Opinion On Implementing The Sale Of Official Publications (Legal And Administrative Information Management)

Original Language Title: Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)

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JORF n ° 0099 April 28, 2010 page 7716 text no 92 opinion on implementing the sale of official publications (Directorate of legal and administrative information) NOR: PRMX1001112V ELI: not available these publications are on sale: ― on site: ― at the bookstore of the Directorate of legal and administrative information 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07. Tel.
― in the large regional and Parisian libraries;
― mail: ― in the direction of legal and administrative information, service orders, 124, rue Henri-Barbusse 93308 Aubervilliers Cedex;
― on the publishing catalogue online with secure credit card payment, http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/ buy online.
Please also note the following coordinates: mail order: you want to make an order by fax or e-mail, know the prices of our books, our terms of delivery and payment, get a quote: email us, fax 01-40-15-70-01.
E-mail: commande@ladocumentationfrancaise.fr.
Customer service: you have made an order, delivery or invoice contains an error, don't you has failed. You want to cancel an order, subscription, an invoice: email us or call 01-40-15-69-96, or send a fax to 01-40-15-70-04 claims;
You want your payment information, email us, or call the annex budget accounting agency: Official Publications and Administrative Information (BAPOIA) at 01-72-69-62-49; 01 72-69-62-43; 01 72-69-62-44; 01-72-69-62-45 sales professionals (French and foreign libraries, diffusers for export and subscription agencies): for information, a command or a claim: write to us, send a fax to 01-40-15-70-06.
E-mail: prof@ladocumentationfrancaise.fr.
Bibliographic information: call 01-40-15-71-03 or visit the website: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-info-biblio.shtml business information (information about publications under the Documentation française, Official Journal brands, as well as the brands of publishers distributed by the DILA (OECD, UNESCO...): call the or visit: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/index.shtml;)
http://www.bodacc.fr any order by mail order (except subscriptions) is increased by a lump sum of €4.95 for participation in registration fees, invoice and port.
The payment is to instruct the accounting officer of the BAPOIA agenda.
Over €25 of purchase, shipping costs are offered for orders online, on our website.
For any amount greater than €45, it is possible to pay in three times, free of charge, on the website: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/paiement-securite.shtml La Documentation française has put up for sale from 16 to April 22, 2010: i. - works support and social protection for people with chronic disease.
High Council of public health.
Medico-administratif operative says diseases of long duration (ALD) that handles this (both medical financial) support being become inadequate, the Government has implemented, in 2007, an ambitious Plan for the improvement of the quality of life of people with chronic disease, which will be available until 2011.
Chronic diseases of the High Council of the public health Commission presents a State places, followed by ten recommendations clearly outlined, including through better coordination of the course of care. the consolidation of funding and legal adaptations necessary for the proper functioning of all, and also, the desire to make taking in charge of these diseases, a priority theme of medical education and evaluation of professional practices.
2010, la Documentation française.
Al. "Opinions and reports".
80 p., €12.
ISBN: 978-2-11-008113-1.
REF.: 9782110081131.
Streaming at la Documentation française: Association for studies of Resistance (AERI).
Resistance in Charente-Maritime.
Association for studies of Resistance (AERI).
Directed by the Federation of the Resistance of the Charente Maritime in the context of the national campaign of the AERI, this CD-ROM is a unique information on Resistance in Charente Maritime base and a reference tool to discover and understand this essential page of local history.
It consists of two large thematic entries: Aspects of Resistance and the Resistance in its environment, index of places and people and a timeline, pedagogical tools: atlas, search, glossary, mediatheque, sources, workbook and help, biographies of resistant and resistant, a large collection of archival photographs, testimonials, press..., more than 480 sheets, maps...
2010, AERI.
CD-ROM: €20.
ISBN: 978-2-915742-24-4.
REF.: 9782915742244.
Council of Europe.
Among the titles recently published: audiovisual European Yearbook.
Film, television and video in Europe.
15th edition (3 volumes).
European Audiovisual Observatory.
The European Audiovisual Observatory Yearbook is divided into three volumes, of which the first presents the national television landscape in the 36 States members of the Observatory; the second example shows a synthesis of European television audiovisual landscape, while the third is devoted to film and video.
What's new in this edition: the television market trends, country by country (Vol. 1), VoD and television's retrofit in Europe (Vol. 3).
Volume 1 — television in 36 European States.
Volume 2 — trends in European television.
