Government Regulation Of Hunting Legal Waivers

Original Language Title: Valtioneuvoston asetus metsästyslaissa säädetyistä poikkeusluvista

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In accordance with the decision of the Council of State provides for the hunting Act (615/1993) under section 41 and 41 (a) under article 4, such as they are, section 41 by law 206/2013 and section 41 (a) of the Act 159/2011: application for a derogation to article 1 of the Hunting Act (615/1993) for exemption referred to in article 41 of the code, the application for an exemption must be mentioned in the target animal species as well as the number of individuals with regard to the species of animal trapping in the case of a particular individual or a specific individual's capture or killing.
If the application relates to the exemption of the use of banned fishing equipment on board or fishing methods in the application, the applicant shall provide the reason why you need to catch the prohibited fishing fishing instrument or method. The application of the prohibited use of the instrument or method of fishing, the fishing can be dealt with in conjunction with the capture or killing of an animal with an exemption.
The Finnish game Center may require that the applicant must be accompanied by a statement of the exemption application of game animals hunting rights in the area, to which a derogation is requested.

the assessment of the conditions for a derogation to article 2 of the Finnish game Center is a hunting law under section 41 (a) in paragraphs 1 to 3, 41 (b) of paragraph 1 to 4, article 41 (c) of paragraphs 1 to 3, and article 41 (d) conditions for the grant of a derogation provided for in the assessment to be clarified: 1) is the subject of a derogation to the position or the position of the status of the game species, the purpose of the derogation in the area, in the province, as well as throughout the Kingdom;
2) exception to the behaviour of the individual game species, the purpose of the exemption;
3 if necessary, authorities, public administration) with organizations and research institutes, information related to the derogation of the search;
4) the measures that could be taken instead of an exemption.
The Finnish hunting law 41 a game centre is under section 41 (4), (b) the first subparagraph of article 5(5) and article 41 (c) referred to in paragraph 4, research, education, of repopulating and uudelleenistuttamistarkoitusta in assessing the impact of an exemption: 1) of the animal species concerned, the position of the game, the development of the area covered by an exemption, and nationally;
the effects of the exemption an exemption 2) the region of wild fauna species;
3.) the measures that could be taken instead of an exemption.
The Finnish game Center must be recorded in the inventory referred to in paragraph 1 or 2 of the main results of the exemption decision.

section 3 of the exemption for certain animal species of the capture or killing of specimens of hunting law provided for in article 41 (a) the derogation referred to in the authorisation may be issued: 1) and then catch them or kill the Wolf the reindeer management area from 1 October to 31 March, and the rest of the country, with effect from 1 November to 31 March;
2) with the exception of the years of the bear, the younger kittens, as well as females, that this puppy will follow, and then catch them or kill them with effect from 20 August to 31 October;
3) with the exception of the female, the Lynx, a year younger your puppy will follow, and then catch them or kill them the reindeer management area, with effect from 1 October until 28 February, until February 29 in leap years and the rest of the country from 1 December to 28 February, leap year February 29; as well as 4) otters and then catch them or kill them with effect from 1 November to 30 April.
The hunting of brown bears under the quota provided for in the reindeer management area regional section 8.

section 4 of the Game animals of the granting of authorisation and licensing provisions of the exemption may be granted only to a restricted area in which hunting law 41 (a) – (d) of the exception provided for by article 41 of the issue of the permit conditions are met.
Hunting law under section 41 (a) issued on the basis of the Wolverines, Lynx, bear, Otter and wolves, the exception for the capture of those involved in the authorization shall stipulate that the names shall be notified to the police in the region prior to the departure of each for the capture of the taking-up and pursuit of the catching and the catch area must be informed in advance of the Police Department. If fishing takes place in the municipality, which includes the border zone, the above information shall also provide for the Declaration of the border guards.
Hunting law 41 (a) in accordance with the third paragraph of article waivers will be granted only to the species with a strong range of hunting.

