Opinion On Implementing The Sale Of Official Publications (Legal And Administrative Information Management)

Original Language Title: Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)

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JORF n°0208 du 8 septembre 2010
page 16387
texte n° 78

Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)
NOR: PRMX1002400V
ELI: Non disponible

Ces publications sont en vente :
Sur place :
― à la librairie de la direction de l'information légale et administrative, 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07, téléphone : 01-40-15-71-10,
www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-vente-librairie ;
― in the large regional and Parisian libraries.
Mail: ― in the direction of legal and administrative information, service orders, 124, rue Henri-Barbusse 93308 Aubervilliers Cedex;
― on the publishing catalogue online, with payment by credit card secure: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/ buy online.
Please also note the following coordinates: mail order: you want to make an order by fax or e-mail, know the prices of our books, our terms of delivery and payment, get a quote: email us, fax 01-40-15-70-01.
E-mail: commande@ladocumentationfrancaise.fr Service: you have made an order, delivery or invoice contains an error, don't you has failed. You want to cancel an order, subscription, an invoice: contact us or call 01-40-15-69-96, or send a fax to 01-40-15-70-04 claims.
You want your payment information, email us, or call the annex budget accounting agency: Official Publications and Administrative Information (BAPOIA) at 01-72-69-62-49; 01 72-69-62-43; 01 72-69-62-44; 01-72-69-62-45 sales professionals (French and foreign libraries, diffusers for export and subscription agencies): for information, a command or a claim: write to us, send a fax to 01-40-15-70-06. E-mail: prof@ladocumentationfrancaise.fr bibliographic information: call 01-40-15-71-03 or visit the website: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-info-biblio.shtml business information (information about the publications under the Documentation française, Official Journal brands, as well as the brands of publishers distributed by the DILA [OECD, UNESCO...]): call 01-40-15-70-10 or visit sites: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/index.shtml http://www.boamp.fr http://www.bodacc.fr http://www.info-financiere.fr http://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr ordering by mail order (except subscriptions) is increased by a lump sum of €4.95 for participation in registration fees invoice and port.
The payment is to instruct the accounting officer of the BAPOIA agenda.
Over €25 of purchase, shipping costs are offered for orders online, on our website.
For any amount greater than €45, it is possible to pay in three times, free of charge, on the website: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/paiement-securite.shtml La Documentation française has released from August 27 to September 2, 2010: i. ― books, scientific and technical heritage a contemporary project Ministry of higher education and research Catherine Ball, Catherine Cuenca, Daniel teh On observed in recent years renewed interest to the general public for heritage whether artistic, monumental, historical, industrial, natural, rural or urban. Questions about such an interest in the field of science and technology have been addressed through workshops organized by the National Mission of the Museum of the Conservatoire national des arts et Métiers, which has this book.
In the light of the contributions of academics, researchers and professionals, the book offers a panorama of the operations, programs and policies currently implemented in France and Europe. The study suggests that the notion of heritage, remained long foreign to the domain of science and technology, has become an essential value to both their development and their inscription in contemporary societies. Note a few interventions transcribed in English on the European cultural heritage.
Unique in its approach, this study offers to see a range of heritage resources always remarkable and often overlooked. Presented in a layout sober and elegant, with a rich iconography four-color with unpublished facsimiles, this exciting book ranks, and at the outset, in the category of fine books.
2010, la Documentation française 296 p., €23 ISBN: 978-2-11-007480-5 Ref.: 9782110074805 the place des arts in education activity report for 2008 and 2009 High Council of artistic and cultural education work coordinated by Jean-Miguel worse Servane Dargnies, François-Xavier Demoures, Sophie Greiner (et al.)
