Federal Travel Act

Original Language Title: Bundesreisekostengesetz

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Federal Travel Expense Act (BRKG)

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Date of issue: 26.05.2005

Full quote:

" Federal Travel Cost Act of 26. May 2005 (BGBl. 1418), as last amended by Article 3 of the Law of 20. February 2013 (BGBl. I p. 285) "

:Last modified by Art. 3 G v. 20.2.2013 I 285

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(+ + + text evidence from: 1.9.2005 + + +)

for details was referred to as Article 1 of the G v. 26.5.2005 I 1418 adopted by the Bundestag. It occurs gem. Article 18, first sentence, of this G in force on 1 September 2005. § 16 shall enter into force on 1.6.2005. Non-official table of contents

§ 1 Scope

(1) This law regulates the type and extent of travel expenses of civil servants, civil servants, judges and judges of the Federal Government, as well as the soldiers and the officials seconded to the Federal Service, officials, judges and judges.(2) The travel allowance shall include
the fare refund (§ 4),
the path compensation (§ 5),
the daily allowance (§ 6),
the overnight allowance (§ 7),
the delivery allowance for a longer stay at the place of business (§ 7). 8),
the effort and flat rate (§ 9) as well as
the reimbursement of other costs (§ 10).
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§ 2 business trips

(1) missions are trips for the execution of business operations outside the Service. They must have been arranged or approved in writing or electronically, with the exception of business travel at the place of service or residence, unless an order or authorisation has been granted by the Office of the Service or the essence of the business not be considered. Service trips are to be carried out only if they are necessary for service reasons. Trips are also to travel on the occasion of the translation, secondment or commander.(2) The duration of the mission shall be determined after the departure and arrival at the apartment, unless the business trip begins or ends at the place of service. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 Claim to be paid to travel expenses

(1) Service travelers receive, on request, a remuneration of the official service Travel expenses necessary. The right to travel expenses shall be terminated if it is not requested in writing or electronically within a period of six months after the termination of the service. The competent authorities may require the submission of the relevant cost documents up to the end of six months after the date of application. If, on request, these documents are not submitted within three months, the compensation application may be rejected in so far as it is not.(2) Services received by the service of their office on the basis of a third party on the occasion of a mission are to be counted on the travel expenses allowance.(3) In the case of missions for a secondary activity carried out on the initiative of the competent authority, service travellers are entitled only to travel expenses which are not to be taken over by another body. This also applies if service travellers have waived their claim against this point. Non-official table of contents

§ 4 Drive and fare reimbursement

(1) Incurred Costs for trips on land or waterways with regular Transport transport is reimbursed up to the lowest transport class. For train journeys of at least two hours, the travel expenses incurred can be reimbursed to the next higher class. If a plane has been used for service or economic reasons, the cost of the lowest flight class shall be reimbursed. The costs of a higher class of regular transport means of transport may be reimbursed if the reasons for service require this in individual cases or in general.(2) Possible fare reductions shall be taken into account. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed if a free transport option can be used.(3) In case of a degree of disability of at least 50, the costs of the next higher class will be reimbursed to those who are to be reimbursed for the cost of the lowest transport class for rail journeys.(4) If a rental car or a taxi has been used for a valid reason, the necessary costs will be reimbursed. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 Distance compensation

(1) For journeys with other means of transport other than those referred to in § 4, a Distance compensation granted. In the case of the use of a motor vehicle or of another motor-driven vehicle, it amounts to 20 cents per kilometre, however, to a maximum of 130 euros. The supreme federal authority may set the maximum amount to EUR 150, if the official reasons so require in individual cases or in general.(2) If there is a significant service interest in the use of a motor vehicle, the distance compensation shall be 30 cents per kilometre of distance travelled. The significant service interest must be determined in writing or electronically prior to the arrival of the service in the order or approval.(3) If service travellers regularly use a bicycle for the purposes of service transactions, distance compensation shall be granted in accordance with a general administrative provision according to § 16.(4) A distance compensation shall not be granted to service travellers if they are
one of the Dienstherrn could be used free of charge, or
from other service travellers of the federal government or any other servant's office in a Motor vehicles were taken along.
unofficial table of contents