the period of validity of the derogation to article 5 of the hunting law under section 41 (a) granted under the Wolverine, Lynx, bear, otter or a Wolf killing of the waiver is valid for a period not exceeding 21 days.
Other than those referred to in subparagraph 1 derogations shall remain in force for a period, which must correspond to the purpose of the derogation and which may not be longer than five years. Exemption may be granted only for a period of: 1 year) permanently established for;
2 on the basis of the protection of the animal life;)
3) on the basis of the research; or 4) natural treatment in the context of the project.
An exception to the licensee shall notify the Agency of the Finnish game, if the derogation granted for the issue of the permit for a period of years, the condition is no longer valid. As a result of a waiver of the notification shall cease to be valid. The notification shall be accompanied by the notification referred to in article 7 of the catch from the calendar year, even without prior notice.

the granting of an exemption to section 6, a person with reduced mobility of the hunting Act 41 section of exemption referred to in section 32 of the hunting law prohibited the use of a power-driven vehicle and (2) of article 35 of the forbidden hunting weapon for driving a motor vehicle in the terrain may be granted to it, which presented a report on the liikuntarajoitteisuudestaan of a reliable medical and the fact that he will be able to hunt down the hunting law, as provided for in article 20.
Exceptional authorizations shall specify inter alia the type of motor vehicle, used by permission. An exception to the authorization shall stipulate that: 1) of the vehicle's engine shall be turned off and the vehicle must be stationary prior to the removal of the hunting weapon hunting law, referred to in article 35 (2) of the container or protected mode;
2) entitles the holder to exemption only needed by the licensee for hunting weapons;
3) by the holder must also be legal under other legislation to move the vehicle off road;
4) a motor vehicle may be used with just a passport to a place and to trace the animal injured or wounded.
The derogation shall be valid for not more than five years.

section 7 of the derogation in any way the obligation to catch an exemption shall notify the Agency and the police of the Finnish game Wolverine, Lynx, bear, otter, and the outcome of the first working day following the capture of the Wolf, when the derogation referred to in the authorisation of game animal has become pyydystetyksi, or, if the game is left in the end of the period of validity of the authorisation, the exception pyydystämättä.
Other than that referred to in subsection 1, the harvesting of the decision must be notified after the expiry of the exemption within seven days. If the exemption is granted for a period of years, the notification shall be made at the end of each calendar year, within seven days.
The notification shall state the number of animals caught and fishing on the coordinates. Mammals shall also indicate the fishing period and sex.
The Finnish game Center shall submit to the Ministry of agriculture and forestry in respect of the species referred to in subparagraph (1) catch data on a monthly basis. Other types of information must be provided on a calendar year basis.

section 8 of the Bear quota for the hunting of bears, with the exception of the years younger kittens, as well as females, that this kitten will follow, to be the reindeer management area to hunt under the quota from 20 August to 31 October.
A bear hunt for the reindeer management area of the Ministry of agriculture and forestry separately the amount of the quotas and the Eastern herding reindeer herding area, as well as the western area. The Eastern reindeer herding area consists of Utsjoki, Inari, Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi, savukoski, Salla, Kuusamo and Suomussalmi, as well as the western area of the reindeer herding other municipalities in the region.
Hunting the first Prophet, from bear shall immediately notify the Finnish game. The notice must tell the number of trapped bears, sex, date and place of the coordinates.
Since the full quota of the Finnish game Center shall provide bear hunting in the area. The order of the Centre shall be informed of the Finnish game effectively enough. Termination shall be deemed to have been hunting the hunters until at least three days after the adoption of the order to the attention of the.
The Finnish game centre shall provide the information to the Ministry of agriculture and forestry, the bear's hunting quota within seven days of the end of the quota for hunting.

date of entry into force of article 9 this Regulation shall enter into force on 24 June 2013.
This regulation repeals the law provided for an exception to the licensing of hunting, Government Regulation (169/2011).
Before the entry into force of this Regulation granted waivers will still be in effect in the aforesaid conditions.

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