Regulation Of The Law Of Land Ownership And Mortgages From The Register

Original Language Title: Asetus lainhuuto- ja kiinnitysrekisteristä

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Presentation by the Minister of Justice on 12 April 1995, provides for a maakaaren (540/95), the law of land ownership and mortgages from the register of the law of 27 March 1987 on (353/87) 17 and the entry into force of section 22 and the maakaaren contribution to the law of 12 April 1995 (541/95) in accordance with article 20: Chapter 1 scope article 1 this regulation lays down, for the maakaaressa (540/95) the law referred to in the register of land ownership and mortgages, as well as the recognition referred to in that paragraph.
This regulation provides for the property, the amount of the real estate sector, and applies, mutatis mutandis, to change to your destination.
Chapter 2 title and mortgage data in the section 2 of the Act the registration in the register of land ownership and mortgages on the property, or any other information to be entered for each posting from.
Postings will be marked in accordance with the property ID of the property registry. The number of postings in the sector shall be entered in the real estate parcel ID issued by the controller, and a special law on the registration authority issued by the institution of the posting account.

section 3 of the Act shall be entered in the register of land ownership and mortgages: 1) to the application;
2) solution.
3) a reminder; and 4) recovery information.

section 4 of the application shall be entered in the quality, vireilletulopäivä and case number.
The quality of the application, shall be recorded whether: 1) huudatusta;
2. the right to the recognition, modification), particularly, or the recording of the transfer or deletion of the posting; (21.11.2013/821) 3) attachment to the strengthening, alteration of the new electronic lien or discharge, or the recipient; (21.11.2013/821) 4) the cancellation of the specification of the solution or bug fixes or other important information in the registry.
If, at the same time, the application document is requested more than once for each post, this issue be dealt with in its own right hakemuksenaan.

section 5 of the application shall be entered in the roll call of the laws of the applicant: 1);
2) the yield of the man;
3) for recovery of the quality, the title deed date or, in the absence of the title deed records of the not, yield;
4); and 5) of the purchase price or other consideration.
If the number of sectors not specified parcel ID before opening, the markings shall be carried by the position property. The registration authority shall ask the real estate the controller without delay to make a name.
If the property is acquired, the number of part of the applicant to be granted the title deed or, if in accordance with the size of the resulting holding it turns out the title deed of the book, under the number.

section 6 of the Special Law on the application will be marked for recording: 1) particularly the right holder;
2 the quality and the right of reply or the agreement), the main content, as well as the period of validity of the posting;
3 of the EC Treaty) or another right in respect of a date;
4); and 5).
A Special Court will be given to posting when applying for the Department ID, if it can be the subject of a mortgage.
Maakaaren chapter 14, section 4, subsection 1 of the building or facility referred to in paragraph 2 for the special property that the law, as well as the posting is made.

section 7 of the Special Court on the application for the amendment or cancellation of the posting shall be entered in its solution to the date and number of the document to which the change applies, as well as the content of the change.
Kiinnityskelpoisen for rent or of the application for the transfer of the license shall be entered in the information referred to in article 5.

the strengthening of the application shall be entered in section 8 of the Attachment: 1) to the mortgage amount;
3) priority; and 4) the holder of a written pledge or an electronic Lien holder. (21.11.2013/821)
The mortgage on the application for the amendment or discharge shall be entered in its solution to the date and number of the document to which the change applies, as well as the content of the change. A written pledge for the new holder or the beneficiary, as well as in the electronic lien lien kuoletetun lien, rather than on the Exchange and the pledge book entry is the mortgage you want. (21.11.2013/821) Priority shall be entered in section 9:1), the date on which the mortgage or a particular right to posting yield priority to; and 2) complying with the specific rights and mortgages on the primacy of the posting of a mutual solution.

section 10 of the specification or the cancellation of the solution to the bug fixes, or other significant information on the register will be recorded: 1) the solution to the date and number of the document that is to be specified, or the correction of the data contained in the register, or where significant data supplement; and 2 the content of the correction or clarification, or significant) to provide the requested information.

section 11 of the Act, the holder of the lien and the roar of the winner from the rest of the material in the register of the person shall be entered in the name and the personal identification number or the registration number, or equivalent means of identification for the trade, as well as the potential for business and the community.

