Regulation On The Protection Against Bluetongue

Original Language Title: Verordnung zum Schutz gegen die Blauzungenkrankheit

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Regulation to guard against Bluetongue BlauzungenV Ausfertigung date: 22.03.2002 full quotation: "regulation to guard against Bluetongue as amended by the notice of June 30, 2015 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1095)" stand: Neugefasst by BEK. Learn v. 30.6.2015 I in 1095 to the stand number in the menu under instructions this regulation serves the implementation of Directive 2000/75/EC of 20 November 2000 laying down specific provisions for the control and eradication of bluetongue (OJ EC No. L 327, p. 74).
Footnote (+++ text detection from: 12.4.2002 +++) (+++ official note of the standard authority on EC law: implementation of EGRL 75/2000 (CELEX Nr: 300L 0075) +++) § 1 definitions (1) for the purposes of this regulation are: 1 blue tongue disease, if by a) virological investigation (virus or genome detection) or b) serological investigation in connection with clinical or epizootiological evidence is found.
2. suspicion of blue tongue disease, if fear the outbreak of bluetongue disease clinical examination in conjunction with epizootiological evidence, in particular the occurrence of the vector, can be the result.
(2) for the purposes of this Regulation: 1. susceptible animals: ruminants, 2. vector: insects of the genus Culicoida, 3 Epizootiologische research: research to determine a) the alleged period of time since introduction of the pathogen of bluetongue disease in a company, b) the source of contagion in the affected holding and another businesses, their receptive Tiere can have attached from this source, c) of occurrence and distribution of the vector and d) a or susceptible animals spent in an affected operating and from one such operation spent dead-on susceptible animals.

§ 2 (dropped out) § 3 on measures in case of suspicion of disease (1) In case of suspicion in a mode maps the competent authority in relation to the affected operation 1 with respect to the susceptible animals a Bluetongue) the official observation, b) regular clinical examination of the living and the pathological anatomical examination of dead animals by the official veterinarian and, virological or serological investigation of suspect animals , c) records of the inventory of the animals and their daily adaptation to changes in inventory due to death or birth, d) the destruction of the dead-on-farm animals, as well as 2 epizootic investigations.
(1a) the competent authority may, for businesses, for which she has arranged official observation arrange treatment of animals, your Hutch or other location approved insecticide, insofar as this is necessary to combat the disease.
(2) the competent authority may order measures pursuant to paragraph 1 in relation to other companies, unless the geographical position, the location of susceptible animals, or contacts to the affected operating fear infection with Bluetongue.
(3) up to the announcement of an order referred to in paragraph 1 number has 1(a) which for the affected holding responsible to ensure that susceptible animals not to or from the holding be spent.

§ 4 notice of disease outbreak after official statement publicly discloses the competent authority the outbreak of blue tongue disease.

§ 5 measures in case the official finding which is disease (1) bluetongue in an operation officially established, the competent authority shall take the actions listed in paragraphs 2 to 5.
(2) the competent authority in this respect arranges the killing and destruction of the susceptible animals of affected operation as this is required to prevent a spread of the disease.
(3) the competent authority maps, to subject to the set 2, to all establishments holding susceptible animals which are located in the area around the affected holding with a radius of 20 kilometers, according to § 3 paragraph 1 the measures. The competent authority may, taking into account epidemiological, geographical, ecological or meteorological factors 1 arrangements pursuant to sentence 1 for a) a larger or b) a smaller area than the set adopted referred to 1 or 2 from one such arrangement refrain, as far as concerns the animal disease control require this or do not preclude 1(a) in the number of cases b or number 2, such concerns.
(4) the competent authority sets the area around the restricted area the area around the affected holding with a radius of at least 100 km as a restricted area and 2. also taking into account the geographical, administrative, ecological and epizootiological conditions and subject to the rate 2 1 at a depth of 50 kilometres as the observation area. There are the provisions of not directly applicable legal act of the European Community or the European Union which adopted 8 paragraph 2 points (d) or paragraph 3 of Directive 2000/75/EC in the currently valid version on the basis of the article and by the Ministry in the Federal Gazette had is made known to note in determining an area or an observation area.
(5) the competent authority arranges the implementation epizootiologischer search in the restricted area and in the observation area.

§ 6 has provisions for restricted area and observation area who holds susceptible animals in a restricted area or an observation area, immediately after the announcement of the setting according to section 5, paragraph 4, the competent authority to show this and the location of the animals.

Section 6a of the disease outbreak in a neighbouring Member State on the territory of a neighbouring Member State or a third country the outbreak of bluetongue disease within a distance of less than 150 kilometres from the German border officially determined by the competent authority of the Member State concerned and officially brought the authority responsible for the adjacent area in the domestic to the attention so it arranges the measures according to article 5, paragraph 3 and 4. Article 5, paragraph 5, the §§ 6 and 7 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

§ 7 lifting arranged measures (1) that eliminates authority that because an official finding of bluetongue disease measures on, if the information (2) of Regulation (EC) no 1266/2007 of 26 October 2007 laying down detailed rules for Directive 2000/75/EC of the Council as regards the control, monitoring and surveillance of bluetongue disease, as well as the constraints on the movements of certain animals of the Bluetongue susceptible species referred to in article 6 (OJ L 283 of 27.10.2007, p. 37) are transmitted in the currently valid version.
(2) the competent authority revokes measures ordered because of a suspicion of the disease if 1 the investigations according to article 3 paragraph 1 number 1 (b) and 2 the results of epizootiological investigations number 2 the suspect have not acknowledged according to § 3 paragraph 1.

Section 8 offences any person within the meaning of § 32 paragraph 2 number 4 letter a of the animal health Act is, who intentionally or negligently 1 an enforceable order according to § 3 paragraph 1, 1 a, paragraph 3 or paragraph 2 or § 5 paragraph 2 No. 1 contravenes set 1 or set 2, 2. contrary to article 3, paragraph 3 does not ensure that an animal is not spent, 3. contrary to § 6 an indication not , not, not fully or not timely reimbursed.

Article 9 (entry into force)