Regulation On The Operations Of The Construction Industry, To Encourage Year-Round Employment In Which Is

Original Language Title: Verordnung über die Betriebe des Baugewerbes, in denen die ganzjährige Beschäftigung zu fördern ist

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Regulation on the operations of the construction industry, to encourage year-round employment in which is (building regulation) BaubetrV 1980 issue date: 28.10.1980 full quotation: "construction companies Ordinance of 28 October 1980 (BGBl. I S. 2033), most recently by article 37 of the law of December 20, 2011 (BGBl. I S. 2854) is changed" stand: last amended by article 37 G v. 20.12.2011 I 2854 more to the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from) : 1.11.1980 +++) input formula on the basis of section 76 para 2 of the labour promotion law of June 25, 1969 (BGBl. I p. 582), by article 1 No. 23 of the Act of 23 July 1979 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 1189) is changed, will - after consultation with the Federal Agency for work pursuant to section 234, paragraph 2, of the labour promotion law and the collective bargaining parties of construction according to § 76 para 2 sentence 4 of the labour promotion law - prescribed : Approved enterprises (1) which is year-round employment in the construction industry to promote industrial predominantly through the season short money in businesses and operating divisions § 1 providing construction services (§ 101 paragraph 2 of the third book of the social code).
(2) companies and operating divisions within the meaning of paragraph 1 are those in which in particular the following works are carried out (construction industry): 1 work of sealing against moisture;
2. Aptierungs and drainage works, such as for example the draining of land reclaimed and advertising surfaces, including the Grabenräumungs - and Faschinierungsarbeiten, the laying of drainage pipes as well as of creating flood - and sluice applications;
2A. asbestos removal work on buildings and building components;
3. drying works, are works which serve under the influence on the structure of the masonry of the dehumidification, also using plastics or chemicals, as well as installation of capacitors;
4. concrete and reinforced concrete work including concrete protection, concrete repairs and reinforcement;
5. drilling operations;
6 fountain construction work;
7. chemical soil solidification;
8 Dämm-(Isolier-)Arbeiten (sound processing works are heat -, cold -, soundproofing, sound swallowing, Schallverbesserungs -,) including installation of substructures and technical Dämm-(Isolier-)Arbeiten, in particular on technical exchanges and on land, air and water vehicles;
9 earth-moving work, these are for example road construction -, drainage -, Landgewinnungs -, dike construction, torrent and avalanche construction, sports facility construction and erection of noise protection wall and page attachments on roads;
10 screed work, these are for example work using cement, asphalt, anhydrite, magnesite, gypsum, plastics or similar materials;
11. facade construction work;
12 prefabricated work: installing or assembling prefabricated parts to create, repair, maintenance or modification of buildings; In addition, the manufacture of finished parts, when they are; put together for the most part operation, other modes of the same company or within business combinations - without prejudice to the legal form,-by operating at least a participating shareholder or incorporated not included is the manufacture of precast concrete, wood finished part for the purpose of building of wooden prefabricated works and insulating elements in massive, stationary, and established permanent workplaces according to type of stationary plants; § 2 No. 12 remains unaffected;
13 furnace and kiln construction work;
14 tiles, slabs - and mosaic put - and installation;
14A. Fugarbeiten in buildings, in particular disposal of veneer masonry and connections between elements and brickwork as well as elastic and permanently plastic joints of any kind;
15 glass reinforced concrete work as well as erection and installation of glass blocks;
16 track construction work;
17 manufacture of non storable building materials, such as example concrete and mortar mixes (ready-mixed concrete and premixed mortar), if the majority of manufactured building materials the construction sites of the manufacturing operation, an other operations of the same company or within business combinations - without prejudice to the legal form - the operation of at least a participating partner sites to be supplied;
18 high construction work;
19 wood preservation work on components;
20th Kanalbau-(Sielbau-)Arbeiten;
21 masonry;
22 piling works;
23 pipeline construction, pipeline engineering, cable management civil engineering works and floor includes;
24 shaft construction and tunnelling works;
25 shuttering work;
26 chimney construction work;
27 high-explosive, demolition and clearance work; not included are demolition and dismantling operations, vast operating of the extraction of raw materials or the recycling of demolition material is used;
28 steel bending and weavings, provided they are; carried out other construction services of the operation or on construction sites
29 three development;
30 stone carvings;
31 road works, these are for example stone, asphalt, concrete, black road works, paving works of all kinds, marking work; also manufacture and preparation of the mixed material, if, with the vast majority of the mixed operation, any operation of the same company or within business combinations - without prejudice to the legal form - the operation of at least a participating shareholder is supplied;
32nd street works;
33. stucco, plaster, gypsum and Rabitzarbeiten including the substructures and plaster beams;
34. terrazzo work;
35. civil engineering works;
36. dry and Assembly works (for example, wall and ceiling and panels), Assembly of fact parts including the substructures and plaster beams;
37. laying of floor coverings in conjunction with other architectural services;
38. rental of construction machinery with operator, when the construction equipment with operator are used for the provision of architectural services;
38A. thermal insulation composite system work;
39. waterworks construction work, drainage works, water works (for example water road construction, construction of water basins, locks plant construction);
40. carpentry and timber construction work carried out within the framework of the room industry;
41. setting up of construction elevators.
(3) businesses and operating divisions within the meaning of paragraph 1 are also 1 enterprises, which set up scaffolding (scaffolding craft), 2 companies of the roofing trade.
(4) businesses and operating divisions within the meaning of paragraph 1 are also those of the gardening and landscaping, where procedures are carried out: 1. creation of garden, Park and parks, sports and playgrounds cemetery systems;
2. create the entire outdoor housing, public construction projects, in particular in schools, hospitals, swimming pools, road, motorway, railway equipment, aerodromes, barracks;
3. Dike, slope, Stockpiling and embankment construction including Fascine construction;
4. soil-bioengineering work of all kinds;
5. protective plantings of all kinds;
6. drainage work;
7. land reclamation work;
8 Landgewinnungs and reclamation work.
(5) businesses and operating divisions within the meaning of paragraph 1 are excluded from a year-round employment through the season short money, if they belong to a definable and significant group, which involve for leads the paragraphs 2 to 4 in the bad weather to a revival of economic activity or a stabilization of the employment conditions of workers affected by seasonal absenteeism.

Excluded operations not eligible enterprises within the meaning of § 1 para 1 as section 2 operations 1 the buildings - and iron protection sector are;
2. of the producing concrete and terrazzo products industry, as far as not according to their purpose mainly construction works within the meaning of § 1 para 1 and 2 run in operating departments;
3. the facade cleaning;
4. floor and Parkettlegerei;
5. the glazier trades;
6 of the installation trade, especially the plumbing, air conditioning construction, the gas, water, heating, ventilation and electrical installation, of lightning protection and earthing plant construction;
7 of the painter and Varnisher trade, if not mostly works of § 1 para 1 and 2 are executed in the sense;
8. the natural stone and natural stone industry and stone crafts;
9. the dredging;
10. of the tiled stove and air heating construction;
11. the acid construction industry;
12. of the carpentry trade as well as woodworking and processing industry including the wooden prefabricated industry, if not mostly prefabricated, insulation (insulating), drywall and construction work or carpentry work; run
13 of the pure steel, iron, metal and alloy construction and the catenary - overhead -, local telephone and cable construction;
14. and businesses providing commercially available concrete unloading Chargers.

§ 3 (dropped out) section 4 entry into force, expiry this regulation into force on November 1, 1980.

Concluding formula of the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs