Order On The Transfer Of Powers In The Field Of Civil Service Supply In The Service Area Of The Federal Minister Of Defence

Original Language Title: Order on the transfer of powers in the field of civil service supply in the service area of ​​the Federal Minister of Defence

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Order on the transfer of powers in the field of civil service supply in the service area of the Federal Minister of defence BMVgZVersAnO-copy date: 07.24.1970 full rate: "order on the transfer of powers in the field of civil service supply in the service area of the Federal Minister of defence from July 24, 1970 (BGBl. I S. 1219), by the section I to III to the arrangement of 26 January 1974 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 121) has been changed" status: Amended by section I to III AnO v 01/26/1974 I.. 121 for details on the status of information you can find under the menu instructions footnote (from +++ text detection validity: 1.2.1974 +++). I. Festsetzungs - and regulatory areas on the basis of § 155 para 1 sentence 2 of the Federal Civil Service Act (BBG), as amended the notice of 22 October 1965 (Federal Law Gazette I p 1776), as amended by the Seventh Law Amen thing the federal civil service remuneration act of 15 April 1970 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 339), I transfer the power to : fix 1 the supply of my division officials and their survivors to and regulate and maintenance payments under this Act to grant the Wehrbereichsgebührnisamt III in Dusseldorf for officials who receive their live from the Wehrbereichsgebührnisämtern I to III in member retires, the Wehrbereichsgebührnisamt V in Stuttgart for officials who receive their live from the Wehrbereichsgebührnisämtern IV to VI for a pension is due; 2. as pensionable service pursuant to sections 115, 116 and 116a BBG to decide on the inclusion of previous periods prior to the operational case, the Federal Office of Defense technology and procurement, the Federal defence Administration Office, the Protestant Church Office of the Bundeswehr, the Catholic military episcopate, the Federal language Office the military district administrative I VI to the University of the Bundeswehr, Hamburg University of the Bundeswehr Munich for the officials of their business unit. After member retires empowered to Wehrbereichsgebührnisämter III and V proceeds according to its territorial patrolman. Changes of the decisions taken by the authorities referred to in paragraph 1 may be made only in the agreement. If in agreement can not be achieved, so my decision to bring about. 3. the beneficiaries referred to in point 1 may apply the jurisdiction of the other Wehrbereichsgebührnisamtes when they take up residence in its area of responsibility. The application must be upheld as the fixing communication has become final. If there are several equal beneficiaries requires matching applications. II. service accident supply 1 in section I, no. 2 listed agencies I transfer to the officials the power under § 150 of their division BBG in conjunction with point 1 of the legislation adopted regulations on the recognition of occupational accidents and the granting of accident compensation benefits under sections 136 to 139 BBG to decide in last with § 139 para. 3 sentence 2 BBG for the revision of the accident compensation to arrange on official medical examination, according to § 142 para. 5 sentence 2 BBG for verification of the degree of impairment of earning capacity to arrange on official medical examination. 2. on accident compensation under section 139 BBG is after retirement from the case pursuant to section I no.. 1 competent Wehrbereichsgebührnisämtern to pay together with the pension. Moreover, it remains with the section II no. Patrolman rules mentioned. 1 III. transfer of powers by virtue of special authorization in section I, no. 2 listed agencies I transfer for your business the power pursuant to § 46 para. 2 sentence 2 last sentence BBG to enable helped probationer officials in retirement, provided they have a pensionable service period of at least covered 15 years, reached the age of 35 and their invalidity does not have self-inflicted, BBG determine in structures with § 109 in conjunction with point 8 of the legislation adopted administrative provisions, whether on official has at least one year in fact performed the duties of his office , as far as them for these officials under the arrangement regarding the appointment and dismissal of officials of the Federal defense administration of 2 February 1968 (Federal Law Gazette I, p. 122) the appointment right exists. IV. proviso I reserve the right, 1st exercise in individual cases pursuant to sections I to III-delegated powers himself, 2. bring a) basic supply legal decisions, over and beyond the individual case meaning and b) decisions on deviations from the guidelines. V. transitional provisions this arrangement in the amended version shall apply correspondingly to Professor and assistant professor applications that operate on the basis of private service contracts as employees with pension benefit according to civil service regulations at the universities of the Bundeswehr, Hamburg and Munich. VI. final provisions this arrangement is what made in consultation with the Federal Minister of the Interior. They shall enter into force on the first day of the month following promulgation. Yours sincerely the Federal Minister of defence