Proposed by the High Council of artistic and cultural education, the creation in 2008 of a compulsory education of history of arts for all opened new perspectives for the place of art in education.
Traditionally limited to the awakening of personal creativity, the art remained the poor cousin of an education that has especially favoured the rationality, science, and the writing, to the detriment, sometimes, the expression of the sensitivity. It may now be a smuggler between these knowledge.
Artists, intellectuals, teachers, elected and responsible, these are two hundred stakeholders who have spoken on this subject between 2008 and 2009. Published in this volume, the full verbatim and the analysis of their exchanges are a unique photograph of public debate on the place of the arts in education. The themes developed in this book relate to: the place of literature and the mastery of the language in artistic and cultural education; education à l'image; the place of photography, video games and music in artistic and cultural education; scientific culture in education; social and issues teaching dance at the school, from kindergarten to the University... Specific and well-argued proposals accompany these reflections.
2010, la Documentation française 460 p., €25 ISBN: 978-2-11-007950-3 Ref.: 9782110079503 Editions of the official journals: practitioners-advice on the general scheme of the independent Ministry of labour, solidarity and public IDCC: 2797 1st edition. ― June 2010 national collective agreement of June 15, 2007, to consult directly with online updates possibly appeared from this edition, click on: the site of the 2010 official journals, gazettes,: "Collective agreement", pamphlet No. 3365 72 p., €7 ISBN: 978-2-11-076529-1 Ref.: 9782110765291 streaming in the DILA: Council of the European Framework Convention for the protection of national minorities compilation of texts (6th edition) Council of Europe the protection of national minorities is a fundamental priority for the Council of Europe and the framework convention for the protection of national minorities is one of the major achievements in this field, entered into force on 1 February 1998. It is the first legally binding multilateral instrument devoted to their protection, and she quickly increased its number of ratifications. The purpose of this compendium is to provide a compilation, easy to consult, fundamental texts. In addition to the framework convention and its explanatory report, this collection includes texts relating to the follow-up mechanism, in general, and the Advisory Committee, in particular. There is also the State of signatures and ratifications, as well as declarations and reservations.
2010, Council of Europe 74 pp., €13 ISBN: 978-92-871-6724-8 Ref.: 9789287167248 collection: "Records on human rights" is more specifically aimed at specialists in European law: lawyers, researchers, and students in law. It serves also as a reference for the implementation of the European Convention on human rights in the signatory countries.
The prohibition of discrimination under the European convention of the human rights Frédéric Edel Conseil de l'Europe the European convention on human rights guarantees equality between human beings humans by prohibiting discrimination through two texts: on the one hand, article 14 of this convention, ratified by all the Member States of the Council of Europe and, on the other hand, article 1 of its 12th Protocol ratified only by a part of them.
This book intends to give an overview of the jurisprudence of the European Court of human rights on the prohibition of discrimination. There are thus examined successively: the question of the extent of the scope of the prohibition of discrimination, that of the content of such a ban, and finally that of its mode of judicial review.
Council of Europe, 2010 al. "Records on human rights" No. 22 160 p., €28 ISBN: 978-92-871-6816-0 Ref.: 9789287168160 Migrants and fight against discrimination in Europe Pierre Salama Council of Europe this book presents the migration in Europe in its multiple aspects and advocates a new model of intercultural integration, based on the principle of the equal dignity of all individuals.
The detail of the table of contents is available online on: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.gouv.fr/ buy online / advanced search (by keywords in the title, or Council of Europe, author, etc.).
Council of Europe, 2010 Coll.: 'White book' vol. 2 102, p., €15 SBN: 978-92-871-6763-7 Ref.: 9789287167637 Access to justice for migrants and asylum seekers in Europe Jeremy McBride Council of Europe

