The Law Of The Swedish Finlands Folkting-A Chapter Of The Organization

Original Language Title: Laki Svenska Finlands folkting -nimisestä järjestöstä

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament lays down the tasks of the Svenska Finlands folkting: section 1-a organization, hereinafter referred to as Folktinget, Finnish Swedish Mission is to promote the rights of the population and the measures for the development of cultural and social conditions of this population, as well as to promote the status of the Swedish language in Finland.
In particular, the Folktingetin the follow the proceedings of the Court of Justice and other authorities the implementation of language rights.
To carry out its tasks, formulate opinions and makes proposals Folktinget carries out information and awareness-raising activities.

§ 2 legal capacity and domicile may acquire rights and enter into commitments Folktinget, as well as to engage in legal proceedings before the courts and other authorities.
Folktingetin is based in Helsinki, Finland.

the term of Office of the Assembly to section 3 of the Folktingetin and Folktingetiin belongs to the 75 deputies, who are elected for a period of four calendar years at a time.

section 4 of the municipal elections in the context of the selection of the representatives of the representatives shall be elected in such a way that the distribution of seats in the Swedish-speaking candidates in local elections on the basis of the votes received by the determined.
Folktingetin the Board may, however, for a special reason, decide that the selection of the representatives of the Assembly by direct universal suffrage shall take place separately. In this case, the right to vote in the election of kunnallisvaalissa voters, which is announced in the population information system of the mother language of Sweden.
The number of representatives elected in the åland Islands province and the selection of their management board shall provide the members åland, however, as the rules of the Folktingetin.

5 section Folktingetin shall meet in ordinary session every year session Folktinget, by the end of May. Folktinget, where appropriate, may meet in extraordinary session.
The decisions of the hearing shall be made by a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the Chairman's vote, election, however, a lot. The decision on the amendment of the rules must, however, be done at least a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.

section 6 of the decisions to be taken by the session, the session must be terminated: 1) Folktingetin amending the rules;
2) the number of members of the Board, the Board or any of its members or for the election of auditor or separation;
3. approval of the annual accounts and discharge); as well as 4) according to the rules in the other things that belong to the session.

section 7 of the Government Folktingetillä Government, which includes a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen and a minimum of five and a maximum of 15 members and their personal deputies. The Board is elected at an ordinary session every two years. The Government's term of Office is to expire at the end of the closing session of the Board on the selection the next time.
The Board of Directors has a quorum, the President or the Vice-President and at least half of the members are present.
The Government is represented by Folktingetiä. The Government must carefully manage the Folktingetin rules and law, as well as Folktingetin issues in accordance with the decisions of the session.
The Government's disqualification and the obligation of compensation is valid, what Association Act (503/1989).

section 8 Office for Folktingetillä in order to prepare decisions and managing an Office.
The Secretary General of the Office of the Chief of the works. The Office is in addition to the required number of other staff.

Nimenkirjoittajat the right to the name of the article 9 of the writing is the President of the Board of Folktingetin, the Deputy Secretary-General or puheenjohtajilla, the person who has the permission of the Government separately.

section 10 of the accounting and auditing is conducted and its accounting Folktinget shall apply to the accounting law (1336/1997).
Folktingetillä must have at least one auditor and deputy auditor, who shall be the law of the Court of Auditors (11/15) of the Auditors. For the rest, the law shall apply to the Court of Auditors in the audit. (18.9.2015/1152)
L:lla 1143/2015 modified 2 shall enter into force on the 1.1.2016. The previous wording is: Folktingetillä will be two auditors and two Deputy. At least one auditor and one deputy auditor must be approved by the Central Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Auditors. For the rest, the law shall apply to the Court of Auditors the audit (936/1994).
Folktingetin the fiscal year is the calendar year.

section 11 of the financial activities of the State budget is the quantity to be reserved in the money Folktingetille according to this law.
The amount of money referred to in paragraph 1, the aid shall apply to state aid granted in conformity with the law of the State (688/2001).

Article 12 of the rules for the administration of the elections in Folktingetin order form, and provides a closer look at its rules, which shall adopt the Folktingetin session.

the date of entry into force and transitional provisions article 13 of this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2004.
Svenska Finlands folkting is repealed in this way-named State aid law, adopted on 29 November 1985 (902/1985).
In 2003 and the years preceding the entry into force of this law shall apply to the State aid, which were Folktingetin the provisions on State aid.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the measures needed to implement it. Before the adoption of the rules referred to in this Act shall apply mutatis mutandis at the date of entry into force of this law, the Statute of the order of the existing Folktingetin the rules of procedure of the Executive Board of the election rules, and.
THEY SiVM 118/2003, 4/2003, EV 97/2003 the entry into force of the acts and application: 18.9.2015/1152: this law shall enter into force on the 1 January 2016.
THEY TaVM 34/254/2014, 2014, EV 371/2014