Mecklenburg communities Mirow, Priepert Roggentin, Wesenberg, Wustrow AMT Neustrelitz-land communities Blankensee, flower car pin , Godendorf Grünow, Hohenzieritz, small many Kratzeburg Möllenbeck, Userin, Wokuhl-Dabelow AMT Penzliner land communities Ankershagen, Kuck Möllenhagen, Penzlin AMT Röbel-Müritz municipalities Altenhof, Bollewick, Buchholz, Badr, Fincken, Gotthun, Grabow-below, large trowel, Kieve, Lärz, Leizen, Ludorf, Massow, Melz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rechlin, Röbel/Müritz, black, Sietow, Stuer, Vipperow, Wredenhagen, Zepkow official seascape goods municipalities Dratow Schloen, Grabowhöfe, large plastic, high Wangelin, Jabel, Kargow, Klink , Klocksin, Moltzow, new Gaarz, Peenehagen, Torgelow am see, Varchentin, Vollrathsruhe AMT Stavenhagen Bredenfelde, municipalities Briggow, grams entin, Gülzow, Ivenack, Jürgens peat, Kittendorf, knobby village, Mölln, Ritzerow, Rosenow, Stavenhagen, Zettemin AMT Treptower district municipalities of Altenhagen, Altentreptow, Bartow, Breesen, Breest, Barham, Gnevkow, Golchen, Grapzow, Grischow, large Teetzleben Gültz Kriesow, Pripsleben, rock wit, Siedenbollentin, Tützpatz, Werder, Wildberg, WOLDE (other parishes s. WKR. 16) District of Rostock AMT-free municipalities of Güstrow , Teterow AMT Bützow-land communities Baumgarten, Bajaj, Bützow, Dreetz, Jürgenshagen, Klein Belitz, Penzin, Rühn, Steinhagen, Tarnów, Warnow, Zepelin AMT Gnoien municipalities Altkalen, Behren-Lübchin, Boddin, Finkenthal, Gnoien, Lühburg Walkendorf AMT Güstrow-land communities glass joke, big Schwiesow, Gülzow-Prüzen, Gutow, Klein Upahl, Kuhs, Lohmen, Lüssow, Mistorf, Mühl Rosin, Plaaz, Reimershagen, Sarmstorf Zehna AMT Krakow am see municipalities Dobbin-Linstow, Hoppenrade, Krakow am see , Kuchelmiß, Lalendorf, Langhagen AMT Laage municipalities Diekhof, Dolgen Lake, high Laage, Wardow Sprenz, AMT Mecklenburg Switzerland the municipalities of ALT Sührkow, Dahmen, Dalkendorf Rogé, large Wokern, large Wüstenfelde, high Demzin, Jördenstorf, Lelkendorf, Prebberede, Schorssow, Schwadorf, Sukow-Levitzow, Thürkow, Warnkenhagen (other parishes s. WKR. 13, 14) Hamburg 18 Hamburg-Mitte by the borough Hamburg-Mitte districts Billbrock, Billstedt, Borgfelde, Finkenwerder, HafenCity, Hamburg - Altstadt, Hammerbrook , Hamm, Horn, island of Neuwerk, Kleiner Grasbrook, Neustadt, Rothenburgsort, St. Georg, St. Pauli, Steinwerder, Veddel, Waltershof (other district s. WKR. 23) of the borough Hamburg-Nord Sherif, Hohenfelde, the districts of Barmbek-Nord, Barmbek-Süd, Uhlenhorst (other district s. WKR. 21) of the District of Wandsbek in the quarter Eilbek (other district s. WKR. 21, 22) 19 Hamburg-Altona district Altona 20 Hamburg-Eimsbüttel district Eimsbüttel 21 Hamburg-Nord of the borough Hamburg-Nord the quarters Alsterdorf , Eppendorf, Fuhlsbüttel, Borstel, Hoheluft-OST, Langenhorn, Ohlsdorf, Winterhude (other district s. WKR. 18) of the borough Wandsbek districts Bergstedt, Duvenstedt, Hummel beadles, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Poppenbüttel, Sasel, Wellingsbüttel, Wohlsdorf Ohlstedt (other district s. WKR. 18, 22) 22 Hamburg-Wandsbek by the borough Wandsbek districts Bramfeld, Farmsen-Berne, Jenfeld, Marienthal, Rahlstedt, Steilshoop, Tonndorf, folk village, Wandsbek (other district s. WKR. 18, 21) 23 Hamburg-Bergedorf Harburg district Bergedorf district Harburg of the borough Hamburg-Mitte the district Wilhelmsburg (other district s. WKR. 18) Lower Saxony 24 Aurich - Emden city of Emden district Aurich 25 Unterems district empty of the Emsland district municipalities city Haren (EMS), city of Papenburg, Rhede (EMS), twist Samtgemeinde Dörpen municipalities Dersum, Dörpen, Heede, Kluse, Lehe, Neubörger, Neulehe, Walchum, Wippingen Samtgemeinde Lathen municipalities Fresenburg, Lathen, Niederlangen, Oberlangen, Renken mountains Sustrum Samtgemeinde Nordhümmling municipalities Bockhorst, Breddenberg, esterwegen, Hilkenbrook, Surwold Samtgemeinde Sögel municipalities Börger, large Berßen, Hüven, Klein Berßen, Sögel , Donegal, Stavern, Werpeloh Samtgemeinde Werlte municipalities Lahn, Werlte, Lorup, village of Rast, Vrees (other parishes s. WKR. 31) 26 Friesland - Wilhelmshaven - Wittmund district-free city of Wilhelmshaven
District of Friesland district Wittmund 27 Oldenburg - Ammerland district-free city of Oldenburg (Oldenburg) Landkreis Ammerland 28 Delmenhorst - Wesermarsch - Oldenburg-land district-free city Delmenhorst district of Oldenburg district Wesermarsch 29 Cuxhaven - Stade II district of Cuxhaven by the district Stade the village Drochtersen collective municipality of sky doors the communities of Düdenbüttel, Engelschoff, Großenwörden, Hammah, sky doors Samtgemeinde Germany the municipalities Balje, stains Freiburg (Elbe), curved end, Oederquart, Wischhafen Samtgemeinde Oldendorf municipalities Burweg , Estorf, Heinbockel, Kranenburg, Oldendorf (other parishes s. WKR. 30) 30 Stade I - Rotenburg II of the district Rotenburg (Wümme) the municipalities city Bremervörde, Gnarrenburg Samtgemeinde Geestequelle municipalities Alfstedt, Basdahl, Ebersdorf, Hipstedt, Oerel Samtgemeinde Selsingen municipalities Anderlingen, Deinstedt, Farven, Ostereistedt, Rhade, Sandbostel, Seedorf, Selsingen Samtgemeinde Sittensen communities large Meckelsen, Edinburgh, calving, Klein Meckelsen, Lengenbostel, Sittensen, Tiste, Vierden, Wohnste Samtgemeinde Tarmstedt the municipalities of Millbury , Bülstedt Hepstedt, Martini, Tarmstedt, Vorwerk, Westertimke, Wilstedt Samtgemeinde Zeven municipalities Elsdorf, Gyhum, Heeslingen, town Zeven (other parishes s. WKR. 35) Stade of the district municipalities city Buxtehude, Jork, Hanseatic City of Stade Samtgemeinde Apensen the communities of fishers, Beckdorf, Sauensiek Samtgemeinde Fredenbeck municipalities Deinste, Fredenbeck, Kutenholz Samtgemeinde Harsefeld municipalities Ahlerstedt, Bargstedt, Brest, stains Harsefeld Samtgemeinde Horneburg the towns of Arezzo, Bliedersdorf, Dollern , Stains Hornburg, Nottensdorf Samtgemeinde Lühe municipalities Grünendeich, Ruwi, Hollern-Twielenfleth, means churches, new churches, stone churches (other parishes s. WKR. 29) 31 Mittelems district Grafschaft Bentheim by Landkreis Emsland municipalities Emsbüren, Geeste, city Haselünne, city of Lingen (EMS), city Meppen, salzbergen Samtgemeinde Freren be Estonians, town Freren, brass, the communities of Andervenne, Thuine Samtgemeinde Herzlake municipalities drilling, heart Lake, United Samtgemeinde lengerich municipalities Bawinkel, barley , Handrup, Langen, lengerich, Wettrup Samtgemeinde SpellE municipalities Lünne, Toronto, SpellE (other parishes s. WKR. 25) 32 Cloppenburg - Vechta district Cloppenburg district of Vechta 33 Diepholz - Nienburg I Diepholz district by the district Nienburg (Weser) Samtgemeinde Grafschaft Hoya the communities patch stooping, Eystrup, Gandesbergen, Hämelhausen, hassel (Weser), Kemerovo, city Hoya, Hoyerhagen, Schwerin, Warpe Samtgemeinde Uchte municipalities stains Diepenau, Raddestorf, stains Uchte, Warmsen (other parishes s. WKR. 40) 34 Osterholz - Verden district of Osterholz district of Verden 35 Rotenburg I - Soltau-Fallingbostel district of Soltau-Fallingbostel by the Rotenburg (Wümme) municipalities town Rotenburg (Wümme), Scheeßel, city Visselhövede Samtgemeinde Bothel the villages of Bothel, Brockel, Hemsbünde, Hemslingen, Kirchwalsede, United Samtgemeinde FINTEL municipalities FINTEL, Helvesiek, Leatherhead, mortising, Vahlde Samtgemeinde Sottrum the municipalities of Ahausen, Bötersen, Hassendorf, Hellwege, Horstedt, Reeßum, Sottrum (other parishes s. WKR. 30) 36 Harburg district of Harburg 37 Lüchow-Dannenberg – Lüneburg district Lüchow-Dannenberg Lüneburg 38 Osnabrück-land of the district Osnabrück the municipalities bad Essen , Town bad Iburg, bad Laer, bad Rothenfelde, Bissendorf, Bohmte, city Bramsche town Dissen am Teutoburger Wald, Glandorf, Hilter am Teutoburger Wald, town Melle, Ostercappeln Samtgemeinde Artland municipalities Menslage, Nortrup, bad mountains, town Quakenbrück Samtgemeinde Bersenbrück municipalities Alfhausen, Ankum, city Bersenbrück, Eggermühlen, Gehrde chains Kamp, Samtgemeinde Fürstenau Rieste municipalities mountains, Bippen, town Fürstenau Samtgemeinde Neuenkirchen municipalities Merzen, Neuenkirchen, Voltlage (other parishes s. WKR. 39) 39 Osnabrück, Osnabrück city of Osnabrück, the municipalities of Belm , City Georgsmarienhütte, Hagen am Teutoburger Wald, Hasbergen, Wallenhorst (other parishes s. WKR. 38) 40 Nienburg II - Schaumburg district Schaumburg of the district Nienburg (Weser) the municipalities city Nienburg (Weser), city Rehburg-Loccum, stains Steyerberg Samtgemeinde Heemsen municipalities stains Drakenburg, Haßberge, Heemsen, Rohrsen Samtgemeinde Liebenau the communities within, stains Liebenau, Pennigsehl Samtgemeinde Marklohe municipalities Balge, Marklohe, Wietzen Samtgemeinde Middle Weser municipalities Estorf , Husum, Stolzenau, landesbergen, Leese Samtgemeinde Steimbke municipalities lenses Castle, Steimbke, Rodewald, Stöckse (other parishes s. WKR. 33) 41 city of Hannover I "Hannover