Volume 3 — film and video.
2010, Council of Europe.
300 pp., 3 flights. sold together: €255.
ISBN: 978-92-871-6688-3.
REF.: 9789287166883.
Biomedicine and human rights.
The Oviedo Convention and its additional protocols.
Council of Europe.
The Convention on the rights of man and the Biomedicine, or Convention of Oviedo celebrated in 2009 the 10th anniversary of its entry into force.
It is a legal instrument to guarantee everyone, without discrimination, respect for his integrity and his rights and freedoms with regard to the application of biology and medicine. Text of reference at European level on rights of patients, the Oviedo Convention deals also new challenges in the biomedical field, generated by the technological and scientific developments.
The principles established by the Oviedo Convention were developed and complemented in additional protocols in specific areas: the prohibition of cloning humans, the transplantation of organs and tissues of human origin, biomedical research and genetic testing for health purposes.
All of these legally binding texts, gathered in this book, forms a single international legal corpus.
2010, Council of Europe.
204 p., €29.
ISBN: 978-92-871-6758-3.
REF. 9789287167583.
Mainstream gender in education.
Recommendation CM/Rec (2007) 13 and explanatory memorandum (2009).
Council of Europe.
Over the last century, significant progress has been made in terms of Gender equality in Europe. Great disparities persist in our societies, however, between girls and boys, women and men, preventing the full enjoyment of the fundamental human right for all to participate fully, as equal partners, in all aspects of life.
The Council of Europe is convinced that the most effective way to promote Gender equality is through education. This is why it adopted Recommendation CM/Rec (2007) 13 on Gender mainstreaming in education, in 2007, in order to encourage the governments of member states to incorporate the Gender perspective at all levels of the educational system ― through legislation and in practice — so as to promote among young people the values of justice and participation necessary for the building of a society which guarantees true Gender equality , both in the private and the public spheres.
2010, Council of Europe.
37 p., €8.
ISBN: 978-92-871-6610-4.
REF. 9789287166104.
Economic, social and environmental Council (EESC).
Improve the image of the France.
Term of office: 2004-2010.
Meeting of the office of 9 March 2010.
Study presented by Bernard Plasait.
Economic, social and environmental Council (EESC).
What is the picture of a country? Is there a picture next to a plurality of images? Can we apply the concept of image of a product or a business in a national community? How is are constructed images of the France and how have they evolved throughout history? The economic, social and environmental Council proposed reflection axes around which could be developed a communication policy that meets future needs political, economic, environmental, social and cultural of the France.
The Appendices include a few specific lighting such as: the image and tourist positioning of France abroad. the French face their public services; the place of women in the boards of Directors of companies in the CAC 40; an investigation by the Commission on: the words that characterize the images.
2010, economic, social and environmental Council.
Al. "Opinions and reports of the economic, social and environmental Council".

ISBN: 978-2-11-120855-1.
REF. 9782111208551.
Economic, social and environmental conditions in 2010.
Term of office 2004 - 2010.
Meeting of 23 and 24 March 2010.
Opinion presented by Bernard Capdeville.
Economic, social and environmental Council (EESC).
The current crisis is not only economic. It is also structural and systemic. In this notice, the economic, social and environmental Council puts forward proposals to regulate globalization, give new impetus to the European Union and reconcile economic, social and environmental in France.
2010, Council economic, social and environmental al. "Opinions and reports of the economic, social and environmental Council".
116 p., €15.
ISBN: 978-2-11-12085-44.
REF. 9782111208544.
Child Psychiatry: prevention and support.
Term of office 2004 - 2010 meeting of 23 and 24 February 2010 opinion presented by Jean-René Buisson.
Economic, social and environmental Council (EESC).
If the identification and support of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents have experienced a few years undeniable progress (law of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of persons with disabilities and adoption of leading autism in 2008), fact remains that these disorders are sometimes still too late noticed. However, early identification and diagnosis are crucial.
In this notice, the economic, social and environmental Council profiles places of prevention and support for proven psychiatric disorders of children and adolescents in France, and then proposes solutions prevention, coordination of the structures and actors involved in the support, and school and social integration of the young patients.
2010, economic, social and environmental Council.
Al. "Opinions and reports of the economic, social and environmental Council".
80 p., €10.60.
ISBN: 978-2-11-120852-0.
REF.: 9782111208520.
Previously appeared: the cultural message of the France and the intercultural vocation of la francophonie.