§ 6 daily allowance

(1) Replacement of additional expenses for food Servants a daily allowance. The amount of the daily allowance is determined according to the pledge fee for the retribution of actually incurred additional expenses in Germany according to the Income Tax Act. If there is only a small distance between the place of service or the apartment and the place where the business is carried out, daily allowance is not granted.(2) If the service of your office is paid for free of charge, you will be withheld from the daily allowance for breakfast 20 percent and for lunch and dinner 40 percent of the daily allowance will be retained for a full calendar day. The same applies if the fee for catering is included in the eligible travel, overnight or incidences costs. Sentences 1 and 2 shall apply even if the service traveller does not make use of the duties provided for free of charge on the grounds of his/her duties without valid reason. The highest service authority may, in special cases, allow lower compliance rates. Non-official table of contents

§ 7 overnight stay allowance

(1) For a necessary overnight stay, you will receive a flat-rate 20-euro service traveler. Higher overnight costs will be reimbursed as far as they are necessary.(2) Accommodation allowance is not granted
for the duration of the use of Means of transport,
for service trips at or to the place of residence for the duration of the stay in this place,
with free provision of accommodation of the Office, even if this accommodation is not used for no valid reason, and
in the cases where the fee for the accommodation is included in the reimbursable travel or other costs, unless an overnight stay is due to an early Arrival at the place of business or a late departure from it will be required in addition.
Non-official table of contents

§ 8 delivery allowance in the case of a longer stay at the place of business

Dauert of the official residence in the same external place of business shall be longer than 14 days, shall be of the 15. In particular cases, the supreme service authority or the authority empowered by it may waive a reduction in the daily allowance. The necessary accommodation costs will be reimbursed; a lump-sum accommodation allowance in accordance with § 7 para. 1 shall not be granted. Travel allowances for home journeys shall be granted for 14 days of stay at the place of business, depending on the means of transport used, up to the amount of the amount referred to in § 4 (1) sentence 1 or 3 or in § 5 (1). If the place of business is to be left on the basis of a journey home, Tagegeld will not be granted for the period of stay in the apartment. Non-official table of contents

§ 9 Expense and flat-rate compensation

(1) Service travelers who experience less food or food expenses, or Accommodation in general is obtained after a close determination of the supreme service authority or the authority empowered by it instead of daily allowance, overnight money and delivery of accommodation according to § 8 sentence 1 and 2 of a corresponding Expenditure allowance. This can also be measured according to hourly rates.(2) The supreme service authority or the authority empowered by it may grant a flat-rate compensation for regular or similar missions instead of the travel allowance or individual of its components, which shall be based on the average of the travel allowance or the individual components of the travel allowance. is to be calculated for certain periods of travel expenses. Non-official table of contents

§ 10 Repayment of other costs

(1) Expenses that are necessary for the performance of the service business, which are not in accordance with § § 4 to 9 , will be reimbursed as additional costs.(2) A mission shall be reimbursed from a reason not to be represented by the staff member, and shall be reimbursed by the preparation of any outlays to be paid under this Act. Non-official table of contents

§ 11 Measurement of travel cost compensation in special cases

(1) For mission trips on the occasion of the translation, secondship or the date of commendation, the daily allowance shall be granted for the period up to the date of arrival at the new place of employment; moreover, section 2 (2) shall apply. The daily allowance shall be granted for the period up to the end of the day of arrival, if the next day's service passengers are entitled to separation travel or separation allowances; in addition, overnight money (§ 7) shall be granted. For missions within the meaning of the first sentence, the daily allowance shall be granted from the beginning of the departure day, if separation travel or separation allowances are granted for the preceding day. For one-and two-day arrangements or commercial arrangements, the total duration of the absence from the dwelling or the previous service shall be taken as the basis for the fixing of the travel allowance by way of derogation from the sentences 1 to 3.(2) Travel expenses such as travel expenses, such as for business travel, may be granted for travel on the occasion of recruitment; paragraph 1 shall apply accordingly. The travel allowance may not be higher than the amount which would be reimbursed for a business trip from the home to the place of service.(3) Travel cost compensation may also be granted to
for recruitment travel before the effective date of the Appointment as a civil servant, an official, a judge, a judge, a soldier or a soldier, and
for travel on the occasion of leaving the service on account of its expiry. the period of service or incapacity of officials to revocation, from soldiers or soldiers who perform military service on the basis of compulsory military service; this shall apply only to domestic travel abroad; The border or the national airport from which the air travel is to be taken.
The second sentence of paragraphs 1 and 2 shall apply accordingly.(4) Travel for the purpose of training or further training, some of which is in the interest of the service, may, with the consent of the supreme service authority or the authority empowered by it, to pay up to the level of the costs of travel for business shall be reimbursed for travel expenses.(5) Overnight Stays in their home located outside of the place of business shall be granted for each return journey on the occasion of an overnight stay as a replacement of the travel costs an amount in the amount of the overnight charge according to § 7. Non-official table of contents

