Law On The Promotion Of German Schools Of Abroad

Original Language Title: Gesetz über die Förderung Deutscher Auslandsschulen

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Law on the promotion of German abroad schools (international school - ASchulG) ASchulG Ausfertigung date: 26.08.2013 full quotation: "foreign Act of August 26, 2013 (Gazette I pp. 3306)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 1.1.2014 +++) section 1 General provisions article 1 scope (1) this Act regulates the promotion of German schools of abroad in the context of Foreign Affairs. Federal and State governments work together within the framework of their respective competences.
(2) the German schools by the Ministry of Defense and German departments at international schools not subject to this law. Agreements between the Ministry of defence and the countries on the support staff and the technical support of these schools remain unaffected in their validity.

Article 2 definitions (1) German school abroad in the meaning of this law is a school that is located in a foreign country and who out of a significant federal interest "German school abroad" status has been awarded by contract between the Federal Government and the institution of the school (awarded contract).
(2) financial statements within the meaning of this law are 1 German accounts to obtain the German general university entrance qualification (Abitur) including the bi-national degrees recognised by the Standing Conference of German schools abroad to obtain the German general university entrance qualification, German qualifications for obtaining the Fachhochschulreife, German medium-sized accounts including main and secondary school degrees and German vocational qualifications in accordance with the recognition by the Standing Conference, 2. the multilingual international baccalaureate at foreign schools with German lessons according to the recognition by the kottonmouth kings , 3. the German language diploma of the Standing Conference of the stages I and II.

The ceremony of the "German school abroad" status and termination of the award contract (1) the awarding of the status of "German school abroad" no claim entitlement to § 3. The ceremony of the "German school abroad" status only occurs when the commitments is ensured according to criteria of the budget act arising from section 2 of the Federal.
(2) the award contract may be terminated for cause at any time and with immediate effect, or with an appropriate period to the end of the eligibility period according to § 7 paragraph 2 by the Federal Government or by the institution of the school. With the termination of the status of "German school abroad" goes out.

§ 4 inspection over the German abroad schools (1) insofar as the law of the home State permits it, oversees the Federal German foreign schools. Basis for this are the award contract and the subsidy contract.
(2) the Federal Government performs the inspection in particular by, that he performs 1 own inspections carried out, evaluates the reports of schools at the promotional points 2. and 3. checks whether the promotion is used according to the contract.
(3) within the framework of the school inspection, instructions can be issued the German schools abroad.
(4) the countries regulate their duties at the school inspection in the framework of their competence.

Article 5 exclusion of schooling claim is entitled to attendance at a German school abroad under this Act does not.

§ 6 performance of the duties of the Federal Government is the performance of duties arising from this Act, the Foreign Office. It can transfer a subordinated Federal Agency specialist tasks.
Section 2 promotion of German abroad schools § 7 funding entitlement, funding application and period of eligibility (1) German foreign schools that are eligible for funding pursuant to section 8, have a claim on personnel and financial support in accordance with the articles 9, 11 and 12 (2) the promotion takes place at the request of each for up to three years or up to 36 months. An application can be made at the earliest one year before the date you want to start promoting. Renewed submission before the end of the eligibility period is possible.
(3) for the assessment of the claim after the sections 11 and 12, up to three parallel class trains are considered in a school per completion pursuant to article 2, paragraph 2. A class train consists of up to 25 pupils and students per grade level. No more class trains than in the three years preceding application each year to degrees, giving rise to a claim, will be considered.

Section 8 eligibility of a German international school is eligible if it offers 1 German language lessons and German marked transactions pursuant to article 2, paragraph 2, 2nd in each of the last three years prior to submission of the number 1 and 2 has awarded transactions pursuant to article 2, paragraph 2 and at least 12 degrees from the same category of article 2 paragraph 2 number 1 and 2 come from these financial statements per year on average , 3. the democratic values in Germany takes account of by it ensures an adequate participation in the school life the students, the parents and the teachers, 4. brings up the resources themselves, which are necessary in addition to the funding for the sustainable operation of a German international school, 5. ensures proper operation, in particular the contractual use of the promotion, and 6 through the submission of a certificate of authority of the home state of the Federal Republic of Germany or one in the home State or of the European Union of approved auditor can prove , that either no profits or exclusively for operation, the development or the development of the school or as reserves or reserves for this purposes used the profits are.

