Law Concerning The Participation Of The Federal Government On The Appointment Of Committees

Original Language Title: Gesetz über die Mitwirkung des Bundes an der Besetzung von Gremien

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Law concerning the participation of the Federal Government on the occupation of bodies (Federal Panel cast law - BGremBG) BGremBG Ausfertigung date: 24.04.2015 full quotation: "Federal Panel cast law of April 24, 2015 (BGBl. I S. 642)" G replaced 11-1 v. 24.6.1994 I 1406, 1413 (BGremBG) for more information on the stand number you will find in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 1.5.2015 +++) the G as article 1 of the G v. 24.4.2015 I 642 of the Bundestag decided. It is accordance with article 24 para 2 sentence 1 of this G on the 1.5.2015 entered into force.

§ 1 purpose of Act purpose of Act is the equal representation of women and men in committees, unless the Federal Government can appoint members for this.

Article 2 scope this law applies to all bodies according to section 3 Nos. 1 and 2, for which the Federal Government can appoint members. It does not apply to the appointment of the members of the Federal Government, not for the administration of Justice and not for Panel members, are determined in the exercise of legally guaranteed independence.

§ 3 definitions for the purposes of this Act are: 1. supervisory bodies: supervisory and directors, as well as organs comparable supervision regardless of their designation and legal basis, even if their members by choice be determined;
2. major bodies: bodies, where the membership of one or more of its members by the Federal Government to adopt or to take note of is, or bodies that have; been diagnosed as essential
3rd fret: a) the Federal Government as a whole, b) the Federal Chancellor's Office, c) the federal ministries as well as the or of the Federal Government Commissioner for culture and media, including the authorities of the respective business unit, d) the other representative of the Federal Government and the Federal Commissioner and e) Federal legal persons of governed by public law without right to self-government;
4. to be determined through the Federal members: Members who choose the Federal Government in a supervisory or essential Panel, immediately and legally binding called, send or suggest for such a body; a member is determined not by the Federal Government, if a third party against the League has a right of initiative for the membership and makes use of this right.

Section 4 requirements for supervisory bodies (1) in a supervisory body must at least 30 percent of members to be determined by the Federal Government from 1 January 2016 men be women and at least 30 percent. The minimum proportion is required parliamentary elections, to note appointments and secondments to the occupation of one or several seats and increase gradually. Existing mandates can be perceived by their planned end. No more than two Committee seats are entitled to the Federal Government, you are not to apply sentences 1 to 3. Several institutions of the Federal Government, determine number according to § 3 3 members of a Panel, the total number of members to be determined shall be decisive. In the calculations, it is rounded up to the nearest full number of people.
(2) it is the objective to increase the holdings referred to in paragraph 1 to 50 per cent from January 1, 2018. An odd number of Committee seats is available to the Federal Government as a whole, the imbalance between women and men must be only one seat.
(3) where the shortfall of the requirements under paragraphs 1 and 2, the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, is to promptly inform women and youth; It is below.

§ 5 requirements for essential bodies (1) the institutions of the Federal Government according to § 3 No. 3 have to determine a Panel as essential if it has actual, scientific, or future-relevant significance.
(2) in the case of essential bodies, the institutions of the Federal Government that have to work towards equal representation of women and men is created or received. This goal can be achieved gradually in accordance with the provisions in article 4, paragraph 1 and 2.
(3) article 4, paragraph 1, sentence 3 to 6 and paragraph 2 sentence 2 shall apply accordingly.

§ 6 statistics, regulation authorizing (1) publish institutions of the Federal Government pursuant to § 3 No. 3 on its website one over their oversight and main bodies, as well as the number in these members to be determined by the Federal Government. The publication takes place for the first time until June 30, 2015. The site is pursuant to sentence 1 to update regularly.
(2) the institutions of the Federal Government collect annually December 31 in compliance with data protection with men and women filling their bodies. Basis is the establishment referred to in paragraph 1 including the newly recorded in comparison with the previous year and distant bodies. The data are reported each up to March 31 of the following year on the websites of the institutions of the Federal Government under section 3 No. 3 released and at the same time the Federal Statistical Office. Publication and notification take place for the first time until 31 March 2017. (3) created the Federal Statistical Office on behalf of the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth all two years a statistic to which according to paragraph 2 sentence 3 reported data. The statistics part of gender statistics is number 1 of the federal equal opportunities act according to § 38 paragraph 3.
(4) the Federal Government governs the individual requirements for the communication of the statistical data referred to in paragraph 2 sentence 3 by Decree without the consent of the Federal Council.

§ 7 report (1) that sets Federal Government the Bundestag every four years a compilation and evaluation of Panel occupations by the Federal Government before.
(2) the data reported according to section 6, paragraph 2, sentence 3 are based on the compilation and analysis. The Supreme Federal authorities have the information required for the preparation of the report to make.