The detail of the table of contents is available online on: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.gouv.fr/ buy online / advanced search (by keywords in the title, or Council of Europe, author, etc.).
2010, Council of Europe 130 p., €25 ISBN: 978-92-87-16645-6 Ref.: 9789287166456 II. ― JOURNALS Archeopages national Research Institute archaeological preventive Editorial Jean-Paul Jacob, president of the INRAP folder: recycling and reuse recycling in the Middle Paleolithic. Of bifaces and nucleus used as Hammers (Emilie Claud et al.)
A case of recovery to the Neolithic recent. The arc of basin drop Paris (Angélique Polloni) recycling of lead in rural context at the end of antiquity. Example of the villa of Burgille (Nicolas Tisserand et al.)
Vita amphorarum. The upgrading of the amphoras in context wet (Muriel Vecchione) the reuse of the brick in late Antiquity. If Toulouse (Filippo Raphael) reuse of graves in the middle ages (Yves Gleize) port, instead of recycling. Two examples in Bordeaux from the 13th to the 15th century (Frédéric Gerber) reused Loire boat. Economic logic of the eighteenth century (Nathalie Ruffié) debate: the recovery the reversibility in architecture (Jean-Marc Huygen, architect, and Ivan Lafarge, archaeologist) practices the final bronze age in Lorraine. Typological and cultural aspects (Thierry Klag et al.)
News adornments metal Quoit Brooch Style (Laure Simon) agricultural tools of bas-empire (Frédéric Veyssière, Catherine Viers) calendar of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and publications.
Archeopages No. 29, April 2010 96 p., ill., €20 Ref.: 3303333900298 Archeopages national Research Institute archaeological preventive Editorial Jean-Paul Jacob, President of the INRAP folder: hunts Neanderthal hunting weapons. Initial analysis of the mousteriennes spikes (Angel Marie Soressi Jean-Luc Locht) hunters or warriors. To Cerny, of the deceased of exception (Philippe Chambon, Isabelle Sidera) the hunting deer in the Neolithic. A game by excellence? (Rose-Marie Arbogast)
Remains of the Neolithic hunting recent. The pit of Vignely in edge of Marne (Paul Brunet et al.)
Hunt the Mesolithic. The contribution of the sites of Valley of the Northeast quarter of the France (Frédéric Séara et al.)
Hunting deer hunting Hare. Evolution of the practices of the age of iron in the middle ages (Sébastien Lepetz, Benoît Clavel) hunts in the middle ages. Some aspects illustrated by the archaeozoology in France southern (Isabelle Rodet-Bartels, Vianney Forest) the auxiliary premises of whaling in the modern era. Three examples project (Séverine Hurard, Jean-Yves Dufour) bear to the Paleolithic. Oriented studies? (Dominique Armand)
Debate: Hunt, what for? (Pierre Grenand, anthropologist, and Anne Bridault, Zooarchaeologist)
Practices the millstones from the Neolithic to the middle ages. Development of protocols for registration and initial analyses (Luc Jacottey et al.)
Current deposit animal in a burial mound (Sébastien Chevrier, Dominique Lalaï) Rhenish stoneware in a Guyanese Tomb (Martijn van den Bel) calendar of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and publications Archeopages No. 28, January, 2010 104 p., ill., €20 Ref.: 3303333900281 studies of the French Documentation French United States a new deal under the dir. of Anne Deysine Bilan economic midterm of the first two years of the Obama administration which can be assessed in terms of achievements and projects underway (reform of sickness insurance, resorption of the financial crisis, plan of support for the automotive industry, proactive foreign policy...).
Summary: Introduction Evolution (s) of America and political translations demographic changes mean a new America?
Moral values always are at the centre of the debate the emergence of new media and their role in politics drift of two major parties change the political system?
Can B. Obama waive the omnipotence of the Presidency?
The return to the rule of law, or the dilemma Obama change Washington as usual the bipartisan Congress?
Barack Obama and the reform of the American health care system Presentation of a system in crisis always discount reform reform of health, issue of the 2008 election reform Obama Obama: what economic assessment mid-term?
Yesterday: the origins of the crisis today: from recession to recovery tomorrow: a long list of challenges "A new beginning" for U.S. foreign policy?
A special diplomacy national security through the prism of a new era.
Authors: Anne Deysine, Professor at the University of Paris X - Nanterre Helene Baudchon, Economist at Crédit agricole SA Annick Cizel, lecturer at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III Eveline Tay, senior lecturer at the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) literature studies French No. 5320-21 192 pp., fig., €14.50 Ref.: 3303331953203 administrative and legal information service public territorial interdepartmental management of the small Center Crown of the Ile-de-France region 1. Status commented in the daily Act of July 5, 2010 on the renovation of social dialogue and containing various provisions on public service ensure jurisprudential disabled staff in respect of direct recruitment: conditions for the refusal of tenure loss of civil rights: unconstitutionality of article L. 7 of the electoral code 2. News documentary References texts Documents parliamentary Chronicle of jurisprudence press and books with in addition, the collection of documentary references from the first half of 2010, this thematically.
