Fifth Ordinance For The Implementation Of The Federal Compensation Law

Original Language Title: Fünfte Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundesentschädigungsgesetzes

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Fifth Ordinance for the implementation of the federal compensation law (5. DV-BEG) 5 DV-BEG Ausfertigung date: 16.05.1957 full quotation: "Fifth Ordinance for the implementation of the federal compensation law in the adjusted version published in the Federal Law Gazette Part III, outline number 251-1-5," footnote heading: In the Saarland introduced by G No. 658 OJ the Saarland 1959 p. 759 (+++ text proof validity from: 1st 1.1964 +++) input formula on the basis of section 171 paragraph 2 of the Federal Act for the compensation of victims of National Socialist persecution (federal compensation law - BEG-) as amended by the Act of 29 June 1956 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 559) the Federal Government with the consent of the Federal Council decreed: following utilities are to be considered by National Socialist violence measures dissolved § 1: 1 support Association of employees working in the modern labor movement.
2. support Association of the professionals in the German metal workers Association.
3. accident and Provident Fund for the officials involved in the associations of among factory workers of in Germany.
4. Pension Fund for officials of the Association of employees (CSPs).
5. pension grant fund of the German Association of foreman.
6 Pension Fund of the General Association of Christian trade unions (Provident Fund for the relatives of Christian trade unions).
7 employees pension fund of the Association of Christian factory and transport workers of in Germany.
8. Provident Fund of the Association of Christian workers of in Germany.
9. grant pension fund for officials of the Christian metal workers Association of in Germany.
10 pension grant fund of the Trade Union Association of Christian miners of in Germany.
11. Pension Fund of the Central Association of Christian textile workers of in Germany.
12 Pension Fund for employees of the Confederation of employees (GdA).
13 Pension Fund of officials (secretaries) of the Trade Union deutscher Eisenbahner e.V. 14 Provident Fund of the employees of the Trade Association of German metal workers (HD).
15. Pension Fund of the Trade Union ring German workers, employees and officials associations (HD) Berlin.
16 pension grant fund for the employees of the factory and craftsmen (HD) Berlin Trade Association.
17 Welfare Fund for persons employed in social democratic establishments.
18 Pension Fund of the Association of employees.
19 pensions, pensions and ster bezuschussen Fund (Rentka).
20 Pension Fund of the National Association for the Catholic Germany in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

2 this Regulation applies section after section 14 of the third of transfer Act of January 4, 1952 (Bundesgesetzbl. I p. 1) in conjunction with § 240 BEG also in the Federal State of Berlin; It does not apply in the Saarland.
Footnote 2 section italics: OJ overtaken by introducing the V in the Saarland by G No. 658 the Sarlandes 1959 p. 759 article 3 this Regulation shall with effect from April 1, 1956 in force.