Decree Of 8 July 2010 Awarding The Diploma Of The École Spéciale Militaire De Saint-Cyr For The Year 2010

Original Language Title: Arrêté du 8 juillet 2010 portant attribution du diplôme de l'Ecole spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr pour l'année 2010

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JORF n ° 0171 July 27, 2010 text no. 64 on July 8, 2010 order awarding the diploma of the École Spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr for the year 2010 NOR: DEFT1019110A ELI: not available by order of the Minister of defence in July 8, 2010: i. ― the diploma of the École Spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr for the year 2010 is awarded to french lieutenants from competition under 3 ° of article 4 of Decree No. 2008-940, September 12, 2008 on the particular status of the officer corps of weapons of the army the following, listed in alphabetical order: André (Jean-Patrick, Marie, Jacques), "good".
Barbier (Alexandre), mention "rather well".
BINAS (Audrey, Christine, Danielle), reference to "fair".
Buton (Kevin, Pierre), reference to "fair".
Short (Julien, Jean-René), mention "rather well".
Fumble (Rachel, Georgette, Raymonde), reference to "fair".
González (Adrien, Antoine, Gilbert), reference to "fair".
Grozellier (Baptist), "good".
Havard (Jeremy, Jean, Louis), reference to "fair".
Homo (Martin, Stephan), mention "rather well".
Hatanaka (Jose, Sabin, Muriel), reference to "fair".
Labouerie (Guillaume, Tereiatua), reference to "fair".
Margossian (Aubry, Renaud, Henri), reference to "fair".
O Reilly (Roman), "good".
Pedro (Anthony, Maxwell), reference to "fair".
Passey (Laurent, Jean-Marc, Louis, Raoul), mention "rather well".
Privat (Jean-Cosme, Mary, Paul, Bernard), reference to "fair".
Roccofort de Vinniere (Louis, Marthe, Marie), "good".
Roullet (Etienne), reference to "fair".
Thieffry (Frederic, Jean, Pascal), "good".
II. — the diploma from the École Spéciale militaire of Saint-Cyr for the year 2010 is attributed to the french lieutenants, from contests under 1 ° and 2 ° of article 4 of Decree No. 2008-940, September 12, 2008, supra, whose names follow, listed in alphabetical order: "engineering sciences" sector Beal (Benjamin, Antoine), reference to "fair".
Beligne (Benoit, Marie), reference to "fair".
Berge (Aloys, Eugène, Emmanuel), reference to "fair".
Binger (Gilles), reference to "fair".
Boissier (Alexandre, Chai-Dy, Pierre-Thu), "good".
Good (David Benjamin), mention "rather well".
Book (Marc, Pierre, Marie), "good".
Cassard (Matthew, Alexandre), reference to "fair".
Chandan (Nicolas, Robert, Paul), "good".
Colin (Xavier, Marc, Julien), reference to "fair".
Chungcharoen (Thomas, Benjamin), reference to "fair".
by Raj (Henri, Nicolas, Marie), "good".
of Sevin-Rajtnaga (Jean-Eudes, Emmanuel, Marie), "good".
de Villèle (Louis-Timothée), reference to "fair".
Deshors (Thierry, Marie), "good".
Dessaint (Mehdi), mention "rather well".
Fatz (Louis), mention "rather well".
Fraquet (Pierre, Louis, Georges, Paul, Robert), mention "rather well".
Frollo de Kerlivio (Charles, Antoine, Marie), "good".
GALAUP (Thibault-Henri, Marie), "good".
Gasser (Marco, Patrick), reference to "fair".
Gerland (Alexandre, Ludovic, Louis), "good".
Gil (Brice, Andres, Pierre), mention "rather well".
Graveline (Maxime, Michel, Andre, Oscar), "good".
Grout de Beaufort (Jean-Baptiste, Marie, Emmanuel), reference to "fair".
Gueroult (Clement, Benoit, Laurent), mention "rather well".
Guilloux (Franck, Jean-Claude), "good".
Jakob (Patrick, Jean, Bernard), "good".
Jean says Panel (Sebastian, Jean-Pierre, Yvon), "good".
Josserand (Sebastian, Pierre), mention "rather well".
Larrosa (Matthew, Benoît, Marie), mention "rather well".
Launay (Marc, Christian, Marie), mention "rather well".
The lease (Kevin, Armand), mention "rather well".
The Leung (Arnaud, Jacques), "good".
