Decree Of 4 July 2003 Approving The Agreement Of A Public Interest Grouping

Original Language Title: Arrêté du 4 juillet 2003 portant approbation de la convention constitutive d'un groupement d'intérêt public

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JORF n ° 165 of July 19, 2003 page 12221
Text #30

Order of 4 July 2003 Approval of Public Interest Group Agreement

NOR: DEVE0320065A ELI:

By order of the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, Minister of Equipment, Transportation, Housing, Tourism and the Sea, Minister of Ecology and development And the Minister responsible for the budget and budgetary reform of 4 July 2003, the constituent agreement of the public interest group known as " Seine-Aval " The
agreement of the grouping may be consulted by any person interested in the seat of the group and with the Ministry responsible for the environment.
Extracts from the agreement are published in the Official Journal of the French Republic in accordance with Article 2 of Decree No. 95-636 of 6 May 1995 on public interest groups established to carry out activities in the field of the environment
General of the department of Seine-Maritime is designated as the State Controller From the grouping.

Excerpts from the
constitutive agreement for the public interest group Seine-Aval

The scientific program " Seine-Aval " In developing an environmental issue, the public interest group is governed by Article L. 131-8 of the Environmental Code and by Decree No. 95-636 of 6 May 1995. Its name is " Groupement d' intérêt public Seine-Aval ", also known as GIPSA.


GIP's Purpose and Missions" Seine-Aval " Read as follows:
-support for the coordination and management of research activities entrusted to the scientific laboratories (reception of the scientific secretariat, organisation of the various scientific programme committees) Seine-Aval ") ;
-control of research applications and transfer of research results:
-centralization of knowledge and know-how acquired and developed within the framework of the programme " Seine-Aval " But also throughout the basin of the estuary and the bay of the Seine (identification of existing information and knowledge, databases, geographical information systems ...);
-adaptation of models according to the Conventional provisions relating to the provision by laboratories of the results of their work and the development of the operational tools;
-carrying out studies in accordance with the requests of the partners of the Program;
-transfer and provisioning to " Civil society " Scientific and technical achievements.


Members of the IPTF " Seine-Aval " Are as follows:
1. The state and its public establishments:
-the state represented by the prefect of the Haute-Normandie region, prefect of the Seine-Maritime, prefect of the overall management plan of the Seine estuary;
-the Seine-Normandie Water Agency And the autonomous port of Le Havre;
2. The local authorities:
-the regional council of Haute-Normandie;
-the general councils of Calvados, Seine-Maritime and Eure;
3. Professionals, users and associations:
-the Association of Industry and Commerce for the Norman Environment and the Union des Industries de la Chemistry-Normandie.

Head Office

The head office of the group is set at Rouen-France, region hotel, 25, boulevard Gambetta, 76000 Rouen.

Duration of the agreement

The grouping is constituted until December 31, 2006, except Extension or early dissolution decided in accordance with Article 26. In accordance with Article 1 of Decree No. 95-636 of 6 May 1995 as amended on public interest groups set up to carry out activities in the field of the environment, it shall take effect on the date of publication of the order for the approval of This Agreement.

Members' Rights and Obligations

The rights and obligations of the original members of the group are distributed as follows: State (16.9 %), Seine-Normandy Water Agency (23.1 %), Autonomous Port of Le Havre (13.6 %), Regional Council of Haute-Normandie (24.3 %), General Council of Calvados (6.8 %), General Council of the Seine-Maritime (6.8 %), General Council of the Eure (1.7 %), Association of Trade Union and Commerce for the Norman Environment (3.4 %), Union des Industries de la Chemistry-Normandie (3.4 %).
The number of votes cast for each member during the votes on the board of directors Is proportional to the statutory rights as set out above in Percentages. In view of the possible changes in the distribution of members' contributions, these statutory rights may be reassessed by a unanimous decision of the members of the Management
. Issued in the same manner as the Order of Approval of this Agreement.
In their dealings with each other, members shall be bound by the obligations of the grouping in the percentages set out in percentages.
In their Relations with third parties, members are not in solidarity: Unless otherwise agreed with the third party, they are liable for the debts of the grouping in proportion to their statutory rights only.

Management Mode

Cluster management is According to the rules of public law, in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 62-1587 of 29 December 1962 concerning public establishments of an industrial and commercial nature. Its accounts shall be kept by an accounting officer appointed by order of the Minister responsible for the budget, whose remuneration is borne by the group.
In accordance with Article 21 of Law No. 82-610 of 15 July 1982, the group shall be subject to the Supervision of the Court of Auditors and the Regional Board of Auditors under the conditions laid down in Article 6 bis of Act No. 67-483 of 22 June 1967 and in Article 87 of Law No. 82-213 of 2 March 1982
II of Decree No. 55-733 of 26 May 1955 on the codification and layout of texts relating to the Economic and financial control of the State and, where appropriate, Decree No. 53-707 of 9 August 1953 on State control of national public undertakings and certain bodies having an economic or social object Applicable.
The State Controller appointed to the Grouping shall participate in the right, in an advisory capacity, in the decision-making bodies of the grouping. It has access to all the documents of the group. The conditions for the recruitment and employment of its own staff must be subject to its prior approval.

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