Regulation Relating To The Approval Of The Emigrant Advice

Original Language Title: Verordnung über die Erlaubnis zur Auswandererberatung

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Regulation relating to the approval of emigrant advice (emigrant advice permit regulation - AuswErlV) AuswErlV Ausfertigung date: 10.04.2013 full quotation: "emigrant advice permit regulation from 10 April 2013 (Gazette I p. 805)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 20.4.2013 +++) input formula on the basis of article 1, paragraph 5 number 2 and 3 of the emigrants protection act as amended by the notice of 12 March 2013 (BGBl. I S. 443) enacted the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth: § 1 application procedure (1) the application for the licence to the emigrant advice must contain : 1 personal data of the applicant: a) family name, b) birth name, c) given name, d) gender, e) date of birth, f) birthplace, g) nationality, h) professional, i) residence or habitual residence, j) telecommunications data;
2. business-related data: a) address of the principal place of business, b) address of any branch.
(2) for the application, the pattern can be used after installation.
(3) as far as it is necessary in each case to assess the reliability or competence of an applicant, the Federal Office of Administration may require subsequently to request that the documents provided for in the following provisions further specific documents are submitted to it.

Section 2 assessment of personal reliability (1) to assess the personal reliability in the sense of § 1 paragraph 1 sentence 2 of the emigrants Protection Act has to present the applicant with his application the following documents: 1 curriculum vitae, 2. copy of the identity card or passport or, in the case of the nationality of another State an equivalent surface.
With the application for the permit, b is according to § 30, also in conjunction with section 30 of the federal Central Register law to apply for a certificate for submission to the Federal Office of administration.
(2) the application for the permit is provided by a self-employed person or a legal entity for employed workers employees, the Federal Office of Administration may in addition a safety certificate of the competent tax office or foreign applicants require a similar document.
(3) if the application for the permit by a recognized non-profit organization for their employees made an effective at the time of the submission of the exemption decision of the competent tax office is this to present.

§ 3 assessment of the competence of the applicant has to submit documents to assess his competence from which his qualification for the consultancy work is clear. The competence can be covered in particular by the studies and in education and training acquired certificates, certificates and similar documents. The required competence includes in particular: 1 employment/work experience, 2. abroad, 3. knowledge of relevant German law, 4. knowledge of foreign law with regard to the States, for which the emigrant advice is to be provided, in particular with regard to the respective immigration law, nationality law, labour law and social security law.

§ 4 changes to the information provided under the above provisions are obligation to inform the Federal Office of administration without delay and unasked.

Article 5 entry into force this regulation enter into force on the day after the announcement.

Annex (to article 1 paragraph 2) (site: BGBl. I 2013, 807-810) place, date sender Bundesverwaltungsamt Department II B 6 50728 Köln request/Nos ladies dear on permission for emigration advice pursuant to section 1 of the emigrants Protection Act (AuswSG) and gentlemen, in the übersende(n) I/we provide you with the application / applications for the following persons asking for another reason.
Signature, (if necessary, stamp) place, date sender Bundesverwaltungsamt Department II B 6 50728 Köln request permission to the emigration advice pursuant to section 1 of the emigrants Protection Act (AuswSG) ladies and gentlemen, I ask for permission to the emigration advice.
I've included this request request giving rise documents: ☐ Yes ☐ other documents are still to submit ☐ no (please tick) changes to these data are to bring immediately to the attention or to furnish.
Signature, (stamp if applicable) I. personal data title (title, women, men): family name: birth name: given gender: date of birth: birthplace/country: Staatsangehörigkeit(en): Beruf(e): residence or habitual: telecommunications data: telephone E-Mail address (optional) II. business-related data headquarters (address): Branch (address): III. proof of personal reliability (please tick) criminal record (original) ☐ Yes of ☐ no curriculum vitae of ☐ Yes of ☐ no ☐ copy of ID card/passport Yes of ☐ no IV. proof of competence (please tick) employment / experience of ☐ Yes of ☐ no if yes , Evidence (copies): abroad of ☐ Yes of ☐ no if yes, evidence (copies): knowledge of the relevant German law (such as social security code, civil code, etc...) ☐ Yes of ☐ no if yes, evidence (copies): knowledge of relevant foreign law (in particular immigration law, nationality law, labour law, social security law, etc...) ☐ Yes of ☐ no if yes, evidence (copies): Note: if necessary, other documents may be required.