Order Of 14 December 2001 Amending The Decree Of 24 October 2001 Establishing The List Of People Who May Be Selected To Serve In The Competent Disciplinary Bodies Of Sports Federations Doping

Original Language Title: Arrêté du 14 décembre 2001 modifiant l'arrêté du 24 octobre 2001 fixant la liste des personnes pouvant être choisies pour siéger dans les organes disciplinaires des fédérations sportives compétents en matière de dopage

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JORF n ° 1, January 1, 2002, page 92 text no. 108 ORDER order of 14 December 2001, amending the Decree of 24 October 2001 establishing the list of people who may be selected to serve on disciplinary Sports Federation bodies NOR doping: MJSK0170177A ELI: not available by order of the Minister of youth and sports on December 14, 2001 (, the list in the order of 24 October 2001 establishing the list of people who may be selected to serve on the disciplinary sports federations bodies competent to adjudicate offences committed by licensees to the provisions of articles l. 3631-1, l. 3631-3 and l. 3632-3 of the public health code is changed as follows: are added: has) in respect of individuals belonging to a health profession Mr. Almodovar (Gerard) doctor.
Mr. Asencio (Joseph-Guy), surgeon.
Mr. Audureau (Jean-Yves), doctor.
Mr. Baland (Hervé), doctor.
Mm e Bastien-Flamain (Benedicta), doctor.
Mr. Belin (François), doctor.
Mr. Boitard (Damien), doctor.
Mr. Bonneau (Henri-Pierre), doctor.
Mr. Bougon (Frederick), doctor.
Mr. Boyer (Thierry), doctor.
Mr. Bruyas (Jean-François), veterinary.
Mr. Chalabi (Hakim), doctor.
Mr. Chamoux (Alain), doctor.
Mr. Chaouat (Didier), doctor.
Mr. Charland (Thierry), doctor.
Mr. Chick (Hugh), physiotherapist.
Mr. Coudane (Henry), surgeon.
Mr. Courgeon (Philippe), doctor.
Mr. Crevits (Joel), doctor.
Mr. curé (Hervé), doctor.
Mm e Davenne (Beatrice), doctor.
Mr. Davin (Fernand), doctor.
Mr. Dessenne (Jean-Claude), doctor.
Mr. Deyglun (Claude), doctor.
Mr. Dinh (Tan Cmmc), doctor.
Mm e Dupre (Maryse), doctor.
Mr. Dupuis (Michel), doctor of Pharmacy and biology.
Mr. Duvallet (Alain), doctor.
Mr. Exposito (Jose), doctor.
Mr. Fanca (Xavier), doctor.
Mr. Fonfreide (Vincent), doctor.
Mr. Gadroy (Patrice), doctor.
Mr. Garello (Jean-Louis), doctor.
Mr. Geronimi (Olivier), doctor.
Mr. Giaoui (Marc), doctor.
Mr. Goraieb (Georges), doctor.
Mr. Goux (Richard), doctor.
Mr. Grondin (Olivier), doctor.
Mr. Huguet (Claude), doctor.
Mr. Hurier (Philippe), pedicure-chiropodist.
Mr. iché (Roland), doctor.
M. Jourdan (Roger), pharmacist.
Mr. Kahn (Jean-François), doctor.
Mr. Kaltwasser (Philippe), doctor.
Mr. Koechlin (Daniel), doctor.
Mr. Laurans (Joseph), doctor.
Mr. Leiritz (Patrick), doctor.
Mr. Leneuf (Richard), doctor.
Mr. Massiere (John), doctor.
Mr. Massy (Pierre-Marie), doctor.
Mr. Middleton (Guy), a physiotherapist.
Mr. Mombet (Jacques), doctor.
Mr. Monroche (André), doctor.
Mr. Christmas (James), doctor.
Mr. Ortigas (Pierre), physiotherapist.
Mr. pay (Dominique), doctor.
Mr. Pernelet (Guy), doctor.
Mm e Peytavin (Annie), doctor.
Mr Picq (Jean-Louis), doctor.
Mr. Riou (Michel), doctor.
Mr. Romieu (Michel), doctor.
Mm e Rosati (Françoise), doctor.
Mr. Rua (Roger), doctor.
Mr. Sarniguet (Pierre), doctor.
