First Implementing Regulation On The Regulation For The Testing Of Aviation Equipment

Original Language Title: Erste Durchführungsverordnung zur Verordnung zur Prüfung von Luftfahrtgerät

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First implementing regulation on the regulation for the testing of aviation equipment (1 DV LuftGerPV) 1 DV LuftGerPV Ausfertigung date: 26.07.1999 full quotation: "first implementing regulation on the regulation for the testing of aviation equipment of 26 July 1999 (BAnz. 1999 No. 143 S. 12949) "footnote (+++ text detection from: 5. 8.1999 +++) input formula on the basis of § 32 para 4 sentence 1 and 3 of the air traffic act as amended by the notice of 27 March 1999 (BGBl. I p. 550) and of section 21 of the regulation for the testing of air driving device (LuftGerPV) as amended by the notice of 3 August 1998 (BGBl. I p. 2010) prescribed the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt" : Article 1 scope this Regulation applies to sites that maintain aviation equipment, modify or check. It does not apply to bodies which maintain air sports equipment, modify, or check.

§ 2 scope and content of approval (1) of article 13 LuftGerPV are approved establishments to apply section 18 para 2 to 4 and § 19 para 5 to LuftGerPV.
(2) the maintenance, modification and testing of aviation equipment is allowed only in the premises for this purpose approved. Maintenance in accordance with JAR-145.75 (c) remains unaffected.

§ 3 factories after filing (1) § 1 shall require the approval by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. The application for authorisation or for the amendment of the approval is made on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. Copies of the maintenance manual or its changes in required number the application shall be attached.
(2) the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt may require further particulars and documents that are necessary for the decision on the application. It is entitled to carry out surveys in the operation of the applicant.

§ 4 duty of disclosure (1) approved companies must show following the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt changes prior to their implementation: 1 the name of the operation, 2. the location of the plant, 3. the other locations of operations, 4. responsible Managing Director, 5 senior technical staff, 6 premises, equipment, tools, materials, procedures, work, inspection personnel and certifying staff, as far as the approval of importance.
(2) the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt can determine the conditions under which, the approved organisation must continue working during such changes, or rearrange the rest of the approval.
(3) the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt the approved organisation must show all States established by him at the aircraft or an aircraft component, which might impair the airworthiness.
(4) not backplates conditions shall be displayed immediately, at the latest within three days after their assessment by the approved operating.
(5) the holder of the permit is obliged in time show following the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt work before: 1 tests for the purpose of the airworthiness certification according to § 8 para 2 No. 2 of the air traffic approval regulations (LuftVZO) and 2. examinations for the purpose of the exhibition a certificate of airworthiness for the export to § 13 LuftVZO.
(6) the holder of the permit is obliged to apply for following operations not carried out in the premises for this approved the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt before their time: 1 maintenance testing according to § 11 ABS. 2 LuftGerPV 2. inspections at intervals after § 15 LuftGerPV, 3. inspections for maintenance and change according to § 16 para 2 LuftGerPV, 4. investigations on arrangement of the competent authorities according to § 17 LuftGerPV , 5 tests for the purpose of transport approval under § 8 para. 2 No. 2 LuftVZO and 6 tests for the purposes of the exhibition a certificate of airworthiness for export according to § 13 LuftVZO.
(7) the ads must be made on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Federal Aviation Authority and contain all relevant information on the State, which are the approved operation known.

§ 5 licensed technical personnel (1) companies according to § 13 LuftGerPV have a quality management system set up. The sharing of aircraft in operations pursuant to § must be by licence according to JAR-66 13 LuftGerPV. Here, the transitional provisions to JAR-66.3 can be applied (german).
(2) when according to § 18 establishments approved LuftGerPV the technical checks by inspectors of aeronautical equipment are carried out. This workshop personnel under the supervision of such inspection personnel can operate.
(3) release entitled staff or the Auditors of aviation equipment have familiarize themselves with all documents, which are necessary for the proper conduct of the work. Are these documents not be available, to the extent appropriate work may be applied.

