Seventh Regulation To The Product Safety Act (Gas Consumption Equipment Regulation)

Original Language Title: Siebte Verordnung zum Produktsicherheitsgesetz (Gasverbrauchseinrichtungsverordnung)

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Seventh regulation to the product safety Act (gas consumption equipment Regulation) (7 ProdSV) 7 ProdSV Ausfertigung date: 26.01.1993 full quotation: "seventh regulation to the product safety Act (gas consumption equipment Regulation) by January 26, 1993 (BGBl. I S. 133), most recently by article 18 of the law of 8 November 2011 (BGBl. I S. 2178) is changed" stand: last amended by article 18 G v. 8.11.2011 I 2178 for more information on the stand number you see in the menu see remarks footnote (+++ text detection from) : 5.2.1993 +++) heading: IdF d. Article 18 No. 1 G v. 8.11.2011 2178 mWv 1.12.2011 input formula on the basis of § 4 para 1 of the device Safety Act, by article 1 No. 6 2(a) of the Act of August 26, 1992 (BGBl. I p. 1564) recast been is, the Federal Government enacted after consultation of the Committee on technical equipment: § 1 scope of application (1) this Regulation applies to the provision of new gas appliances (devices and equipment) on the market.
(2) the purposes of this regulation are devices, for cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, used to lighting or washing and are operated with gaseous fuels and where, as far as with them water is heated, that does not exceed 105 degrees water temperature. Gas burners and the associated heat exchanger are assimilated to the devices.
(3) equipment for the purposes of this regulation are security, control and regulating devices and assemblies - should be installed with the exception of gas - blower burners and their associated heat exchangers - separately provided for commercial purposes on the market with a gas consumption device or assembled to such.
(4) a gaseous fuel within the meaning of this regulation is any fuel which is in a gaseous state at a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and a pressure of one bar.
(5) normally used in the sense of this regulation are devices 1 according to the instructions of the manufacturer are correctly installed and regularly serviced, 2 with the usual variations in gas quality and the input pressure operated and 3. suitably used or in a foreseeable way.
(6) this regulation does not apply to devices that are specifically designed for use in industrial processes in industrial plants.

Section 2 security requirements and equipment may provided only on the market, if it the essential requirements referred to in annex I of to Directive 2009/142/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 relating to appliances burning gaseous fuels (OJ L 330 of December 16, 2009, p. 10), match and the devices when used normally do not compromise the safety of persons, domestic animals and goods.

Article 3 requirements for the making available on the market (1) an appliance provided only on the market the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in the community or in another Contracting State to the agreement on the European economic area, confirmed if's with the CE marking in accordance with article 4, paragraph 1 and 2, by that, that 1 the safety requirements referred to in paragraph 2 are met , 2. the mass-produced device complies with the tested models for which an approved body no. 1 has certified this directive after implementing an EC type examination in accordance with annex II that the design of the device complies with the provisions of this directive, 3. the procedure of a) EC declaration of conformity pursuant to annex II, no. 2 of Directive 2009/142/EC, b) EC declaration of conformity referred to in annex II No. 3 of Directive 2009/142/EC (assurance of production quality) , c) EC declaration of conformity according to annex II No. 4 of Directive 2009/142/EC (guarantee of product quality) or d) EC verification has been maintained according to annex II of the directive 2009/142/EC No. 5 and 4. the manufacturer has fulfilled his obligations to the approved body appointed by him.
(2) when establishing a unit in individual or small numbers the manufacturer instead of the procedure can choose device-specific EC verification No. 2 and 3 referred to in paragraph 1 referred to in annex II No. 6 of Directive 2009/142/EC.
(3) the equipment is subject to other legal provisions that stipulate the CE marking, is confirmed by the CE mark also, that the device also meets the requirements of these other relevant legislation. Are free however in accordance with one or more of these rules during a transitional period the choice of the applicable rule the manufacturer, so the CE marking confirms in this case only, that the device complies with the standards applied by the manufacturer pursuant to sentence 1. In these cases all numbers of Community directives underlying legislation applied by him must be the written information according to § 5 listed according to its publication in the official journal of the European Community.
(4) the equipment must be provided only on the market if your a certificate (4) of Directive 2009/142/EC is added after article 8, with which the manufacturer or his authorised representative established in the community or in another Contracting State to the agreement on the European economic area confirmed that are met above, applicable to the equipment requirements in section 2. Paragraph 1 shall apply mutatis mutandis No. 2 to 4. The equipment may not carry the CE marking.

§ To attach 4 CE marking (1) which are visibly, legibly and permanently to the device or a data plate attached to the device required CE marking and inscriptions referred to in annex III to Directive 2009/142/EC according to § 3 para 1. The data plate is to be interpreted, that it can not be reused.
(2) the CE marking consists of the initials 'CE' in annex III of the directive 2009/142/EC. The identification number of the notified body responsible for the monitoring of production behind the CE marking.
(3) no markings may be on the device attached, are likely to mislead third parties as to the meaning and the lettering. Any other marking may be affixed to the appliance or to the data plate, if it does not affect the visibility and legibility of the CE marking.
(4) (dropped out) § 5 written information devices are allowed provided only on the market, if paragraph 1.2 of Directive 2009/142/EC listed documents in the German language are annexed them in annex I.

§ 6 any person within the meaning of article 39, paragraph 1 number 7 letter a of the product safety Act offences that who a device or equipment on the market provides set 1 or § 5 contrary to article 3, paragraph 1 or paragraph 4.

§ 7 (dropped out) § 8 this regulation into force shall on the day after the announcement.

Concluding formula the Federal Council has approved.