Nord", northern part of the city of Hanover, with the districts of abdulazeez Katsina, Bothfeld, Brink port, Castle, Groß-Buchholz, Grove wood, Heath district, Isernhagen-Süd, Kleefeld, Lahe, Ledeburg, flax Hausen, list, Marienwerder, Misburg North, South Misburg, North Harbor, East city, Sahl Kamp, sticks, Vahrenheide, Vahrenwald, Vinnhorst, Zoo (other districts s. WKR. 42) 42 city Hannover II "Hannover-Süd" , southern part of the city of Hanover, with the districts of Ahlem, Badenstedt, Bemerode, Bornum, bult, Calenberger Neustadt, Davenstedt, Döhren, Herrenhausen, Kirchrode, Lambert, Linden Center, Linden North, Linden-Süd, middle, midfield, mill mountain, North city, Oberricklingen, Ricklingen, Saliba, Südstadt, Waldhausen, Waldheim, wettbergen, Wülfel, Wülferode (other districts s. WKR. 41) 43 Hanover country I from the region of Hanover the communities of town of Burgdorf, city Burgwedel, city Garbsen, Isernhagen, Langenhagen town, town of Neustadt am Rübenberge , Wedemark, city Wunstorf (other parishes s. WKR. 41, 42, 47) 44 Celle - Uelzen district of Celle district of Uelzen 45 Gifhorn - peine district of peine by District of Gifhorn municipalities city Wittingen, town of Gifhorn, Sassenburg Samtgemeinde Hankensbüttel municipalities Dedelstorf, Hankensbüttel, Obernholz, Sprakensehl, Steinhorst Samtgemeinde Isenbüttel municipalities Calberlah, Isenbüttel, Loreggia, Wasbüttel Samtgemeinde Meinersen the villages Hillerse, Leiferde, Meinersen, Müden (aller) municipality of the Samtgemeinde Papenteich municipalities Aden beadles , Edmond, mean, Rötgesbüttel, Schwülper, Vordorf Samtgemeinde Wesendorf communities large Oesingen, Schönewörde, Wahrenholz, numbers, Wagenhoff, Wesendorf (other parishes s. WKR. 51) 46 Hamelin-Pyrmont - Holzminden Hamelin Pyrmont Holzminden district of the District of Northeim municipalities stains Bodenfelde, town Uslar (other parishes s. WKR. 52) 47 Hanover country II by the Hanover communities city Barsinghausen, city Gehrden, city Hemmingen, city Laatzen, city taught , City Pattensen, city Ronnenberg, town Seelze, city London, city Uetze, Springe, Wennigsen (Deister) (other parishes s. WKR. 41, 42, 43) 48 Hildesheim Hildesheim district 49 Salzgitter - Wolfenbüttel district-free city of Salzgitter Wolfenbüttel district by district, the towns of Goslar city Langelsheim, Liebenburg, city Seesen Samtgemeinde Lutter am Barenberge municipalities Hahausen, stains Lutter am Barenberge, wallmoden (other parishes s. WKR. 52) 50 Brunswick County-level city of Brunswick 51 helmstedt - County-level city of Wolfsburg Wolfsburg district of helmstedt from the District of Gifhorn Boldecker land communities
Barwedel, Bokensdorf, Jembke, Osloß, Tappenbeck, Weyhausen Samtgemeinde Brome municipalities Bergfeld, stains Brome, Ehra-Lessien, Gillingham, Rühen, Tiddische Tülau (other parishes s. WKR. 45) 52 Goslar - Northeim - Osterode by Landkreis Goslar municipalities City City Vienenburg, Bad Harzburg, city Braunlage, town of Goslar Samtgemeinde Oberharz communities mining town of Altenau, Clausthal-Zellerfeld mining town, schulenberg IM oberharz, mountain town of Wildemann (other parishes s. WKR. 49) of the District of Northeim municipalities City bad Gandersheim , City of Dassel city Einbeck, city Hardegsen, Kalefeld, Katlenburg-Lindau, city Moringen, stains Nörten-Hardenberg, town of Northeim (other parishes s. WKR. 46) from the District of Osterode am Harz the municipalities bad Grund (Harz), town of Osterode am Harz Samtgemeinde Hattorf am Harz the municipalities of Elbingerode, Hattorf am Harz, Hörden am Harz, Wulften am Harz Samtgemeinde Walkenried municipalities Walkenried, Wieda, Zorge (other parishes s. WKR. 53) 53 Göttingen district of Göttingen of the District of Osterode am Harz municipalities City bad Lauterberg in Harz , City Bad Sachsa, town Herzberg am Harz (other parishes s. WKR. 52) Bremen 54 Bremen I of the district-free city of Bremen district East (311 to 385 villages and district Oberneuland) of the district center the district Center (ortsteile 111 to 113) of the Southern District the districts of Neustadt, Obervieland, Huchting (parts 211 to 244) (other town and villages s. WKR. 55) 55 Bremen II - Bremerhaven of the district-free city of Bremen district West (411 to 445 parts) District North (ortsteile 511-535) of the district Center
the district ports (parts 122 to 125) of the Southern District the district Woltermershausen (hamlets 251, 252) parts of Seehausen, power (parts 261, 271) (other town and villages s. WKR. 54) County-level city of Bremerhaven Brandenburg 56 Prignitz Ostprignitz-Ruppin - Havelland I district Ostprignitz-Ruppin district Prignitz, in the District of Havelland AMT Friesack municipalities Friesack, mill mountain, Paulinenaue, Pessin, Retzow meadow Naue AMT Rhinow municipalities Gollenberg , Großderschau, Havel Aue, Kanade Görne, Rhinow, lake view (other parishes s. WKR. 58, 60) 57 Uckermark - Barnim I Uckermark district of the District of Barnim AMT-free municipalities of Eberswalde, Schorfheide AMT BRITZ-Chorin Oderberg municipalities BRITZ, Chorin, Montgomery, Lamoureux, Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Niederfinow, Oderberg, Parsteinsee AMT Joachimsthal (Schorfheide) the communities of old village, Friedrichswalde, Jáchymov, Ziethen (other parishes s. WKR. 59) 58 Oberhavel - Havelland II Oberhavel district by the district Havelland AMT-free municipalities Brieselang , Dallgow-Döberitz, Falkensee, Ketzin/Havel, Nauen, Schönwalde-Glien, Wustermark (other parishes s. WKR. 56, 60) 59 Märkisch-Oderland Barnim II district Märkisch-Oderland of the Barnim AMT-free municipalities of Ahrensfelde, Bernau near Berlin, Panketal, Wandlitz, Werneuchen AMT Biesenthal-Barnim the municipalities Biesenthal, Breydin, marienwerder (kwidzyn), Manchester, Rüdnitz Sydower Fließ (other parishes s. WKR. 57) 60 Brandenburg an der Havel - Potsdam-Mittelmark I - III - Teltow-Fläming I Havelland County-level city of Brandenburg's the Havel of the district Havelland AMT-free municipalities Milower land , Premnitz, Rathenow AMT Nennhausen municipalities puke, Märkisch Luch, Nennhausen, Stechow-Ferchesar (other parishes s. WKR. 56, 58) of Potsdam Mittelmark-AMT-free municipalities bad Belzig, Beelitz Kreutz (Havel), monastery Lehnin Seddiner see, Treuenbrietzen, Wiesenburg/mark AMT Beetzsee municipalities Beetzsee, Beetzseeheide Havelsee, Päwesin, Roskow AMT Brück municipalities Borkheide, Waterford, Brück, Golzow, Linthe, plane fracture AMT Niemegk the municipalities of Piła, Niemegk, Planetal , Rabenstein/Fläming AMT Wusterwitz the municipalities of Folkestone, Rosenau, Wusterwitz AMT Ziesar municipalities Buckautal, Görzke, ditches, Wenzlow, Wolin, Ziesar (other parishes s. WKR. 61) of the Teltow Fläming district of AMT-free municipalities Jüterbog, Niedergörsdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 61, 62) 61 Potsdam - Potsdam-Mittelmark II - Teltow-Fläming II district-free city of Potsdam from Potsdam Mittelmark AMT-free municipalities Kleinmachnow, Michendorf, Nuthetal, Schwielowsee, Stahnsdorf, Teltow, Werder (Havel) (other parishes s. WKR. 60) of the Teltow Fläming district of AMT-free municipalities großbeeren , Ludwigsfelde (other parishes s. WKR. 60, 62) 62 Dahme-Spreewald - Teltow-Fläming III - Oberspreewald-Lausitz I Dahme Spreewald district of the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district municipality Lübbenau/Spreewald (other parishes s. WKR. 65) by the Teltow Fläming district of AMT-free municipalities on the Mellensee, Baruth/mark, Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Luckenwalde, Niederer Fläming, Nuthe-Urstromtal, Rangsdorf, Trebbin, Zossen AMT Dahme/mark the communities of Dahme/mark, Dahmetal, Ihlow (other parishes s. WKR. 60, 61) 63 Frankfurt (or) - oder-spree district-free city Frankfurt (Oder) District oder-spree 64 Cottbus - spree-Neiße district-free city Cottbus district spree-Neiße 65 Elbe-Elster-Oberspreewald-Lausitz II district Elbe-Elster of the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district, AMT-free municipalities Calau, Großräschen, Lauchhammer, Schipkau, Schwarzheide, Senftenberg, Vetschau/Spreewald AMT Altdöbern the communities of Germany, Bronkow, Gilroy, New-Zealand, Neupetershain Office edge municipalities Frauendorf, Großkmehlen, Karimkhan, Lindenau, outskirts, Tettau AMT Ruhland municipalities Grünewald, Guteborn, Hermsdorf, Hohenbocka, Ruhland, Schwarzbach (other community s. WKR. 62) Saxony-Anhalt 66 Altmark Altmarkkreis Salzwedel district of Stendal 67 Börde - Jerichower land district Börde Jerichower land district 68 resin resin of the Salzlandkreis district the towns Aschersleben , Lake country (other parishes s. WKR. 69, 71) 69 Magdeburg district-free city Magdeburg by the district Börde country, calbe (Saale), the municipalities of Barby, Schönebeck (Elbe) (other parishes s. WKR. 68, 71) 70 Dessau – Wittenberg district-free city of Dessau Roßlau Wittenberg district 71 Anhalt district Anhalt Bitterfeld from the District of Salzlandkreis the municipalities of Bernburg (Saale), Hecklingen, Könnern, Nienburg (Saale), Staßfurt Association community of Staßfurt municipalities Börde Hakel, Börde Aue, borne, leeches, Wolmirsleben Association community Saale-Wipper municipalities Alsleben (Saale) , Giersleben, Güsten, Ilberstedt, Plötzkau (other parishes s. WKR. 68, 69) 72 Hall district-free city Halle (Saale) by the Saalekreis district municipalities Kabelsketal, Landsberg, Petersberg (other parishes s. WKR. 73, 74) 73 Burgenland - Saale district Burgenlandkreis district of the District of Saale the municipalities bad Dürrenberg, Braunsbedra, Leuna and Schkopau (other parishes s. WKR. 72, 74) 74 Mansfeld Mansfeld Südharz district of the Saalekreis district municipalities bad Lauchstädt, Merseburg, Mücheln (Geisel Valley) , Querfurt, former municipality, Teutschenthal, Wettin Löbejün Association community Weida-land communities Barnstädt, Farnstädt, Nemsdorf Göhrendorf, whether pioneer, Steigra (other parishes s. WKR. 72, 73) Berlin 75 Berlin-Mitte district Center 76 Berlin-Pankow district of Pankow, excluding the area east of the road Centre of Prenzlauer Allee and South Road Middle Lehderstraße and belt road, as well as the Jewish cemetery (other district s. WKR. 83) 77 Berlin-Reinickendorf district of Reinickendorf 78 Berlin-Spandau - Charlottenburg Nord district Spandau from the District of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf area north of the river Spree (other district s. WKR. 80) 79 Berlin-Steglitz-Zehlendorf Borough of Steglitz-Zehlendorf
80 Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf without the area north of the river Spree (other district s. WKR. 78) 81 Berlin-Tempelhof Schöneberg Borough of Tempelhof Schöneberg 82 Berlin-Neukölln district of Neukölln 83 Berlin-Friedrichshain Kreuzberg Prenzlauer Berg, East Borough of Friedrichshain Kreuzberg by the Pankow the area east of the road Centre of Prenzlauer Allee and South Road Middle Lehderstraße and belt road, as well as the Jewish cemetery (other district s. WKR. 76) 84 Berlin-Treptow-Köpenick district of Treptow Köpenick 85 Berlin-Marzahn-Hellersdorf Borough of Marzahn Hellersdorf 86 Berlin-Lichtenberg Lichtenberg district North Rhine-Westphalia 87 Aachen I of the urban the city Aachen University (other Communities s. WKR. 88) 88 Aachen II by the urban Aachen municipalities Alsdorf, Baesweiler, Eschweiler, Herzogenrath, Monschau, Roetgen, Simmerath, Stollberg (Rhld.), Würselen (other community s. WKR. 87) 89 Heinsberg Kreis Heinsberg 90 Düren district of Düren 91 the Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Rhein-Erft-Kreis I the municipalities of Bedburg, Bergheim, Elsdorf, Frechen, Hürth, Kerpen, Pulheim (other parishes s. WKR. 92) 92 Euskirchen - Rhein-Erft-circle II circle of the Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Euskirchen the communities of Brühl , Erftstadt, Wesseling (other parishes s. WKR. 91) 93 Cologne I of the county-level city of Cologne by District 1 city centre districts Altstadt-Nord, Deutz, Neustadt-Nord (other districts s. WKR. 94) wards 7 Porz, 8 lime (other city districts s. WKR. 94, 95, 101) 94 Cologne II by district-free Cologne from the districts 1 downtown districts Altstadt-Süd, Neustadt-Süd (other districts s. WKR. 93) wards 2 Rodenkirchen , 3 Lindenthal (other city districts s. WKR. 93, 95, 101) 95 Cologne III of the district-free city of Cologne the city districts 4 Ehrenfeld, 5 knickknacks, 6 Chorweiler (other city districts s. WKR. 93, 94, 101) 96 Bonn district-free city of Bonn 97 Rhein-Sieg-circle I of the Rhein-Sieg district, the communities of Eitorf, Hennef (Sieg), Lohmar, much, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Niederkassel, Ruppichteroth, Siegburg, Germany, Troisdorf, Windeck (other parishes s. WKR. 98) 98 Rhein-Sieg-Kreis II by the Rhein-Sieg district, the towns of Alfter , Bad Honnef, Germany, Bornheim, Königswinter, Germany, Meckenheim, Rheinbach, Sankt Augustin, Swisttal, Wachtberg (other parishes s. WKR. 97) 99 Oberbergischer Kreis, Oberbergischer circle 100 Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis 101 Leverkusen - Cologne IV district-free city Leverkusen from the district-free city of Cologne District 9 Mülheim (other boroughs s. WKR. 93, 94, 95) 102 Wuppertal I of the district-free city of Wuppertal the districts 0 Elberfeld, 1 Elberfeld West , 2 UAE Katernberg, 3 Vohwinkel, 5 barmen, 6 top barmen, 7 Heckinghausen 8 Langerfeld be Yen Castle (other city districts s. WKR. 103) 103 Solingen - Remscheid - Wuppertal II city Remscheid County-level city of Solingen by the district-free city of Wuppertal 4 wards Cronenberg, 9 Ronsdorf (other boroughs s. WKR. 102) 104 Mettmann I of the District of Mettmann the towns Erkrath, Haan, Hilden, Langenfeld (Rheinland), Mettmann, Monheim am Rhein (other parishes s. WKR. 105) 105 Mettmann II of the District of Mettmann the municipalities of Heiligenhaus , Ratingen, Velbert and Wülfrath (other parishes s. WKR. 104) 106 Düsseldorf I of the county-level city of Düsseldorf the city districts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 (other boroughs s. WKR. 107) 107
Düsseldorf II of the district-free city of Düsseldorf the city districts 3, 8, 9, 10 (other city districts s. WKR. 106) 108 Grevenbroich, Neuss, Neuss I by the Rhein-Kreis Neuss, Dormagen municipalities, RAI (other parishes s. WKR. 110) 109 Mönchengladbach district-free city Mönchengladbach 110 Krefeld I - Neuss II of the district-free city of Krefeld city districts 1 West, 5 South, 6 Fischeln, 7 Oppum Linn, 9 Uerdingen (other city districts s. WKR. 114) of the Rhein-Kreis Neuss municipalities Jüchen , Kaarst, Korschenbroich, Meerbusch (other parishes s. WKR. 108) 111 Viersen district Viersen 112 Kleve district Kleve 113 Wesel I of the District of Wesel Alpine municipalities, Hamminkeln, Hünxe, Kamp-Lintfort, Rheinberg, Schermbeck, Sonsbeck, Voerde (Niederrhein), Wesel, Xanten (other parishes s. WKR. 114, 117) 114 Krefeld II - Wesel Hall II of the district-free city of Krefeld wards 2 North, 3, 4 mid, 8 East (other boroughs s. WKR. 110) from the District of Wesel municipalities of Moers , Neukirchen-Vluyn (other parishes s. WKR. 113, 117) 115 Duisburg I of the district-free city of Duisburg city 600 Rheinhausen, 700 South of the Borough of 500 middle 501 districts Altstadt, 502 new Kamp, 503 Kaßlerfeld, 505 new village north, 506 new village south, 507 Dell district, 508 Hochfeld, 509 Rapids (other city districts and the district 504 Duissern of Borough Middle s. WKR. 116) 116 Duisburg II of the district-free city of Duisburg City 100 Walsum , 200 Hamborn, 300 Meiderich/Beeck, 400 Homberg/Ruhrort/Baerl by District 500 Middle District 504 Duissern (other boroughs and districts of the city districts Middle s. WKR. 115) 117 Oberhausen - Wesel III of city of Oberhausen of the District of the municipality of Dinslaken Wesel (other parishes s. WKR. 113, 114) 118 Mülheim - I eat County-level city Mülheim/Ruhr district-free town eating the city districts IV (other boroughs s. WKR. 119) , 120) 119 food II of the district-free city of Essen the districts I, V, VI, VII (other boroughs s. WKR. 118, 120) 120 food III of the district-free city of Essen the boroughs of II, III, VIII, IX (other boroughs s. WKR. 118, 119) 121 Recklinghausen of i of the district Recklinghausen the municipalities Castrop-Rauxel, Recklinghausen, Waltrop (other parishes s. WKR. 122, 125) 122 Recklinghausen II of the district Recklinghausen municipalities dates , Haltern am see, Herten, marl, OER-Erkenschwick (other parishes s. WKR. 121, 125) 123 Gelsenkirchen district-free city of Gelsenkirchen 124 Steinfurt I - borken I of the district borken the municipalities of Ahaus, Gronau (westf.), HEEK, Legden, Schöppingen (other parishes s. WKR. 126) by the district Steinfurt the municipalities of Horstmar, Metelen, Neuenkirchen, Ochtrup, Rheine, Steinfurt, Wettringen (other parishes s. WKR. 127, 128) 125 Bottrop - Recklinghausen III district-free town Bottrop from the District of Recklinghausen the parishes Dorsten , Gladbeck (other parishes s. WKR. 121, 122) 126 borken II by the district borken the municipalities of Bocholt, Borken, Gescher, Heiden, Isselburg, Raesfeld, Reken, Rhede, Stadtlohn, Südlohn, Velen, Vreden (other parishes s. WKR. 124) 127 Coesfeld - Steinfurt II district of Coesfeld district Steinfurt municipalities Altenberge, Laer, Nordwalde (other parishes s. WKR. 124, 128) 128 Steinfurt III of the District of Steinfurt the municipalities of Emsdetten , Greven, Hörstel, Hopsten, Ibbenbüren, ladbergen, lengerich, Lienen, Lotte, Mettingen, Recke, Saerbeck, Tecklenburg, Westerkappeln (other parishes s. WKR. 124, 127) 129 Münster district-free city Münster 130 Warendorf district 131 Gütersloh I of the District of Gütersloh municipalities Borgholzhausen, Gütersloh, Halle (westf.), Harsewinkel, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Langenberg, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Rietberg, Steinhagen, Verl, Versmold (other parishes s. WKR. 132, 137) 132 Bielefeld - Gütersloh II district-free city of Bielefeld from the District of Gütersloh in the municipality of Werther (westf.