§ 9 subsidy contract (1) through the funding agreement between the Federal Government and the institution of the German international school are particularly agreed: 1 the eligible period, 2. the funded accounts according to § 2 paragraph 2, 3. the number which is considered in accordance with § 7 paragraph 3 to promote class trains, 4. the placement of teachers in accordance with § 11, 5. the requirements for a proper operation, in particular the contractual use of the promotion and their detection , 6. the obligation of the attract to envisage a reduction of school fees for children from low-income families, 7 that the period within which the school a conception to the implementation of inclusive education and regular progress reports, presented by, 8 ensuring eligibility according to § 8 also during the eligibility period and 9 the right of the Federal German foreign schools to raise whether federal funding be used suitably and economically.
(2) the subsidy contract may be terminated by the Federal Government for good cause without observing a period. An important reason may exist in particular if is deprived of the status of "German school abroad", the promotion is used not according to the contract or directives are not implemented according to § 4 paragraph 3.

§ 10 reimbursement of financial support of the Federal Government may require full or partial reimbursement of financial support 1 if the subsidy contract was terminated without notice according to § 9 paragraph 2 or 2. If the promotion was used fully or partially not contract.

§ 11 personnel promotion (1) scope of the promoting is according to the number of teachers, which is necessary for the recognition of qualifications funded according to the grant agreement. The number of stems from an administrative arrangement to be concluded between the Federal and State Governments.
(2) the required teachers are mediated by the Federal Government on certain time the German schools abroad. The mediation is a mediation notice as an administrative act of the Foreign Office or the subordinate federal authority within the meaning of § 6 about the teacher, and subsidy contract, opposite the school.
(3) the Federal Government ensures that the German schools abroad from own resources for the cost of compensation of mediated required teachers must come up.
(4) administrative arrangement between federal and State regulations for the leave of absence and placement of teachers from the country service sets.

§ 12 financial support (1) the financial support takes into account the effort that is needed for the qualifications stipulated in the funding agreement and class trains. The effort is considered flat. The amount of funding a lump-sum fixed amount per funded hours per week will be determined regardless of the economic situation school and their own and third-party funds.
(2) in order to calculate the fixed amount for a funded hours per week, the domestic annual salary the Federal grade is divided A 14 level 8 by 25. The fixed amount will be determined the eligibility period according to § 7 paragraph 2, resulting to January 1 of the calendar year in which the eligible period begins.

(3) a school is encouraged for the hours per week to the preparation or implementation of the accounts funded in accordance with the funding agreement, which she forgave at least 12 in the last three years before application in one and the same category of article 2 paragraph 2 per year on average. While a higher proportion of eligible hours a week is for German accounts pursuant to article 2 paragraph 2 number 1 with the exception of vocational qualifications include than for those under § 2 paragraph 2 number 2 and 3 statements referred to. The amount of aid is rounded up to full hundred euros.
(4) the promotion can be used only for expenses that are necessary for the financing of the regular school hours.
(5) details are covered governs an administrative provision.

Article 13 transitional provisions (1) the number of required teachers to be agreed in accordance with article 11, paragraph 1, sentence 2 may for a transitional period until December 31, 2022 be exceeded.
(2) the excess is offset by a reduction in financial support according to § 12. This is the compensation not on the individual school, but on all school boards with a claim to financial support. Further details are specified an administrative provision of the Foreign Office.

Section 14 further promotion of eligible German abroad schools voluntary funding to finance spending not already promoted to the sections 11 and 12, is not excluded by eligibility for funding under this Act.

Article 15 mediation of additional teachers in addition to the required teachers more teachers at a German school abroad can be arranged at the request of the attract. These teachers shall be governed according to § 11 paragraph 2 and 4. The schools are obliged to bear the costs of the remuneration of these teachers.

§ 16 voluntary promotion of German schools abroad, who are not eligible within the meaning of section 8, can promote the Federal Government in accordance with the right of donation.

§ 17 promotion of the German language diploma at other schools to promote the German language can the Federal Government schools abroad, which are not German schools abroad, but offer the German language diploma of the kottonmouth kings, in accordance with the donation law promote.

Article 18 administrative provisions the Foreign Ministry is authorised to adopt the necessary under this Act regulations in agreement with the Federal Ministry of finance. The management rules on the calculation of sponsored tuition costs, the application process, the procedure for detecting the use of promotion and data transmission between school boards and federal, as well as the transitional provisions (article 13).

Article 19 entry into force this law enters into force on January 1, 2014.