Organizational Adoption Of The Federal Chancellor

Original Language Title: Organisationserlass des Bundeskanzlers

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Organizational adoption of the Federal Chancellor BKOrgErl 2002 issue date: 22.10.2002 full quotation: "organizational adoption of the Federal Chancellor on 22 October 2002 (BGBl. I S. 4206), by point." "III number 1 d. of adoption of organization by November 22, 2005 (BGBl. I S. 3797) has been changed" stand: amended by point. III No. 1 d. of adoption of organization v. 22.11.2005 3797. for more information on the stand number you find in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 22.10.2002 +++) input formula in accordance with § 9 of the rules of procedure of the Federal Government I order with immediate effect: I. 

1. (disappeared) 2.
Him to be from the Division of the Federal Ministry of finance under partial repeal of organization Decree of Chancellor of 27 October 1998 (BGBl. I S. 3288), paragraph V, responsibilities for: a) the annual economic report, the Economic Council for the public sector, the economic research institutes and the Council of experts for the assessment of macroeconomic developments;
b) macro-economic analyses and projections, economic statistics;
(c) institutional issues of the OECD in the field of foreign economic policy (excluding household of the OECD).
While the responsibilities of the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development remain unaffected.
3. (disappeared) II. 

1. with the transfer of responsibilities of the former Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, the former Federal Ministry for health to a Federal Ministry for health and social security is formed around.
2. to do so following responsibilities transferred him from the Division of the former Federal Ministry for labour and Social Affairs: a) social security, social security code, Kriegsopferversorgung and other social compensation law, supply medicine. relating to special groups of people, especially slightly busier and apparent self-employment, social security's agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economics and labour to produce;
b) prevention, rehabilitation, disability policy; Social assistance (as far as not contrary to section I no. 3 otherwise provided).
The jurisdiction transfer closes its European and international references as well as its policy and planning issues.
3. the Federal Government Commissioner for the interests of people with disabilities and the Federal Commissioner for the social insurance options are associated with the Federal Ministry of health and social security.

III. the lead responsibility for the task pane genetic engineering food and agriculture transmitted by the Federal Ministry of health and social security on the Federal Ministry of consumer protection, hence the lead jurisdiction for the genetic engineering law. The responsibility for medical issues, in particular the medicines being remains unaffected.

IV. the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth is the Federal Commissioner for foreigners (in future: the Federal Government Commissioner for migration, refugees and integration) associated.


The jurisdiction of the Commissioner of for the new federal States the Federal Government will transfer from the Division of the Federal Chancellor the Federal Ministry of transport, building and housing.

VI. the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety are transmitted: 1 from the Division of the Federal Ministry of Economics and labour a) the responsibilities for the market introduction of renewable energy sources and for energy research in the area of renewable energy sources;
(b) the leadership for the renewable energy sources Act (EEG) and its further development under appropriate application of existing rules of participation.
Responsibility for external issues for renewable energies (particularly export promotion) is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Economics and labour.
2. from the Division of the Federal Ministry of Finance responsible for the "Deutsche Bundesstiftung environment."

VII. responsibility for political public relations is transferred from the business area of the press and information Office of the Federal Government abroad the Foreign Office.

VIII. the details of the transition are regulated between the participating members of the Federal Government in consultation with the head of the Federal Chancellery.

Concluding formula of the Federal Chancellor