Joint Rules Of Procedure Of The Bundestag And The Bundesrat For The Committee Referred To In Article 77 Of The Basic Law (Mediation Committee)

Original Language Title: Gemeinsame Geschäftsordnung des Bundestages und des Bundesrates für den Ausschuß nach Artikel 77 des Grundgesetzes (Vermittlungsausschuß)

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Joint rules of procedure of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat for the Committee referred to in article 77 of the Basic Law (Committee) BTBRGGO Ausfertigung date: 19.04.1951 full quotation: "joint rules of procedure of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat for the Committee referred to in article 77 of the Basic Law (Committee) in the in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 1101-2, adjusted version published recently by the announcement from April 30, 2003, (Federal Law Gazette I S. 677) is has been modified" stand : Last modified by BEK. v. 30.4.2003 I 677 for details on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 11.2.1970 +++) (+++ rules complemented by BEK. v. 12.11.1990 I 2557 (BTBRGGOÄndErgBek 1990) +++) input formula to the execution of article 77 of the basic law, the Bundestag with the consent of the Federal Council for the Conciliation Committee has decided the following rules of procedure: § 1 permanent members of Bundestag and Bundesrat send 16 its members that make up the standing Mediation Committee.

Presidency which elects Committee represented § 2 a member of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat that quarterly alternated in the Presidency, and each other.

§ 3 representative for each Member is his representative to order. Also the representative must be a member of the sending entity. You may only participate in the meetings as far as representation is necessary.

Article 4 Exchange of members and deputy members and their deputies can be dismissed, but the change of a member or his Deputy in the way of the recall only four times within the same term of the Bundestag is allowed.

§ 5 Federal Government the Federal Government members have the right and on the decision of the Committee the duty, the sessions to participate in.

§ 6 participation of other persons other persons may be permitted only by decision of the Committee participating in the meetings.

§ 7 quorum (1) the Committee is resolutionable, if loaded members under notification of the order of the day with a period of at least five days and at least twelve members are present.
(2) the charge period begins with the delivery of the cargo at the postal distribution agencies by the Bundestag and Bundesrat.
(3) a settlement proposal can only be decided if there are at least seven members of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

§ 8 majority the Committee takes decisions by a majority of the votes of its members present.

Section 9 sub-committees of the Committee may establish subcommittees.

Article 10 procedure in the Bundestag (1) is a settlement proposal on amendment or repeal of the Act adopted by the Parliament soon to put on the agenda of the Parliament. A member of the Committee reported in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.
(2) the Bundestag vote only on the settlement proposal. Statements can be delivered before the vote on the proposal. Any other application of the thing is not allowed.
(3) the agreement proposal introduces several changes to the law decision, is to determine whether and to what extent is to vote in the Bundestag on amendments together. The settlement proposal containing amendments to the basic law, is any deviation of the agreement proposed by the wording of the by the Bundestag under article 79 para 2 of the Basic Law of adopted Act individually to vote. A single vote on several amendments, will be a final vote on the settlement proposal as a whole is required.

§ 11 the agreement proposal provides for confirmation of the Act adopted by the Bundestag procedure in the event of a settlement proposal on confirmation of the law decision, so there are no further decision by the Bundestag. The Chairman of the Committee has the proposal immediately inform the President of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

§ 12 end of the procedure (1) a settlement proposal is not decided in the second session convened due to the same thing, so each Member can apply for the final stage of the process.
(2) the procedure is completed, if no majority for a settlement proposal takes in the following session.
(3) in some other way, the process without settlement proposal cannot be completed.
(4) the Chairman shall determine the final stage of the process and inform the President of the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

Article 13 force these rules of procedure occurs when Bundestag or Bundesrat decide their suspension, six months after the decision, except that the Bundestag decides a change previously with the consent of the Federal Council.