Regulation On The Choice Of Speakers And Speakers Of Volunteers Of The German Volunteer Service

Original Language Title: Verordnung über die Wahl der Sprecherinnen und Sprecher der Freiwilligen des Bundesfreiwilligendienstes

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Regulation on the choice of speakers and speakers of the volunteers of the Federal voluntary service (BFD election regulation BFD-WahlV) BFD WahlV Ausfertigung date: 19.03.2013 full quotation: "BFD election Decree of March 19, 2013 (Gazette I p. 592)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 29.3.2013 +++) input formula on the basis of § 10 sentence 2 in connection with sentence 1 of the Federal volunteer service law of April 28, 2011 (BGBl. I S. 687) enacted the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth : § 1 election volunteers according to § 2 of the Federal volunteer service Act (voluntary) select the range at the federal level once a year seven speakers or speaker and seven representatives or alternates.

§ 2 ordered not later than one month before the start of the registration period for the election of the speakers and speaker order of the Electoral Board of the President or of the President of the Federal Office for family and civic duties (Federal Office) at least three employees or employees of the Federal Office as electoral Committee and one or one of them as Chairman or Chairman.

§ 3 election period for the choice of speakers and speaker is 15 working days. The Election Committee sets the beginning of the election period in agreement with the President or the President of the Federal Office. The election should be completed by November 15 each year.

§ 4 electoral roll (1) voters directory is the directory of the volunteers who reside in the service during the voting period and signed up.
(2) volunteers can register on the website as voters The Federal Office will send the access data and a transaction code for voting each registered voters and each registered voters by two separate emails after identification as voters or voter.
(3) the registry begins six weeks before the election and ends two weeks before the election.

§ 5 election notice (1) the Election Committee published on information following an accessible only to registered voters Web site at 1 the names of its members, 2. that give people information on the electoral roll, 3 the period in which the voters or voters can register, 4. the time limit for the filing of oppositions against the electoral roll, 5. instructions to candidates , 6. the period for the choice of speakers and speaker and 7 the email address of the Election Committee.
(2) in the case of the publication to point out that only volunteers who are registered as voters or voters can choose 1 and 2. appeal against the electoral roll only up to the specified time by E-Mail when the Election Committee can be inserted is referred to in paragraph 1.
(3) after the election, the information published on the election announcement on this Web site are to delete immediately.

§ 6 appeal against the electoral roll (1) volunteers can insert at the Election Committee objecting to the electoral roll. The opposition period ends a week before the start of the election period.
(2) the Election Committee will decide the opposition immediately. The decision is the leader of the opposition or the leader of the opposition to be communicated through E-Mail.
(3) if the opposition is well founded, the selection board corrected the electoral roll.

Electoral procedure (1) select section 7 and can be chosen, who is registered on the electoral roll.
(2) the voters or voters in every election up to seven voices deliver, however each candidate only a voice.
(3) volunteers who would be elected as speaker or speaker, send your application documents until at least two weeks before the start of the voting period the Federal Office by E-Mail. The Federal Agency published these documents according to § 5 paragraph 1 number 5 (4) which is choice exclusively through the website carried out. The identification of the registered voters and voters via the access data. The voting takes place using the transaction code. The assignment of a female voter or a selector for the transaction code is deleted after voting.
(5) the seven volunteers, which account for the highest number of votes are elected as speakers. Are less than seven volunteers for the Office, there are fewer speakers or speaker. Vote of the speakers or speaker, the longer length of service, for the same length of service decides the Los.
(6) the seven persons, accounting for the speakers and speakers the most votes are elected as representatives or alternates. Paragraph 5 is set 2 and 3 according to vote.
(7) the term of the speakers or speaker and representatives or alternates lasts until the next election. The same applies if they are eliminated from the Federal voluntary service. A spokesperson or a speaker or a Deputy or a Deputy resigns the Office, the candidate or the candidate moves to, or at the election after the representatives and substitutes the most votes are accounting for. Is the candidate or the candidate no longer available, is moving to that or the next.

Determination of election results (1) immediately after the election of the Election Committee the election result notes section 8.
(2) the choice is assumed, if that or the selected agrees the election after the announcement of the election results. A selection or a selected rejects the choice, the candidate or the candidate approaches to, on or after the person who rejected are accounts for most votes.

§ 9 announcement of the election results (1) which gives Election Committee known the name of the selected speakers and the speaker as well as elected representatives and Deputy on an accessible only to registered voters Web site at The announcement of the election results must contain: 1 the number of registered voters and voters, 2. the number of the votes, 3. the names of candidates and candidates and the number of on them each deleted votes and 4 the names of selected speakers and speaker as well as elected representatives and Deputy.
(2) on this website, the announcement of the election's outcome 1 of the defeated candidates and candidates within two weeks after the is to delete choice and 2 the selected speakers and speaker as well as the elected representatives and Deputy after the end of their term.

§ 10 ballots (1) ballot papers are the writing about the election results and the electoral roll.
(2) of the outcome of the election (section 9, paragraph 1, sentence 2 number 1 to 4) the Election Committee produces a transcript which is signed by its members.
(3) specific incidents during the election are to be noted in the minutes of the election.
(4) the ballot papers be kept the speakers, speakers and their deputy or Deputy at the Agency until the end of the term. After that the ballots be destroyed.

Article 11 entry into force this regulation enter into force on the day after the announcement.