(Other parishes s. WKR. 131, 137) 133 Herford - Minden-Lübbecke II district of Herford from the District of Minden-Lübbecke district municipality Bad Oeynhausen (other parishes s. WKR. 134) 134 Minden-Lübbecke district I of the District of Minden-Lübbecke municipalities Espelkamp, Hille, Hüllhorst, Lübbecke, Minden, Petershagen, Porta Westfalica, Prussian Oldendorf, Rahden, Osnabrück (other community s. WKR. 133) 135 lip I of the District of lip the communities Bad Salzuflen, Barntrup and Blomberg , Dörentrup, Extertal, Kalletal, Leopold height, Lemgo, Oerlinghausen (other parishes s. WKR. 136) 136 Höxter - lip II Höxter district lip the parishes Augustdorf, Detmold, Horn-bad Meinberg, Lügde, Schieder-Schwalenberg, snakes (other parishes s. WKR. 135) 137 Paderborn - Gütersloh III district of Paderborn by the District of Gütersloh in the municipality Schloß Holte - Stukenbrock (other parishes s. WKR. 131, 132) 138 Hagen - Ennepe-Ruhr-district I district-free city of Hagen of the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis the municipalities of Breckerfeld , Ennepetal, Gevelsberg, Schwelm (other parishes s. WKR. 139) 139 Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis II of the Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis the towns of Hattingen, Herdecke, Sprockhövel, weather (Ruhr), Witten (other parishes s. WKR. 138) 140 Bochum I of the district-free city of Bochum City 1 Bochum-Mitte, 2 Bochum-Wattenscheid, Bochum 5 South, 6 Bochum Southwest (other boroughs s. WKR. 141) 141 Herne - Bochum II district-free city Herne from the district-free city of Bochum the wards 3 Bochum-Nord , 4 Bochum-OST (other city districts s. WKR. 140) 142 Dortmund I of the district-free city of Dortmund by District 0 downtown districts West of downtown, Downtown East wards 6 Hombruch, 8 Huckarde, 7 Lütgendortmund, 9 David (other city districts, and other district s. WKR. 143) 143 Dortmund II of the district-free city of Dortmund by District 0 downtown district downtown North wards 4 Aplerbeck, 3 Brackel , 1 Eving, 5 Hörde, 2 Scharnhorst (other boroughs and districts s. WKR. 142) 144 Unna I the District of Unna Bergkamen, Bönen, Fröndenberg/Ruhr, Holzwickede, coming communities, Schwerte, Unna (other parishes s. WKR. 145) 145 Hamm - Unna II district-free city Hamm of the Unna district the towns Lünen, Selm, Werne (other parishes s. WKR. 144) 146 Soest Germany 147 hochsauerland district hochsauerland district 148 Siegen-Wittgenstein Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein 149 Olpe - Märkischer circle I district of Olpe from the districts of Märkischer Kreis municipalities Halver , Herscheid, Kierspe, Lüdenscheid, Meinerzhagen, Schalksmühle (other parishes s. WKR. 150) 150 Märkischer circle II of the Märkischer Kreis the municipalities of Altena, Balve, Hemer, Iserlohn, Menden (Sauerland), Nachrodt-Wiblingwerde, Neuenrade, Plettenberg, Werdohl (other parishes s. WKR. 149) Saxony 151 North Saxony district Nordsachsen 152 Leipzig I of the district-free city Leipzig the city districts of old-West, North, Northeast, Northwest, East (other city districts s. WKR. 153) 153 Leipzig II of the district-free city Leipzig City Center , Southern, Southeast, Southwest, West (other city districts s. WKR. 152) 154 Leipzig country Leipzig district 155 Meißen Meißen 156 Bautzen I of the District of Bautzen the municipalities of Bautzen, Berndorf, Burkau, Cunewalde, Demitz-Thumitz, Doberschau Gaußig, Elsterheide, Elstra, Göda, Großdubrau, Haselbachtal, Hochkirch, Hoyerswerda, Königswartha, Kubschütz, Lauta, Lohsa, Malschwitz, Neukirch/Lausitz, Glasgow, Radibor, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, Schmölln Putzkau, Schwepnitz, Sohland a. d. spree, spree Valley, Steinigtwolmsdorf, Weissenberg, Wilthen, Wittichenau management community Bischofswerda the towns of Bischofswerda , Rammenau management community Großharthau the municipalities of Frankenthal, Großharthau Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Großpostwitz O.L.
Municipalities Großpostwitz O.L., Obergurig management community Kamenz schönteichen municipalities schönteichen Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Königsbrück, Kamenz, the villages Königsbrück, Laußnitz, Neukirch management community Neschwitz municipalities Neschwitz, Germany Puschwitz municipalities Großnaundorf, Lichtenberg, Ohorn, Germany, Steina Management Association at the water of monastery of the municipalities of Crostwitz, Nebelschütz, Panschwitz-Kuckau, Räckelwitz Ralbitz-Rosenthal (other parishes s. WKR. 160) 157 Görlitz Görlitz district 158 Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge district Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge 159 Dresden I of the district-free city Dresden the local office area old town , Leuben, Blasewitz, Plauen, Prohlis (other local office area and villages s. WKR. 160) 160 Dresden II - Bautzen II of the district-free city Dresden the local office area cotta, Klotzsche, Loschwitz, Neustadt, Pieschen the villages of old francs, Cossebaude, Gompitz, Langebrück, mob Oberwartha, Schönborn, Schönfeld Weißig, Weixdorf (other local office area s. WKR. 159) of the District of Bautzen the communities of Arnsdorf, Ottendorf-Okrilla, Radeberg, Wachau Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Großröhrsdorf municipalities Bretnig-Hauswalde, Großröhrsdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 156) 161 Saxony of the mittelsachsen district, communities
Augustusburg, Bobritzsch Hilbersdorf, Brand-Erbisdorf, Döbeln, Eppendorf, Flöha, Frankenberg/SA., Frauenstein, Freiberg, big hard man village, Großschirma, Großweitzschen, Hainichen, neck bridge, Hartha, Kriebstein, Leisnig, Leubsdorf, Mochau, Mulda/SA., Neuhausen/Erzgeb., Niederwiesa, Oberschöna, Oederan, Rechberg bee mill, Reinsberg, Rossau, Roß wine, Striegistal, Waldheim Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Lichtenberg/Erzgeb.
the municipalities of Lichtenberg/Erzgeb., Weißenborn, Saxony.
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Mittweida municipalities Altmittweida, Mittweida management community Ostrava Ostrava, Zschaitz-Ottewig management community Sayda municipalities municipalities Dorfchemnitz, Sayda (other parishes s. WKR. 163) 162 Chemnitz district-free city Chemnitz 163 Chemnitz country - district of Erzgebirgskreis II of the district Erzgebirgskreis municipalities Hohndorf, London/Erzgeb., Neukirchen, Saxony., Oelsnitz/Erzgeb., Thalheim/Erzgeb.
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Burkhardtsdorf municipalities Auerbach, Burkhardtsdorf, Gornsdorf management community Lugau Lugau, Saxony communities., Manchester management community Stollberg/Erzgeb.
the municipalities of Niederdorf, Stollberg/Erzgeb.
of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Zwönitz municipality Zwönitz (other parishes s. WKR. 164) of the mittelsachsen district municipalities Claußnitz, Erlau, Geringswalde, Hartmannsdorf, Königshain Wiederau, Lichtenau, Lunzenau, Penig, Wechselburg Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Burgstädt municipalities Burgstädt, Mühlau, Taura management community Rochlitz the municipalities of Königsfeld, Rochlitz, Einstein, Zettlitz (other parishes s. WKR. 161) of the district Zwickau the communities of Callenberg, Gersdorf, Hohenstein-Ernstthal, Oberlungwitz management community Limbach-Oberfrohna the communities of Limbach-Oberfrohna, Niederfrohna management community centered around the Auerberg the communities of Berndorf , Lichtenstein/SA., St. Egidien (other parishes s. WKR. 165) 164 Erzgebirgskreis I of the district Erzgebirgskreis municipalities Amtsberg, Annaberg-Buchholz, Aue, bad Schlema, Breitenbrunn/Erzgeb., Crottendorf, Drebach, Ehrenfriedersdorf, Eibenstock Gelenau/Erzgeb., Großolbersdorf, Großrückerswalde, Grünhain-Beierfeld, Schmalzgrube, Johanngeorgenstadt, louder Bernbach, Lengenfeld, Lößnitz, Marienberg, Mildenau, health resort Oberwiesenthal, Olbernhau, Pfaffroda, Pockau, Raschau-Markersbach, snow mountain, Schönheide, Schwarzenberg/Erzgeb., Sehmatal, Stützengrün, Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Thum, Selva Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Bärenstein municipalities Bärenstein, Königswalde management community the communities of Geyer Geyer , Tannenberg Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Scheibenberg Schlettau municipalities Scheibenberg, Schlettau management community Seiffen/Erzgeb.
the communities of German Neudorf, Heidersdorf, Seiffen/Erzgeb.
