Regulation To Identify The Deemed Income Other Income According To § 21 Abs. 3 Nr. 4 Of The Federal Training

Original Language Title: Verordnung zur Bezeichnung der als Einkommen geltenden sonstigen Einnahmen nach § 21 Abs. 3 Nr. 4 des Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetzes

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Regulation to identify the deemed income other income according to § 21 ABS. 3 No. 4 of the Federal training (BAföG forms) BAföG forms Ausfertigung date: 05.04.1988 full quotation: "regulation to identify the deemed income other income according to § 21 ABS. 3 No. 4 of the Federal training by April 5, 1988 (BGBl. I p. 505), by article 3 paragraph 3 of the Act of June 29, 2015 (BGBl. I p. 1061) is changed" stand : Last modified by article 4 G v. 23.10.2012 I 2246 Note: change article 3 para 3 G v. 29.6.2015 I 1061 (No. 26) textually evidenced by, edited documentary has not conclusively about the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 1.7.1988 +++) V occurs in the area referred to in article 3 of the Unification Treaty gem. appendices I Cape. XVI Sachgeb. B section II EingS. EinigVtr v. 31.8.1990 conjunction with art. 1 G v. 23.9.1990 II 885, 1132 of the contracts in force input formula on reason of § 21 para 3 sentence 1 No. 4 of the Federal training as amended by the notice of June 6, 1983 (BGBl. I p. 645) the Federal Minister for education and science with the consent of the Federal Council decreed: § 1 social security benefits as revenue, which are intended to meet the need for life , following social security benefits apply: 1. after the third book of the social law a) pay compensation (section 3 paragraph 4) b) (lapsed) c) Foundation grant (article 93) minus the lump-sum contributions d) integration assistance (paragraph 418).
1 a. (disappeared) 1B. (disappeared) 2nd after the fifth, sixth and seventh book of the social code (SGB V, SGB VI, SGB VII), the second law on insurance of farmers (KVLG - 1989), the maternity protection Act (MuSchG), the Federal parental benefits and parents time Act (BEEG), a) sickness benefit (§§ 44ff. SGB V, §§ 12ff. KVLG - 1989), b) services of the statutory health insurance fund for reimbursement of the earnings for work as a domestic help in the event of sickness of the insured person (article 38 para 4 SGB V);
c) maternity allowance (§ 24i SGB V, § 13 MuSchG) and grant to the maternity allowance (§ 14 MuSchG), as far as they the education money under the federal child-raising allowance Act or that according to § 10 of the Federal parental benefits and parents time Act credit free parental allowance or similar services of the countries exceed, d) injured money (sections 45 ff.) SGB VII).
e) transitional allowance (sections 49 et seq.) SGB VII, articles 20 et seq. SGB VI);
(f) parental allowance under the Federal parental benefits and parents time Act, insofar as it exceeds the amounts pursuant to § 10 of the Federal parental benefits and parents time Act credit free.
3. after the Federal (LPP) and the laws that explain the Federal applicable, a) supply benefits (§ 16 BVG), b) transitional allowance (section 26a para 1 BVG), c) living allowance, if the owner not in a rehabilitation facility is housed (section 26a para 5 LOB), d) ongoing supplemental help to live on, as far as them outside i.S. § 25 paragraph 3 provided no. 2 of the Federal training (BAföG) by institutions, homes and similar facilities for members , with the wage earners not in budget community living (§ 27a BVG);
4. According to the load balancing act (LAG), the repair damage Act (RepG) and the refugee assistance Act (FlüHG) each the half amount of a) maintenance help (paragraphs 261 to 278a LAG), b) living allowance (§ 10 of the fourteenth law amending the balancing act), c) aid to the living (§§ 301 to 301 b), WAS d) maintenance aid and living allowance (§§ 44, 45 RepG), e) aid to the living (sections 12 to 15 FlüHG);
5. According to the maintenance assurance law, insofar as they are not paid to compensate for the military service of the trainee, a) General Services (section 5), b) individual (§ 6), c) services for providing basic training Sanitätsoffiziere (§ 12 a), d) compensation of loss of earnings (§ 13 para 1, § 13 a);
The same applies to similar services according to article 78 of the Civil Service Act and section 59 of the Federal law of 18 August 1972 (BGBl. I S. 1834), most recently by article 3 of the law of 19 October 1994 (BGBl. I S. 2978); has been changed
6. after the officials supply Act transitional allowance (§ 47).
7. after the maintenance advances Act maintenance performance (sections 1ff.);
8 adjustment money according to the guidelines for the granting of adaptation money on workers of the coal from 13 December 1971 (BAnz. No. 233 from December 15, 1971), as last amended on June 16, 1983 (BAnz. S. 5901);
9 services on the basis of the directive on the granting of aid for workers of the iron and steel industry, § 2 of the Mining Union Treaty affected by measures within the meaning of article 56, dated 25 March 1998 (BAnz. S. 4951).
10. after the soldier supply Act transitional allowance (section 37), unemployment aid (section 86a paragraph 1);
11 early retirement benefits under the regulation concerning the granting of early retirement benefits by February 8, 1990 (Coll. I no. 7 p. 42), which in accordance with annex II, Chapter VIII subject E section III No. 5 of the Unification Treaty of 31 August 1990 and article 4 No. 13 of the agreement by September 18, 1990, in conjunction with article 1 of the law of 23 September 1990 (BGBl. 1990 II S. 885) , 1210, 1243) published further gilt.
12 transition services pursuant to section 3 of the Occupational Regulation (BKV) of 31 October 1997 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2623).

