Regulation Establishing The Toll Points For Certain Sections Of Federal Roads

Original Language Title: Verordnung zur Regelung der Maut-Knotenpunkte für bestimmte Abschnitte von Bundesstraßen

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Regulation for the control of the toll points for certain sections of federal highways (Bundesstraße toll junction regulation BFStrMKnotV) BFStrMKnotV Ausfertigung date: 09.08.2013 full quotation: "Federal road toll junction regulation of 9 August 2013 (BGBl. I S. 3218)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 18.8.2013 +++) input formula on the basis of § 3a paragraph 2 sentence 1 in conjunction with sentence 2 of the federal trunk road toll Act of July 12, 2011 (BGBl. I p. 1378), by article 1, paragraph 3 of the law of 23 July 2013 (Gazette I p. 2550) is been inserted , the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development enacted: (1) nodes in the sense of § 3a paragraph 1 paragraph 2 of the federal trunk road toll Act for the toll roads according to section 1, paragraph 4, of the federal trunk road toll Act in connection with the toll routes extending Regulation § 1 are the points described in the annex.
(2) the toll sections within the meaning of § 3 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the federal trunk road toll Act arise from the column 3 of the annex.
(3) the column 3a of the plant names each the hub for the beginning of the toll section, column 3 b of the plant each the hub for the end of the toll section. Same nodes with the proviso that the beginning and end of the toll section are interchanged apply for the opposite direction.

Article 2 this regulation enters into force on the day after the announcement.

Annex (to section 1) toll points (site: BGBl. I 2013, 3219-3220) in the table below, the following abbreviations are used: AS junction =, to = connection, BG = the Federal limit.
1 2 3 No. No. Bundesstraße No. toll section 3a 3B junction beginning hub end 1 4 B4 hamburger Street in B4 Weddelbrooker str., Bad Bramstedt
 2 4 B4 Weddelbrooker str. in B4 parking 1 3 4 B4 parking 1 B4 Norderstr. / parking lot 4 4 B4 Norderstr. / parking on B4 Kaltenkirchener str. (L320) 5 4 B4 Kaltenkirchener str. (L320) on B4 Hunter trail 6 4 on B4 Hunter trail at B4 gravel old spring deer 7 4 B4 gravel old spring deer on B4 parking 2 8 4 B4 parking 2 on B4 parking 3 9 4 B4 parking B4 Barmstedter str. 3
10 4 B4 Barmstedter str. on B4 on the BEK/op de height 11 4 B4 on the BEK/op de height on B4 Barmstedter Chaussee (L75) 12 4 B4 Barmstedter Chaussee (L75) on B4 Rubinstwiete 13 B4 Rubinstwiete on B4 Heidraden 14 4 4 on B4 hills str. on B4 Hohenhorster way 15 4 B4 B4 Barmstedter str. (L111) 16 Hohenhorster way B4 Barmstedter str. (L111) on B4 Langeloh 17 4 4 B4 Langeloh on B4 Berckholtzstr, 18 4 B4 Berckholtzstr. on B4 KLINGENBERG/box + str. 19 4 on B4 KLINGENBERG/field str. on B4 cemetery trail 20 4 B4 Heidkampstr. on B4 Elise Court RT 21 4 on B4 Elise Court Street at B4 cherry Ahornallee 22 4 on B4 cherry Avenue on B4 Pinne Samuel str., 23 4 B4 Pinneberger str. on B4 Garstedter WEG 24 4 B4 Garstedter way B4 eller Horst/de epics wiper way 25 4 B4 eller Horst/de epics wiper way B4 Winzeldorfer str.
26 4 B4 Winzeldorfer str. in B4 Grellfeldtwiete 27 B4 Heidkampsweg on B4 Schleswig dam 28 4 4 B4 Schleswig dam on B4 Marek-James-str. 29 4 on B4 Marek James Street on B4 Castle Wedel Kamp 30 4 B4 Castle Wedel Kamp on B4 Kalleda way (Gewerbegebiet Flagentwiet) 31 4 B4 Kalleda way (Gewerbegebiet Flagentwiet) on B4 Heidlohstr. 32 4 B4 Heidlohstr. AS Hamburg-Eidelstedt 33 9 AS Kandel-Süd to B9/K 15/19 34 9 B9/k 15/19
B9/k 17 35 9 B9/k 17 B9, parking lot 36 9 B9, parking at B9/L554 37 9 on B9/L554 BG B9 Lauterburg, federal border Germany/France 38 75 AS Hamburg Wilstorf (transition A253/B75) to B75 junction high road 39 to B75 75 junction high road to B75 junction Bremer Straße 40 75 to B75 junction Bremer road to B75 cemetery str./Ernst Bai route 41 75 to B75 cemetery str./Ernst Bai way to B75 petrol station (altitude sheep Hagenberg) 42 75 to B75 Station (altitude sheep Hagenberg) B75 petrol station (altitude Sund trail) 43 75 to B75 petrol station (altitude Sund road) AS Hamburg-Marmstorf