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Zschopau municipalities Gornau/Erzgeb., Zschopau management community Zschorlau Bockau, Zschorlau Zwönitz the community management community communities Elterlein Management Association Wildenstein the communities of Aberdeen/Erzgeb., Borstendorf, Waldkirchen (other parishes s. WKR. 163) 165 Zwickau of the district Zwickau municipalities Fraureuth, Glauchau, Hartenstein, Langenbernsdorf, white Langenbach, Lichtentanne, Mülsen, Neukirchen/Pleiße, Reinsdorf, Werdau, Wildenfels, Wilkau-Haßlau, Zwickau management community Crimmitschau Dennheritz the municipalities of Crimmitschau, Dennheritz Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Kirchberg Crinitzberg municipalities , Hartmannsdorf b. Hirschfeld, Kirchberg, Kirchberg Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Meerane municipalities Meerane, Schönberg management community Waldenburg the municipalities of Bayreuth, Dorah, Waldenburg (other parishes s. WKR. 163) 166 Vogtlandkreis district Vogtlandkreis Hesse 167 Waldeck of Landkreis Kassel the municipalities bad Emstal, bad Karlshafen, Baunatal, Breuna, Calden, Grebenstein, Habichtswald, Hofgeismar, Immenhausen, Liebenau, Naumburg, Oberweser, Reinhard Hagen, Schauenburg, Trendelburg, Wahlsburg, Wolfhagen, Zierenberg and Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald (other parishes s. WKR. 168) of Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg, the municipalities of Bad Arolsen , Bad Wildungen, Diemelsee, Diemelstadt, Edertal, Korbach, Lichtenfels, Twistetal, volkmarsen, Waldeck, Willingen (upland) (other parishes s. WKR. 170) 168 Kassel district-free city Kassel by Landkreis Kassel the municipalities of Ahnatal, Espenau, Fuldabrück, Fuldatal, Helsa, KAUFUNGEN, Lohfelden, sneezed, Niestetal, Söhrewald, Vellmar (other parishes s. WKR. 167) 169 Werra Meißner Hersfeld-Rotenburg district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg district Werra Meißner-170 Schwalm-Eder district Schwalm-Eder district of Landkreis Waldeck-Frankenberg, the municipalities Allendorf (Eder), Battenberg (Eder) , Bromskirchen, Burgwald, Frankenau, Frankenberg (Eder), Gemünden (Wohra), Haina (Kloster), Hatzfeld (Eder), Rosenthal, Vöhl (other parishes s. WKR. 167) 171 Marburg Marburg-Biedenkopf district 172 Lahn-Dill Lahn-Dill-Kreis of the district casting the municipalities of Biebertal, Wettenberg (other parishes s. WKR. 173) 173 casting of the district casting the municipalities Allendorf (drawing), Buseck, Fernwald, Gießen, Grünberg, Heuchelheim, swellings, Langgöns, Laubach, Lich, Linden, Lollar, Pohlheim, Rabenau, reiskirchen, Staufenberg (other parishes s. WKR. 172) of the present-day Vogelsberg district the towns of Alsfeld , Of Antrifttal, Feldatal, Gemünden (FELDA), Homberg (ohm), Kirtorf, mosquito, Romrod (other parishes s. WKR. 174, 175) 174 Fulda Fulda district of the present-day Vogelsberg district the communities of Freiensteinau, Grebenau, Grebenhain, Herbstein, Lauterbach (Hesse), Lautertal (Vogelsberg), slot, Schwalmtal, Ulrichstein, Wartenberg (other parishes s. WKR. 173, 175) 175 main-Kinzig - Wetterau II - seal of the main-Kinzig-Kreis, the municipalities of bad ORB, Bad Soden-Salmünster, Sittingbourne, Birstein, Brachttal, Flörsbachtal, Freigericht, Gelnhausen, Germany , Jossgrund, Linsengericht, Schlüchtern, Sinntal, Steinau on the road, Wächtersbach, the Gutsbezirk Spessart (other parishes s. WKR. 180) by the present-day Vogelsberg district the commune jocks (other parishes s. WKR. 173, 174) of the Wetteraukreis, the communities of old town, Büdingen, Gedern, Glauburg, Hirzenhain, Kefenrod, Limeshain, Ortenberg (other parishes s. WKR. 177) 176 Hoch of the Hochtaunus district municipalities Bad Homburg v. d. height, Friedrichsdorf, glashütten, Grävenwiesbach, Neu-Anspach , Oberursel (Taunus), Usingen, Wehrheim, Schmitten, Weilrod (other parishes s. WKR. 181) of the Limburg-Weilburg district the community of Beselich, Löhnberg, mengerskirchen, Merenberg, Runkel, Villmar, Weilburg, Weilmünster, Weinbach (other parishes s. WKR. 178) 177 Wetterau I of the Wetteraukreis, the municipalities Bad Nauheim, Bad Vilbel, Butzbach, Echzell, Florstadt, Friedberg (Hessen), Karben, Münzenberg, Nidda, Niddatal, Ober Mörlen, Ranstadt, Reichelsheim (Wetterau), Rockenberg, Rosbach v. d. height, Wölfersheim, Redwood City (other parishes s. WKR. 175) 178 Rheingau-Taunus - Limburg Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis of the Limburg-Weilburg district municipalities Bad Camberg , Breaking, Dornburg, Elbtal, Elz, Hadamar, Hünfelden, Limburg on the Lahn, Selters (Taunus), Waldbrunn (Westerwald) (other parishes s. WKR. 176) 179 Wiesbaden district-free city of Wiesbaden 180 Hanau of the main-Kinzig-Kreis, the communities of London, Erlensee, Großkrotzenburg, Hammersbach, Hanau, London, Langenselbold, Maintal, Neuberg, Nidderau, Niederdorfelden, Rodenbach, Ronneburg, Schöneck (other parishes s. WKR. 175) 181 main-Taunus main-Taunus-Kreis of the Hochtaunus district municipalities Königstein IM Taunus, Kronberg IM Taunus , Steinbach (Taunus) (other parishes s. WKR. 176) 182 Frankfurt am Main I of the district-free city of Frankfurt am Main parts of old town, railway station area, Bockenheim, Dornbusch, Eschersheim, Gallusviertel, Ginnheim, Griesheim, Gutleutviertel, Hausen, Heddernheim, Höchst, downtown, Nied, Niederursel, Praunheim, Rödelheim, Sindlingen, sauce home, Unterliederbach, Westend, Zeilsheim (other hamlets s. WKR. 183) 183 Frankfurt am Main II of the district-free city of Frankfurt am Main parts of Bergen-Enkheim , Berkersheim, Bonames, Bornheim, Eckenheim, Fechenheim, Frankfurter Berg, Harheim, Kalbach, nieder-Erlenbach, down-Eschbach, Niederrad, Oberrad, Nordend, Ostend, Riederwald Preungesheim, Sachsenhausen, Schwanheim, Seckbach (other parts s. WKR. 182) 184 Groß-Gerau district Groß Gerau 185 Offenbach district-free city of Offenbach am main by Landkreis Offenbach the municipalities of Dietzenbach, Dreieich, Egelsbach, Heusenstamm, Langen, Hesse, Mühlheim am Main, Neu-Isenburg, Obertshausen (other parishes s. WKR. 187) 186 Darmstadt city of Darmstadt by the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, the communities of Alsbach-Hähnlein , Bickenbach, Eppertshausen, Erzhausen, Griesheim, Messel, Modautal, Mühltal, Münster, Ober-Ramstadt, Pfungstadt, Roßdorf, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Weiterstadt (other parishes s. WKR. 187) 187 Odenwald Odenwald Kreis by the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, the municipalities of Babenhausen, Dieburg, Fischbachtal, Groß-Bieberau, Groß-Umstadt, Groß-Zimmern, Otzberg, Reinheim, Schaafheim (other parishes s. WKR. 186) Landkreis Offenbach the municipalities of Hainburg, Mainhausen, Rodgau, Rödermark, Seligenstadt (other parishes s. WKR. 185) 188 mountain road district Bergstraße Thuringia 189 Eichsfeld - Nordhausen - Unstrut Hainich-circle I Eichsfeld district of Nordhausen of the Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis
free communities Anrode, Dünwald, Mühlhausen, Unstruttal fulfilling municipality Südeichsfeld municipalities Rodeberg, Südeichsfeld (only the communities of Hildebrandshausen, Lengenfeld UNTERM Stein) (other parishes s. WKR. 190) 190 Eisenach - Wartburgkreis - Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis II district-free town of Eisenach Wartburgkreis district of Unstrut Hainich-circle free communities fulfilling municipality Herbsleben the community fulfilling communities Großvargula, Herbsleben fulfilling municipality Südeichsfeld municipality Südeichsfeld (only the villages of Heyerode and Katharinenberg) bad Langensalza, Menteroda, vineyards Bailiwick of the municipalities of Kammerforst , Oppershausen, Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Vogtei bad Tennstedt municipalities bad Tennstedt, ball, Blankenburg, Bruchstedt, House soemmerring, Horn soemmerring, Kirchheilingen, Klettstedt, Kutzleben, means soemmerring, Sund Hausen, cris, primals Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Schlotheim municipalities Bothenheilingen, Issersheilingen, small Welsbach, grains, Marolterode, nine Saints, Obermehler, Schlotheim Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Unstrut Hainich the communities of old narrow otters, Flarchheim großengottern Heroldishausen, Mülverstedt, Safwat, Weberstedt (other parishes s. WKR. 189) 191 Kyffhäuserkreis - Sömmerda - Weimarer land I Kyffhäuserkreis district Sömmerda of the Weimarer land district free communities Apolda , Bad Berka, Blankenhain, Saaleplatte fulfilling municipality Bad Sulza municipalities Bad Sulza, Eberstedt, Großheringen, Kaimu, Cork, Obertrebra, Rannstedt Schmiedehausen Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Berlstedt the municipalities of Wigan, Germany, Ettersburg, Krautheim, Neumark, Ramsla, Schwerstedt, Vippachedelhausen management community Germany municipalities Buttelstedt Großobringen, Heichelheim, small fruit rings, Leutenthal, Rohrbach, Sachsenhausen, Wohlsborn Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Ilmtal - Weinstraße municipalities Kromsdorf, Liebstedt, Mattstedt, tearing down, Niederroßla, Nirmsdorf, upper tear, Oßmannstedt, Pfiffelbach, Willerstedt management community Kranichfeld municipalities Hohenfelden , Hook and loop Brook, Kranichfeld, Nauendorf, Rittersdorf, Tonndorf Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Mellingen municipalities Buchfart, Döbritschen, Frankendorf, Großschwabhausen, Hammerstedt, Hetschburg, Chapel village, Kiliansroda, Kleinschwabhausen, Raton, Magdala, Mechelroda, Mellingen, Oettern, Umpferstedt, Vollersroda, weighing village (other parishes s. WKR. 193) 192 Gotha - ILM-Kreis district ILM-Kreis district of Gotha 193 Erfurt - Weimar - Weimarer land II district-free city Erfurt City Weimar by the district Weimarer land management community grams Valley municipalities Bechstedtstraß, Daasdorf a. mountains , Hopfgarten, Isseroda, monk Holzhausen, low rooms, Nohra, Ottstedt a. mountains, Troistedt (other parishes s. WKR. 191) 194 Gera - Jena - Saale-Holzland-Kreis district-free city Gera district-free city Jena Saale Holzland-circle 195 Greiz - Altenburger land district Altenburger land district of Greiz 196 Sonneberg Saalfeld-Rudolstadt - Saale-Orla-Kreis district Saalfeld-Rudolstadt, Sonneberg district Saale-Orla-district 197 Suhl Schmalkalden-Meiningen - Hildburghausen district-free city Suhl district of Hildburghausen district Schmalkalden-Meiningen, Rhineland-Palatinate 198 Neuwied Altenkirchen (Westerwald) District of Neuwied 199 Ahrweiler Ahrweiler district of the Mayen-Koblenz district Palatinate towns Andernach , Mayen Association community Maifeld communities agree, Gappenach, low, Gierschnach, cold, scores, Kollig, Lonnig, Mertloch, Münstermaifeld, Naunheim, Ochtendung, Palermo, Polch, over, Croydon, Welling, Wierschem Association community Mendig the communities of Bell, Mendig, vineyards, Taherian, folk field Verbandsgemeinde Pellenz municipalities Kretz, Kruft, Nickenich, Plaidt, Saffig Association community Germany the municipalities of eight, look at, Arft, Baar, Bermel, boos, Ditscheid, Ettringen, lived, Herresbach, shepherds, Kehrig, Kirchwald, Kottenheim, Langenfeld-Langscheid , Lind, Luxem, Monreal, Münk, Nachtsheim, Raghavan, Sankt Johann, seven Bach, Virneburg, Hamlet, Welschen Bach (other parishes s. WKR. 200) 200 Koblenz district-free city Koblenz from the Mayen-Koblenz district municipality Bendorf Association community of Rhens municipalities Brey, Rhens, Spay, Waldesch Association community