Decree Of 31 December 2002 Promotion

Original Language Title: Décret du 31 décembre 2002 portant promotion

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JORF n ° 1 of January 1, 2003 page 8 text no. 2 DECREE Decree of 31 December 2002 promotion NOR: PREX0206236D ELI: not available by Decree of the President of the Republic as of December 31, 2002, taken on the report of the Prime Minister and the Ministers and targeted for execution by the grand Chancellor of the Legion of honor given the declarations of the Council of the order that these promotions are made in accordance with laws, decrees and regulations, the Council of Ministers heard, are promoted, to take rank from the date of receipt in their grade: great Chancery of the Legion of honor with the rank of Commander M. from Miceli (John Joseph), founder of associations and writer. Officer on March 4, 1997.
Prime Minister with the rank of Commander M. Blaizot (François, Marie, Jean), former general engineer of rural engineering, water and forests, former Senator. Officer on March 18, 1980.
Mr. Haas (Jean-Claude), managing partner of a bank. Officer on October 2, 1989.
Mr. Métadier (Paul, Bernard), honorary president of the central Council of the order of pharmacists. Officer on June 28, 1976.
Ministry of the Interior, internal security and local freedoms to the rank of Commander Ms. Bennett of the Granrut, born of Renty (Claude, Marie, Georgette), regional councillor of Picardy, Deputy Mayor of Senlis (Oise). Officer on June 28, 1995.
Mr. Lacroix (Edward, Henri), Emeritus prefect. Officer on September 16, 1993.
Mr. Proust (John, Paul, Mary), prefect of police. Officer on November 29, 1997.
Ministry of Social Affairs, labour and solidarity to the rank of Commander Mr. Louet (Roger, Henri), former trade union leader. Officer may 11, 1989.
Department of justice to the rank of Commander M. Farthouat (Jean-René, Marie, Claude), lawyer at the bar of Paris, former President, president of the national Council of the bars. Officer on June 7, 1994.
Mr. Théry (Jean-François), president of section at the Council of State. Officer on July 11, 1994.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs STAFF to the rank of Commander Mr. Le Chartier de Sedouy (Jacques, Alain, Marie), former Minister Plenipotentiary. Officer on September 7, 1995.
Department of defense with the rank of Commander Mr. Robert (Gilbert, Jean, René), military adviser to a company. Officer on September 1, 1980.
VETERANS AFFAIRS to the rank of Commander Ms. Raymond, born Proux (Maria Theresa, Emilienne), Vice-President of the National Association of volunteer fighters of the Resistance. Officer on 23 May 1996.
Ministry of youth, national education and research at the rank of Commander Mr. Fourrier (Andrew, Paul, Amédée), Honorary Professor, Honorary hospital practitioner. Officer on 11 September 1982.
Ministry of economy, finance and industry at the rank of Commander M. Murret-Labarthe (Robert, Pierre), Advisor master to the Court of Auditors. Officer December 2, 1996.
Ministry of equipment, transport, housing, tourism and sea to the rank of Commander Mr. Dobias (George, Charles), general engineer of bridges and roadways, former Vice President delegate of the Board of Directors of a Transport Union. Officer on July 8, 1992.
Ministry of health, the family and the disabled to the rank of Commander M. Sauzay (Philippe, Pierre), Chairman of a national commission of medicine and biology. Officer on 12 June 1996.
Mr. Vacheron (André, Jean, Georges), University Professor, cardiologist and president of honour of the French Federation of cardiology. Officer of 9 June 1995.
Ministry of culture and communication to the rank of Commander Ms. Menut (Simone, Denise), married Brunau, President of the Board of Directors of the international city of the arts. Officer on July 4, 1986.
Mr. Probst said Casadesus (Jean-Claude, Olivier, Jacques), conductor, Director of the national Orchestra of Lille. Officer on May 19, 1994.
Ministry of the overseas at the rank of Commander Ms. Técher (Marie-Hélène), in religion sister Anastasia, former Director of a workroom at the meeting. Officer on October 22, 1994.