Term of office 2004 - 2009.
Meeting of 23 and 24 June 2009.
Opinion presented by Julia Kristeva-jewels.
Economic, social and environmental Council (EESC).
The France cultural policy is the Foundation of its diplomacy and the promotion of the French language at the heart of his device. But, in a context of globalization, the France is called to rethink the contours of his message in favour of the diversity of cultures and identities.
The recommendations of the economic, social and environmental Council developed in this opinion aim to bring this message a second breath, allowing him to lead a dynamic and open cultural policy on the world.
2009, economic, social and environmental Council.
Al. "Opinions and reports of the economic, social and environmental Council".
124 p., €13.60.
ISBN: 978-2-11-120833-9.
REF.: 9782111208339.
Direction of official gazettes labour (in 2 volumes) ― Brochure no 20021 Code.
Flight 1 ― new legislative part.
Flight 2 ― new regulatory part.
Ministry of labour, Social Relations, family and solidarity.
High Commission for codification.
February 12, 2010 Edition.
All the articles of the Labour Code (legislative part in vol. 1 and regulative part in vol. 2) consists of eight parts: i. - individual labour relations.
II. Collective labour relations.
III. - The breakdown of the fixed-term employment contract.
IV. Health and safety at work.
V. - Employment.
VI. - Vocational training throughout life.
VII. - Provisions specific to certain occupations and activities.
VIII. - Monitoring the application of legislation work.
Each of these parts is divided into several books, titles, chapters and sections, including the clear title will allow you to quickly identify the contents.
To consult directly online eventually published since this edition updates, click on: the site of the official journals.
2008, the official journals.
Al. "Official Codes".
2 flights. sold together: €24.
ISBN: 978-2-11-076604-2.
REF. 9782110766042.
Directorate-General of local authorities (DGCL) municipalities in figures in 2010.
21st edition.
Local branch.
The objective of this annual publication is to provide statistical information regularly updated on local communities, including: ― figures key local communities;
― data on structures, finance, local people.
Since the 2009 edition, there are with the main chapters on structures, finance, local staff who were retained, commented numbers, definitions, and references. Available data are for the past five years. The long series on various topics are included in a single chapter at the end of book. For each of the chapters, an introduction presents the key figures of the local authorities, in their respective context.
2010 DGCL.
148 pp., fig., €20.
ISBN: 978-2-11-098389-3.
REF. 9782110983893.
Organisation for cooperation and development (OECD).
Aid for trade.
Panorama 2009.
Maintain the momentum.
Organisation for cooperation and development (OECD).
This second monitoring report of the aid for this trade a detailed analysis of the commitment of the partner countries and donors for countries developing. It then analyzes the regional dimensions of the aid for trade and presents three cross-border infrastructure projects. Finally, it contains a series of sheets that allow to assess the results and the impact of this assistance on trade.
2010, OECD.
328 p., stat., €60.
ISBN: 978-92-64-06903-9.
REF.: 9789264069039.
Geographical distribution of financial flows to developing countries.
Payments, commitments, country indicators.
Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 2010 Disbursements, Commitments, Country Indicators.
Organisation for cooperation and development (OECD).
In English and french.
This report provides detailed data on the volume, origin and types of aid and other contributions attributed to each of the some one hundred and fifty developing countries. The statistics cover official development assistance and other public and private funding provided to each beneficiary country by each of the members of the Committee of development aid of OECD, by multilateral agencies as well as by other donor countries. Socio-economic indicators are also presented for memory.
2010, OECD.
274 p., stat., €95.
ISBN: 978-92-64-07929-8.
REF.: 9789264079298.
II. - revised Archeopages.
National Institute for preventive archaeological research.
File: Channels and networks.
Preventive excavations and channels of communication across a microregion. The average Valley of the Oise.
Hierarchy of the network of Roman roads: the Lorraine example.
Metz-Divodurum in the center of the network.
Routes and routes to the West of Nancy.
The roads in the territory of the santones around Saintes-Mediolanum. Recognition and status of pathways.
The road to the port? The excavations at the Grand Castelou in Narbonne.
Between Mediterranean and Atlantic, the way Aquitaine. A new section found in Capendu.
The ancient given networks based on data from pedestrian surveys. The lower Valley of the dishwasher.
A secondary Roman road in a densely populated rural areas; the stretch of agreements-Marpain.
The archaeology of the channel today. A revival by the archeogeographie and preventive archaeology.
