Legislation To Help A Back Housing For Returning Aliens

Original Language Title: Gesetz über eine Wiedereingliederungshilfe im Wohnungsbau für rückkehrende Ausländer

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Law on Reintegration Assistance in Housing for Returning Foreigners

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Date of Departure: 18.02.1986

Full Quote:

" Law on a Reintegration assistance in housing for returning foreigners from 18 years old. February 1986 (BGBl. 280), as last amended by Article 11 (19) of the Law of 30 June 2003. July 2004 (BGBl. I p. 1950) "

:Last modified by Art. 11 No. 19 G v. 30. 7.2004 I 1950

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(+ + + Text evidence from: 1.1.1986 + + +)

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The Bundestag, with the approval of the Bundesrat, has approved the following law: Non-Official Table of Contents

§ 1 Authorized

A foreign construction saver can loan a building loan for housing measures in the state , the nationality of which he holds if he is
not a German married A national of a State with which the Federal Government has concluded agreements on the recruitment and employment of workers and which is not a member of the European Communities,
a worker, unemployed person, or self-employed worker residing within the scope of this law,
at the time of commencement of payment of the building savings or a cash loan for interim financing pursuant to § 6 para. 2 in the possession of a valid settlement permit, or Residence permit for employment purposes, for the purpose of family reunification or non-binding to a stay purpose, and
a return obligation pursuant to § 3
Non-official table of contents

§ 2 Height of the building savings total

The subdivision amount used in accordance with § 1 may be used for the construction saver a total of 60,000 Deutsche Mark did not exceed Non-official table of contents

§ 3 Return obligation

(1) The construction saver has to commit itself to the scope of this law within the scope of four years after the commencement of the payment of the subdivision sum, and to return to the State of which he is a national and in which the building-saving loan is to be used.(2) Paragraph 1 shall also apply in the case of interim financing pursuant to Article 6 (2). If the disbursment of the building savings has not yet begun until the expiry of the period in accordance with section 6 (1), the date of withdrawal shall be replaced by the 31. December 1993. Non-official table of contents

§ 4 Immediate repayment of the building savings loan

The construction savings loan or a cash loan for interim financing after Section 6 (2) shall be repaid without delay if the construction saver leaves the scope of this law in the long term not later than four years and three months after the start of the payment of the subdivision sum. In the case of receiving a financial loan for interim financing, Section 3 (2) sentence 2 shall apply accordingly. In addition, the Bausparer der Bausparkasse (Bausparer der Bausparkasse) has the difference between the interest rate on the building savings loan and the average interest rate on mortgage loans on residential properties in force at the beginning of the disburring of the building savings total with a a fixed interest rate for ten years for the actual term of the building loan loan. The difference shall be used for the dispatching mass. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 Procedure

(1) The declaration of commitment according to § 3 is to be submitted to the Bausparkasse. The Bausparkasse (Bausparkasse) has expressly and in writing to inform the construction saver about the legal consequences under this law and to confirm the submission of this declaration in writing.(2) The Bausparkasse shall inform the Bausparer in writing without delay of the date to be determined in accordance with § 3, up to which it has to leave the scope of this law no later than the period of validity of this law. It shall inform the Foreigners ' Office accordingly.(3) The construction saver has to prove the abandonation of the scope of this law of the Bausparkasse. The Bausparkasse informs the Foreigners ' Office and the Agency for Work, in whose district the Bausparer had his residence, about the exit. Non-official table of contents

§ 6 freezing order

(1) The provisions of § § 1 to 5 apply only to building savings contracts, with the payment of which up to the 31. It was started in December 1993.(2) The period referred to in paragraph 1 shall also be deemed to have been observed when the payment of a loan for interim financing has commenced after the payment of the minimum contractual savings and the expiry of the minimum waiting period. Nonofficial table of contents

§ § 7 and 8 ----

unofficial Table of contents

§ 9 Berlin clause

This law applies also in the Land of Berlin in accordance with Section 12 (1) and Section 13 (1) of the Third Code of Transfers Of Leeway (Überconduction Act). Non-official table of contents

§ 10 Entry into force

This law occurs with effect from 1. January 1986, in force.