§ 2 more revenue as revenue, which are intended to meet the needs of life are also following services: 1. after the military pay Act of a) military pay (§ 2), b) catering (§ 3), c) accommodation (§ 4);
Applies to similar benefits (money and payment in kind) - according to § 35 of the Civil Service Act, § 59 of the Federal law of 18 August 1972 (BGBl. I S. 1834), most recently by article 3 of the law of 19 October 1994 (BGBl. I S. 2978) is has been changed and, for members of the law enforcement police and the fire department.
2. (disappeared) 3. retirement pay and that equal services, insofar as they are exempt from tax; includes also the compensation money according to the law on promoting the adjustment of agricultural employment (FELEG) by February 21, 1989 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 233), as far as's the sum of according to § 3 No. 27 of the income tax Act (EStG) tax-free amount does not exceed;
4. top-up amounts according to the age part time law (section 3 para 1 letter a) as well as surcharges, insurance-free workers in the meaning of § 27 para 1 No. 1-3 of the third book the social law increasing the remuneration for part-time work received after bibliographical rules or principles.
5. compensation according to § 3 No. 9 of the income tax act;
6 services provided in compliance with a legal obligation to pay maintenance, with the exception of services the parents of trainees and his spouse or partner;
7 benefits according to § 9 para 1 of the claim and vesting transfer Act.

Revenue from abroad as revenue, which are intended to meet the needs of life are also 1 as far as this frees the remuneration of the staff of international and intergovernmental organizations and institutions, as well as covers of diplomatic and consular representatives of foreign powers and the staff assigned to them, from tax liability are § 3;
2. following revenue after the federal salaries Act: a) foreign contract according to § 55 para 1 to 4 with 10 per cent of the total amount of b) overseas child benefit according to § 56 para 1 sentence 1 No. 1 with 50 per cent of the amount, c) foreign child benefit according to § 56 para 1 sentence 1 No. 2 with 80 per cent of the amount;
Applies to comparable remuneration of persons, in the public interest to are posted outside the scope of the Federal training, mediated or employed there.

the provisions of this regulation are amended force until May 21, 2003 § 3a of the transitional provision for granting periods, which have begun before June 30, 2003, continue to apply.

Article 4 this regulation into force shall on June 1, 1988, with the proviso, that she apply is for all licence periods beginning after June 30, 1988. At the same time the regulation on the designation of the applicable income other revenue according to § 21 ABS. 3 Nr. 4 of the Federal training of 21 August 1974 (BGBl. I S. 2078), last amended by article 4 of the Act of 13 July 1981 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 625), that she continue to apply is to permit periods, they started with the proviso that before July 1, 1988.