Debate: between land and sea.
A tool for the renewal of the studies on the rural world of the age of iron in France. The database associated with a GIS (geographic information system).
News calendar: ― seminars exhibitions ― ― publications ― seminars.
Archeopages No. 27, October 2009.
88 p., maps, ill., Sch., €20.
REF. 3303333900274.
French notebooks.
La Documentation française.
The green economy.
Workbook implemented under the direction of Olivia Montel-Dumont.
Is the 'green economy', which political leaders and citizens calling their greetings, see the day? Will what form take? Will it simultaneously solve environmental problems and the crisis raging since 2008? This issue of the french Cahiers provides an overview of the issue, reviewing major shipyards and the instruments to be implemented.
Editorial thinking green economy.
Environmental problems: what place for the Economist? (Olivia Montel-Dumont).
Sustainable growth or sustainable degrowth? (Franck-Dominique Vivien).
Is the green economy possible in developing countries? (Philippe Hugon).
The green economy: a way out of the crisis? (Jean Gadrey).
The green economy will shake up the geography of production and trade? (Tancrede Voituriez).
Instruments and actors.
Private actors, public authorities, international organizations: what roles? (Philippe Jurgensen).
From Stockholm to Copenhagen: international commitments and their application (Eloi Laurent).
The United Nations on the environment).
Public policies in the service of the green economy (Patricia Crifo, Olivier Godard).

Standards, taxes, markets permit: optimal combination? (Christian de Perthuis, Suzanne Shaw).
Otherwise measure the richness (Florence Jany-Catrice, Dominique Méda).
The main building.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions: why? How many? How? (Stephanie Monjon).
Preserve resources natural (Gilles Rotillon).
The energy challenge (Benjamin Dessus).
Eco-activities (Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné).
Sustainable development of territories in France (Magali Reghezza-Zitt).
The city sustainable (Magali Reghezza-Zitt).
Agriculture and food: what new models? (Jean-Paul Charvet).
Cahiers french No. 355, March-April 2010.
96 pp., fig., €9.80.
REF. 3303330403556.
Administrative and legal information.
Territorial public service interdepartmental Centre for management of the Petite Couronne of the Ile-de-France region.
1. status commented folder ― non-intentional crimes and the criminal responsibility of the territorial public servant.
Status on a daily basis — the project of introduction of collective engagement in the three public functions.
Point short on... ― elective office: inelegibilites and incompatibilities applicable to territorial agents.
2 News documentary references texts ― ― parliamentary Documents Jurisprudence jurisprudence Chronicle ― ― ― press and books the administrative information and legal no. 3, March 2010.
56 p., €18.50.
REF. 3303330611128.
Chinese world.
Institut Choiseul.
This China that it cannot see.
It is a journey to meet Chinese minorities that you invite this Chinese world record. With the twofold concern to bear witness to the rich heritage of these unknown peoples and reveal the wealth of their traditions, thanks also to snapshots of photographers known. You can find also in this issue, two analyses on topical subjects: one on Chinese energy strategy, the other on the African continent China policy.
― China multinational and multicultural (Marie-Claire Kuo).
― Visit the Miao of Guizhou (Su Zhe-zhong).
― In the land of the Drung (Dulong) (Christian Hirou, Marie-Claire Kuo).
― Modes of assimilation and sinisation the Inner Mongolia (Marie-Dominique Even).
― Interior monologue of a photographer in the land of the Yi (Wang Gang).
― "Yi in the Wild" photographer Wang Gang (Jean Loh).
― China Uighur books (Emmanuel Lincot).
— The evolution of the situation of the Uighurs in Xinjiang / East Turkestan since 1945 (Thierry Kellner).
― The Hui (Leila Charles-Chebbi).
― Tian Zhuangzhuang, the frontiers of the Chinese cinema (Christophe Falin).
― The Dongbei Ren Wang Fuchun (Jean Loh).
― Tibet: economy and society under the Communist regime (Matthew Akester, Katia Buffetrille).
― The Tibetans (Wang Gang).
― Xibe: looking for an identity lost (Zhaoyi Wang).
― There of aborigines in Taiwan? (Skaya Siku).
China issues ― the Chinese energy sector: the decision-making process to strategy (Alex Payette, Guillaume Mascotto).
― China in Africa: a 'special' but not pre-eminent partner (Olivier Mbabia).
