Miner Settlements Act

Original Language Title: Gesetz über Bergmannssiedlungen

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Law on miner settlements BergMSdlgG Ausfertigung date: 10.03.1930 full quotation: "miner settlements Act where in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 2330-5, adjusted version published recently by article 1 of the law of December 8, 2007 (BGBl. I S. 2812) is changed" stand: last amended by art. 1 G v. 8.12.2007 I 2812 for details on the stand number found in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity) : 1.1.1964 +++) § 1 the assets, that the establishment of Bailey flats on the basis of the decision of the Reich coal Association by December 30, 1919 and his announcements from 31 December 1919 and April 28, 1920 (Empire indicator for 1927 No. 145 and for 1920 No. 1 and 91) and the notice of the reichsrat of coal through the payment of contributions to the miners housing and the cheapening of miners food by March 31, 1921, in addition to amendment notices from May 11 , 28 June and 12 September 1921, from the February 27, August 30, 14 and 29 November 1922 and January 27 and February 8, 1923 (1921 Empire scoreboard No. 76, 110, 150, 216; for 1922 No. 51, 195, 259, 272; for 1923 No. 25 and 35) applied been is (miner settlement assets), which is "provisions of the Reich Labour Minister concerning the granting of aid from rich resources to the construction of Bailey flats' by 21 January 1920 in addition to amendment notices from May 18 by the following trust authorities in accordance with 1920, 30 September 1920, August 2, 1922, August 30, 1923 and July 4, 1927 (Central journal for the German Empire in 1920 pp. 65, 595 and 1478, 1922 pp. 443, Empire Ministerial Gazette 1923 p. 923 and Empire indicator 1927 No. 156) managed. The miner settlement asset is property of the Empire.

§ 2 (1) trust are a) b) c) d) e) (lapsed) f) the housing for the Rhenish lignite district limited company in Cologne, Germany, g) h) (2) the trustee agencies manage the miner settlement assets as trustee of the Empire. You can claim the rights belonging to this capacity in their own name.

§ 3 (1) the trustee authorities have to ensure the promotion of the common good that a) the means of the miner's settlement assets are used only for the creation, management and maintenance of housing must workers of the Kohlenbergbaues and for the widows of such workers (apartment justified), b) belonging and the flats produced with aid from funding these assets only by legitimate apartment be inhabited to this asset , be in one - and two-family dwellings, which are owned by a resident or to a resident, but only up to the period of ten years after the Bezugsfertigkeit of the building, c) conditional on the use of a miner apartment not by the existence of an employment relationship with a given employer, d) (2) a and b can be derogated from the provisions of paragraph 1 , if there is no opportunity for employment in the coal mining within easy reach of the apartments or in particularly justified cases, if adequate compensation for it is fed to the miner's settlement assets.
(3) a home owner who had to retire from employment in coal mining because of reduced earning capacity within the meaning of the sixth book of the social code or as a result of industrial accident or is eliminated without his fault against his will after at least five years employment in the coal mining is equivalent to.
(4) as an apartment seeker a family is regarded by the an owned the House State family member as a worker or person liable to insurance clerk in the coal mining is busy.

§ 4 the Bergmann apartments are subject to not the burdens which the House interest tax or other.

§ 5 (1) the trust points are under the supervision of the Empire. This is exercised through the Reich Labour Minister in consultation with the Reich Economy Minister.
(2) (3) article 6 (1) benefits Bergmann apartments and the cheapening of miners food made for establishing can are not recovered on the grounds, that the decision referred to in article 1 of the Reich coal Association or one of the designated thereon notices void or by an incompetent authority or on the amount of coal that the calculation of the benefit was based, were not applicable. Similarly, claims for damages which are based on one of these reasons are excluded.
(2) outstanding services of the kind referred to in paragraph 1 can no longer be required.
(3) claims for compensation are established by these rules.

§ 7 the Reich Labour Minister may adopt... to carry out this Act regulations and general regulations.

§ 8 enter into force with the days following the proclamation of this Act.