Untermosel municipalities Alken, Brodenbach, castles, Dieblich, Hatzenport, Kobern-Gondorf, Lehmen, Löf, quirks, low fell, Nörtershausen, Oberfell, Winningen, clouds Verbandsgemeinde Vallendar the municipalities of Niederwerth, Urbar, Vallendar , Weitersburg Association community Weißenthurm municipalities Bassenheim, Andernach, chain, Mülheim Kärlich, Saint Sebastian, Urmitz, Weißenthurm (other parishes s. WKR. 199) of the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis municipality Lahnstein Association community bad EMS the municipalities of Arzbach, bad EMS, Becheln, Dausenau, Fachbach, East of Lahnstein, Kemmenau, Miellen, Nievern Association community Loreley municipalities Auel, Bornich, Braubach, Dachsenhausen, Dahlheim, Dörscheid, Filsen, Kamp-Bornhofen, Kaub, Kestert, Lierschied, Lykershausen, Nochern, Osterspai, Paterberg, Prath, Reichenberg, Reitzenhain, St. Goarshausen Loreley city , Sauerthal, Weisel, Weyer (other parishes s. WKR. 205) 201 Mosel/Rhein-Hunsrück district Cochem-Zell, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis district Bernkastel-Wittlich municipality Morbach Association town of Bernkastel-Kues the municipalities of Brauneberg, castles, Earth, Gornhausen, Bernkastel-Kues, Graach's the Moselle, Hochscheid, Kesten, Kleinich, advent, Lieser, Lösnich, Longkamp, Maring-Noviand, Minheim, Monzelfeld, Mülheim (Mosel), Neumagen-Dhron, Piesport, Ürzig, Veldenz, Wintrich, Zeltingen-Rachtig Association community Thalfang am Erbeskopf the municipalities of Berglicht, broadband, Büdlich, Burtscheid , Deuselbach Dhronecken Etgert, Gielert, Gräfendhron, Heidenburg, Hilscheid, Horath, Immert, Lückenburg, Malborn, Merschbach, Neunkirchen, Rorodt, Schönberg, Talling, Thalfang Association community of Traben-Trarbach the communities of Castle (Mosel), Enkirch, Irmenach, Lötzbeuren, Starkenburg, Traben-Trarbach (other parishes s. WKR. 203) 202 Kreuznach district Bad Kreuznach Birkenfeld District 203 Bitburg-Bitburg Bitburg-Prüm Vulkaneifel district of the District of Bernkastel-Wittlich municipality Wittlich Verbandsgemeinde of Kröv Bausendorf kid, Diefenbach, river stream, the municipalities of Bausendorf, Hontheim , Child heritage excising, Kinheim, Kröv, Reil, Willwerscheid Association community Manderscheid municipalities Bettenfeld, Dierfeld, Eckfeld, Eisenschmitt, Gipperath, Greimerath, Großlittgen, Hasborn, Karl, Laufeld, Manderscheid, Meerfeld, hamlet of MUS, Niederöfflingen, Niederscheidweiler, Oberöfflingen, Oberscheidweiler, Pantenburg, Schladt, Schwarzenborn, Wallscheid Association community-Palatinate the municipalities Altrich, Arenrath, Bergweiler, Binsfeld, fracture, Dierscheid, Dodenburg, Dreis, Esch, Gladbach, Heckenmünster, Heidweiler, Hetzerath, Hupperath, Klausen/Chiusa, Landscheid, Minderlittgen, Niersbach, Osann-Monzel, plates, plein, Rivenich, Salmtal, Sehlem (other parishes s. WKR. 201) 204 trier district-free city trier trier Saarburg district 205 Montabaur Westerwaldkreis district of the District of Rhein Lahn, Verbandsgemeinde Diez municipalities Altendiez , Aull, Balduinstein, Birlenbach, Charlottenberg, Cramberg, Diez, Dornberg, Eppenrod, Rochdale, Gückingen, Hambach, Heistenbach, Jelenia Góra, Holzappel, Holzheim, Horhausen, Wolverhampton, Langenscheid, Laurenburg, Scheidt, Stone Mountain, Wasenbach Verbandsgemeinde hahnstätten which flattens communities Burgschwalbach, hahnstätten, Kaltenholzhausen, Lohr home, Edinburgh, network stream, Niederneisen, upper iron, London Association community of Katzenelnbogen the municipalities Allendorf, Berghausen, Berndroth, Biebrich, Bremberg, Dörsdorf, Ebertshausen, Eisighofen, Ergeshausen, Gutenacker, Herold, Katzenelnbogen, Klingelbach, Kördorf, mittelfischbach, niedertiefenbach, oberfischbach, Reckenroth, Rettert, Roth, Schönborn Association community Nassau communities Attenhausen , Dessighofen, Dienethal, Dornholzhausen, Geisig, Hömberg, Lollschied, Misselberg, Nassau, Oberhof, Oberwies, Pohl, Schweighausen, Seelbach, Singhofen, Sulzbach, Weinähr, winches, Zimmerschied Association community Nastätten mountain municipalities, Bettendorf, Bogel, book, Diethardt, electronic lifting, Eschbach, Gemmerich, Hainau, Hannah, Endlichhofen, Holzhausen der Haide, Hunzel, Kasdorf, Kehlbach, Lautert, Lipporn, Marie rock, Miehlen, Nastätten, Niederbachheim, Niederwallmenach, Oberbachheim, obertiefenbach, Oberwallmenach, Oelsberg, Savior Grove, Ruppertshofen, Strüth, Weidenbach, Welterod, Winterwerb (other communities see WKR. 200) 206 Mainz district-free city of Mainz by the Mainz-Bingen District Association-free communities Bingen am Rhein , Budenheim, Ingelheim am Rhein Verbandsgemeinde of Gau-Algesheim the villages of Appenheim, Bubenheim, Angel City, Gau-Algesheim, down-Hilbersheim, Ober-Hilbersheim, Ockenheim, Schwabenheim on the Selz Association community Heidesheim am Rhein the municipalities of Heidesheim am Rhein, Wackernheim Association community of nieder-OLM municipalities Essenheim, Jugenheim in Rheinhessen, Klein-Winternheim, nieder-OLM, Ober-OLM, Sörgenloch, stadecken-Elsheim, Zornheim Verbandsgemeinde of Rhein-Nahe the municipalities of Bacharach, Breitscheid, Manubach, Münster-Sarmsheim, Niederheimbach, Oberdiebach, Oberheimbach, Trechtingshausen, Waldalgesheim, Weiler bei Bingen
Verbandsgemeinde of Sprendlingen - Gensingen municipalities Aspisheim, Badenheim, Gensingen, Grolsheim, Horrweiler, Sankt Johann, Sprendlingen, Welgesheim, Wolfsheim, Zotzenheim (other parishes s. WKR. 207) 207 worms district-free city of worms from the District of Mainz-Bingen Verbandsgemeinde Bodenheim Alzey-Worms district the municipalities of Bodenheim, Gau-Bischofsheim, Harxheim, Lörzweiler and Nackenheim Verbandsgemeinde Guntersblum municipalities Dolgesheim, Dorn-Dürkheim, Eimsheim, Guntersblum, Hillesheim, Ludwigshöhe, Uelversheim, Weinolsheim, Wintersheim Verbandsgemeinde of Nierstein-Oppenheim the towns of Dalheim, Dexheim, Dienheim, Friesenheim, Hahnheim , Mommenheim, Nierstein, Oppenheim, Selzen, Köngernheim, Undenheim (other parishes s. WKR. 206) 208 Ludwigshafen/Frankenthal district-free city Frankenthal (Pfalz) County-level city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein the Rhein-Pfalz-circle Association-free communities of Altrip, Bobenheim-Roxheim, Böhl Iggelheim, Lambsheim, Limburgerhof, mother city, Neuhofen Association community Dannstadt showers home Dannstadt showers home communities, Hochdorf ass home, Röder home-Gronau Association community Heßheim municipalities Beindersheim Großniedesheim Heßheim, Heuchelheim at Frankenthal, Kleinniedesheim Association community Max village municipalities Birkenheide, Fußgönheim, Maxdorf (other parishes s. WKR. 209) 209 Neustadt - Speyer district-free city Neustadt an der Weinstraße district-free city Speyer district bad Dürkheim by the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis Association-free communities Römerberg, Schifferstadt Verbandsgemeinde Dudenhofen municipalities Dudenhofen, Hanhofen, Harthausen Verbandsgemeinde Waldsee municipalities Otterstadt, Waldsee (other parishes s. WKR. 208) 210 Kaiserslautern district-free Stadt Kaiserslautern, Donnersbergkreis Kusel district of the District of Kaiserslautern, Verbandsgemeinde of Enkenbach-Alsenborn, the towns of Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Mehlingen, Neuhemsbach, Sembach Association community Hochspeyer the municipalities of Fischbach, Frankenstein, Hochspeyer, forest Leiningen Association community Otterbach municipalities Frankelbach, Hirschhorn/Pfalz, Katzweiler, Mehlbach, Olsbrücken, Otterbach , Sulzbachtal Verbandsgemeinde Otterberg municipalities Heiligenmoschel, niederkirchen, Ottersberg, Schallodenbach, Schneckenhausen Verbandsgemeinde Weilerbach municipalities Erzenhausen, Eulenbis, Kollweiler, Mackenbach, Reichenbach-Steegen, Rodenbach, Rodenbach, Weilerbach (other parishes s. WKR. 211) 211 Pirmasens district-free city Pirmasens city Zweibrücken Südwestpfalz district of the District of Kaiserslautern, Verbandsgemeinde Bruchmühlbach-Miesau Lambsborn, Langwieden, the towns of Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Gerhard Brunn, Martin height Verbandsgemeinde Kaiserslautern-Süd municipalities Krick Brook, Linden, Queidersbach, Schopp, Stelzenberg, Trippstadt Association community Landstuhl municipalities ban , Main Chair, Kindsbach, Landstuhl, means Brunn, Oberarnbach Association community Ramstein-Miesenbach the municipalities Hütschenhausen, Kottweiler-Schwanden, Niedermohr, Ramstein-Miesenbach, steinwenden (other parishes s. WKR. 210) 212 South Palatinate district-free city Landau in der Pfalz district of Germersheim district Südliche Weinstraße Bavaria 213 Altötting Altötting district Mühldorf a.Inn 214 Erding - Ebersberg district of Ebersberg district of Erding 215 Freising district of Freising district Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm from District of Dachau the municipality of Petershausen (other parishes s. WKR. 216) from the District of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen in the municipality of Aresing (other parishes s. WKR. 217) 216 Fürstenfeldbruck district Fürstenfeldbruck district Dachau the municipalities of Altomünster, bergkirchen, Dachau, dirt road, Haimhausen, Hebertshausen, Hilgertshausen-Tandern, Karl field, Indian village market, Röhrmoos, Schwabhausen, four churches, WEICHS management community Odelzhausen municipalities Odelzhausen, Pfaffenhofen a. d. Glonn, Sulzemoos (other parishes s. WKR. 215) 217 Ingolstadt County-level city of Ingolstadt Eichstätt of the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen district communities Burgheim, ehekirchen, Karlshuld, Karlskron, King Moss, Neuburg a. d. Danube, Oberhausen, Liverpool, Schrobenhausen, Weichering Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Neuburg a. d. Danube municipalities Bergheim , Rohrenfels, Germany the mountain communities in the Gau, fountain, Gachenbach, Langenmosen, Waidhofen (other parishes s. WKR. 215) 218 München-Nord of the district-free city of Munich City 3, 4, 10-12, 24 (other city districts s. WKR. 219, 220, 221) 219 Munich-East of the district-free city of Munich boroughs 1, 5, 13 to 16 (other city districts s. WKR. 218, 220, 221) 220 München-Süd of the district-free city of Munich boroughs 6 , 7, 17 to 20 (other city districts s. WKR. 218, 219, 221) 221 Munich West/middle of the district-free city of Munich City 2, 8, 9, 21 to 23, 25 (other city districts s. WKR. 218, 219, 220) 222 Munich-land district of Munich by Landkreis Starnberg the municipality Gauting (other parishes s. WKR. 224) 223 Rosenheim district-free city district of Rosenheim 224 Starnberg district bad Tölz Wolfratshausen Miesbach district of Landkreis Starnberg the municipalities of Andechs , Mountain, Feldafing, Gilching, Herrsching a.Ammersee, inning a.Ammersee Krailling, Pöcking, Seefeld, Starnberg, Tutzing, Weßling, Wörthsee (other parishes s. WKR. 222) 225 Traunstein district of Berchtesgadener land district of Traunstein 226 Weilheim district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen district Landsberg am Lech Weilheim Schongau district 227 Deggendorf district of Deggendorf district Freyung-Grafenau 228 Landshut district-free city of Landshut district of Kelheim district of Landshut 229 Passau County-level city of Passau district of Passau 230 Rottal-Inn district of Dingolfing-Landau district of Rottal-Inn 231 Straubing district-free city Straubing district of regen district Straubing-Bogen 232 Amberg County-level city Amberg
District of Amberg Sulzbach district Neumarkt i. d. OPf.
