Opinion On Implementing The Sale Of Official Publications (Legal And Administrative Information Management)

Original Language Title: Avis relatif à la mise en vente de publications officielles (direction de l'information légale et administrative)

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JORF n ° 0022 January 27, 2010 page 1686 text no. 93 opinion on implementing the sale of official publications (Directorate of legal and administrative information) NOR: PRMX1000242V ELI: not available these publications are on sale: ― on site: ― at the bookstore of the Directorate of legal and administrative information 29, quai Voltaire, 75344 Paris Cedex 07, www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-vente-librairie;
― in the large regional and Parisian libraries;
― mail: ― in the direction of legal and administrative information, service orders, 124, rue Henri-Barbusse 93308 Aubervilliers Cedex;
― on the publishing catalogue online with secure payment by credit card, online http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/Acheter.
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Sales professionals (French and foreign libraries, diffusers for export and subscription agencies): for information, a command or a claim: write to us or send a fax to 01-40-15-70-06.
Bibliographic information: call 01-40-15-71-03 or visit www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/informations/contacts/form-info-biblio.shtml.
Business information (information about the publications under the Documentation française, Official Journal brands, as well as the brands of publishers distributed by the DILA [OECD, UNESCO...]): 01-40-15-70-10-call or visit: http://www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/acheter/index.shtml.
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La Documentation française has put up for sale from 15 to 21 January 2010: i. ― works of the crisis of the subprime crisis world Patrick Artus, Jean-Paul Betbèze, Christian de Boissieu, Gunther Capelle-Blancard Board of economic analysis (CAE) one year after the first upheavals, the economic analysis Council published a report on the subprime crisis. The crisis was not finished, but then thought, the worst was behind us. It was not counting on the shock wave would cause the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Cautious optimism prevailing at the end of the summer 2008 has suddenly left place to the worst fears. The financial crisis then climaxed and spread to the rest of the economy. This book updates and extends the analysis in the previous report. It deepens three key issues: how the crisis has it spread? How to get out? How to make the financial system more stable? Very well structured, clear in its developments, taking into account the complexity of the events, he dissects all the mechanisms of the crisis and described the shock wave that spread to different sectors of the world economy. This edition includes the addition of different educational elements: glossary, timeline, quotes (politicians, analysts).
2010, Dila
170 p., graphiques, 9 €
ISBN : 978-2-11-007787-5
Réf. : 9782110077875
Précédemment paru :
La crise des subprimes
Patrick Artus, Jean-Paul Betbeze, Christian de Boissieu, Gunther Capelle-Blancard
Conseil d'analyse économique (CAE)
2008, la Documentation française
Coll. « Rapports du CAE » n° 78
288 p., 14 €
ISBN : 978-2-11-007357-0
Réf. : 9782110073570
Retrouvez tous les titres de la collection « Rapports du CAE » sur : www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/Acheter en ligne/Collection (par ordre alphabétique)
Guide pratique
Système de questions/réponses
Références et exemples précis
Fiches techniques
Ministère du work, social relations, family, solidarity and the city of the offer of employment at the conclusion of the contract of employment, from recruitment procedures, aid for the recruitment, the formalities and obligations resulting from the signing of the contract of employment and the penalties incurred by the employer in the event of illegal work and the rights of the employee confronted with this situation the new edition of this guide is the point on all issues related to the hiring of an employee by an employer.
Practical and clear, it also integrates social and legal News latest, be they the Cesu (employment-universal service cheque) for individuals, Tese (title job company service), the CSD to defined object, the obligation of employment of persons with disabilities, the fight against discrimination, to all new single of insertion (CUI) contract.
2010, Dila Coll. «Transparency» 212 p., €9 ISBN: 978-2-11-007771-4 Ref.: 9782110077714 sheets 2010 La Documentation française contest this book offers 95 sheets, an update of all the recent news of the main materials of the administrative competition and entry to the grandes écoles exams: general culture; public law; economy; public finances; social issues; administrative organization of the State.
These fact sheets provide essential data to know about major issues.
Data, well structured and placed in perspective, to better understand the issues. Modules: ' what he should remember","issues","debates"," main references (dates, numbers, statutory instruments...) ' allow to retain the essential.
Designed as a supplement to the personal preparation of the candidates, competition cards allow them to update their knowledge and know how monitor news in different materials present in the contest.
