Regulation On Expenses For Official Acts Of The Federal Agency For Agriculture And Food According To § 2 Para 2 Of The Organic Farming Act

Original Language Title: Verordnung über Kosten für Amtshandlungen der Bundesanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Ernährung nach § 2 Abs. 2 des Öko-Landbaugesetzes

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Regulation on cost of official acts of the Federal Agency for agriculture and food according to § 2 para 2 of the organic farming Act (BLE-oil costs regulation BLEÖLGKostV) BLEÖLGKostV Ausfertigung date: 19.11.2003 full quotation: "BLE oil costs Ordinance of 19 November 2003 (BGBl. I S. 2358), most recently by article 2 paragraph 120 of the Act of August 7, 2013 (BGBl. I p. 3154) is has been modified" V go up. by article 4 para 96 G v. 7.8.2013 I 3154 mWv 14.8.2018 stand: last amended by article 2 para 120 G v. 7.8.2013 3154 for details on the stand number you find in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 5.12.2003 +++) input formula on the basis of § 9 para 2 sentence 2 of the organic farming act of 10 July 2002 (BGBl. I S. 2558) in conjunction with the 2nd section of the administrative expenses Act of 23 June 1970 (BGBl. I p. 821) enacted the Federal Ministry for consumer protection , Food and agriculture in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Finance: section 1 charges and costs incurred by the Federal Agency for agriculture and food charges for individually attributable public services according to § 2 paragraph 2 of the organic farming Act fees and expenses under this regulation.

§ 2 fees chargeable individually attributable public services and the rates result from the adjacent list of charges.

§ 3 expenses by the debtor of the costs are in § 10 para 1 No. 2 to 7 of the administrative costs act in force until August 14, 2013 amended listed expenses charged.

Article 4 withdrawal, revocation, opposition (1) an application for making a chargeable individually attributable public performance is withdrawn after the beginning of the substantive editing and prior to the termination of the applicant or a request for reasons other than rejected due to lack of jurisdiction or an administrative measure is withdrawn or revoked, so fees are charged in accordance with § 15 paragraph 2 of the administrative costs act as amended by force until August 14, 2013.
(2) for the complete or partial rejection of a conflict, a charge is levied up to the amount of the fee laid down for the contested administrative act; This does not apply if the opposition simply has no success because the breach of a procedural or formality is irrelevant to article 45 of the Administrative Procedure Act. In case of an unsuccessful objection, the only against a fee fixing is, the fee is no more than 10 percent of the disputed amount. Is a contradiction but withdrawn after the start of its substantive editing, prior to its termination, the fee is not more than 75% of the opposition fee.

Article 5 transitional arrangements for individually attributable public services which have been made before the entry into force of this regulation, fees and expenses can in accordance with § 2 para 1 and of articles 3 and 4 are collected, as far as the Federal Agency for agriculture and food has reserved the collection of fees and expenses in an unquestionable decision.

Article 6 entry into force this regulation enters into force on the day after the announcement.

Annex (to section 2) directory of charges for individually attributable public services of the Federal Agency for agriculture and food pursuant to article 2 paragraph 2 of the organic farming Act (site: BGBl. I 2010, 81; regarding individual changes cf. footnote) fees number of fees fee in euro 1 approval of a private inspection body referred to in article 27 para. 4 of Regulation (EC) No. 834 / 2007 1.1 approval 1-520-9 780 1.2 modification or extension of approval 51 to 4 890 2 approval for the marketing of products with Note on organic farming, imported from a third country into the EU, in accordance with article 33 of Regulation (EC) No. 834 / 2007 and in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EC) no 1235/2008 laying down detailed rules for the application of Regulation (EC) No 834 / 2007 of as regards the arrangements of for imports of organic products from third countries, in particular article 19 2.1 approval 82 up 3 193 2.2 modification or extension of approval 55 to 939 2.3 issue the original certificate for Imports from third countries pursuant to article 6 of Regulation (EC) No. 1235 / 2008 24 2.4 exhibition of second / multiple certificates from the original certificate referred to in article 6 of Regulation (EC) no 1235/2008 copy 12 3 approval of using an ingredient of agricultural origin referred to in article 19 paragraph 2 (c) and article 21 of Regulation (EC) No 834 / 2007 3.1 approval 47 up to 446 3.2 modification or renewal of the authorisation of 24 to 235.