Customs Regulation

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Presentation by the Minister for Economic Affairs of 29 December 1994 provides for the Customs Act (1466/94), section 39 (2), as well as pursuant to article 53 and 54:1 section (on 20 December 2001/1404), section 1, is repealed on 20 December 2001 A/1404.

Record the amount of the duty under section 53 of the Customs Act, section 2: the amount of the duty shall be recorded in the accounts for the smallest is 10 euros. (on 20 December 2001/1404)
What are the in subparagraph (1) shall not apply to the relationship between the passenger and the Finnish and a third country, a professional staff of the means of transport or a person brings to the private person posted in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. (November 11, 2010/961)

Section 3 of the interest rate that you are returning to Customs (1 July 2004/601), section 3, is repealed A 1 July 2004/601.

Section 4 of the conditions of the relief control (November 11, 2010/961), section 4, is repealed on November 11 A/961.

§ 5 If the duties provided for in Regulation (EEC) No (EEC) No 918/83 for a motor vehicle is brought into the customs territory of Finland, moving the piece with an exemption from, your vehicle must be stored in the vehicle donation limit for the Administration to keep the vehicle in the register.
Data transfer limit will be removed from the registry when the declarant is shown to have paid to the vehicle or to the district on the basis of the declarant, the Customs Chamber has confirmed the transfer limit on the amount of the relief provided for in the regulation time.

Article 6 of the personal records of the customs service, the customs, the Customs facility for the study of crime prevention, and can be considered as the following registers: 1) that stores the information in the registry, the customs criminal investigation of the suspects, as well as the accompanying and declared a crime;
2) penalty claim which is stored in the information notified to the customs in criminal matters of the penalty.

Identify the Customs the customs offences article 7 of the preliminary investigation in a criminal case the customs, police or border guard authority, according to which authority has been informed of the crime, unless the said authorities.

Article 8 of the Seized/confiscated/shall be submitted to the nearest customs office or, if it is not possible, for the storage of the most appropriate customs office in the place where the goods are to be assessed. The evaluation of the event can be the one who has the right to disposition, to be.

section 9 A, which will be taken over to the stuff of the Customs Act, section 14, subsection 1 pursuant to paragraph 3, licences shall be issued, showing the basics of taking over. Taking over of the goods taken must be recorded.

Section 10 of the Customs tariff to auction the auction is the customs authority shall, if possible, to the carrier and the holder of the goods in advance of written information.
The public will be notified in accordance with the customs of the auction, which will be held to see the Customs on the Bulletin Board and will be published at least once in one or more.

Miscellaneous provisions article 11, where the customs authority to determine whether the required information on the application of the customs legislation requires a considerable costly studies, some of which are due to the cost of the applicant should be replaced by the State, shall be notified to the data on the applicant in advance.

section 12 (22 January 2004/33) section 12 is repealed A 22 January 2004/33.

section 13 of the National Board of customs having settled the complaint to store it in the documentation. When a complaint is resolved, the Customs Board of the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court, the relevant documents shall be sent to the customs regime.

When you design or amendment of section 14 of the Customs Act, section 20 of the premises referred to in the construction and conversion of the drawings shall, prior to the start of construction to obtain approval of the Board of customs.

Article 15 entry into force This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 1995.

The change of the date of entry into force and the application of the acts: on 20 December 2001/1404: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2002.

22 January 2004/33: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2004.

on July 1, 2004/601: This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 July 2004.

November 11, 2010/961: This Regulation shall enter into force on 17 November 2010.