Law On The Modernisation Of The Salary Structure

Original Language Title: Gesetz zur Modernisierung der Besoldungsstruktur

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Law for the Modernisation of the Remuneration structure (Besolding Structure Act-BesstructG)

Non-official table of contents


Date of delivery: 21.06.2002

Full quote:

" Remuneration structure law of the 21. June 2002 (BGBl. 2138), as defined by Article 2 of the Law of 16. May 2007 (BGBl. I p. 746) "

:Modified by Art. 2 G v. 16.5.2007 I 746

For details, see the Notes


(+ + + text evidence from: 1.7.2002 + + +)

for details on the stand. name="BJNR213800002BJNE000100305 " />Non-Official Table of Contents

Input Formula

The Bundestag, with the approval of the Federal Council, has decided the following law: Non-Official Table of Contents

Type 1 to Type 8 (omitted)

- A non-official table of contents

Art 9 Return to the unified ordinance

The parts of the legal regulations, which are based on Articles 6a, 6b and 6c, may be based on the legal regulations in each case relevant authorisation shall be amended by means of a legislative decree. Non-official table of contents

Art 9a New announcement permission

The Federal Ministry of the Interior can read the wording of the Federal Law on Wages in the Version, which applies on the first day of the calendar month following the proclamation of this law, in the Federal Law Gazprom. Unofficial table of contents

Type 10 rules repeal

(1) It is canceled:
the refund law as published in the Bundesgesetzblatt Part III, outline number 2030-10, Revised version, amended by Article 40 of the Law of 2. March 1974 (BGBl. 469),
the implementing regulation on the refund law in the revised version published in the Bundesgesetzblatt part III, outline number 2030-10-1, Version,
the regulation on § 26 (4) (1) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) in the version of the announcement of the 21. August 1992 (BGBl. 1595), as last amended by Article 1 of the Regulation of 3. June 1998 (BGBl. I p. 1232),
the regulation on § 26 (4) (2) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) as amended by the 21. August 1992 (BGBl. 1597), as last amended by Article 306 of the Regulation of 29 June 1997. October 2001 (BGBl. 2785),
the Second Regulation on § 26 (4) (2) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) of 10. July 1981 (BGBl. 650), as amended by the Regulation of 20 June 2008. December 1984 (BGBl. 1678).
(2) § 26 (2) to (6) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) as amended and the regulations referred to in paragraph 1 (3) to (5) are valid until the entry into force of regulations, which are based on the re-authored Article 26 (3) of the Act. Federal law on the law of the Federal Republic of Germany, but at the latest until 1. July 2007 and the Federal Republic of Germany up to 1. July 2009, further. Non-official table of contents

Type 11 Entry into force

(1) This law occurs on the first day of the delivery, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2. Calendar month in effect.(2)