The subjects here are: general culture; public law; economy; administrative organization; social issues; European issues; public finances.
The detail of the subdivided themes is located on www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/Acheter in line/search advanced/words key of the title (or collection, alphabetically).
2010, Dila al., training, administration, contest» 224 p., €18 ISBN: 978-2-11-0075383 Ref.: 9782110075383 foreign policy, security and defence of the European Union Fabien Terpan La Documentation française with the Laeken declaration in 2001, the foreign policy, security and defence (policy ESDP) became the operational component of the CFSP, with aims to take action for the resolution of crises with operational, civilian and military assets. With the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on 1 December 2009, the foreign policy, security and defence (policy ESDP) becomes policy security and defence (policy CSDP).
Proven economic power, the EU has more difficult to position itself as an international political power. If its policies external trade ―, relations with international organizations, aid for development or humanitarian — are decided by the Community method, (the Commission and the Parliament play an important role) its foreign policy, the CFSP which includes the defence field remains intergovernmental policy (the European Council is the primary decision-maker and the principle of unanimity prevails). This is an area where national interests prevail, where contradictions often reveal between membership in NATO and an independent position.
After a historical reminder of the foreign policy, security and defence and its implementation, the book attaches to describe its achievements made in the past decade.
Author: Fabien Terpan is lecturer in public law at the University of Grenoble.
2010, Dila al. 'Reflex Europe' 120 p., €12 ISBN: 978-2-11-00074560 Ref.: 97821100074560 find all the titles of the collection 'Reflex Europe' on: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/Acheter in line/Collection (in alphabetical order) the responsibility of business rights of man i. ― new issues, new roles study by Olivier Maurel national consultative Commission on human rights this first volume tries to enlighten and sustain the choice of regulation to be proposed to the CNCDH in the second volume. By crossing the knowledge and points of view, it is to accompany the reader in his effort to understanding while respecting the exercise of its freedom under an ethic of discussion.

After reviewing the upheavals experienced by the company, politics and the economy since the end of World War II, the first chapter of this study tries to understand the emergence and the process of definition of the concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and assesses the conceptual and limits political CSR challenges of globalization. What role can play the undertaking in the philosophical, political and legal human rights project? Through the analysis of the texts of the OECD, ILO and the United Nations aimed directly to businesses, study clarifies the international normative framework of the responsibility of business rights of man (REDH), its scope, its efficiency and its thematic scope.
2009, Documentation French al. «Studies of CNCDH» 310 p., €18 ISBN: 978-2-11-007918-3 Ref. 9782110079183 to be published: Vol. II. States of play and perspectives of public action for dissemination to the Documentation French Comité d'histoire de social security welfare mining of the eighteenth century to the present day Association for the study of the history of safety social Jean-Louis Escudier, Thiery Tauran, Robert Flinn this study fits into the extension of two programs of research of the Committee for the history of social security : the transformation of long duration of the wage in the coal industry and the dynamics of social protection in France. The chosen approach lies at the crossroads of economic, social and legal, bringing the history of mining social protection for the transformation of the conditions of mining and power relations internal to this mining corporation. The components regional and local mining plan (mines of Southwestern, mines de potasse d Alsace, Nord-Pas-de-Calais) are widely developed. Note, at the end of book, a significant bibliography on the mining regime.
2009, history of safety Committee social Coll. «Cahiers d'histoire de social security» no. 5 416 p., ill., €36 ISBN: 978-2-905882-81-3 Ref.: 978-2-905882-81-3 Council of Europe Janusz Korczak the right of the child to respect lectures on current issues Council of Europe Polish Pedagogue (1878-1942), precursor of the Convention on the rights of the child, Janusz Korczak is one of the most appealing parts of contemporary pedagogy. From the beginning of the twentieth century, Janusz Korczak, doctor, pediatrician worked for a complete overhaul of education and the status of the child, on entirely new constitutional bases, the backup and the absolute respect of childhood. Director of orphanages, he establishes in these institutions a society organized according to the principles of justice and equal rights and obligations: the Republic of children. It embodies a real pedagogy of respect, and a school of democracy and participation that are now universally refers. Among his many writings, he signed "The right of the child to respect", founding text of the principles recognized in 1989 by the Convention of the United Nations on the rights of the child. This test is reproduced in this publication.