233 Regensburg County-level city of Regensburg district of Regensburg 234 Schwandorf district of Cham district of Schwandorf 235 Willow City Weiden i. d. OPf.
District of Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab district of Tirschenreuth 236 Bamberg County-level city of Bamberg from the District of Bamberg the villages Altendorf, Buttenheim, Frensdorf, Hallstadt, Hirschaid, Pettstadt, Pommersfelden, key field, Stegaurach, Strullendorf, Waldorf Burgebrach administrative community municipalities Burgebrach, Schönbrunn i. Steigerwald Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Ebrach Burgwindheim, Ebrach management community Lisberg communities the communities of Lisberg, Priesendorf (other parishes s. WKR. 240) from the District of Forchheim the municipalities of Eggolsheim, Forchheim, Haller village , Heroldsbach, Igensdorf, Langensendelbach, Neunkirchen a. brand Germany municipalities Dormitz, Hetzles, Kleinsendelbach management community Effeltrich municipalities Effeltrich, Poxdorf management community Gosberg the towns of Wolverhampton, Pinzberg, Wiesenthau management community Church honor Bach municipalities Kirch honour Bach, Leutenbach, Weilerbach (other parishes s. WKR. 237) 237 Bayreuth town of Bayreuth district of Bayreuth from the District of Forchheim the municipalities of Egloffstein, Gößweinstein, Obertrubach, Pretzfeld, Wiesenttal management community Ebermannstadt municipalities Ebermannstadt , Under Lakshmi head management community Gräfenberg municipalities Gräfenberg, Hiltpoltstein, Weißenohe (other parishes s. WKR. 236) 238 Coburg district-free city Coburg district of Coburg district of Kronach 239 Court County Municipal Court District Court district of Wunsiedel i. Fichtelgebirge 240 Kulmbach district of Kulmbach Lichtenfels district of Landkreis Bamberg municipalities Bischberg, Breitengüßbach, Gundelsheim, Heiligenstadt i. OFr., Kemmern, Litzendorf, Memmelsdorf, Oberhaid, Rattelsdorf, Scheßlitz, Viereth-Trunstadt, Zapfendorf Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Baunach municipalities Baunach , Gerach, louder, Reckendorf Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Steinfeld the municipalities of Königsfeld, Stadelhofen, Wattendorf (other parishes s. WKR. 236) 241 Ansbach district-free town of Ansbach district of Ansbach district Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen 242 County-level city of Erlangen Erlangen Erlangen Höchstadt 243 Fürth city Fürth district of Fürth district of Neustadt a. d. Aisch-Bad Windsheim 244 Nürnberg-Nord of the district-free city of Nuremberg the districts 01-13, 22-30, 64, 65 , 70 to 87, 90 to 95 (other districts s. WKR. 245) 245 Nuremberg-South County-level city Schwabach from the district-free city of Nuremberg the districts 14-21, 31-55, 60-63, 96, 97 (other districts s. WKR. 244) 246 Roth district of Nürnberger Land district of Roth 247 Aschaffenburg County Aschaffenburg district Aschaffenburg 248 bathing Kissingen district Bad Kissingen Haßberge district Rhön Grabfeld 249 Main-Spessart district Main-Spessart district Miltenberg 250 Schweinfurt district-free city Schweinfurt district Kitzingen Schweinfurt district 251 Würzburg
County-level city of Würzburg Würzburg 252 Augsburg-Stadt district-free city of Augsburg by Landkreis Augsburg Königsbrunn municipality
(Other parishes s. WKR. 253) 253 Augsburg-land of the District of Aichach-Friedberg in the municipalities of AA, Aichach, Friedberg, Hollenbach, kissing, Merching, Rehling, Ried Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Dasing the communities of Montgomery, Dasing, Eurasburg, Obergriesbach, Sielenbach Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Mering municipalities Mering, Schmiechen, Steindorf (other parishes s. WKR. 254) District of Augsburg the municipalities of noble Ried, Altenmünster, Aystetten, Beaver Creek, Bobingen, Diedorf, spelt shards, Fischach, Gablingen, Gersthofen, ditch, Horgau, Kutzenhausen, Langweid a. Lech , Meitingen, Neusäß, Schwabmünchen, stadtbergen, Thierhaupten, Wehringen, Zusmarshausen management community Gessertshausen Gessertshausen, Ustersbach management community Großaitingen municipalities municipalities Großaitingen, Kleinaitingen, upper Ottmar Hausen Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Langer rings the municipalities of Buderim, Langerringen Verwaltungsgemeinschaft leak the municipalities of klosterlechfeld, Untermeitingen management community North village municipalities Allmannshofen, Ehingen, Ellgau, Nyon, North village, West Village Verwaltungsgemeinschaft perennials the communities of Germany, Mick Mittelneufnach, Scherstetten, Dublin management community Welden municipalities Bonstetten Emersacker Heretsried, Welden (other parishes s. WKR. 252) 254 Donau-Ries district of Dillingen a. d. Danube Donau-Ries district of Landkreis Aichach-Friedberg
the municipality Inchenhofen management community Aindling municipalities Aindling, Petersdorf, Todtenweis management community Kuhbach Kuhbach, Schiltberg management community of Pöttmes municipalities municipalities Baar (Schwaben), Pöttmes (other parishes s. WKR. 253) 255 Neu-Ulm Günzburg district Neu-Ulm from the Unterallgäu Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Babenhausen egg the towns Babenhausen, a. d. Günz, Kettershausen, Kirchhaslach, Middlewich, winterrieden Verwaltungsgemeinschaft boos boos municipalities, fur home, Heimertingen, low vineyards, Pleß administration community Erkheim the municipalities of Erkheim , Kammlach, arcades, Westerheim management community Pfaffenhausen the municipalities of Breitenbrunn, Oberrieden, Pfaffenhausen, Salgen (other parishes s. WKR. 257) 256 Oberallgäu district-free city Kempten (Allgäu) District of Lindau Oberallgäu 257 Ostallgäu district-free city Kaufbeuren district-free city Memmingen of the Unterallgäu district of Ostallgäu municipalities Bad Wörishofen, Buxheim, Ettringen, Markt Rettenbach, Markt Wald, Mindelheim, Sontheim, Tussenhausen and the unincorporated area of Ungerhauser forest management community bad Grönenbach municipalities bad Grönenbach , Wolfertschwenden, Woringen management community Dirlewang municipalities Apfeltrach, Dirlewang, Stetten, Sevenoaks administrative community Illerwinkel the communities of Crown Castle, Lautrach, Legau management community Kirchheim i. Black
the municipalities of Eppishausen, Kirchheim i. Black
Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Memmingerberg municipalities Benningen, Seattle, laughter, Memmingerberg, Farnham common, Ungerhausen management community Ottobeuren municipalities Böhen, Hawangen, Ottobeuren management community Türkheim municipalities Amberg, Rammingen, Türkheim, wiedergeltingen (other parishes s. WKR. 255) Baden-Württemberg 258 Stuttgart I by the city of Stuttgart Birkach, wards Degerloch, Hedelfingen, Möhringen, Plieningen, hilly book, Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart-Nord, Stuttgart-Süd, Stuttgart-West, Vaihingen (other boroughs s. WKR. 259) 259 Stuttgart II by the Stuttgart City District Bad Cannstatt , Botnang, Feuerbach, Mühlhausen, Münster, Obertürkheim, Stammheim, Stuttgart-OST, Untertürkheim, cheeks, Weilimdorf, Zuffenhausen (other boroughs s. WKR. 258) 260 Böblingen from the District of Böblingen municipalities Aidlingen, Altdorf, Böblingen, Bondorf, Wakefield, Ehningen, Gärtringen, Gäufelden, Grafenau, Herrenberg, Ilminster, Holzgerlingen, Jettingen, Leonberg, Magstadt, Mötzingen, Nufringen, Renningen, Rutesheim, Schönaich, Sindelfingen, Weil der Stadt, Weil IM schönbuch, Weissach (other parishes s. WKR. 262) 261 Esslingen by the district Esslingen the parishes of Hove , Altbach, Waterlooville, Deizisau, Denkendorf, Esslingen am Neckar, Köngen, Lichtenwald, Hochdorf, Neuhausen auf den Fildern, Ostfildern, Plochingen, Reichenbach on the Fils, Wendlingen am Neckar, Wernau (Neckar) (other parishes s. WKR. 262) 262 Nürtingen of the Böblingen municipalities Steinenbronn, Waldenbuch (other parishes s. WKR. 260) of the District of Esslingen the municipalities of Aichtal, Altdorf, Altenriet, Bempflingen, Beuren, der Teck, Bissingen Dettingen unter Teck , Seattle, Filderstadt, Frickenhausen, Großbettlingen, holzmaden, Kirchheim unter Teck, Kohlberg, Leinfelden - Echterdingen, commune of Lenningen, Neckartailfingen, Neckartenzlingen, commune of Neidlingen, Neuffen, Notzingen, Nürtingen, Oberboihingen, Ohmden, Owen, Schlaitdorf, Unterensingen, Weilheim an der Teck, Wolfschlugen (other parishes s. WKR. 261) 263 Göppingen district of Göppingen 264 Waiblingen of the REMS-Murr-Kreis the municipalities of Alfdorf, cores in the Remstal, basket, Leutenbach, London, Remshalden, Rudersberg, Schorndorf, Schwaikheim, Urbach, Waiblingen, Weinstadt, Welzheim, Winnenden, Berglen, Fellbach, Kaisersbach , Winterbach (other parishes s. WKR. 269) 265 Ludwigsburg of the District of Ludwigsburg, Asperg, municipalities Ditzingen, eberdingen, Gerlingen, Hemmingen, Korntal - Münchingen, Kornwestheim, Ludwigsburg, Markgröningen, Möglingen, Oberriexingen, Remseck am Neckar, Schwieberdingen, Sersheim, Vaihingen an der Enz (other parishes s. WKR. 266) 266 Neckar-Zaber of the Heilbronn district municipalities Abstatt, Beilstein, Brackenheim, Cleebronn, Flein, Güglingen, Ilsfeld, Lauffen am