Law To Unify And Flexibilisation Of Working Time Law

Original Language Title: Gesetz zur Vereinheitlichung und Flexibilisierung des Arbeitszeitrechts

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Law to unify and flexibilisation of working time law (working time law - ArbZRG) ArbZRG Ausfertigung date: 06.06.1994 full quotation: "working time law of 6 June 1994 (BGBl. I p. 1170)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 1. 7.1994 +++) article 1: be 8050-21 Article 2 to 17: change rules article 19 para 1: repeal regulations article 20: change rule article 21 set 3 No. 1 to 22: repeal provisions table of contents article 1 law on working hours (be) the first section general rules section 1 purpose of the Act section 2 definitions section Bundespost working time and nonworking time section 3 working time of workers section 4
Breaks section 5 rest periods article 6 night work and shift work § 7 derogations article 8 hazardous work third section Sundays and holiday rest § 9 Sundays and holiday rest § 10 Sundays and holiday employment § 11 compensation for Sundays and holiday employment § 12 derogations § 13 authorization, order, permit fourth section exceptions in special cases § 14 exceptional cases § 15 authorisation, authorisation fifth section implementation of the Act section 16 notice and time sheets section 17 supervisory authority sixth section derogations article 18 non-application of the Act § 19 employment in the public service section 20 employment in the aviation section 21
Employment in inland waterway transport seventh section of criminal law and penalty provisions article 22 penalty provisions article 23 penal provisions eighth section final provisions article 24 implementation of intergovernmental agreements and legislative acts of the EC article 25 transitional provisions for collective agreements section 26 transitional provision for certain categories of persons article 2 amend the Federal Holidays Act article 3 modification of the introductory act to the Penal Code article 4 amending the soldier Act article 5 amendment of commercial code article 6 amendment of the restaurant Act article 7 change of the Federal Mining Act article 8 change the voters article 9 change the bakers working hours Act article 10 change of Maternity Protection Act article 11 amendment of the Salian law article 12 amendment of the drivers Act article 13 amendment of the regulation concerning exceptions to the prohibition on the employment of workers on Sundays and public holidays in the iron and steel industry article 14 amendment of the regulation concerning exceptions to the prohibition on the employment of workers on Sundays and public holidays in the paper industry article 15 amendment of the regulation on the implementation of the law on working time in bakeries and pastry shops article 16 change the road article 17 modification of the second implementing regulation to the operational rules for aviation equipment article 18 return to the uniform regulation rank article 19 House Arbeitstag regulations repealing article 20 inapplicability of requirements article 21 entry into force and displacement type 1 law on working hours (be) - type 2-17 - art 18 return to the uniform regulation rank which to articles 13 to 17 based parts of there amended legal regulations on the basis of the applicable authorization by law regulation be amended.

Art 19 (1) (2) workers, which one or have received several House work day, they need the fee it paid not to refund after January 29, 1980 that day or those days nor on other waivers credit House Arbeitstag regulations removing himself to leave. For the workers who meet the applicable requirements for the claim on the House work day and raised the application for granting of a home work day on the still not legally binding it was decided have them until January 29, 1980 not house work day granted claim to a corresponding number of payers of free days. These free days may not be granted, workers are entitled to compensation in the amount of the fee that would have been paid to them for the day with House.

Type 20 inapplicability of requirements in annex I Chapter VIII subject A, section III No. 5a of the Unification Treaty of 31 August 1990 in connection with article 1 of the law of 23 September 1990 (BGBl. 1990 II S. 885, 1020) listed with the provisions is no longer to apply.

Article 2 and article 20 art 21 entry into force and displacement into force on 1 January 1995. Moreover this law into force on the first day of the calendar month following the announcement.
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