If this vision of the rights of the child has lost its topicality nor its relevance, how can it help to address current problems? This is the question to which try to answer here five specialists of law and childhood.
2010, Council of Europe 100 p., €19 ISBN: 978-92-871-6674-6 Ref.: 9789287166746 des relations internationales (IFRI) french Institute 20 years of struggle against torture 19th general report of the European Committee for the prevention of torture and penalties or treatment inhuman or degrading in this general report, the European Committee for the prevention of torture reviewed two decades of struggle against torture and ill-treatment in Europe. (After some 270 visits of places of detention in 47 European States). It analyzes the advances made to date ― acquired concrete improvements and developed standards — as well as the challenges on the horizon.
A specific chapter describes the safeguards that should be granted to the illegal aliens deprived of their liberty, particular attention being paid to the situation of children. This report will interest all those who are concerned with the treatment of persons deprived of liberty, whether in prisons, detention centres for minors, police, detention for aliens centres stations, psychiatric hospitals, social homes or any other institution.
2009, Council of Europe 80 p., €19 ISBN: 978-92-87-16730-9 Ref.: 9789287167309 Organisation for cooperation and development (OECD) among the last titles published: the well-being of children Organization for cooperation and economic development this publication analyses various indicators of children's well-being in the countries of the OECD covering six key dimensions: material well-being, housing and the environment education, health and safety, risk behaviour and the quality of school life.
It also analyzes the amounts spent by the country in respect of children and at what point are these expenses; This is the first time that this comparative exercise is undertaken for the OECD area as a whole. Other chapters focus on childhood policies, the impact of single parenthood on children and the effect of intergenerational inequality.
2010, OECD 212 p., stat., €30 ISBN: 978-92-64-05935-1 Ref.: 9789264059351 economic outlook of Latin America 2010 Organisation for cooperation and economic development the 2010 Latin American Economic Outlook offers an innovative analysis of the artwork in the region-economic trends and focus attention on the role of international migration and remittances on the current environment.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Latin American countries which have opened their markets to international competition over the past decade is not shown more vulnerable to the global economic crisis.
2010, OECD 264 p., stat., €50 ISBN: 978-92-64-07671-6 Ref.: 9789264076716 statistics of the population active 2009 Organisation for cooperation and economic development the annual labour force statistics provides detailed statistics on population, labour force, employment and unemployment; It also features series on the duration of unemployment and part-time work. Comparative tables allow to analyze the main components of the active population. Data are available for each member country of OECD and OECD-Total, euro area and the European Union. The presented time series are available on 20 years for most countries. This edition also includes information on the sources and definitions used by member countries to compile these statistics.
2010, OECD 486 p., stat., €130 ISBN: 978-92-64-07931-1 Ref.: 9789264079311 II. ― MAGAZINES photographic Documentation the Documentation française looks on the Imperial France Bonaparte Bonaparte: a family, two emperors, a system. Jacques-Olivier Boudon here offers a comparative analysis of the first and Second Empire. It applies to seize the role played by the Bonaparte in the political and social history of 19th century France. A century dominated by the monarchy, whether Royal or Imperial until permanently moved the Republic. Time-limited, these two political experiences that are the empires were both heirs as matrices. Recent historiography has largely renewed reading.
New fields of studies cover the reign of Napoleon I, we rediscover that of Napoleon III.
Between black legend and Golden legend, scientists stand today a more nuanced assessment of the reigns of these two emperors to personalities and very different courses, but who shared many ideals.
The summary will be soon online on: www.ladocumentationfrancaise.fr/Acheter in line/search advanced/Revue (phototographique Documentation).
Documentation photographic No. 8073, January-February 2010 64 p., maps, ill., €11 Ref.: 3303331280736 to be published within a few days: projectable 8073 folder no. 8073 Bonaparte 15 Educational Supplement 3 transparent projection to operate in class pictures, maps, charts and slides commented in the folder;
8 pages of proposals for work designed by Walter Heather-Ostells, funds from maps, sketches to photocopy.
The deployable: €10 Ref.: 3303331080732 Nordic Institut Choiseul EC folder attaches to study the issue of gender and representations of gender in Nordic and French child culture, and more specifically in children's literature (books and press). These are all aspects of sex in the age of childhood social and cultural that are analyzed: representations of roles, practices and sexual practices in writings, study of stereotypes, report to the opposite sex...
