Guidelines For Question Time, And For The Written Questions (Annex 4 Of The Rules Of Procedure Of The German Bundestag, Federal Law Gazette I, 1980, 1237)

Original Language Title: Richtlinien für die Fragestunde und für die schriftlichen Einzelfragen (Anlage 4 der Geschäftsordnung des Deutschen Bundestages, BGBl I 1980, 1237)

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Guidelines for Question Time and for individual written questions (Annex 4 to the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag, BGBl I 1980, 1237)

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BTGO1980Anl 4

Date of issue: 25.06.1980

Full quote:

" Guidelines for Question Time and for individual written questions (Annex 4 to the Rules of Procedure of the German Bundestag, BGBl I 1980, 1237) of 25 June 1980. June 1980 (BGBl. 1237, 1259), as last amended by point 8 of Decision d. Bundestag in accordance with the notice of 30 June September 1995 (BGBl. I p. 1246) "

:Last modified by No. 8 decision d. Bundestag in accordance with Bek. v. 30.9.1995 I 1246

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(+ + + Text of the For rules, see: BTGO 1980 + + +)

Non-official table of contents

I. Questionable

In each session week, question times with a total duration of 180 minutes Each member of the Bundestag shall be entitled to give an oral answer to the Federal Government for the question times of a meeting week. The questions must be short and a short answer to the questions. . They may not contain inaccurate findings or valuations. Each question may be divided into two sub-questions. The questions will be compiled in a printed matter according to the business units of the Federal Government. The President determines the order in which the business units are called.
Questions relating to the areas for which the Federal Government is directly or indirectly responsible are questions which are subject to a agenda item of the , will be answered in writing. This does not apply if the item on the basis of the agenda and the debate is omitted for the item on the agenda. Questions of apparently local significance shall be forwarded by the President for written answer to the Federal Government. Numbers 15 and 16 will apply.
The questioner is entitled to ask up to two supplementary questions if the question is answered orally. In the case of supplementary questions, point 1 (3) shall apply.
The President shall allow other supplementary questions by other members of the Bundestag, insofar as this is the case. the proper handling of Question Time is not at risk.
Additional questions that are not directly related to the main question are President back.
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II. The submission of questions

The questions are the President (Parliament's Secretariat) in four times
Questions will be included in the printed matter for Question Time only if it is referred to in point 1 (3) and (2) (1).
Oral questions must be addressed to the Federal Government prior to the week of the session by Friday, 10.00 a.m., by the President and by Friday, 12.00 noon.
The President is to allow questions of obvious urgent public interest (urgent questions) for Question Time when they are at the latest by the from the previous days until 12.00 noon. Number 1 (2) and (3) apply.
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III. Conduct of Question Time

The President shall call the number of the question and the name of the I would like to ask urgent questions at the beginning of Question Time. If questions are already available on the same question circle, they will also be raised. Questions may only be answered if the questioner is present. If the questioner is not present, his question will be answered in writing only if he has asked for a written answer until the start of Question Time with the President.
If the relevant Federal Minister or his representative is not present, the questioner may ask that his questions be called at the beginning of Question Time, in which the Federal Minister of State or his representative is present; his question must not be restricted by this.
Questions in question hours of a week due to lack of time , the Federal Government will reply in writing, unless the questioner withdraws his questions before the end of the last Question Time of a week to the Chair of the sitting. The written answers are included in the annex to the plenary minutes.
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IV. Written questions

Each member of the Bundestag is entitled to up to four in each month. Questions for written answer to the Federal Government. For the admissibility of the questions, the number 1 para. 3 and the number 2 para. 1 shall apply accordingly.
The questions shall be answered by the Federal Government within one week of receipt of the questions. at the Federal Chancellery. The answers received during one week will be published in the following week together with the questions in a printed matter.
If the reply has not been received by the President (Parliament's secretariat) within the time limit, the questioner may ask that his question be answered during the first Question Time of the The request shall be submitted by 12.00 noon on the previous day of Question Time to the President (Parliament's Secretariat). in writing, I can only ask why the reply has not been given within the week-limit.
Questions based on the number 15 will be answered. other oral questions not included in this week's session. They shall be called at the start of Question Time. Point 10 (2), second sentence, finds application. To a question on the basis of point 15, only the questioner may ask supplementary questions.