Implementing And Supplementing Regulation On The Simplified Processing Of Building Association Savings Agreements

Original Language Title: Durchführungs- und Ergänzungsverordnung über die vereinfachte Abwicklung von Bausparverträgen

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Implementing and Complementary Regulation on simplified settlement of building savings contracts

Unofficial table of contents


Date of departure: 09.06.1933


" Implementation and Complementary Regulation on the simplified settlement of building savings contracts in the revised version "


(+ + + TextProof validity from: 1.1.1964 + + +) 
(+ + + This V is gem. Section 20 (6) G v. 16.11.1972 I 2097
Not to be applied to building
contracts + + +)

unofficial Table of contents

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On the basis of Section 7 of the Chapter V of the First Part of the Ordinance of the President of the Republic on measures in the field of the administration of justice and administration of 14, referred to below as the Emergency Regulation. June 1932 (Reichsgesetzbl. 285, 288) will be arranged in agreement with the Minister for Labour: Non-official table of contents

Art 1

-Non-official table of contents

Art 2

From the payment of further contributions, the construction savers are also exempt from payment (§ 1 (2) sentence 1 of the emergency regulation), to the extent that: Savings contributions in the case of an arrangement of the simplified settlement are backward. The same applies to administrative costs contributions; however, the building savings banks have a savings balance which they consist of in order to reduce the amount of administrative costs which they have to pay, in so far as they account for a period of time before the arrangement of the simplified settlement. Non-official table of contents

Art 3

For the priority satisfaction of all construction savers (§ 1 para. 2 sentence 4 of the emergency regulation), it also applies if a The contract shall be countervailable or null and void. A building saver shall not be entitled to any other claim against the building savings bank in such a way as to allow the building savings to be repaid in the same way as the liquid means in each case (Section 1 (2) sentence 3 of the Emergency Regulation); counting. Non-official table of contents

Art 4

Rights that a construction saver to save the performance, damages, or damages resulting from the building savings contract, or Has acquired enrichment claims, erasing with the order of simplified settlement. Non-official table of contents

Art 5

The Reichssupervisory Office orders the simplified settlement after a building savings bank is responsible for the business operations It can be determined that its arrangement acts as a resolution decision.


Art. 5 italic printing: now Federal Supervisory Board for the insurance industry gem. § 8 No. 7 BAG 7630-1 Non-official table of contents

Art 6

This regulation occurs with effect from the 16. June 1932 in force. This shall be without prejudice to any recognition, comparison and final judgments. Non-refusing charges and administrative costs which have been repaid in breach of the provisions of Article 2 cannot be recovered. A reduction in the building savings in accordance with the second sentence of the second sentence of Article 2 shall not be reduced if, in the event of the proclamation of this Regulation, a plan defining the rights of the construction savers for the simplified settlement is established, which does not provide for such a reduction; and a change in the plan would create a seemingly disproportionate effort to make it. Non-official Table of Contents

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The Minister for Economic Affairs