Law On The Enforcement Of Equality Between Women And Men

Original Language Title: Gesetz zur Durchsetzung der Gleichberechtigung von Frauen und Männern

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Law on the enforcement of equality between women and men (second equal rights Act - 2. GleiBG) 2. GleiBG Ausfertigung date: 24.06.1994 full quotation: "second equal rights act of 24 June 1994 (BGBl. I p. 1406, 2103)" footnote (+++ text detection from: 1 9.1994 +++) article 1: FFöG 205-1-1 article 2 to 9: change rules article 10: BSchG 8054-1 article 11: BGremBG 116-1 article 12: transitional arrangements article 13: entry into force type 1 law for the promotion of women and the reconciliation of family and working life in the Federal Administration and the courts of the Federation (Frauenfördergesetz - FFG) - type 2 to type 9 (dropped out) - type 10 the Act on the protection of workers against sexual harassment in the workplace (workers Protection Act) - type 11 code of the appointment and posting of women and men in bodies in the sphere of influence of the Federal Government (Federal Panel cast law - BGremBG) - type 12 transitional for articles 7 and 8 shall apply following transitional arrangements: 1. in cases where the employer has breached before 1 September 1994 the prohibition of discrimination of section 611a, paragraph 1 of the civil code that section is 61b of the Labour Court law does not apply.
2. in calculating the time limit specified in section 611a, paragraph 4, of the civil code, times remain before 1 September 1994 not taken into consideration.

Type 13 entry into force this law enters into force on September 1, 1994.