Narcotics Trade Regulation

Original Language Title: Betäubungsmittel-Binnenhandelsverordnung

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Narcotics Domestic Trade Regulation (BtMBinHV)

Unofficial Table Of Contents


Date Of Delivery: 16.12.1981

Full Quote:

" Narcotics Bleed Trade Ordinance of 16. December 1981 (BGBl. 1425), as last amended by Article 1 of the Regulation of 17 June 2008. August 2011 (BGBl. I p. 1754) "

:Last modified by Art. 1 V v. 17.8.2011 I 1754

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(+ + + text evidence from: 1.1.1982 + + +) Non-Official Table of Contents

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Based on Section 12 (4) of the Narcotics Act of 28 December 2014, July 1981 (BGBl. I p. 681) is prescribed: Non-official table of contents

§ 1

Anyone who makes a narcotic agent in accordance with § 12 (1) of the Narcotics Act has for each In writing, individual surcharges must be submitted in writing using the official form pursuant to § 6 (1) sentence 1 or electronically in accordance with § 6 (1) sentence 2. Non-official table of contents

§ 2

(1) The submittal has all parts of the delivery receipt (submission, receipt, delivery note, and delivery note). Delivery note:
BtM number, name or company name and Address of the donor; in the case of delivery with several premises, BtM-number and address of the issuing establishment,
BtM-number, name or company and address the acquirer; in the case of purchasers with several premises, the BtM number and the address of the working plant,
for each of the deceptive agents:
Number of pack units,
Package unit according to the pharmaceutical central number used (for substances and non-divided preparations the amount by weight, in the case of divided preparations the number of pieces),
name of the narcotic agent; in addition:
for split preparations the dosage form and the weight of the pure substance contained in Milligrams per form,
in the case of undivided preparations, the dosage form and the weight of the pure substance contained in each of the preparations. Package unit,
in the case of raw, uncleaned and undivided narcotics, the weight percentage of the pure Fabric
Date of delivery.
The donator has to sign the submission by hand with ballpoint pen or with its electronic Signature to be provided.(2) If the transferor or acquirer is an authority or body referred to in § 4 (2) or (26) of the Narcotics Act, the indication of the BtM number referred to in the first sentence of the first sentence of paragraph 1 shall not be specified. The indication of the drug-central number of the narcotic agent referred to in the first sentence of paragraph 1 (3) (a) shall not apply if such a number has not been disclosed by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.(3) (omitted) unofficial table of contents

§ 3

(1) The receipt and delivery note are the acquirer together with the Stunning materials to be sent as documents or electronic documents.(2) In order to report the charge in accordance with Section 12 (2) of the Narcotics Act, the Federal Institute for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices is to send the submission notification within one week of the submission.(3) The delivery note shall be kept subject to the provision of section 4 (2) to the receipt of the acknowledgement of receipt. unofficial table of contents

§ 4

(1) The acquirer has
checking the details of the delivery receipt (receipt and delivery note) parts that have been added to it,
where applicable, any discrepanic deviations to be made in writing or in electronic form in such a way that the information provided by the donor as such is not
to provide these parts in writing or electronically with the date of receipt and to sign it with ballpoint pen on its own hand or by means of its electronic signature and
the acknowledgement of receipt at the latest by the working day following receipt of the narcotic materials to the donor
(2) In the case of paragraph 1, no. 2
the donor shall have
in the case of paragraph 1. Delivery note double in writing or electronically
the receipt date of the acknowledgement of receipt and
to identify the deviations as such from the acquirer referred to in paragraph 1 (2) as such and to declare their accuracy; and
the delivery note to the Federal Institute for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices within one week of receiving the acknowledgement of receipt. sending.
unofficial table of contents

§ 5

The receipt confirmations or the receipt of the receipt by the delivery note in accordance with the discharge data, the delivery notes shall be kept separately from the acquirer by the acquirer for three years and shall be sent to the competent authority of that authority upon request of the authority competent pursuant to section 19 (1) of the Narcotics Act. or, in the case of electronic storage, to make them accessible. The time limit shall begin for the donor with the date of delivery, for the acquirer with the date of receipt of the narcotics. Non-official table of contents

§ 6

(1) The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices publishes the official form according to § 1 and makes it in the Federal Gazette. For the electronic procedure, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices determines the processing requirements and, on its website, announces in particular the following:
the electronic pattern to be used and the format in which the electronic documents are to be submitted
the details of the procedure to be followed during an electronic transmission, including the encryption standard.
(2) The Federal Institute for Medicinal products and medical devices has the BtM numbers (§ 2 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 1 and 2) to the authorized persons and persons associations and makes the pharmaceutical central numbers assigned by the Federal Institute for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices for Anesthesia (§ 2 (1) sentence 1 no. 3 (a)) on its website Non-official table of contents

§ 7

Administrative unlawful within the meaning of Section 32 (1) No. 6 of the Narcotics Act, who intentionally or negligently
contrary to § 1 a delivery receipt not created,
contrary to § 2 para. 1 sentence 1 on a delivery receipt, an indication not, not correct, not complete, dissimilar or not in the prescribed manner ,
contrary to § 2 (1) sentence 2, does not sign the filing report or does not sign it in accordance with the regulations or not with its electronic signature
contrary to § 3 para. 3, the delivery note does not retain,
contrary to § § 3. 4 para. 1 the acknowledgement of receipt or the delivery note does not appear with the receiving date, does not sign or does not prescribe with its electronic signature or does not prescribe any deviations in them or not in them.
contrary to § 4 para. 2, the delivery note does not meet with the date of receipt of the receipt. Acknowledgement of receipt, noted deviations not or not in accordance with the regulations on the delivery note coupler or not sent in due time to the Federal Institute for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices or
contrary to § 5, the parts of the delivery document specified there are not or are not in compliance with the rules.
unofficial table of contents

§ 8 (omitted)

- unofficial table of contents

§ 9

(1) This Regulation shall enter into force on: 1. January 1982 in force.(2) (3) Non-official table of contents

Final formula

The Federal Minister for Youth, Family and Health