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Original Language Title: Laki kunnallisesta työmarkkinalaitoksesta

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In accordance with the decision of Parliament provided for in section 1 of the Municipal labour market institution functions: the Commission works with municipalities and intermunicipal matters as in the labour market. It is part of the Association of Finnish local and regional authorities-Finlands Kommunförbund rf:ään, referred to the organisation.
Commission to negotiate, on behalf of the municipalities and intermunicipal and is suitable for municipal officials and the conditions of employment of the workers in the municipal law of the official agreement (669/70) and the communal collective agreements Act (664/70) in the order laid down by the law of the municipal labour market, as well as perform any other institution.
Commission may make recommendations on general issues relating to conditions of employment, the effectiveness and the quality of working life in the production of a municipal service.

the delegation of the Municipal labour market article 2 of the decision of the authority of the institution in the matters referred to in paragraph 1, the use of its delegation, unless otherwise permitted by applicable law, or in the absence of the delegation have decided to delegate decision-making powers to the institution, body, Office or industrial plant in asettamalleen.
The delegation has 11 members and an equal number of personal number of the municipal elections in Deputy Treasury Department 1 October of the year following the season starting for four-year terms. The members of the delegation and the members of the organization by making back to the States, to join the organisation at the heart of the trust, or a person or persons representing the employer in relation to the conditions of employment of the municipal elections. Members, regard shall be had to the municipalities in the political balance of power, as well as other considerations of equity. (9 November 2007/1007)
The delegation shall elect from among its members a Chairman and no more than two Vice-Chairmen.

section 3 of the elections to the delegation the delegation can be used to select the person who is kunnallislain in accordance with the first subparagraph of article 17 of the eligibility of the trust and who has given the consent to receive the operation. The right to stand as a member of the delegation are not civil servants and allekirjoittajajärjestöön of the collective agreement or the Member of the Organization in relation to the conditions of employment of the person or trust pysyväisluonteisessa.

preparation and implementation of article 4 of the rules of procedure, the delegation shall decide on the body. Preparation of neuvotteluineen as well as the presentation of the issues of the delegation on the implementation of the care of the Organization and as part of the work of the municipal labour market institution.

section 5 of the stewardship of the organization approves the budget of the municipal labour market institution and the Auditors of the financial statements, elect and decide on the discharge.
Labour market Department of the decision approving the budget of the communities shall be informed without delay. The budget is to be kept in the Office of the General labour market institution for inspection by the public.

section 6 of the Municipal Councils of the establishment costs of the labour market contributions shall be levied half the tax according to the number of äyrien, which is provided for in the previous year's kunnallisverotuksessa, and half of the same year on January 1 in proportion to the population figures of the day. Advances of contributions may be levied.
To the municipal labour market institution, individual or Corporation, or for some municipalities or corporations from adopting the service, some of the service may be charged to the appropriate remuneration of staff or available from the Centre, in accordance with the criteria laid down by the organization.
The interest rate you pay on the amount of delayed execution is implied refusals of the Act (633/82).

section 7 of the Appeals Board may apply to a specific organisation of the Central Government contribution to the adjustment within 30 days after the date on which the rate of contribution of the letter. The adjustment of the Organization's contribution to the Government's decision will apply to the Court for the province of Uusimaa, by appealing to the change within 30 days of the date of notification of the decision. The judgment given on appeal may be contested by the Government of the Association.
On how to apply, mutatis mutandis, what is otherwise kunnallislaissa.
The rest of the organization referred to in paragraph 1, the institution, the institution of a municipal delegation from the labour market, the labour market institution, by the institution or person covered by this law, the decision shall not be subject to appeal. The same applies to the decision of the district authority, which was a condition of the municipal civil service contract law under article 3.

section 8 of the conflict of interest and public trust of the person and the labour market institution's disqualification is applicable, mutatis mutandis, of the Administrative Procedure Act (598/1982).
Labour market institution by the stewards and officers are carrying out the tasks referred to in this law to the official responsible.

section 9 (21 May 1999/661) Tietojensaantioikeus Department of labour markets is the Act on the openness of government activities (621/1999) without prejudice to the obligation of professional secrecy laid down in law to get municipalities and between article 1 of the order to carry out its functions provided for the necessary information. The Labour Department has the same right to get the information that the State authorities of the districts are those provided.

date of entry into force of section 10 of this law shall enter into force on 1 June 1993.
This Act repeals the local authority labour market institution, the law of 6 March 1987 (261/87), as amended subsequently.

Article 11 transitional provisions at the date of entry into force of this law, the term of Office for the current mass of the set the term of Office of the municipal labour market institution's mission will continue until 30 September 1993.
What other law provides for a matter of agreement entry into force of this law, after the Mission of the municipal labour market.
Before the entry into force of the law can be used to take the necessary steps for the implementation of the law.
THEY 348/92, the amendment of legal acts 1/93 HaVM entry into force and application in time: 21 May 1999/654: this law shall enter into force on 1 December 1999.
THEY'RE 30/1998 31/1998, EV, HaVM 303/1998/1007:9 November 2007, this law shall enter into force on 1 January 2008.
Before the entry into force of this law may be to take the measures needed to implement it.
THEY'RE 56/2007, 5/2007, HaVM EV 51/2007

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