Federal Cancer Registry Data

Original Language Title: Bundeskrebsregisterdatengesetz

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Federal cancer registry data Act (BKRG) BKRG Ausfertigung date: 10.08.2009 full quotation: "federal cancer registry data Act of August 10, 2009 (BGBl. I S. 2702, 2707)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 18.8.2009 +++) the G was decided as article 5 of the G v. 10.8.2009 I 2702 of the Bundestag with the consent of the Federal Council. It is under article 13 para 1 of this G mWv 18.8.2009 entered into force.

§, Is set up in a Centre for cancer registry data of 1 establishment of a Centre for cancer registry data (1) at the Robert Koch Institute.
(2) to the technical advice and support of the Centre for cancer registry data, an Advisory Board will be established. The members of the Advisory Board are appointed by the Federal Ministry for health.

Article 2 tasks the Centre for cancer registry data has the following responsibilities: 1 the merger, verification of the completeness and conclusiveness and called, according to § 3 paragraph 1 data sent to evaluation of the epidemiological cancer registries of the countries in the subsequent national cancer register, the implementation of a cross-border reconciliation for the detection of multiple submissions and feedback to the national cancer register, 2 number 1 to 3 submitted the creation, maintenance, and updating a data set from which the country cancer registries according to § 3 paragraph 1 and data audited by number 1 , 3. the regular valuation and analysis a) the annual new cancer disease facts and cancer death rates, b) the survival rates of cancer patients and cancer patients, c) stages of distribution at diagnosis of cancer disease, d) other indicators of cancer events, in particular prevalence, disease risk and mortality risks as well as their evolution, 4. Transnational determine of regional differences in selected cancers, 5. the provision of the record referred to in point of 2 for the evaluation of health cancer prevention measures , Cancer screening, cancer treatment and care, 6 carrying out analyses and studies on the occurrence of cancer, 7 the creation of a comprehensive report on cancer events in the Federal Republic of Germany all five years, 8 the participation in scientific bodies, European and international organisations related to cancer registration and cancer epidemiology.

§ 3 data transmission (1) the national cancer register submit to the Center for cancer registry data for the fulfilment of its tasks pursuant to article 2 no later than 31 December of the next year to all up to the end of the year following covered cancer incidence data: 1. details of the person: a) sex, b) month and year of birth, c) the first five digits of the municipality code of the place of residence, 2. information related to the diagnosis of tumor : according to the key of the international classification of diseases (ICD) in the relevant part of the German Institute for medical documentation and information on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health issued a) tumor diagnosis and effect set by the Federal Ministry of health, b) histology findings according to the key of the current international classification of oncological diseases (ICD-O), c) localisation of the tumour, including the page in pair organs (ICD-O) , d) month and year of the first tumor diagnosis, e) previous cancers, f) kind of diagnosis: exclusively about the cause of death (DCO), clinically, histologically, cytologically by autopsy, other, g) stage of the disease, especially after the current TNM key to display the size and the degree of metastasis of the tumors, h) type of primary therapy, 3. information in case of death: a) death month and year of death, b) cause of death (basic conditions), c) carrying out a post mortem , 4 control number according to § 4 (2) the competent national authorities make sure that the data referred to in paragraph 1 are nationwide and dully collected, cleaned up after testing on multiple messages, and submitted entirely in a consistent format. The clinical cancer registry data is to use.

§ 4 control number, data matching (1) for matching the national cancer register with each other and with the Centre for cancer registry data is according to a uniform for all national cancer register process excludes the restoration of person reference by the recipient, to form a unique control number for every person with cancer.
(2) the control number number 1 to 3 is stored at the Center for cancer registry data separately from the record pursuant to § 3 paragraph 1 and should be merged with him only for the purpose of reconciliation. Upon completion of the reconciliation, no later than three years after delivery, the control number is to delete.
(3) the Federal Ministry of health is authorized to set guidelines for the formation of a control number by decree with the consent of the Federal Council referred to in paragraph 1, as well as for dealing with the multiple submissions of the national cancer register established by the Centre for cancer registry data.

§ 5 data use (1) the Center for cancer registry data uses the data set according to § 3 paragraph 1 number 1 to 3 to the performance of his duties pursuant to section 2 number 3 to 8 (2) the Centre for cancer registry data provides the country cancer registries upon request the record referred to in paragraph 1 to use available. Forwarding to third parties requires an application referred to in paragraph 3 (3) the Centre for cancer registry data may allow third party at the request referred to in paragraph 1 to take advantage of the record, as far as a legitimate, in particular scientific interest is made believable. The application is to establish in particular to purpose and scope of use, and will be submitted to the Advisory Committee for an opinion. Extent of use and publication rights are contractually to regulate.
(4) the Center for cancer registry data published evaluations and provides evaluation tools available on an interactive Internet platform.

Article 6 cooperation of the Center for cancer registry data with the country cancer registries (1) the Centre for cancer registry data transmitted the competent national cancer register according to § 2 No. 1 audited data, as well as the result of the completeness check within six months after submitting them to article 3, paragraph 1. The Center for cancer registry data shall inform the national cancer register on significant findings resulting from evaluating data according to § 2 number 3 and 4.
(2) the cancer registry data centre published a report on frequencies and development of cancer in the Federal Republic of Germany in agreement with the national cancer registers every two years.
(3) the Centre for cancer registry data developed methods and standards together with the national cancer registries for uniform data collection and data transmission, as well as to the analysis of the data. This is the current state of the art to be observed.