Decree No. 2004-197 Of 2 March 2004 Pursuant To Article 7 Of Ordinance No. 2003-1213 Of December 18, 2003, Containing Various Provisions Relating To The Social Contribution Of Corporate Solidarity And Amending The Code Of The S...

Original Language Title: Décret n° 2004-197 du 2 mars 2004 pris pour application de l'article 7 de l'ordonnance n° 2003-1213 du 18 décembre 2003, portant diverses dispositions relatives à la contribution sociale de solidarité des sociétés et modifiant le code de la s...

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Modification of Art. D. 651-2 (art. 2 of Decree No. 93-1306), D. 651-6, D. 651-8 (art. 4 of Decree 99-755), D. 651-11 (art. 6 of Decree 99-755), D. 651-15 (art. 8 of Decree 99-755), D. 651-16 (art. 9 of Order-in-Council 99-755) and repeal of s. D. 651-10 (art. 5 of Decree 99-755) of the above-mentioned Code.



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JORF No. 53 of 3 March 2004 Page 4273
Text #5

No. 2004-197 of 2 March 2004 adopted for the application of Article 7 of Order No. 2003-1213 of 18 December 2003, laying down various provisions relating to the social contribution of solidarity of the Companies and amending the Social Security Code (Part Three: Orders in Council)

NOR: SOCS0420601D ELI:

The Prime Minister,
On the report of the Minister of Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity, and the Minister of Health, Family and Persons with disabilities,
In view of the Social Security Code, in particular Articles L. 651-1 to L. 651-9;
In view of Order No. 2003-1213 of 18 December 2003 on measures to simplify formalities relating to undertakings, Self-employed individuals, associations and individual employers, including section 7,

Item 1
The provisions of the fifth paragraph of Article L. 651-5 of the Social Security Code come into force on 1 March 2004.

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In the last paragraph of Article D. 651-2 of the same code, the words: " Provide the organization responsible for the collection of the contribution with a printout in accordance with an agreed model By the Minister responsible for Social Security and the Minister responsible for the budget " Are replaced by the words: " Return the printed matter to the organization responsible for collecting the contribution.

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In the second paragraph of Article D. 651-6 of the Social Security Code, the words: " Articles D. 651-10 and D. 651-11 " Are replaced by the words: " In Article D. 651-11 ".

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Article D. 651-8 of the Social Security Code is replaced by the following:
" Art. D. 651-8. -The companies and undertakings referred to in Article L. 651-1 shall make, by 15 April at the latest, the declaration provided for in Article L. 651-5.
" This declaration, together with the first payment provided for in Article D. 651-9, shall be Either by electronic means, under the conditions laid down in Article L. 133-5 of the Social Security Code, or by means of a form supplied to the companies and undertakings which are subject to the collection at the initiative of The applicant or, where applicable, at the request of the subject company or company. It shall be returned duly completed, dated and signed by the legal representative or his representative. "

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Article D. 651-10 of the Social Security Code is repealed.

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Article D. 651-11 of that code is amended as follows:
I.-In the first subparagraph, the amount of 5 000 F is replaced by the amount of EUR 750.
II. -In the third paragraph, the words: In Article D. 651-10 " Are replaced by the words: " For the recovery of the social solidarity contribution ".

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In the third paragraph of article D. 651-15 of the same code, the words: " In the fifth paragraph " Are inserted after the words: " The second paragraph ".

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In Article D. 651-16 of that Code, it is inserted after the first subparagraph a second subparagraph thus written:
" This derogation shall also apply where the body responsible for the recovery has suspended The sending of the form to a company or undertaking subject to disclosure by the tax administration of the items mentioned in the first sentence of Article L. 651-5-1. "

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The Minister for Social Affairs, Labour and Solidarity and the Minister of Health, Family and Disabled Persons shall each have responsibility for the implementation of this Decree, Which will be published in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

Done at Paris, March 2, 2004.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

By the Prime Minister:

The Minister of Business Social,

du travail et de la solidarité,

François Fillon

The Minister of Health, the

Family and People with Disabilities,

Jean-François Mattei

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