Provisions Concerning Office Apartments, Relocation Expenses, Daily Subsistence Allowances And Compensation For Travel Costs Of The Members Of The Federal Government

Original Language Title: Bestimmungen über Amtswohnungen, Umzugskostenentschädigung, Tagegelder und Entschädigung für Reisekosten der Mitglieder der Bundesregierung

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Provisions concerning Office apartments, relocation expenses, daily subsistence allowances and compensation for travel costs of the members of the Federal Government BRegEntschBest Ausfertigung date: 10.11.1953 full quotation: "provisions concerning Office apartments, relocation expenses, daily subsistence allowances and compensation for travel costs of the members of the Federal Government in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 1103-1-1, adjusted version published, most recently by article 8 paragraph 1 of the law of 19 June 2001 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1149) has been changed" stand : Last modified by article 8 paragraph 1 G v. 19.6.2001 I 1149 for more information on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity: 1.9.1978 +++) input formula on the basis of article 12 par. 5 of the law on the legal relationships of the members of the Federal Government (Federal Minister Act) of June 17, 1953 (Bundesgesetzbl. I S. 407) following provisions after added statement of the President of the Auditors: I. Office § 1 (1) office rentals apartments are in federal, rented by the Federal Government or otherwise under-utilized buildings, determined as the apartments of members of the Federal Government and with regard to their position and obligations for these purposes are especially prepared. The home of the German Chancellor is to provide considered accessories of home with furnishings at Federal expense in accordance with the existing budgetary resources. Assigns a home to a Federal Minister so she can be fitted at Federal expense in accordance with the existing budget with furnishings, which are considered accessories of home.
(2) If Office rentals are free, they are members of the Federal Government to assign. Official residences of Federal Ministers are inhabited, their official relationship has ended, so they are assigned to the newly-appointed Federal Ministers, as soon as they are cleared by the predecessor. The newly appointed member of the Federal Government will not be able to relate the home for special reasons or involvement is him according to location of the case cannot be expected to, so it may be exempted on his request by obtaining the home. An application for exemption is not made within one month after the assignment, the assignment of the home shall be deemed adopted. A further month after the home is considered, if it has not previously been included in use. An exemption from obtaining the home does not preclude the occasional use of the lounges for representation purposes.
(3) a Federal Minister in accordance with paragraph 2 of obtaining home has been released, so no more than two rooms referred to in paragraph 1 can be equipped in his own house or in his apartment at the request of sentence 3. The rent for these spaces is the Federal Minister.

Section 2 (1) is not present or not available in a different Federal Ministry for a Federal Minister a home in a federal building, so also another apartment at his official residence as a home for the duration of his term can be assigned to request him. An about existing lease is the request for assignment of the apartment as a home to be attached.
(2) If an other place referred to in paragraph 1 as home is assigned to a Federal Minister, the apartment loses this property three months after the end of the month in which the Federal Minister Resigns from Office.
(3) is rented a home for a Federal Minister from the Federal Government, a three-month notice to the end of the month is in the rental agreement to agree. At the dismissal of the Federal Minister from his Office, the termination is to pronounce immediately.

§ 3 (1) a home may be assigned only undivided.
(2) the owners shall not wholly or partly to leave the home to another or for rent. Their use to service purposes will not be affected.