§ 12 illness during a business trip

Ill service travelers and are admitted to a hospital For each full calendar day of the hospital stay, the necessary equipment for the accommodation at the place of business shall be reimbursed. For a visit to a family or a family member on the occasion of a life-threatening illness of the service travailer, proven by a medical certificate, rides are reimbursed in accordance with § 4 (1) sentence 1 and 3 or § 5 (1). Non-official table of contents

§ 13 Connection of business trips with private travel

(1) If you are travelling with private travel, the travel service will be Travel expenses shall be calculated as if only the business trip had been carried out. The travel allowance in accordance with the first sentence may not exceed those resulting from the actual travel date. If service trips are connected with a holiday of more than five working days, only the additional costs incurred for the execution of the service business will be reimbursed as driving expenses in accordance with § § 4 and 5; day and night money will be reimbursed for the duration of the business as well as for the additional travel time.(2) If, in special cases, it is ordered or approved that the mission is to be or is to be terminated at a temporary place of residence, the travel allowance shall, by way of derogation from paragraph 1, be granted after departure from or arrival at that place . The same applies if, in these cases, the business trip begins or ends at the home or office. The second sentence of paragraph 1 shall apply accordingly.(3) If, for official reasons, the premature termination of a holiday is ordered, the return journey from the place of holiday shall be deemed to be directly or via the place of business to the place of business as a service trip, for which travel expenses are paid. In addition, the travel expenses for the shortest route from the home to the place of leave where the staff are given the order shall be reimbursed in proportion to the non-utilised part of the holiday trip for the intended duration of the holiday.(4) The expenses of the service travellers and the persons accompanying them, which have been caused by the interruption or premature termination of a holiday trip, shall be reimbursed in an appropriate manner. This also applies to expenses which, for these reasons, could not be used; in respect of the reimbursement of expenses for the return journey, the second sentence of paragraph 3 shall apply in the appropriate way. Non-official table of contents

§ 14 International missions abroad

(1) International missions are missions abroad or abroad as well as foreign missions.(2) Non-international missions shall not apply to official travel of the border traffic officials in the field of foreign local border authorities, between such areas and between these and the national territory.(3) The Federal Ministry of the Interior is empowered to comply with the provisions of the law on travel expenses for foreign missions concerning the arrangement and approval of missions, which are subject to special circumstances. Travel and air travel expenses, foreign and international overnight stays, travel allowances, criteria for reimbursement of clothing and other anceshare costs. Unofficial Table Of Contents

§ 15 Separation Money

(1) Officials, Officials, Judges and Judges, who are to a place outside the Service and Residential area shall be paid for the necessary expenses incurred thereby, taking into account the domestic saving, a separation allowance according to a legal regulation which applies to national secondment orders, the Federal Ministry of the Interior. This Regulation shall also apply to secondments in or to the territory of another country and to foreign countries in so far as no special arrangements have been made on the basis of the authorization provided for in paragraph 2. The same shall apply to the commendations of soldiers and the temporary employment in a different place than a service. The assignment is the same as the assignment in accordance with § 29 of the Federal Civil Service Act or in accordance with § 20 of the Staff Status Act.(2) Paragraph 1, Sentences 1 and 3 shall apply in accordance with the provisions of the secondment without undertaking the repayment of remuneration in or abroad and from abroad, insofar as the special needs of the international service and the special conditions abroad are require that the Federal Foreign Office, in agreement with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Ministry of Defence, and the Federal Ministry of Finance, issue the regulation.(3) If officers are assigned to revocation in the preparatory service for the purpose of their training in a place of training in a place other than the previous service and place of residence, they may be entitled to the necessary additional expenses incurred by this service. in whole or in part. Non-official table of contents

§ 16 Administrative regulations

General administrative provisions on this law are issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, in agreement with the Federal Foreign Office, shall adopt regulations concerning the special provisions concerning travel expenses for foreign service travel.