Article 12 of the Solution data sheets, must be: 1) decision, in which the application is submitted to rest;
2) nullity;
3 the solution;)
4) before the Court of appeal; as well as 5) the rest of these compared to the solution.
The date shall be entered in the register, the date on which the matter has been resolved or the entry has been made. Rest of the day, as well as the processing shall be entered in the new deadline for the rest.
Subject to registration according to the applicant's claim, the issue is not completely resolved, shall be entered in the register, that is different from the application. If the application is rejected or declared inadmissible in whole or in part, or to the contrary to the relevant participant is called for, the validity of the solution shall be entered in the register of data as well as data on the subject of the appeal, lis pendens. (21.11.2013/821) section 13 of the reminder of the information shall be recorded: 1) garnishment, bankruptcy and business restructuring, the precautionary measure;
2) vallintarajoitus and the reason for the check;
3 the use of the right of redemption) option, the authority responsible for the licensing and other decisions;
4) the statutory lien;
5) correction or appeal lis pendens;
the ownership of the property, or posting of 6) in the case of lis pendens, as well as a solution and its legality;
7) payable outside the property owner and real estate management authority; as well as 8) other information on the right or the burden, which is provided for in the relevant legislation and with the previous mortgage or similar registers, or clarify the posting.

section 14 of the Recovery data will be recorded: 1) the transferor and transferee;
2 the date of the transfer and the consideration);
3 the size of the transferred of the parcel) identification and other information necessary for the identification of the item; as well as 4) preliminary contract necessary for the maintenance of the register, as well as other information.
Information on the real estate donation shall be entered in the register of the e-commerce purchase witness declaration, or the system on the basis of the information received. The other saannoista are responsible for information to be entered on the basis of a communication or the executor of the succession or the bailiff on the own initiative of the NLS. (21.11.2013/821)
In the case of entries will be deleted, when the ownership is granted. If the flag argument is no longer valid, or if a dispute arises over the otherwise invalid, the registration authority shall make the necessary repairs.
Chapter 3 Registration of the case, as well as the keeping of the register of land ownership and mortgages Act, section 15, of the Law shall be entered in the register of land ownership and mortgages, the information referred to in article 4, as soon as the application in question.

section 16 of the Accounting issues are considered in a diary, in which the applications are entered on a daily basis in their order of arrival.
The journal shall be entered in the application and to identify the necessary information for the item. The journal of the proceedings shall be entered in the data, when the matter is to be taken again.
The journal is considered the automatic processing of the data. (21.11.2013/821), section 17, of the applicant for, or the rest of the requirements put forward by any interested party, orally, and the reasons for them, as well as other statements shall be entered in the file. Where necessary, it may be a separate protocol.

section 18 of the file into the solution to the supporting documents and information to the rest of the case presented in the form of a certificate or report, as well as managing the separate decision corresponding to the output or a copy of the. The file will be included in the supplement to the information document and the request, as well as the rest of these compared to the data in the. (21.11.2013/821)
The application is based on the recovery of the book or any other document that the applicant wishes to be taken, where appropriate, a copy of the file back, at the expense of the applicant.
Each year the number of the document in the order of transmission of the archived document.

section 19 in connection with the registration of the Document file is attached to the statement of the reasons for the attribution of the tax and the tax on carried out. (21.11.2013/821)
If the title can be granted by a court or other authority on the basis of the notification, the registration authority shall, where appropriate, ask the recipient to submit a statement of property tax.

LeimaveroL 662/1943 run L:lla the names of the value of the tax has been repealed 1388/2001. See section VarainsiirtoveroL 931/96 65.

section 20 of the

Reminder information as well as the changes shall be entered in the register on the basis of the registration authority, or on its own initiative.
Notice of the application mutatis mutandis to labelling.

section 21 of the Statutory lien will be posted, if the amount is greater than 1000 euros for the property. Notwithstanding the above, the asset should be recognised, in accordance with the decision of the Court of Justice if it is to be carried out periodically. (21.11.2013/821)
The statutory lien notice shall state: 1) in the real estate, which is responsible for.
2 the amount of money and its creation);
3) the debtor;
4) liabilities and this contact information; as well as 5) on receipt of the authority decision or any other reason, and under the law, that it is a statutory lien is required.
The posting of the statutory lien is changed or deleted on the basis of the creditor's notification or approval. The posting will be deleted as well, if a property owner to show the receipt in full.

section 22 when the mortgage-servicing payments due to the registration authority of the country of export shall declare invalid the anchorage, a written pledge book. The same applies when the change to electronic form or a written pledge to the lien holder shall be given in writing to the new lien or mortgage bonds as a result of the modification. If the cancellation is done by wiping out a deposit book, an entry shall be made for the destruction of the file. Otherwise, the voided deposit book is archived. (21.11.2013/821)
When the real estate or any other book of your item is sold to a natural person who (705/2007) in the order of the authority of registration of the mortgage, or any other posting kuoletetuksi or deleted in accordance with the Declaration made by the bailiff. If the implementation of the ulosmitatusta property has been sold to the area, in respect of the area and the amount of the debt shall be entered in the attachment will be deleted on the basis of the bailiff, although the amount is not the subject of the law. (21.11.2013/821)
If a mortgage or other type of posting is to be removed or amended in the context of the formation of the final redemption or real estate, the result of a decision of a registration authority, it shall make the requisite changes in the postings, as specified in the notice of the authority. The modified attachment is given a new pledge to the registration authority will take place only if the original bonds.

section 23 of the Act is payable When parcel is in the marketing of the real estate registry, which takes care of the municipality, the registration authority shall inform the land registry law granted this authority. (21.11.2013/821)
The registration authority shall provide the business mortgage Registrar data, chapter 14, section 5 of the maakaaren referred to in the definition of the ingredients and props.

