Law On The Restructuring Of The Pharmaceutical Legislation

Original Language Title: Gesetz zur Neuordnung des Arzneimittelrechts

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Law on the restructuring of the drug law AMRNOG Ausfertigung date: 24.08.1976 full quotation: "law on the restructuring of the pharmaceutical law of 24 August 1976 (BGBl. I p. 2445), most recently by article 1 of the law of 9 August 1994 (BGBl. I S. 2071) has been changed" stand: last amended by art. 1 G v. 9.8.1994 I 2071 for more information on the stand number found in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from validity) : Filing +++) (+++ to the application d. Article 3 in the acceding territory for the time of the data to 31.12.1990 V v. 28.9.1990 I 2117 (EGRÜblV) & for the time from 1.1.1991 V v. Dover I 2915 (EGRechtÜblV) +++) article 1: AMG 1976 2121-51-1-2 (+++ changes due to EinigVtr cf. sections 4a, 10a, 10B, 24-30 +++) table of contents article 1 article 2 article 3 (dropped out) §§ 1 to 30 article 4 to 7 article 8 Berlin clause Article 9 expiry of article 10 entry into force input formula the Bundestag has with the consent of the Federal Council decided the following law: type 1 type 3 above line provisions to the medicines Act § 3 - way 4 - 5 - 6 & 7 type 8 type kind Berlin clause this law applies in accordance with article 12, paragraph 1, as well as § 13 ABS. 1 of the third of transfer Act of January 4, 1952 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 1) also in the Federal State of Berlin. Regulations, which are adopted on the basis of this Act, apply in the Federal State of Berlin according to § 14 of the third of transfer Act.
Type 9 expiry of this Act enter override 1 the medicines Act 1961 subject to article 3 article 11, para. 1, 2.
3. the law on the exercise of the profession in the retail sale of 5 August 1957 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 1121), amended by article 150 para. 2 No. 15 of the introductory act to the law on administrative offences from May 24, 1968 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 503), as it not on medical aid relates, 4. the regulation on the proof of the competence for the retail sale of 4 March 1960 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 172), as she do not on medical aid relates, 5 article 1 paragraph 3 of the law on the establishment of a Federal Office for Sera and vaccines from July 7, 1972 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 1163), insofar as it relates to sera, vaccines, test allergens, Testsera and test antigens, which are not intended for the prevention or treatment of livestock diseases, 6 type 10 this law came into force into force on January 1, 1978, except article 3 § 9, enters into force the day after its promulgation.