Le Houérou (Loïc, Mehdi), mention "rather well".
The Woillemont Pelletier (Laurent, Patrick, Pierre, Marie), mention "rather well".
Leo (Adrien, François), "good".
Irene (Matthieu, Marie, André, Michel), mention "rather well".
Lemaître (Julian, August, Edmond), reference to "fair".
Leroy (Remi, Lionel, Denis), "good".
Lévêque (Marc, François, Pierre), mention "rather well".
Levesque (Romain, Noel, Alain, Victor), mention "rather well".
Luthringer (Julien), mention "rather well".
Machaux (Frederic, Thierry, Mary), "good".
Maurel (Henry, Guillaume, Roland), reference to "fair".
Maze-Sencier (Olivier, Marie, Guillaume), reference to "fair".
Nicolas Henri, Lucky, "good."
Olry (Remy), mention "rather well".
Pandele (Ludovic, Claude Michel), reference to "fair".
Pasquier de Franclieu (Ghislain, Marie), "good".
Perez (Thibault, Didier, Guénolé, Marie), mention "rather well".
Pinault (Jeremy, Thierry, Claude, Robert), reference to "fair".
Plever (Udaya, François, Marie), "good".
Polisini (Remi, Philippe), "good".
Popa (Vincent, Stéphane), "good".
Marshal (Anais, Marie), "good".
Py (Loïc, Damien, Yoann), "good".
Raedersdorf (Arnaud, Guy), mention "rather well".
Ressiore (Guillaume, Jean-François), reference to "fair".
Desmond (Marie, Marthe, Marguerite), "good".
Sanzey (Thomas, Paul, Joseph, Marie, Michel), mention "rather well".
SARDA (Jean-Bastien, Charles, Marie), mention "rather well".
Saric (Hadrian, Charles, Amadeus), "good".
Suche (Jerome, Pierre, Antoine), "good".
Traverse (Mathieu, Jacques, André), reference to "fair".
Verlekar (Aymeric, Fabien, Jean-Paul), mention "rather well".
Waddington (Tristan), "good".
Die 'international relations and strategy' Babu (Paloma, Marie, Concepcion, Anne), reference to "fair".
Bourdais (Thibaut, Jean), "good".
Buffeteau (Henri, Léon, Jean), mention "rather well".
Catta (Julien, Bernard, Pierre), "good".
Charzat (Xavier, Jacques, Dominique), reference to "fair".
Chassagne (Stanislas), reference to "fair".
Chevalier (Benoit, Etienne, Clément), "good".
Crousillac (Eudes, Marie, Philippe), mention "rather well".
Saint chamas (Etienne, Marie, Olivier), "good".
Druais (Julien, Thierry), "good".
Elie (Augustin, Marie, Rémi), mention "rather well".
Faure (Amélie, Christiane, Gisèle), mention "rather well".
Felloni (Grégoire, Marie), "good".
Fountain (Vincent, Pierre, Louis), reference to "fair".
Giganon (Lise, Mathilde, Marie), reference to "fair".
Hardy (Thibaut, Marie, Louis), "good".
Hartmann (Jehan, Christian, Marie), mention "rather well".
Henry (Samuel, Pierre, Alexis), mention "rather well".
Humbert (Nicolas, Olivier, Pascal), "good".
Kumar (Anurag, Alberic), mention "rather well".
The Combe (Guillaume, Marie, Géraud), "good".
Labbé (Vianney), "good".
Lee (Marc, Serge, Michel), "good".
Nassir (Pierre-Marie, André), "good".
Lombardo (Camille, Charlotte, Elizabeth), reference to "fair".
Mary (Anne-Cecile, Melanie, Julie), reference to "fair".
Maltsev (Alexei Alexandrovich), mention "rather well".
Martin (Benoit, Xavier, René), mention "rather well".
Paule (John, Patricia, Geraldine), reference to "fair".
Pandit (Anne-Sophie, Madeleine), reference to "fair".
Pierson (Thibaut, André, François, Marie), mention "rather well".
Plisson (Steve, Stephen, Francis), "good".
Pathak (Guillaume, Hubert), reference to "fair".
Pretelat (Nils, Paul, Xavier), "good".
Rul (Joyce, Henri, Roger), reference to "fair".
Simon (Gaétan, David, Félix), mention "rather well".
Soriano (Delphine, Céline), reference to "fair.
Souvestre (Remy, André, René), "good".
Terrenoir (Guilhem, Marie, Christian), "good".
