Regulation On The Performance-Based Partial Remission Of Education Loans

Original Language Title: Verordnung über den leistungsabhängigen Teilerlaß von Ausbildungsförderungsdarlehen

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Regulation on the performance-based partial remission of education loans (BAföG TeilerlaßV) BAföG TeilerlaßV Ausfertigung date: 14.12.1983 full quotation: "regulation on the performance-based partial remission of education loans of 14 December 1983 (BGBl. I p. 1439, 1575), most recently by article 3 of the law of 2 December 2004 (BGBl. I p. 3127) is has been modified" stand: amended article 3 G v. 2.12.2004 I 3127 for more information on the stand number you will find in the menu see remarks footnote V enacted by article 3 1 V v. 3.1.1989 set I 58 mWv 1.1.1989 (+++ text detection from: 26.7.1985 +++) V occurs in the area referred to in article 3 of the Unification Treaty com. Encl. I Cape. XVI Sachgeb. B section II EingS. EinigVtr v. 31.8.1990 conjunction with art. 1 G v. 23.9.1990 II 885, 1132 of the contracts in force input formula on reason of section 18 b para. 1 of the Federal training as amended by the notice of June 6, 1983 (BGBl. I p. 645) the Federal Government with the consent of the Federal Council decreed: § 1 exam review is the Authority during tests in the Church or private sector the institution, the overall result of the audit in a self-contained independent or supplementary training or degree program to a higher vocational school , Academy or College notes.

Section 2 final exam (1) final examination is the examination, which is intended to complete a course of studies or training. In the single-level legal training, audit is the examination, which completes the entire vocational training. Final exam is also the legal midterm after the right of review of the State of Bavaria.
(2) the check is only if their existence or non-existence has been established completed. Several candidates are tested in a specified testing section, so testing is considered the time completed, in which the result is found for all candidates of this section.
(3) the repeat examination in the case of the non-existence of the statutory audit is an audit in the sense of this regulation, does not, however, a repeat test, which is conducted only for the purpose of improving touch.

§ 3 examination graduate/sponsored is each trainee has completed an audit within the meaning of article 2 (1) examination graduate within the meaning of this regulation.
(2) supported within the meaning of this regulation is, who received loan services under the Federal education assistance act after December 31, 1983.

§ 4 the audit calendar year is attributable to the calendar year in which the overall result of this test by the examination body is determined. The same applies to a decision under review.

§ 5 comparison groups (1) the section has to form a comparison group consisting of all examination graduates of a year subject to a set of 2, and paragraphs 2 and 3 for each course or training. It may with the approval of a public authority designated by the country 1 if the final examinations are comparable, for more training or courses of study a common comparison group, or 2. If this is necessary with regard to the comparability of final exams for a training or study course several comparison groups, as well as in teacher training courses, also at individual universities, make comparison groups for fields or combinations. & (2) a separate comparison group is formed for each compartment in which the respective test item the House - or master's thesis could be made in the master's degree programmes; Paragraph 1 sentence 2 is apply mutatis mutandis.
(3) para 2 sentence 4 and 6 is by way of derogation from paragraph 1 in the cases of section 18 of the Act to make a comparison group consisting of all funded, where the existence or non-existence of the audit has been established; Paragraph 1 sentence 2 and paragraph 2 shall apply accordingly.

§ To form 6 education ranking (1) that is ranking after the designated in the certificate of the final examination or pursuant to the examination regulations examination total note. Only to the extent that this note in each case is not sufficient for the decision that is attributable to several examination graduates the first 30 per cent, is according to paragraph 2 or paragraph 3. A testing total note is not shown in the certificate of audit or set after the examination regulations, 3 is to proceedings referred to in paragraph.
(2) the examination total note is after the examination regulations, the ranking, including decimal, but no more than two places fallen away due to the rounding, is formed.
(3) in the cases of paragraph 1 sentence 3 ranking is as follows according to the mathematically to investigating grand total of part services of auditing to be taken into account to make: the results of the individual services are to add and divide by the total number of services. Particularly, are single partial performance is weighted according to the examination regulations, the addition and Division, taking into account this weighting are to carry out. Are in the context of the overall evaluation results of partial performance or the overall increased or decreased been, this is also calculated to take into account. The overall result is to calculate on a decimal place.
(4) as far as when classifying according to paragraphs 2 and 3 is only a point behind the decimal point available, examination graduate, has completed his education in the lower number of students going on when tied ranked each examination graduate with the next larger number of students.