Mr. Sebastien (Pierre), doctor.
Mr. Sesboue (Bruno), doctor.
Mm e Stutz (Ingrid), physiotherapist.
Mm e Taylor (Michelle), physiotherapist.
Mr. Tosoni Pittoni (Albert), doctor.
Mr. Tran-read-Y (Marc), doctor.
Mr. Turquay (André), pharmacist.
Mm e Velten (Bernadette), physiotherapist.
Mr. Vrillac (Maurice), doctor.
(b) in respect of people with legal expertise Mr. Barba (Claude), lawyer.
Mr. Bensimmon (Marc), lawyer.
M. Bessin (Eric), corporate lawyer.
Mr. Bodecher (Mauritius), lawyer.
Mr. Bourgeois (Michel), doctor of law.
Mr. Breillat (Jean-Christophe), lawyer.
Mr. Brizay (Grégoire), lawyer.
Mr. Brossaud (Sylvain), lawyer.
Mr. Buffard (Pierre), doctor of law.
Mr. Clerc (Thierry), lawyer.
Mm e Coignard (Annick), lawyer.
Mr. Collomb (Pierre), Professor of law.
M. de Boismilon (Yves), lawyer.
E mm of Chassey (Amelie), lawyer.
E mm of Carano (Florence), lawyer.
Mr. de Kermerchou (Alain), magistrate.
Mr. Desfoux (Jean-Luc), notary.
Mr. Duhamel (Jean-Robert), lawyer.
Mm e Dutray (Anne), lawyer.
Mm e Duval (Nathalie), lawyer.
Mr. Emie (Jean-Pierre), lawyer.
Mr. Feyereisen (John), legal and tax advisor.
Mr. Grasa (Michel), notary's clerk.
Mr. Guerin (Christian), lawyer.
Mr. Guillaud (Yves-Marie), lawyer.
Mr. Janin (Daniel), lawyer.
Mr. Lachaume (Jean-Philippe), lawyer.
Mr. Lagarde (Franck), lawyer.
Mr. Legond (Francis), lawyer.
Mm e Malinvaud (Carole), lawyer.
Mm e Meyer (James), a lawyer.
Mr. Mittard (George), lawyer.
Mr. Moneyron (Thierry), lawyer.
Mr. Roger (Alain-François), lawyer.
Mm e Schneider (Marie-Claire), a lawyer.
Mr. Tiffreau (Pascal-François), lawyer.
Mr. Touchard (Pierre-Alain), doctor of law.
Mr. Veroux (Jean-François), lawyer.
Mr. Zirn (Nicolas), Advisor prudhommal.
(c) in respect of the personalities described Mr. Aubonnet (Stéphane).
Mr. Baetz (Emile).
Mr. Bailly (Laurent).
Mr. Balestrieres (Thierry).
Mr. Barraud (Jacques).
Mr. Baldwin (James).
Mr. Belinguier (Bernard).
Mr. Belvo (Marcel).
Mr. Benezet (Jacques).
Mr. Beuchet (Philippe).
Mr. Blouin (Paul).
Mr. Bontoux (André).
Mm e Bonvoisin (Josette).
Mr. Bouley (Etienne).
Mr. Smith, (Francis).
Mr. Bassett (Paul).
Mm e Breton (Catherine).
Mr. Broustaut (Rolland).
Mr. Brown (Julien Vincent).
Mr. Bruno (Richard).
Mr. Buffard (Laurent).
Mr. Cahour (Paul).
Mr. Cavrel (Alain).
Mm e Chabuel (Edith).
Mr. Castle (Michel).
Mr. Chatelet (Mauritius).
Mr. Chatillon (Christian).
Mr. Chauvineau (Gerard).
Mr. Chevaudonnat (Christmas).
Mr. Chombart Lauwe (Erick).
Mr. Cleriot (Louis).
Mr. Coisy (Daniel).
Mr. Coulon (Michel).
Mr. Shorty (Guy).
Mr. Courteau (Paul).
Mr. Cresp (Jean-Claude).
Mm e Daval (Maria Theresa).
Mm e Debeauvais (Celine).
Mr. Blangie (Christian).
M. from the Bourdennaye (Gilles).
Mr. David (Jerome).