§ 6 recognized auditor of aviation equipment not be independent recognition for an independent Inspector of aviation equipment more grants. The independent examiner approved until the date of publication of the regulation to the test of aviation equipment by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt aviation equipment can maintain this recognition and extend, as long as the necessary organizational, technical and personnel conditions for this exist and are assigned to the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt. In addition, the provisions of sections 14 to 20 LuftGerPV shall apply mutatis mutandis.

§ 7 inspection records and examination certificate (1) the authority approved pursuant to section 1 has to keep records from which the proper application of controls can be determined. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt can determine the scope of the test records. The records shall be kept at least 2 years after their creation. The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt can determine which parts of the test records of operation records of the aviation unit are to take over.
(2) the certification of the maintenance audit, arranged maintenance, as well as the investigations is prescribed in form and content by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt and published in the news for Airmen.

§ 8 definition of an arranged maintenance Office and ordered investigation when arranged maintenance and investigations ordered sets the implementing authority, taking into account the required test equipment and the difficulty of assessing the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt.

Section 9 maintenance manual (1) according to § 13 LuftGerPV approved establishments apply JAR 145.65 and 145.70. (2) according to § 18 companies approved LuftGerPV the maintenance operations manual, taking into account the requirements arising from the nature and extent of the maintenance, modification and testing work, and considering the types and patterns of the aviation unit, which are subject to the maintenance, modification, and testing, must contain at least in addition to the information in section 3 : 1. an organization chart of the operation;
2. determination of the tasks and area of responsibility for the managerial and technical staff;
3. Description of procedures, where applied, via a) the implementation of maintenance and small repairs and small changes;
(b) the implementation of primary and part repairs, major repairs and major changes;
(c) the certificate of the tests according to the regulation for the testing of aviation equipment;
(d) the keeping of records of inspection;
(e) evaluation of the weighings in air vehicles;
(f) inventory and the procurement of spare parts;
(g) the granting of work in other places;
h) contractual relationships with carriers and manufacturers of aviation equipment.
(i) the test programs and test methods;
4. quality management procedures.
(3) the maintenance manual and the changes must be approved prior to their implementation by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt.

§ 10 determination of airworthiness (1) a permit according to § 13 LuftGerPV for the entire maintenance (base maintenance) includes the approval to establish the airworthiness and their certification and aviation equipment contained therein the implementation and certification of maintenance checks by appropriately in the scope of approval with a. This includes also non commercially operated aircraft.
(2) an air carrier which is also marketing authorisation holders LuftGerPV according to § 13, may be authorized at the request of maintenance tests according to § 11 ABS. 2 LuftGerPV.
(3) that can LuftGerPV competent authority according to § 2 para 1 set due to occupational or new technical developments of § 11 par. 2 times different LuftGerPV of maintenance checks.

§ 11 recognition of maintenance of other bodies the maintenance and testing of commercially used aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft and airships, for which the recognition of maintenance of other bodies in accordance with § 6 is applied LuftGerPV, must be carried in in accordance with JAR-145 approved maintenance organisations.

§ 12 recognition of manufacturing evidence of other bodies that can LuftGerPV according to § 5 para 1 also required comprehensive review after a maintenance check section 11 paragraph 2 be LuftGerPV.

§ 13 offences any person within the meaning of § 58 para 1 No. 10 of the Aviation Act is, who deliberately or negligently performs 1 without the requisite authorization maintenance, modification or review of aviation equipment, 2.

violates article 2 par. 2 performs the maintenance, modification and testing outside of the licensed premises, 3. not, not, not fully or not immediately filed a charges prescribed in § 4, 4. contrary to section 7, incorrectly or not completely created test records or kept, 5. contrary to article 9, para. 3, incorrectly or not completely created changes and additions.

§ 14 entry into force of the regulation enters into force on the day after the announcement.