Law On The Adjustment Of Service And Pensions In Federal And State 1991

Original Language Title: Gesetz über die Anpassung von Dienst- und Versorgungsbezügen in Bund und Ländern 1991

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Act on the adjustment of service and pensions in federal and state governments 1991 (Bundesbesoldungs-und -Supply Adjustment Act 1991-BBVAnpG 91)

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BBVAnpG 91

Date of expiry: 21.02.1992

Full quote:

" Bundesbesoldungs-und -Supply Adjustment Act 1991 of 21. February 1992 (BGBl. 266), which is Article 57 of the Act of 19. February 2006 (BGBl. I p. 334) has been amended "

:Modified by Art. 57 G v. 19.2.2006 I 334

For details, see the Notes


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Input Formula

The Bundestag, with the approval of the Bundesrat, has approved the following law:

Art 1
Service and Supply Reference Customization in the Federation and Countries

Non-official Table of Contents

§ § 1 to 5 (omitted)

Non-official table of contents

§ 6

(1) For the 31. On the basis of the provisions of the Directive on pensions, which are available in December 1989, the pensions on which the pensions are calculated shall be increased by a structural compensation as an adjustment supplement. This shall not apply to beneficiaries of transitional charges. The structural compensation amounts to 0.4 per cent of the service salary which can be kept in a position of rest.(2) Supply covers, the calculation of which is not based on a local surcharge under the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz), and pensions fixed in fixed amounts, shall be subject to a structural compensation as an adjustment supplement of the amount referred to in paragraph 1. , the Vomhundt set is increased.(3) Article 2 (2) (1) sentence 4 and Article 3 (3) (2) sentence 4 of the 2. Budget structural law should not be applied.(4) The adjustment of the pensions in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 shall not be deemed to be an increase in the pension rights of civil servants within the meaning of section 57 (2) sentence 2 and section 58 (2) sentence 1 of the civil service provision law. Sentence 1 shall apply in the cases of § 55c paragraph 2 sentence 2 and § 55d paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the SoldatenSupply Act.

Art 2
Other amendments to the law on remuneration

Non-Official Table of Contents

§ § 1 and 2 (omitted)

- unofficial table of contents

§ 3 (omitted)


Art 3 to 9

type 10
Transient and Final Provisions

Non-official table of contents

§ 1

- unofficial table of contents

§ 2 (omitted)

(omitted) unofficial table of contents

§ 3 Return to the uniform rule of law

The parts of the Regulations, which are based on Article 1 (3) and (4), Article 2 (2) and Article 10 (1) of the Regulations, may be combined with this provision on the basis of the respective authority be amended or repealed by regulation. Nonofficial table of contents

§ 4

- unofficial Table of Contents

§ 5 Entry into force

(1) This Act occurs with effect from 1. March 1991.(2) (3) The changes in Section 26 (1) of the German Federal Law on Remuneration and the changes in Section 26 (4) (1) of the Bundesbesoldungsgesetz (Article 26 (4)) of the German Federal Law on Remuneration (Bundesbesoldungsgesetz) may be used in the respective grades to form a Quarter in 1992 and a further quarter in the following years.


Art. 10 § 5 (1): In accordance with the formula of the decision, Article 33 (5) of the GG is incompatible. BVerfGE v. 24.11.1998; 1999 I 371-2 BvL 26/91 and others - unofficial table of contents

final formula

The federal government has the law required under Article 113 of the Basic Law to the above law Consent granted. Non-official table of contents

Assets 1 to 3i, 4, and 5



Appendix 2: In accordance with the decision formula, Art. 33 (5) GG irreconcilable. BVerfGE v. 24.11.1998; 1999 I 371-2 BvL 26/91 and others -