Neckar, Leingarten, Neckarwestheim, Nordheim, Pfaffenhofen, Talheim, Untergruppenbach , Zaberfeld (other parishes s. WKR. 267) of the District of Ludwigsburg, the municipalities of Affalterbach, Benningen am Neckar, Besigheim, Bietigheim - Bissingen, Bönnigheim, Erdmannhausen, Erligheim, Freiberg am Neckar, Freudental, Gemmrigheim, Großbottwar, Hessigheim, Ingersheim, Kirchheim am Neckar, Löchgau, Marbach am Neckar, Mundelsheim, Murr, Oberstenfeld, Pleidelsheim, Sachsenheim, Steinheim am der Murr, Tamm, Walheim (other parishes s. WKR. 265) 267 Heilbronn Heilbronn district of Landkreis Heilbronn the municipalities bad Friedrichshall , Bad Rappenau, bad Wimpfen, Eberstadt, Ellhofen, Eppingen, Erlenbach, Gemmingen, Gundelsheim, Hardthausen am Kocher, Ittlingen, Jagsthausen, Kirchardt, Langenbrettach, Lehrensteinsfeld, Löwenstein, Massenbachhausen, Möckmühl, Neckarsulm, Neudenau, neuenstadt am Kocher, Obersulm, Oedheim, Offenau, Roigheim, Schwaigern, Siegelsbach, Untereisesheim, vineyard, Rams, Wüstenrot (other parishes s. WKR. 266) 268 Schwäbisch Hall - Hohenlohe-Hohenlohe district Schwäbisch Hall 269 Backnang - Schwäbisch Gmünd from the ostalbkreis district municipalities Abtsgmünd, Bartholomä, Böbingen on the REMS , Durlangen, Eschach, Göggingen, Gschwend, Heubach, Heuchlingen, Iggingen, Leinzell, Lorch, Mögglingen, Mutlangen, Obergröningen, Ruppertshofen, Schechingen, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Spraitbach, Täferrot, Waldstetten (other parishes s. WKR. 270) of the REMS-Murr-Kreis the home communities in the Valley, Althütte, Aspach, Auenwald, Backnang, Burgstetten, Großerlach, Kirchberg an der Murr, Murrhardt, Oppenweiler, Spiegelberg, Sulzbach an der Murr, Weissach Valley (other parishes s. WKR. 264) 270 Aalen - Heidenheim Heidenheim district of ostalbkreis district municipalities Aalen , Adelmannsfelden, Bopfingen, Ellenberg, Ellwangen (Jagst), Essingen, Hüttlingen, Jagstzell, Kirchheim am Ries, Lauchheim, Neresheim, Neuler, upper cooking, Rainau, Riesbürg, Rosenberg, Stödtlen, Tannhausen, Unterschneidheim, Westhausen, Wört (other parishes s. WKR. 269) 271 Karlsruhe City District Karlsruhe 272 Karlsruhe-land of Northern Karlsruhe county municipalities Bretten, Dettenheim, Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Ettlingen, Gondelsheim, Graben-Neudorf, Karlovy Vary, Kraichtal, Kürnbach, Linkenheim-Hochstetten, Malsch, Marxzell, whether Earth Earth Germany, Pfinztal, Rheinstetten, Stutensee, Sulzfeld, Waldbronn, Walzbachtal, Weingarten (Baden), Birmingham (other parishes s. WKR. 278) 273 Rastatt city of Baden-Baden district of Rastatt 274 Heidelberg district of Heidelberg by the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis municipalities
Dossenheim, Edingen-Neckarhausen, Eppelheim, Heddesheim, Hemsbach, Hirschberg on the Bergstraße, Ilvesheim, Ladenburg, Laudenbach, Schriesheim, Weinheim (other parishes s. WKR. 277, 278) 275 Mannheim city of Mannheim 276 Odenwald - Tauber main-Tauber-Kreis Neckar-Odenwald-circle 277 Rhein-Neckar by the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, the municipalities of Angelbachtal, Bammental, Dielheim, Eberbach, Epfenbach, Eschelbronn, Gaiberg, Heddesbach, Heiligkreuzsteinach, Helmstadt-Bargen, glues, Lobbach, Malsch, wall, Meckesheim, Mühlhausen, Neckarbischofsheim, Neckargemünd, Neidenstein, Nußloch, Rauenberg, Reichartshausen, Sandhausen, St. Leon-Rot, Schönau , Schönbrunn, Sinsheim, Spechbach, Waibstadt, Walldorf, Wiesenbach, Wiesloch, Wilhelmsfeld, Zuzenhausen (other parishes s. WKR. 274, 278) 278 Bruchsal - Schwetzingen from the district Karlsruhe the municipalities bad Schönborn, Bruchsal, Forst, ham bridge, Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Kronau, Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, Östringen, Philippsburg, Ubstadt-Weiher, Waghäusel (other parishes s. WKR. 272) of the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis
the municipalities of Altlußheim, Brühl, Hockenheim, Ketsch, Neulußheim, Oftersheim, Plankstadt, Reilingen, Schwetzingen (other parishes s. WKR. 274, 277) 279 Pforzheim city of Pforzheim-Enzkreis 280 Calw district of Calw Freudenstadt 281 Freiburg city of Freiburg im Breisgau by the Breisgau Hochschwarzwald district municipalities au, Breisach am Rhein, Merzhausen, honor Eichstetten Kaiserstuhl, Gottenheim, Horben, Ihringen, March, Merdingen, Merzhausen, hamlet of priest, sound city, Sölden, Umkirch, Vogtsburg IM Kaiserstuhl, Bötzingen, Bollschweil , Wittnau (other parishes s. WKR. 282, 288) 282 Lörrach - müllheim district of Lörrach by the Breisgau Hochschwarzwald district municipalities Auggen, bad Krozingen, Badenweiler, ballrechten-Dottingen, Buggingen, Eschbach, hard home on the Rhine, Heitersheim, Neuenburg am Rhein, müllheim, Münstertal/Schwarzwald, Staufen im Breisgau, Sulzburg (other parishes s. WKR. 281, 288) 283 Emmendingen - Lahr of the Ortenau district of Emmendingen Fischerbach, the towns of Ettenheim, Friesenheim, Haslach IM Kinzigtal, Hofstetten, Kappel-Grafenhausen , Kippenheim, Lahr/Schwarzwald, Mahlberg, Meißen home, Mill Creek, Ringsheim, rust, Schuttertal, Schwanau, Seelbach, Steinach (other parishes s. WKR. 284, 286) 284 Offenburg by the Ortenau municipalities Achern, Appenweier, Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, Berghaupten, Biberach, Durbach, Gengenbach, Hohberg, Kappelrodeck, Kehl, barrel, Lautenbach, Neuried, Nordrach, Oberharmersbach, Oberkirch, Offenburg, Germany, Ohlsbach, Oppenau, Ortenberg, ottenhöfen, in the Black Forest, Renchen, Rheinau, Sasbach, Sasbachwalden, Schutterwald, Seebach, Willstätt, Zell am Harmersbach (other parishes s. WKR. 283) , 286) 285 Rottweil - Tuttlingen district of Rottweil district of Tuttlingen 286 Schwarzwald-Baar Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis of the District of Ortenau municipalities Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn), Hausach, Oberwolfach, Hornberg, Wolfach (other parishes s. WKR. 283, 284) 287 Konstanz Constance 288 Waldshut in Waldshut district of the Breisgau Hochschwarzwald district municipalities Breitnau, Buchenbach, Eisenbach (Hochschwarzwald), Feldberg (Schwarzwald), Friedenweiler, Glottertal, Gundelfingen, Heuweiler, hinterzarten, Kirchzarten, Lenzkirch, Löffingen, Oberried, St. Märgen, St. Peter, Schluchsee, Stegen , Titisee-Neustadt (other parishes s. WKR. 281, 282) 289 Reutlingen district of Reutlingen 290 Tübingen district of Tübingen of the Zollernalbkreis district municipalities Burladingen, Grosselfingen, Hechingen, Jungingen, bisingen, rangendingen (other parishes s. WKR. 295) 291 Ulm Ulm, Alb-Donau-Kreis district 292 Biberach Biberach district of Landkreis Ravensburg municipalities Aichstetten, Aitrach, bad Wurzach, Kißlegg (other parishes s. WKR. 294) 293 Constance Bodensee district of the District of Sigmaringen municipalities herdwangen Saeed , Illmensee, Pfullendorf, forest (other parishes s. WKR. 295) 294 Ravensburg of the district Ravensburg municipalities Achberg, Altshausen, Amtzell, Argenbühl, Aulendorf, bad Waldsee, Baienfurt, Baindt, Berg, Bergatreute, Cleckheaton, BOMs, just Hamlet, Ebersbach-Musbach, calibration bars, fleischwangen, Suffolk, green herb, Guggenhausen, Horgenzell, Hoßkirch, Isny im Allgäu, Königseggwald, Leutkirch im Allgäu, Ravensburg, Riedhausen, Schlier, under Waldhausen, Vogt, forest Castle, Wangen im Allgäu, Weingarten, Wilhelmsdorf, Wolfegg, Wolpertswende (other parishes s. WKR. 292) 295 Zollernalb - Sigmaringen from the district Sigmaringen the municipalities bad Saulgau , Beuron, Bingen, Gammertingen, Herbertingen, Hettingen, Hohentengen, Inzigkofen, Krauchenwies, Leibertingen, quantities, Meßkirch, Neufra, Ostrach, Sauldorf, Scheer, Schwenningen, Sigmaringen, Sigmaringendorf, Stetten am kalten Markt, Veringenstadt (other parishes s. WKR. 293) of the Zollernalbkreis district the communities of Albstadt, Balingen, Bitz, Dautmergen, Dormettingen, Dotternhausen, Geislingen, Haigerloch, Germany at the Tann, Meßstetten, Nusplingen, Oberheim, Ratshausen, Rosenfeld, Schömberg, Straßberg, moments under the gutters, Winterlingen, rooms under the Castle (other parishes s. WKR. 290) Saarland 296 Saarbrücken by the Regionalverband Saarbrücken the municipalities of Großrosseln , Kleinblittersdorf, Püttlingen, Riegelsberg, Saarbrücken, Völklingen (other parishes s. WKR. 298, 299) 297 Saarlouis district Merzig-Wadern, by the municipalities of Bous, Saarlouis district Dillingen/Saar, Ensdorf, Nalbach, Rehlingen-Siersburg, Saarlouis, Saarwellingen, Schwalbach, überherrn, wadgassen, Wallerfangen (other parishes s. WKR. 298) 298 St. Wendel District St. Wendel of the district Neunkirchen in the municipalities of Eppelborn, Illingen, Merchweiler, Ottweiler, Schiffweiler (other parishes s. WKR. 299) of the District of Saarlouis in the municipalities of Lebach , Melting (other parishes s. WKR. 297) by the Regionalverband Saarbrücken the municipality of Heusweiler (other parishes s. WKR. 296, 299) 299 Homburg Saarpfalz district of the District of Neunkirchen in the communities of Neunkirchen, Spiesen-Elversberg (other parishes s. WKR. 298) of the Regionalverband Saarbrücken municipalities Friedrichsthal, Quierschied, Sulzbach/Saar (other parishes s. WKR. 296, 298) footnote plant constituency No. 18 italics: the case of the district "Billbrock" is really "Moorfleet"