§ 7 specifics of comparison groups and ranking education (1) in training or courses in which as a result of the audit, only the existence is determined or where an audit not intended or not is, and in cases in which the trainee has filed the final examination at a training facility outside of the scope of the Act, (§ 18 para 2 sentence 4 and 6 of the Act) , is this Regulation shall apply mutatis mutandis, that in the comparison group and ranking education only supported examination graduates according to §§ 5 and 6 to consider are.
(2) as far as the existence of only is determined as a result of the audit (§ 18 para 2 sentence 4 letter a of the Act), the auditing Board has to make the ranking according to the services provided in this test with the approval of a public authority designated by the country.
(3) in training or courses in which an audit is not provided or not prescribed (§ 18 para 2 sentence 4 point (b) of the Act), the function of the section from the respective training site is perceived in the formation of ranking. Mapping, the training of her to berufender Commission can operate. The formation of the comparison group and the appointment of the committees require the approval of an authority designated by the country.

§ Is a tied at the point ranked formed the §§ 6 and 7 8 tied (1) until the the first 30 per cent so apply the examination graduates or funded rich, all sharing the same rank at this point, belonging to the first 30 per cent.
(2) if 30 per cent of the number of examination graduates or sponsored any integer, the 30 per cent to the next whole number shall be rounded.

Modifying an audit - or promotion-legal decision that attributable to the for a calendar year determined first 30 per cent is a sponsored results section 9 - section 10 legal effects, so the mapping of other shall not affect sponsored the first 30 per cent as a result.

§ 11 obligations (1) the examination bodies have all examination graduates to point out the possibility of a performance-related part of Decree of education loans and to ensure that the sponsored make a written declaration, with which they make necessary information for the preparation of the decision on the partial loan remission.
(2) in the § 18 para 2 sentence 4 and 6 of the Act, cases are the examinees who have received education after December 31, 1983, committed to the competent testing during registration for the audit of knowledge to give. As proof a decision of approval or a certificate of the Office of education is this statement to be attached, which last dealt with a decision on the promotion.
(3) the examination bodies have in the § 18 cases referred to in para 2 sentence 4 and 6 of the Act all subjects relating to the message to the final examination to ask whether they have received education after December 31, 1983 as a loan for the education section, which is completed by the audit, and pointing out the consequences of a breach of the obligation under paragraph 4.
(4) a candidate of his obligation fails to pursuant to paragraph 2 sentence 1, so he is excluded him on duration of one favorable consideration as supported by the.

Article 12 determination of the ranking

(1) the examination shall determined in accordance with articles 6 and 8 of this regulation for each comparison group the test total score of examination graduates, which belongs to the top 30 per cent of the comparison group (corner note) last. Taking the corner note, it determined the test results of belonging to this comparison group sponsored examination graduates, who issued the declaration according to article 11, paragraph 1. The section has to process, if this is necessary for mapping the sponsored the first 30 per cent of all examination graduates of the respective comparison group according to section 6 para 2 to 4.
(2) by way of derogation from paragraph 1 determines the examination body to in § 18 para 2 sentence 4 and 6 of the Act paragraphs 7 and 8 for each comparison group the precedence of funded cases referred to and determines who is the sponsored of the first 30 per cent.
(3) it must notify the Federal Office of administration until the end of April of the calendar year following on the determination of the total value of the audit for the further implementation of § 18 b para 2 of the law required and identified pursuant to paragraph 1 or 2 data on appropriate for electronic data processing, machine readable data carriers with.
(4) by way of derogation from paragraph 3 the examination body can transmit data on standardised recording sheets, if automatic data communication due to a disproportionate administrative burden is not acceptable.
(5) the Federal Office of Administration decides on the loan adoption of part of.

Section 13 - section 14 transitional arrangement in the training courses for doctors and pharmacists are, as far as not all sections of the medical or pharmaceutical testing after each applicable licensure for physicians or the licensure of pharmacists in the after December 31, 1983 are rated in differentiated, to refer to the sections rated in differentiated in the formation of ranking according to § 6. The weighting is taken into account when determining the total calculated, resulting from the multiplication laid down in the orders of approval for each test section to the total grade education, divisions and adding values.

§ 15 Berlin clause this Regulation shall apply to § 14 of the third of transfer Act in conjunction with section 67 of the Federal training in Berlin, Germany.

§ 16 this regulation into force shall on January 1, 1984, with the proviso, that it is to apply completed final exams for all after December 31, 1983.

§ 17-