§ 4 (1) with the local allowance withheld for the use of a home in accordance with section 12, paragraph 1, of the law of the Federal Minister all loads and services are satisfied that the federal responsibility according to § 535 para 1 sentence 3 of the German civil code and under those provisions.
(2) payment of the local aggregate stops on a) in General with the day on which the assigned home in use is taken or applies pursuant to section 1 para 2 as related;
b) if the apartment is assigned a Federal Home Minister, which he held at his appointment, with the day on which the Declaration of his apartment to the home will be announced.
(3) the payment of the local aggregate is to resume a in accordance with section 14 of the law of the Federal Minister) in General with the day of the eviction of the home;
(b) in the case of § 2 para 2 and § 4 par. 4 with expiry of the stated deadlines.
(4) the home (article 1, paragraph 1 and article 2 par. 2) special reasons is not after termination of Office until the end of the period of three months provided for in section 12 para 2 of the law of the Federal Minister or only partially cleared, so there are, without a lease is completed with the departing member of the Federal Government to pay for the apartment or the next used rooms housing compensation and levies , which are calculated according to the sections 557 to 560 of the civil code. Staterooms are in office rentals with its furnishings after termination of Office immediately to make the Federal Government. The home also in the living, sleeping and economies that federal furniture equipped, an annual fee of 10 per cent of the acquisition cost including installation costs is for it to raise. Items of special lovers or antiquity value is a reasonable use value to estimate. Unusable or heavily worn furnishings coming no longer eligible for the equipment of Office apartments are to remove and to use up to service purposes or to sell. The total amount of the annual fees of this kind shall not exceed usually 20 per cent of the local aggregate. The fees shall be paid as the rental fee for the same time period and in the same way. The maintenance, cleaning, and complement the rental provided furnishings is the apartment owner.
(5) are in the own or in the apartment of a Federal Minister rooms in accordance with § 1 para. 3 equipped been, Federal furnishings are so at termination of the Office according to § 9 of the Federal Ministers Act until the end of the month following the termination on the federal return.

The official apartments are section 5 according to the rules of the system to manage and manage.
II. moving expenses compensation section 6 (1) 14 of the Federal costs of moving law of 8 April 1964 (Bundesgesetzbl. will the members of the Federal Government for moves that are required as a result of her appointment, removal expenses compensation in appropriate application of sections 4 to 10, I S. 253) grants. This is to proceed from the highest level of travel and fare class. The reimbursement of expenses after the sections 6 to 8, 10, 14 of the Federal Act of costs of moving requires the consent of the Federal Minister of the Interior.
(2) paragraph 1 applies for a parade on the occasion of the departure from Office of a member of the Federal Government, if the move is carried out not later than two years after that date. When moving abroad, moving expense compensation is granted only up to the border or inland port.
(3) paragraph 2 shall apply also for surviving dependants within the meaning of section 1 paragraph 2 of the Federal relocation expenses Act.

§ 7 cannot be assigned to an Office housing a Federal Minister, which letter d of the Federal Ministers Act receives a compensation according to article 11, paragraph 1 for the continuation of the own House stand at the previous place of residence, so that it is necessary to rent a private apartment, to their necessary repair, neither the landlord of nor the previous occupant committed or is able, to put the apartment in reasonable amounts of federal funds. The lessor and the owners must take along at least a quarter of the necessary repair costs itself.

sections 8 and 9 (dropped out) III. daily subsistence allowances and compensation for travel expenses article 10 (1) the members of the Federal Government received in official activities outside their official place of residence per diem and travel costs compensation; also the accommodation costs will be reimbursed them. Also travel, which may be necessary as a result of commencement of the service or of leaving the official ratio are considered official activity.
(2) the daily allowance amounts to a domestic) in official activities outside of the official residence, which is not more than one full calendar day 37 German mark, b claims) in several official activities outside the official residence for the full calendar day 55 German mark.
§ 9 par. 3, article 12, paragraph 1, articles 14, 15 and 19 of the Federal travel act as amended by the notice of November 13, 1973 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1621), last amended by regulation of 23 December 1977 (BGBl. I S. 3155), shall apply mutatis mutandis.
(3) a foreign official activity required demonstrably extraordinary expenses for food, which could not be covered from the total amount of the daily allowances, compensation in the amount of unavoidable spending is granted in his place.
(4) the expenses compensation consists in the replacement of the incurred expenses including the costs for surcharged trains and for place cards, the expenses for baggage, and departure to and from the transportation and for other necessary expenses. The use of aircraft, the adults expenses will be reimbursed.

§ 11 official activity from abroad apply for federal civil servants in the highest level of travel expenses according to relevant regulations.
IV. General § 12 (1) according to § 1 para 2, 3, and article 2, paragraph 1 of the Federal Chancellor in consultation with the Federal Minister of the Interior decisions, insofar as this is not even concerned.
(2) doubts arise in the application of these provisions, with the Federal Minister of the Interior in conjunction.

These regulations assign § 13 (1) with effect from April 1, 1953 in force.
(2) the closing formula of the Federal Minister of finance