M. Delporte (Laurent).
M. de St. Louvent (Eric).
M. Desbordes (Jean).
M. Dolfi (Philippe).
Mr. Dormard (Alain).
Mr. Dubord (Alain).
Mr. Dubos (Claude).
Mr. Ducourtioux (Claude).
Mr. Dumas (Gilles).
Mr. Dumont (Gilles).
Mr. Duroure (Bernard).
Mr. Durozier (Henri).
Mr. Eckly (Jean-Pierre).
Mr. Eloi (Jacques).
Mr. Escurat (Laurent).
Mr. Esthor (Jean-Paul).
Mr. Etchenagucia (Armand).
Mr. Etienne (Jean-Claude).
Mm e Etieve (Anne-Marie).
Mr. Forgues (Gaston).
Mr. Fournier (Laurent).
Mr. Garcia (Michel).
Mm e Gastou (Regine).
Mr. Gaunard (Michel).
Mr. Gautier (Yves).
Mr. Gerard (Bernard).
Mr. Girardin (Claude).
Mr. George (Christian).
Mr. big (Daniel).
Mr. Gouard (Pascal).
Mr. Guiguet (Claude).
Mr. Guilbert (Guillaume).
Mm e Guillou (Tony).
Mm e Hall (Jeanine).
Mm e Heintz (Marie).
Mr. Hennaert (André).
Mr. Herent (Jean-Louis).
Mm e Hess (Beatrice).
Mr. Hingant (René).
Mm e Houllier (John).
Mr. scream (Jean-Marie).
Mr. Itier (Henri).
Mr. Jabalot (George-Ray).
Mr. Jack (wealthy).
Mr. Jean (Philippe).
Mr Jomin (Michel).
Mr. Kempf (Jean-Claude).
Mr. Khellaf (Hakim).
Mr. Labatut (John).
Mr. Lagarrigue (Catherine).
Mr. Lagulhon (Robert).
Mr. Lambert (Jacques).
Mr. last (Bernard).
Mm e Languet (Chantal).
Mm e Lanrezac (Anne).
Mr. Leclair (Gilles).
Mr. Le Faou (André).
Mr. Lefebvre (Francis).
Mr. Lerer (Jacques).
Mr. Leser (Patrice).
Mm e Limou'zy (Geneviève).
Mr Lyon (Guy).
Mm e Jersey (Gisèle).
Mr. Ménard (Jacques-Henry).
Mr. Menoux (Stéphane).
Mr. Mercuel (René).
Mm e Mérieux (Dominique).
Mr. Mio-Bertolo (Jacques).
Mr. Misser (Christian).
Mm e Misseri (Dominique).
Mr. Misseri (Jean-Pierre).
Mr. Morante (Michel).
Mr. Muñoz (Ulysses).
Mr. Noncle-Biot (Remy).
Mr. Palfray (John).
Mr. Pasquier (John).
M. Pauthier (Gerard).
Mr. Perret (Bernard).
Mr Picqué (Thierry).
Mr. Poinsignon (Jean-Claude).
M. Pottier (Christophe).
Mr. Rambla (Jean-Louis).
Mr. Rat (Michel).
Mr. Ravier (Jacky).
Dr. Rigaud (Christian).
Dr. Rigaud (Henri).
Mr. Robin (René).
Mr. Rocolle (Michel).
Mr. Rosello (Jean-Pierre).
Mr. Roualen (Frederick).
Mr. Rougier (Christian).
Mr. Rousseau (David).
Mr. Royer (Alain).
Mm e Ruther (Madeleine).
Mr. Schalber (Antoine).
Mr. Senez (Alain).
Mr. Severe (Philippe).
Mr. Siari (John).
Mm e Sigot (Pascale).
Mr. Stella (Mario).
Mr. search (Claude).
Mr. Taupin (Daniel).
Mr. Tessonneau (Christian).
Mm e Tregaro (Gillette).
Mr. Triol (Christophe).
Mr. Truillet (Philippe).
Mm e Ubald-Bocquet (Marie).
Mm e Val (Annette).
Mr. Varachaud (Patrick).
Mm e Vasselin (Dominique).
Mr. Vercruysse (Michel).
Mr. Vincent (Louis).
Mr. Walker (Vincent).

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