section 24 if the earlier law roll call recipient is the amount of the donation of the property reserved in the industry, the data is transferred to the field of property law, obligated to be granted when an exclamation point.
The registration authority may, on its own initiative, to move to match the changed property Division or make other entries in the posting to clarify from where it is necessary for the registration procedure for the sake of clarity. The registration authority may give the new institution the right to connect to the same account or in a different institution given in the lease.
Clarification of the item is subject to the condition that it does not undermine the role of the right holders. If necessary, the matter involved is the opportunity to be heard or notified prior to entry in the notices.

section 25 (21.11.2013/821) section 25 is repealed by A 21.11.2013/821.
Chapter 4 Managing the books and certificates from 26 of the Delivery shall indicate the name of the registration authority to the contents of the solution, and the solution of the day. The delivery of the book to sign the solution. The delivery of the book can be signed by machine. (21.11.2013/821)
When the solution is given to the subject of a separate decision, the decision must also be a brief statement of the facts and the reasons for that and the offense.

section 27 (21.11.2013/821) a written pledge from the book must show the attached to real estate or other attachment to the target, the mortgage amount in letters and figures expressed as well as the application vireilletulopäivä and case number. A written pledge to strengthen the signature of the resolver.
For a mortgage modification or a change to a written pledge lien to be recorded in the attachment to the existing target and content as well as the vireilletulopäivä and the number of the original document and the last for the application.

Article 28 of the law on the certificate shall be entered in the data property of the cry and pending on the last granted the application, as well as the rest of the property, the amount of area in the case of the labelling of the section or in the registry.
If the property does not have the information on the certificate shall be entered in the lainhuudatettu, the last cry of the law to granted the property for which the property is connected to the network.
If the amount of the part of the property, the title to the rest of the information on the certificate shall be entered in the real estate law granted to the cry.

4 this article is repealed by A 21.11.2013/821.

section 29 (21.11.2013/821) Kiinnityskelpoisesta for rent or for the right to use the content of the certificate to be given to the establishment of the Court and shall be entered in the records, as well as information on the transfer of the right of the last posted and pending the registration of the application. The certificate must also be reflected in section 28 of the corresponding elements of the lease or license.

section 30 of the Strain of the certificate must be shown in the property rights and encumbrances: 1) to the mortgage amount and the holder of the lien registered written or an electronic Lien holder; (21.11.2013/821) 2) and the main content of the right quality and posted special, as well as the period of validity of the posting and the holder of that right;
3) pending the posting of a specific law on the mortgage or the application; and 4) the statutory lien and the rest of the register of land ownership and mortgages marked reminder information.
And be sure to indicate the priority of and. (21.11.2013/821)
And the rest of the posting shall be entered in the vireilletulopäivä, as well as the number of the original document and the last for the application. Mortgage amount expressed in the currency in which the mortgage is fixed or for which it has been converted, and in addition, as far as possible in the euro unit, rounded up to the nearest euro. (treated as an objection/968)
Load the certificate shall be issued for one property, or any other posting from.

section 31 (21.11.2013/821) section 31 is repealed by A 21.11.2013/821.

Article 32 article 26 and article 27 to 30 and referred to in the licences shall be issued on the title and the mortgage registry in hard copy or in an electronic format as it separately. (21.11.2013/821)
If the certificate does not contain all the information on which the setting should be, comes from the fact the certificate mentioned.
The certificate shall be dated and shall contain the name of the authority which issued the certificate. The certificate must be signed by the person giving the certificate. The certificate may be signed by machine. (21.11.2013/821), section 33 the registration authority may authorize the sale and mortgage registry other than those referred to in articles 28 to 30 of the certificates.
Chapter 5 of the submission of notifications (21.11.2013/821) 34-36, § 34-36 section is repealed by A 21.11.2013/821.

37 section ulosottoviranomainen and kiinteistönmuodostamistehtäviä, the Court, the authority may not be delivered to the automatic processing of alerts by using the title and mortgage registry information system in more detail in the manner prescribed by the NLS. (21.11.2013/821)
The national land survey of Finland can give the rest of the authority to submit the authorization to personalized notifications, and the credit institution and to the House in the community of the holder of the authorization shall send written notices regarding the lien and mortgage registry information system. (21.11.2013/821)
The registration authority may give information other than that of the solution by sending it as an electronic message, if the recipient has the right to submit announcements and mounting of the registry information system.
Chapter 6 (21.11.2013/821) (21.11.2013/821), Chapter 6 has been revoked A 21.11.2013/821.
Chapter 7 miscellaneous provisions article 39 (21.11.2013/821), section 39 is repealed by A 21.11.2013/821.

section 40 of This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1997.
This regulation repeals the law of land ownership and mortgages from the register, as well as the recovery from the registry, the regulation of 8 April 1988 (306/88), as amended.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: treated as an objection/968: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1999.

21.11.2013/821: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.

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