Law To The European Agreement Of 30 September 1957 Concerning The International Carriage Of Dangerous Goods By Road (Adr)

Original Language Title: Gesetz zu dem Europäischen Übereinkommen vom 30. September 1957 über die internationale Beförderung gefährlicher Güter auf der Straße (ADR)

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Law to the European agreement of 30 September 1957 concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) A.P Ausfertigung date: 18.08.1969 full quotation: "law to the European agreement of 30 September 1957 concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) of 18 August 1969 (BGBl. 1969 II p. 1489), most recently by article 293 of the Decree of October 31, 2006 (BGBl. I S. 2407) is changed" stand : Last amended by article 293 V v. 31.10.2006 I 2407 for more information on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 22.8.1969 +++) input formula the Bundestag approved the following law with the consent of the Bundesrat: type 1 which in Geneva on December 13, 1957 by the Federal Republic of Germany signed European agreement of 30 September 1957 concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road (ADR) including the annexes as amended on July 29, 1968 is approved. Below is the Convention, annexes A and B will be published in a volume of investment.

Type 2 (1) is authorized the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development, to implement changes of the Convention, which are establishing new technical knowledge with regard to the international transport of dangerous goods or affecting the applicable technical or administrative procedures, as well as amendments of the annexes of the Convention by Decree.
(2) the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development is authorized, pursuant to article 4 by a regulation to implement paragraph 3 of the Convention special agreements. The same applies to agreements on exceptions under the provisions of the annexes to the agreement, if items of federal legislation are affected.
(3) regulations require pursuant to paragraphs 1 or 2 of the approval of the Bundesrat, if amendments to the Convention or its equipment or special agreement the establishment of the State authorities or the regime of administrative procedure concerning paragraph 3 of the Convention pursuant to article 4.
(4) the Federal Ministry of transport, building and urban development with the consent of the Federal Council adopts the General administrative regulations required for the implementation of the Convention, this Act and the regulations based on it.

Type 3 (1) a vehicle that does not comply with the provisions of the Convention or for the securities provided for in the Convention are not presented, can be ensured until the repair of the defect. The same applies to the charge.
(2) in the cases of paragraph 1 the border customs office and others can reject the vehicles competent bodies for the control on the border.

Type 4 (1) shall be responsible for the execution of the Convention 1 the Federal Minister of transport for exceptions from the requirements of the systems A and B;
2. physical technical Federal Institute for the authorisation of the transport of radioactive materials and for approval of the pattern of parcels of radioactive substances;
3. the Federal Institute for material examination for admission of the type of packaging and for the approval of transportation without protective container;
4. the authorities have allotted the registration plates the vehicles, for certificates referred to in Annex B. 3 of Annex B;
5. the officially recognised expert and tester for automobile traffic for investigations of vehicles, except with this fixed tanks, to the preparation of decisions on certificates pursuant to Annex B. 3 of Annex B; the officially recognised expert pursuant to § 24 c of the trade regulations for examinations of tanks firmly associated with the vehicles, even if the tanks do not fall under section 24 of the industrial code.
(2) in the other, the substantive and territorial jurisdiction is determined by State law.
Footnote article 4 para 1 No. 5 italics: go the GewO, §§ 24 and 24 c. by article 2 No. 2, cf. now article 13 G v. 26.8.1992 I 1564 type 5 this law applies also in the Federal State of Berlin, provided that the Land Berlin determines the application of this law. Regulations, which are adopted on the basis of this Act, apply in the Federal State of Berlin according to § 14 of the third of transfer Act of January 4, 1952 (Bundesgesetzbl. I P. 1).

Type 6 (1) this Act enters into force on the day after its promulgation.
(2) & (3)