Third Regulation To The Explosives Act

Original Language Title: Dritte Verordnung zum Sprengstoffgesetz

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Third Regulation on Explosives Act (3. Explosive V)

Non-official table of contents

3. Explosive V

Date of delivery: 23.06.1978

Full quote:

" Third Ordinance on the Explosives Act of 23 June 1978. June 1978 (BGBl. 783), as defined by Article 21 of the Law of 25 June 2003. July 2013 (BGBl. I p. 2749) "

:Modified by Art. 21 G v. 25.7.2013 I 2749

For details, see the Notes


(+ + + text evidence from: 1) menu. 7.1978 + + +) unofficial table of contents

input formula

Based on § 25 nos. 1 and 5 in conjunction with § 39 paragraph 2 sentence 1 of the Explosives Act of 13. September 1976 (BGBl. I p. 2737) is by the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Order in agreement with the Federal Minister of the Interior,
on the basis of § 29 No. 2 (a) and (c) of the Explosives Act is provided by the Federal Minister of the Interior,
on the basis of § 4 (1) (1) No. 2 in conjunction with Section 39, Section 1, Sentence 1 of the Explosives Act shall be approved by the Federal Minister of the Interior in agreement with the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and the Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs
with the approval of the Federal Council Allocates: unofficial table of contents

§ 1 display

(1) If explosive substances are to be blown up, the person shall have the following information in accordance with § 19 (1) (1) or (1), in the non-industrial area, the person responsible in accordance with § 28, first sentence, in conjunction with Section 19 (1) No. 1 of the Explosives Act, in writing to the competent authority in writing in duplicate or electronically, namely
at least four weeks before the blasting starts, if multiple similar explosions within a To perform a project or to carry out a project, and
at least one week prior to any other blasting.
(2) On the display specify
location, day, and time of the blasting; in case of multiple explosions, the time period in which , and
The name and address of the persons responsible for the blasting, as well as the number and date of the permission in accordance with § 7 or § 27 of the Explosives Act and the Certificate of Qualification in accordance with § 20 of the Explosives Act and the authorities which issued the permit and the certificate of competence.
You are to be attached as documents
a description from which
Art, Method and Scope of Explosions,
The type and maximum amount of explosives and detonators to be used in each explosive device, the maximum quantity of explosives used in the case of warriors. Ignition timing,
The removal of the blasting sites of buildings and installations in need of protection, in particular hospitals, schools, old-and children's homes, Sports facilities and playgrounds within a radius of at least 1,000 metres,
The security measures, in particular the covering rooms for employees, stop-off measures on traffic routes and arrangements for the protection of neighbouring residential and workplaces against stone flights, shocks, explosives and noise,
Scale map showing
the explosives including their predictable Changes in position,
The removal of the detonation sites of traffic routes, homes and workplaces, as well as facilities of public supply within a radius of at least 300 metres.
display referred to in paragraph 1 (2) does not need to be accompanied by a map if the display shows the removal of the detonation site from the nearest traffic routes, homes and workplaces, and Public service facilities are indicated. Non-official table of contents

§ 2 Change Display

If changes are made to the content of the display or documents after the display has been refunded, changes are made to the display or , the competent authority shall immediately notify the competent authority in writing, in duplicate or in electronic form, in accordance with § 1 (1) (1) of the notice. If there is an increased risk associated with a change, the persons responsible for the explosion shall not be allowed to repay the amendment until one week after the amendment has been refunded, but in the case of Section 1 (1) (1) (1), but not before the expiry of four weeks after the refund has been paid. of the display under the changed circumstances. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 Exceptions to the obligation to notify

(1) § 1 does not apply if you are to be blown up in assets that according to § 4 of the The Federal Immission Control Act (Federal Immission Protection Act) is approved or which is subject to approval pursuant to Section 67 (1) of the Federal Immission Protection Act and which includes the approval of the explosions.The competent authority may, on a case-by-case basis, waive the reimbursement of the notification or the observance of the time limit if it appears justified on special grounds. Non-official table of contents

§ 4 Administrative Offences

Act in violation of Section 41 (1) (16) of the Explosives Act, who intentionally or negligently
contrary to § 1 para. 1, an advertisement not or not reimbursed in time or in a timely manner § 1 para. 2 Information not, not complete, not timely or incorrect, or does not submit documents, incomplete or not in time,
contrary to § 2 does not indicate a change, not in time, incomplete or incorrect, or performs an explosion before the expiry of the prescribed time limits.
unofficial table of contents

§ 5

- unofficial table of contents

§ 6 Berlin clause

This regulation applies in accordance with Section 14 of the Third Transfer Act in conjunction with Section 52 of the Explosives Act, also in the Land of Berlin. However, the provisions of this Regulation shall not apply in the Land of Berlin in so far as they are incompatible with the legislation of the allied authorities. Non-official table of contents

§ 7 Entry into force

(1) This Regulation occurs on the 1. July 1978 in force.(2)