Twenty-Ninth Regulation On The Implementation Of The Federal Immission Control Act

Original Language Title: Neunundzwanzigste Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetzes

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The Twenty-ninth Regulation implementing the Federal Immission Control Act (charging regulations for measures in the case of type tests of internal combustion engines-29. BImSchV)

Non-official table of contents

29. BImSchV

Date of delivery: 22.05.2000

Full quote:

" Fee order for measures in the case of type tests of internal combustion engines of 22 May 2000. May 2000 (BGBl. 735), which was last amended by Article 2 of the Regulation of 14 June 2000. August 2012 (BGBl. I p. 1712) "

:Last modified by Art. 2 V v. 14.8.2012 I 1712

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(+ + + Text evidence: 26.5.2000 + + +)

Non-Official Table of Contents

Input Formula

Based on Section 33 (1) (4) of the Federal Immission Control Act, as amended by the Notice of 14. May 1990 (BGBl. 880), which was last amended by Article 8 (9) (a), (b) of the Law of 22. April 1993 (BGBl. 466), in conjunction with the 2. Section of the Administrative Costing Act of 23. June 1970 (BGBl. 821) The Federal Government, after consulting the interested parties, arranges the following: Non-official table of contents

§ 1 Fee tariff

For official acts in accordance with the Regulation on emission limit values for internal combustion engines shall be charged pursuant to this Regulation. The chargeable event and the fee rates are the result of the fee tariff for measures in the case of type tests of internal combustion engines (plant). Non-official table of contents

§ 2 Expenses

(1) As regards the expenses, § 10 of the Administrative Cost Act applies.(2) In addition, the charge debtor has to bear the following costs:
Charges in the delivery, In particular, write-in procedures,
which, in the case of transactions outside the office, granted to staff on the basis of statutory or tariff-contractual arrangements Remuneration (travel allowance, delivery rate) and the costs of providing rooms; for persons who are neither federal nor state staff, the rules on the remuneration of the travel expenses of the federal civil servants ,
The charges for the use of utility vehicles in service operations outside of the service,
the cost of checking the conformity of production in accordance with internationally agreed law if a breach of these rules is proven.
(3) Insofar as the In the case of expenses in excess of 2.50 Euro, the refund may also be required if the debtor is in turn exempt from the costs. Non-official table of contents

§ 3 contradiction

A fee is charged for the complete or partial rejection of an appeal up to the level of the the contested official act is subject to a fixed fee; this does not apply if the appeal is not successful only because the infringement of a procedural and procedural requirement under Section 45 of the Administrative Procedure Act is incontetable. In the event of an unsuccessful appeal, which is directed exclusively against a cost decision, the fee shall not exceed 10 per cent of the sum in dispute. If an objection is withdrawn after the commencement of a factual processing, but before its termination, the fee shall not exceed 75 per cent of the opposition fee. Unofficial table of contents

§ 4 Revocation, withdrawal, rejection, and withdrawal of requests

For the revocation or withdrawal of an official act, the rejection of an application for an act of official act and in cases of withdrawal of an application for an official act, charges shall be levied in accordance with Section 15 of the Administrative Costing Act. Non-official table of contents

§ 5 Entry into force

The regulation will enter into force on the day after the announcement. Non-official table of contents

Final formula

The Bundesrat has agreed. unofficial table of contents

asset (to § 1)

(site of the Original text: BGBl. I 2000, 736;
of the individual amendments, cf. Footnote)
Charge tariff for measures in case of type tests of internal combustion engines
Charge no. object Charge Euro
1 Granting Type Approval655
2Change of a type Approval
2.1without expert opinions 165
2.2with expert opinion327
2.3Changes without expert opinion for multiple approvals simultaneously due to the same factsCharge by charge number 2.1 (one-time) Excl. 19,-DM per additional change
3Exception granted129
4Checking the conformity of production with the grant type approval on
4.1Determination of a breach of notification138
4.2Deviation from the approved type or engine family353
5 Initial Manufacturing Assessment
5.1Manufacturer Report for companies with a manufacturing site700
5.2Manufacturer report for each additional Manufacturing site550
6Other measures related to approvals of internal combustion engines according to staff and equipment per hour and person40 to 90