This Nordic folder is located in the extension of the 'Fearless girls and soft boys' Conference which was held at the Swedish Institute in Paris in early September, under the Swedish Presidency of the European Union.
Fearless girls and boys soft kind and child culture document coordinated by Annelie Jarl Ireman

Presentation of "Fearless girls and soft boys" (Jan Hansson, Véronique Soulé and al.)
The myth of the sex opposite (Ingemar people) Swedish research on the kind and the girls in a changing context (Eva Söderberg) Genre and literature from youth in France: elements for a summary (Sylvie Cromer) stereotypes, it's good for the children! Some misunderstandings about children, media and gender (Margareta Ronnberg) narration feminine and masculine in Swedish literature (Jan Hanson) record of roundtables at the Symposium 'Fearless girls and soft boys' to the Swedish in Paris (Anne-Sophie Rogé) Nordic No.21 Institute, winter 2009-2010 120 p., €22 ISBN: 978-29-16-72279-5 Ref.: 9782916722795 policy foreign french des relations internationales (IFRI) the Atlantic Alliance Institute : 1949-2009 alive the debate one Alliance framework and which adapts (George Robertson) NATO, Washington (1949) in Strasbourg-Khel: 2009 (Karl-Heinz Kamp) in the NATO expanded global NATO?
A program for NATO: towards a network of global security (Zbigniew Brzezinski) the debate on a global NATO (Michael Clarke) what future direction for NATO? (Christopher S. Chivvis)
NATO, Europe and Russia Alliance: a perspective of Central Europe (Bogdan Klich) NATO and ESDP: institutional complexities and political realities (Jolyon Howorth) NATO and the Russia: view of Moscow (Sergei Rogov) NATO-Russia: the "Russian question" is European? (Thomas Gomart)
The France and NATO the France and NATO: a history (Maurice Vaïsse) the "return" of France in NATO: a decision inappropriate (Jean-Pierre Chevènement) reform NATO?
NATO and nuclear weapons (Ian Anthony) the reform of NATO: needs, barriers and opportunities (Diego A. Ruiz Palmer) counter-point 1964 reform of NATO and the security of the free world (Eugen Gerstenmaier) policy system foreign No.4, 2009 216 p.: €20 Ref.: 3303334000881 problems economic Selection of french and foreign documents French end of reign for the dollar?
The dollar crisis: a not very safe haven (Agnès Bénassy-Quéré ― the letter of CEPII) ticket and versatility of the American economic model (Jacques Mistral — Journal of financial economics) the dollar: pivot of the system international monetary (Michel Aglietta ― geopolitics) towards the double currency war (Patrick Artus ― Les Echos) the end of the dollar is not for tomorrow (Pierre - Antoine Delhommais― the world) also in this issue : Finance how a hedge fund?
(Donald Mac Kenzie ― the debate)
Globalization the rise of South revives economic tensions between countries (Nicolas Meunier ― Accomex) Social Protection health regional agencies: towards better governance of the health system?
(Pierre-Louis arm ― social law)
Problems economic No. 2987, Wednesday, January 20, 2010 48 p.: €4.70 ref.: 3303332029877 international issues the Documentation française the West in debate opening. The mysterious edges of Western (Serge Sur) looking for the West (Frédéric Charillon) one or a because: differences Western (Georges-Henri Soutou) NATO and the West (Nicole Gnesotto) is there a Western institutional model? (Armel Le Divellec)
Western values: between decomposition and reconstruction (Frédéric Ramel) the historical notion of the West: a mythological construct to the consequences dire (Georges Corm) enemies (Gilles Andréani) European Affairs the Council of Europe and the West: a European unknown (Jean Petaux) looks on the world economic collapse and decomposition political organization: the Zimbabwe in agony (François Lafargue) the rise of Lula's Brazil (Bruno Muxagato) international issues to the Neorealist cinema screen and the image of the Italy after 1945 : perceptions French (Jean A. Gili) Documents reference obsession of decline, critical of the will to power (extracts of Oswald Spengler, Paul Valéry and Claude Lévi-Strauss) international Internet Abstracts international issues no. 41, January-February 2010 128 p., maps, ill., €9.80 Ref.: 3303331600411

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