Chronicles & reports — African Entrepreneurs in China: life stories (Hélène Le Bail) ― the Tibetan artist of Thondrupgyal (Guegan Katell) ― exist through sport (Barthélémy Courmont) ― the spirit of Chinese laws (Guillaume Rougier) World Chinese no. 21, spring 2010.
144 pp., fig., €20.
REF. 9782916722863.
Local authorities.
Institute of decentralization.
Extract from the editorial: "the animation of a cultural policy today is to establish new connections between cultural, educational, social, economic and territorial issues. It has left the scene of cultural systems contained on their objects to enter a set of steps which the driving forces are the decompartmentalization, circulation, complementarity, solidarity, balance, confrontation also. In silence, it turns, it moves".
File: Culture and territories: silence, it turns!
Territorialize cultural policies.
"Ministry of Culture": the time of the reforms.
"Our responsibility as elected representatives is to arbitrate, to preserve the culture of our territories": maintenance.
"There is a real appetite for rural areas for culture": maintenance.
Cities and culture: cross issues.
Urban cultural projects through the prism of the metropolisation.
""The mayors of medium-sized and large cities have sought to protect in this period of financial tension the culture field": maintenance." Artistic policy is an integral part of a cultural policy and not vice versa": maintenance.
The Agenda 21 for culture in France: what value-added for cultural policies?
Cities and cultural ecosystems.
The concept of intercultural cities.
The cultural ecology of society: a local issue.
The "Pour-cent Culturel Migros' in Switzerland or"when a private company plays the public authorities".
The economy of culture in Italy between public and private.
The rise of cultural decentralization on the European and international stages: the case of the Federal Belgium.
Law and decentralisation.
Powers premises no. 84, I/2010, April 2010.
140 p., maps, ill., €15.
REF. 9782909872605.
Perspectives on the news.
La Documentation française.
The General review of public policies (RGPP) was launched by the Prime Minister François Fillon, July 10, 2007. It was to engage in a policy of modernization of the State unprecedented, through the analysis and the evaluation of all of its public policies.
To date, can what the RGPP assessment already draw?
Editorial snapshots school violence: "sanctuary" and statistics. Three questions to Cécile square the priority issue of constitutionality: issues and debate since March 1, 2010, every litigant may challenge the constitutionality of a legislative provision already applied through the priority issues of constitutionality (QPC). The terms of this reform nonetheless raise some questions.
Zoom: the priority issue of constitutionality in the Constitution.
File: Reform of the State: the big bang?
Reform of the State and RGPP: history, issues and mechanisms (François Lafarge) framed: the main stages of the reform of State rearrange or change state (Luc Rouban) better management of officials? Interview with Jean-Michel Lassp - Douzans framed: the draft Decree relating to the situation of professional reorientation of officials of the State reform of the State abroad: interview with Michel Charasse Encadré: examples of recent reforms of the State foreign policies of administrative reform in Europe: evaluation test comparative (Jean-Michel Lassp-Douzans) lighting the carbon tax: constitutional issues of the device (Hugues Portelli and Valeriya Kirsey) boxes : ― carbon tax or climate-energy contribution?
— the future of the carbon tax the recommendations of the report of the Committee for the measurement of diversity and discrimination (COMEDD) ― evaluation extracts (François Héran) looks on the news no. 360, April 2010 88 p €7.80 Ref.: 3303332603602 III. -Digital greater Europe on the countries of the continent magazine European 1st reviewed monthly by la Documentation française, presented entirely online in PDF format with: ― four quarterly issues: A theme addressed in transverse through several articles ― eight focus / year (interspersed with 4 quarterly issues) consisting of four articles per month on each of a political, economic or social issue in one of the countries of the European continent submission and subscription terms on : http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/revues/grande-europe/dossiers/01/grande-europe-no1.shtml just published: the record of greater Europe no. 19: facing climatic disorders previously published online: March focus: Sweden: the far right at the gates of Parliament Macedonia: controversy with the Greece around the name Italy: media between crisis and changing Russia: Tomsk, intellectual center of Siberia February focus : Turkey: between burdens of the past and new perspectives Hungary: the temptation of the extreme-right Portugal: emigration by Europe or the europeanisation down Lithuania: the crisis is yet to come?
The focus of the month of January 2010: Spain: back on the crisis urban Denmark: flexicurity taken back by the crisis Greece: looking for a place in the Great Britain world: the independence of Scotland in question the record of greater Europe no. 16: the radical left

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