Law On The Reorganisation Of Statistics About The Accommodation In Travel

Original Language Title: Gesetz zur Neuordnung der Statistik über die Beherbergung im Reiseverkehr

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Law for the redesign of the statistics on the accommodation in the travel (accommodation Statistics Act - BeherbStatG) BeherbStatG Ausfertigung date: 22.05.2002 full quotation: "accommodation Statistics Act of 22 May 2002 (BGBl. I S. 1642), most recently by article 1 of the Act of November 23, 2011 (BGBl. I p. 2298) is changed" stand: last amended by art. 1 G v. 23.11.2011 I 2298 for details on the stand number found in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from) : 1.1.2003 +++) § 1 formation, purpose of the accommodation in the tourist traffic (temporary accommodation) perform statistical surveys of establishments as Federal statistics.

§ 2 periodicity, reporting period (1) which are surveys monthly, starting for the report month January 2012, carried out. The number of rooms is number 4 pursuant to section 4 to raise only a year.
(2) period for the monthly survey is the the time of the previous calendar month. Deadline for the annual survey is July 31.

§ 3 (1) establishments in the sense of § 1 plants and plants which serve for establishment and purpose, at the same time temporarily to accommodate at least ten guests are gathering area. Campsites must be at least ten pitches.
(2) the surveys cover 1 the following groups of annex I of to Regulation (EC) No 1893/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006 establishing the statistical classification of economic activities NACE revision 2 and amending Council Regulation (EEC) No 3037/90 of the Council, as well as some regulations of the EC on specific areas of statistics (OJ L 393 of 30.12.2006, p. 1) in its current version: a) 55.1 hotels, Inns and b & BS, b) 55.2 holiday accommodations and similar accommodation, c) 55.3 camping grounds.
2. training homes;
3. Prevention and rehabilitation clinics.

Survey characteristics characteristics are section 4: 1 number of arrivals and overnight stays by guests; This information guests, which residence or habitual residence outside of Germany is situated, are origin 2. number of offered guest beds collected also in the subdivision, or campsite of pitches, 3. date the temporary closure and reopening, as well as the trade cancellation, 4th at hotels, inns, b & BS and hotels garnis in addition number of guest rooms, 5 in the establishments referred to in paragraph 4, with 25 and more guest rooms in addition the number of allocated and offered room days. for the latter alternative utilization as a percentage.

Help help characteristics are section 5: 1 name and address of the accommodation establishment, 2. name, phone numbers and addresses for electronic mail of people who are available for questions at the disposal.

§ 6 is accountability accountability (1) for the surveys. The holder, the owner, the Manager or the Manager of the accommodation establishment is required to report. Providing information to the information according to § 5 No. 2 is optional.
(2) the obligation to supply information extends in initial attraction to past reporting periods of the calendar year.
(3) for companies, owned by entrepreneur within the meaning of § 7 g paragraph 7 sentence 2 and 3 of the income tax act as amended by the notice of October 19, 2002 (BGBl. I S. 4210, 2003 I S. 179) are, is no accountability in the calendar year of the opening of the operation by way of derogation from paragraph 1 sentences 1 and 2. In the two following calendar years then no information obligation, if the company in the last completed fiscal year revenues amounting to less than EUR 500 000.

§ May be transmitted tables with statistical results 7 transmission control on the top federal and State authorities to use compared to the legislative bodies, and for purposes of planning, but not for the regulation of individual cases by the Federal Statistical Office and the statistical offices of the countries, even as far as table fields are from a single case.

§ Is authorized 8 regulation empowering the Federal Government to suspend the collection of individual data collection characteristics by decree with the consent of the Federal Council 1, extend the periodicities and to Inquirer to restrict the breakdown of survey characteristics and the circle;
2nd to introduce single new characteristics, if this is necessary for the purpose of this law, and it is not personally identifiable information. introduces survey characteristics which are not required to comply with reporting obligations under the law of the European communities, an expansion of the scope of the survey the simultaneous suspension of the collection of other characteristics should be avoided.

§ 9 entry into force, force this law enters into force on 1 January 2003. At the same time the accommodation statistics law of July 14, 1980 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 953), last amended by article 5 No. 6 of the law of 19 December 2000 (BGBl. I S. 1765), override.