The administrative and legal information, July-August 2010 64 p., €18.50 Ref. 3303330611166 economic problems Selection of french and foreign articles La Documentation française Europe after the crisis Greek after the Greek crisis: where are we? (Expansion)
The crisis reveals the inconsistency of the eurozone (Michel Aglietta ― the world) financial stabilization fund, a false good idea? (Hans-Werner Sinn ― Ifo-Schnelldienst)
What alternative to very restrictive economic policies? (Patrick Artus ― Flash economy ― Natixis)
Rethinking the economic governance of the euro area (Jean Pisani-Ferry ― Bruegel Policy Contribution) also in this issue: international trade after the crisis: avoiding protectionism (Christian Henn and Brad Mac Donald — finance and development) economy and society to put an end to the hegemony of the economic link (Michel Berry ― realities industrial ― annals of mining) sectors of air transport activity is a cost-effective model? (Vincent Bamberger strategic Prospective ―)
Problems economic No. 3001, Wednesday, September 1, 2010 48 p., €4.70 Ref.: 3303332030019 international issues the Documentation française turbulence opening ― EU Europe: between turmoil and drowsiness (Serge Sur) the Union for European after the Lisbon Treaty: diagnosis of a crisis (Christian Lequesne) governance European after Lisbon (Renaud Dehousse) the Treaty of Lisbon: between complication and simplification legal and institutional Union (Nicolas Leron) the euro into turmoil (Grégory Lecomte) European democracy : progress made and difficulties persistent (Fabien Terpan) Parliament: increasing prerogatives (Nathalie Brack and Olivier Costa) European Union: enlargement or coherence (Jean-Luc Sauron) European lobbying: a weight increasing but overvalued (Marc Milet) Questions European Ukraine: President Yanukovich, return back or new stage in the transition process? (Anne de Tinguy and Emmanuelle Armandon)
The Belgium European (Christian Franck) policy views on the world geopolitical issues of energy renewable natural (Guillaume Sainteny) portraits of Questions international Suzanne Bidault: a first woman to the Quai d'Orsay (Paul Dahan) Charles de Gaulle, Paul-Henri Spaak reference Document: two conceptions of Europe international issues on internet Abstracts international issues no. 45, September-October 2010 128 p. , cards, graph., ill., €9.80 Ref.: 3303331600459 retirement and society national insurance fund old-age health status of older workers document coordinated by Jean-Marie Robine and Emmanuelle Cambois in the heart of the debate on the decline in the retirement age, this issue of retirement and society focuses on health of 50-65 years old. Various articles featured here are borrowed to demographics or health and labour statistics. They provide an overview of the health of the fifties and the sixties, workers or inactive, in France, in Europe, the United States and the Canada. This folder is to provide answers to these issues by perspective different studies on the situations of health and population at the end of working life working.
The detail of the summary is on: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.gouv.fr pension and company no. 59, August 2010 268 p., bibl., stat., €19,00 Ref.: 3303333500597 this number 59 is the last number marketed magazine retirement and society which now airs for free online on the website of the CNAV: cnav.fr Revue française d'administration public national school of administration the administration to the challenge of development sustainable thematic issue coordinated by Bettina Laville foreword forty years of environmental policy in France : developments, advanced, constant (Valérie Lacroix, Edwin Zaccaï)

Continuity of the framework legal and administrative management of the forests of the former French regime to the present day or how the State has taken into account the long-term (Georges-André Morin) how to administer the nature? (Gilbert Simon)
The institutionalization of sustainable development sustainable development in action: interview with the Commissioner general for sustainable development (Michèle Pappalardo) of the Ministry of the impossible to the Department of State (Bettina Laville) the Grenelle of the environment: a novation policy? (Daniel Boy)
The Copenhagen conference: negotiation, operating instructions (Jean-Jacques Barbéris) the levers of sustainable development sustainable public procurement, a tool in the service of the State regulator (Guillaume Cantillon) the environmental taxation as a tool of public policy (Guillaume Sainteny) amenity management and development sustainable (Georges Ribière) the information technology at the service of the sustainable development of territories (Gilles Berhault) sustainable development, governance and insularity : the case of the natural reserve marine of Réunion (Fabien Brial) Chronicles-Chronicle administration Chronicle of economic public lecture Notes Revue française d'administration public no. 134 275 p., €21.80 Ref.: 3303337901345

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