Tendoh (Nelly, Caroline), reference to "fair".
Vazquez (Pierre-Louis, Francois, Christian, René), mention "rather well".
Die 'management of men and organizations' Berquet (Cyril, Marc, Marie), mention "very good".
Ali (Pierrick), mention "rather well".
Bulckaen (Vincent, Yves, Michel), mention "rather well".
Caffart (Gonzague, Grégoire, Emmanuel), "good".
Camus (Lucile, France), reference to "fair".
Coudry (Julien, Jean-Charles), reference to "fair".
by Courrèges (Benoit, Thierry, Marie), mention "rather well".
de Haynin de Bry (Antoine, Gilles, Pierre, Marie), mention "rather well".
Davis (Arnaud, Joel, Bernard), mention "rather well".
Donnadieu-Deray (Guillaume-Eric, Aymeri, Christian), mention "rather well".
Duchon (Stanislas, Guy, Marie, Vianney), "good".
Dumousseau (Olivier, Michel, Marie, François), reference to "fair".
Durouchoux (Guillaume, Olivier, Henri), mention "rather well".
Espinasse (André-Vianney, Michel, Philippe), "good".
Freyssinges (John the Baptist, Hugues, Gérard), mention "rather well".
Fumery (François, Olivier, Jacques, Hubert), mention "rather well".
Gabriela (Gabriel, Jean, Marie), mention "rather well".
Ganesan (Nicolas, Christmas, Olivier), mention "rather well".
Gelot (Xavier, Gerard, Paul), "good".
Ghorpade (Noemie, Christine), reference to "fair".
Grieshaber (Thibaut, Philippe, Pierre, Alphonse), mention "rather well".
Guillot (Josselin, Bertrand), mention "rather well".
Hamelin (Alexis, Aurélien), "good".
Jabbar (Philippe, Marie), mention "rather well".
Lacombe (Bertrand, Damien, Maxime, Marie), reference to "fair".
Lallemand (Bryce), mention "rather well".
Leal (Jean, Marie, Philippe), "good".
Machado (Emmanuel, Marie, Francis), "good".
Morais (Alexandre, Antoine, Eric), reference to "fair".
Palani (Jerome, Marie, Joseph, Eric), "good".
Peghaire (Guillaume, Gildas, Paul), mention "rather well".
Porcher (Odoric, Joseph, Marie), mention "rather well".
Paun (Jean-Philippe, Emmanuel, Gérard), reference to "fair".
Rault (Antoine, Jean, Marie, Hervé), reference to "fair".
Regnier (Louis-Marie), mention "rather well".
Sanchez (Luc, Antoine, Marcel), mention "rather well".
Thiel (Thomas, Kevin), "good".
III. — the diploma of the École Spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr for the year 2010 is awarded to second lieutenants foreign following, listed in alphabetical order: "engineering sciences" sector Diewvilai (Thanaphat), mention "rather well".
Fletcher Tala (Alain, Martial), reference to "fair".
Die 'international relations and strategy' Ayachi (SC), reference to "fair".
Dake (Wendoanda, Bertrand), reference to "fair".
Do (Dui, Thanh), mention "rather well".
Kim Hoon, Seop, mention "rather well".
Nkotto II (Desire, Martial), reference to "fair".
Touré (EEE, Djibril), mention "rather well".
Die 'management of men and organizations' Adanmayi (Solin, Martial, Rodrigue), reference to "fair".
Aden Neko (Hassan), reference to "fair".
Bekoula (Vivien), reference to "fair".
BOMA (Slim), reference to "fair".
Sahar Mohamed, Amine, mention "rather well".
Devo (Silete, Finch), mention "rather well".
Diop (Babacar), reference to "fair".
K (Ragnaguenewende, Felix), reference to "fair".
McFarlane Sheikh (Ahmed), reference to "fair".
Genet Loulou (Alassane), reference to "fair".
Samon (Susan, Ankoura), mention "rather well".
IV. — the title of former student of the École Spéciale militaire of Saint-Cyr is attributed to french Lieutenant, deriving from competition provided for in 1 ° and 2 ° of article 4 of Decree No. 2008-940, September 12, 2008, supra, whose name follows: sector "engineering sciences" Zueras (Adrien).
V. ― as an alumnus of the school of Saint-Cyr special military is attributed to foreign lieutenants whose names follow: die 'management of men and organizations' Hlannon (Theodore).
Sako Boubacar (meta).

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