Regulation On The Implementation Of Section 61A Of The Act On The Pension Of Farmers

Original Language Title: Verordnung zur Durchführung des § 61a des Gesetzes über die Alterssicherung der Landwirte

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Ordinance for the implementation of section 61a of the Act on the pension of farmers (Alterssicherung of farmers/Datenabgleichsverordnung - AdLDAV) AdLDAV Ausfertigung date: 02.12.2002 full quotation: "pension of farmers/Datenabgleichsverordnung of 2 December 2002 (BGBl. I S. 4490), most recently by article 12 of the Act of April 12, 2012 (BGBl. I p. 579) is changed" stand: last amended by art. 12 G v. 12.4.2012 I 579 indirect change by article 13 para 17 No. 2 & 3 G v. 12.4.2012 I 579 is taken into account
Learn more about the stand number in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from: 12.12.2002 +++) input formula on the basis of section 61a para 2 of the law on the retirement of farmers, by article 2 No. 21 of the Act of July 17, 2001 (BGBl. I S. 1600) a has been added is, in conjunction with § 1 of the jurisdiction adjustment Act of 16 August 2002 (BGBl. I S. 3165) and the adoption of the Organization of 22 October 2002 (BGBl. I S. 4206) ordered the Ministry of health and social security in the Agreement with the Federal Ministry of finance and the Federal Ministry for consumer protection, nutrition and Agriculture: § 1 data matching by placement agencies, to include persons of automated data matching to section 61a para 1 of the law on the pension of farmers is conducted by central offices, which are determined by the financial authorities of the countries (exchanges),. Persons be included in matching their earning is significant according to § 32 para 2 of the law on the pension of farmers for establishing a post grant. The data transfer from the agricultural age cashier at the exchanges depends on following rules.

§ 2 (dropped out) § 3 data transmission on the exchanges (1) the agricultural age cash delivered for everyone to be included in the data matching the data referred to in section 61a (1) sentence 2 of the Act on the pension of farmers (request data set) to the for the person concerned (section 1 sentence 2) competent operator. The request record must not contain more personal information.
(2) the data transmission is done monthly until the third day of this month. In data transmission, all the agricultural age Fund involve messages forwarded up to the first day of the calendar month in question referred to in paragraph 1.

§ 4 data matching the data matching extends to determining when and for which year of assessment briefings were made, and the revenue reported in this Einkommensteuerbescheiden within the meaning of article 2, paragraph 1 and 2 of the income tax Act, divided according to the different types of income. In addition, it is to announce whether the income from agriculture and forestry were determined according to § 4 of the income tax act or section 13a of the income tax Act, whether and what kinds of income after section 22 of the income tax Act have been achieved and whether the retention of progression has been applied according to § 32 b of the income tax act. The submitted request data set called an already present Finanzamt, this time issued before this briefings for previous tax years remain in the matching account. Tax years, which are more than six years at the time of the reconciliation shall be disregarded.

§ 5 return delivery to the agricultural age till the mediation shall forward that they where matching according to § 4 findings as a reply record until the twelfth day of the calendar month of data transmission according to § 3 para 2 the agricultural age cashier.

§ 6 request record the agricultural age Fund determines after consultation with the exchanges and the Federal Commissioner for data protection and freedom of information in agreement with the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Ministry of food, agriculture and consumer protection the design of the request record.

§ 7 procedures of data transfer (1) the data transmitted by remote data transmission.
(2) defects are ascertained, that interfere with a proper transfer of data, the data transfer may be refused. The sender must be notified about the deficiencies. A previous control number in the request record is no reason for rejection; in this case, the current tax number is delivered, as far as the placement agencies, will be able, with the reply record.
(3) the DIN standards referred to in the following regulations are accessible to anyone and laid down in terms of archive secured 56075 Koblenz by the German Institute for Standardization, e. V., Berlin, issued at the Beuth-Verlag GmbH, Burgrave Straße 4-10, 10787 Berlin, available and at the German Federal Archives, Potsdamer Straße 1,.

§ 8 the data delivery by remote data transmission is through data transmission in the 8-bit code - DRV 8 - according to DIN 66 303 (ISO 8859-1, 1987) to submit code table 1. When transferring data are corresponding to the respective State of the art measures to ensure data protection and data security to meet, providing in particular the confidentiality and integrity of the data, as well as the authenticity of the transmitting and the receiving authority; the use of accessible networks are encryption methods to use.

§ 9 (dropped out) § 10 (dropped out) section 11 this regulation into force shall on the day after the announcement.

Concluding formula the Federal Council has approved.